Paul McCartney / Budokan 2017 / 3CD

Paul McCartney / Budokan 2017 / 3CD / Piccardilly Circus
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Live At The Budokan Hall Tokyo Japan April 25, 2017. Digitally Remastered

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■ April 25, 2017 Completely recorded at the Budokan performance at the mix sound source of IEM and AUD
■ Disk 3 is the sound check of the day IEM sound source
■ Message for the Japanese performance, comments on the Budokan performance, other related sound sources
■ Lithograph reprint greeting card of Budokan in 2017 Postcard
■ Inner with three sides spread with unpublished photos

Paul was Japan’s first experience of visiting Japan as the Beatles in 1966. After that, in 1975 he was announced as Wings, but due to preliminary examination the entry permission did not go down and it was canceled. He returned to Japan again in 1980, but forced return without playing. And the first solo performance was in 1990, for the first time in 24 years. Although I will come to Japan again in 1993, next time I had to wait 9 years until 2002. And the memorable new year ‘s performance in 2013 was another nine years later. Speaking of Paul’s visit to Japan in this way, it should have been a very rare experience to be memorized in connection with that era, that moment.

However, rumors rumored that we will come back to Japan a couple of years after the excitement of the 2013 tour in Japan. I was surprised because it was true that I thought it was originally Gaseta. This performance in 2014 will be canceled due to poor physical condition, but I came again in 2015 to fulfill the contract. It is said to come to Japan in 2017 which will be the first time in two years. Paul’s arrival in Japan will no longer be a rare experience, but as part of the world tour, it will be incorporated into Paul’s routines in the US, Europe and Japan.

The biggest topic of the performance in Japan in 2015 was the Nippon Budokan performance for the first time in 49 years. One of the Beatles that appeared in the images of long time ago played at the Budokan again after half a century. Moreover, it was one that made fans crazy with a special set list only for Budokan including ‘First Girl’ which will be premiered. You can say that it was a historical triumphal performance in Japan’s rock.

In 2016, Paul enters a tour entitled “ONE ON ONE TOUR” for a new tour title. Paul was born in the prewar Showa 17th year, it is the late elderly who will be 75 years old in 2017. How long can we go to the tour after this? Perhaps not physically or age-old, such a large-scale tour will not be done in 5 years. And is not that self-awareness also in person himself? So, it is not an impatience to keep it on stage as much as possible so that there is no regrets when you can, but you are thinking about closing such a life. For fans who have experienced the 1980’s when Paul is not on tour at all, he must be looking at Paul who is doing the annual tour as it is unbelievable.

The ONE ON ONE tour that began in 2016 has entered the second year. And on the New Year ‘s Eve 2016, the Japanese performance was announced in the form of sending a message to the Red and White Singing Battle. This is not only the first Japanese tour as ONE ON ONE, but also that Japan was chosen as the site of the first concert in 2017. It was told from the mouth that he was rehearsing for this Japanese performance again, the year changed, the new ONE ON ONE tour was expected, the announcement was in Japan. Initially, three performances were announced at the Tokyo Dome, after which the Budokan was announced again. Personally, I believe that Budokan is worth being one time only, but as far as the fans are concerned, the number of performances to be increased at any rate. The schedule of Paul’s visit to Japan in 2017 is as follows.

April 25, 2017 Nippon Budokan
Tokyo Dome April 27, 2017
Tokyo Dome April 29, 2017
Tokyo Dome April 30, 2017

Although it is worrisome that the number of performances decreases every year whenever you visit Japan every year, there are parts told by the tone of “Do you come again?” For other enthusiastic fans, which may be unavoidable . Especially the two previous tours in Japan are the same OUT THERE tour, and I still understand what has been received like that. However, this time it is a tour to Japan that changed tours and titles newly. Of course there was also a change in the set list, and attention was focused on the song unique to the ONE ON ONE tour that I could not listen to until now. This work is completely recorded with the mix of the IEM sound source and the AUD sound source with the Budokan performance of April 25 of the first day of the performance of the first performance in Japan in 2017.

The opening starts with ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ which is the biggest feature of the ONE ON ONE tour. In the original, Paul also sings the part that John was singing. And in the United States and Europe, “Save Us” was organized for the second song, but this time it is “Jet” at the Budokan. Following “Drive My Car” and “Junior’s Farm”, it is an expansion of the early stage which can excite the excitement as to what song to play next, with the pattern which has never been seen before. Especially “Jet” and “Junior’s Farm” are similar songs, which played a role of supplementing each other in the past, but it is the first time that two songs are played as well this time. In “Maybe I’m Amazed”, the voice seems to be awfully hard, and it has a sense of incongruity to miss the lyrics, but it can be said that there is significance in being able to listen with the performance and singing by Paul himself who is no longer the author.

Following “Everynight” after a long absence at the acoustic corner, the two songs “In Spite Of All Danger” and “Love Me Do” are the first for Japanese fans. The more unusual version was “Blackbird”. In the latter half of the song the performance becomes doubtful, I mistake the guitar for a moment. Although I got over well at that point, I made a mistake again shortly after being shaken, and there is a scene where “wait a minutes” (a little wait) and re-partitioning scenes despite the middle of the song. The audience got excited at this place, and in response to that, in “Blackbird” with a serious message, what Paul is singing while singing. And as if to chop it, “Tou, Bei, Fly” is changing the way of singing. It is solder happening. Also, although the image of the opening of “Magical Mystery Tour” is strong, like 1993’s THE NEW WORLD TOUR, this time it is playing in the middle of the second half.

Well, in this Budokan performance, “I Wanna Be Your Man” is a song of the ONE ON ONE tour that was newly added in 2017. Apples arrived in Japan in 2016 and performed a performance ahead of them, but this time Paul’s self-covering. Explanation of the first public disclosure in Japan from his / her mouth is made (in Japanese). Since the live version has already been recorded as a sound source from the sound check at the live album “Paul Is Live” in 1993, there is no shock as much as the previous “Another Girl”, and although the event was DESERT TRIP As we have already performed in this section, this means “to be released for the first time in Japan” to the last.

There are also world premiere, world premiere. Strictly speaking it is not the first time to play with a live, but it must be a rare selection. That is “SGT. Pepper’s Reprise”. It was described as “songs that I do not want to play in Tokyo”, which is Paul’s memory mismatch, in the performance in 1990 in Japan, “SGT. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” and played in medley and 2002 The end of the year’s performance in Japan was this song and the medley of “The End”. However, it is the first time in the world to play alone as this time.

This work is composed of Budokan performance, mixed IEM sound source and AUD sound source. IEM sound source is what is also called earphone. In order to make sure the performance of the performer surely, the performer used to perform while checking his or her sound and the sound of other performers through the foot monitor, but now, the earphone which the wireless is skipped and heard in the ear Is becoming mainstream. The IEM tone generator is the one which intercepted the radio, and this IEM tone source intercepted what the Wix of the keyboard is using. It is a sound board sound source unlike a normal audience sound source. However, there is a difficulty in balancing and lack of presence is only a monitor sound source and it is said to be a drawback. This work solves its drawback by overlapping high quality sound audience sound sources. It clearly makes use of the advantage of both clearness of the sound board sound source and the presence of the audience sound source. As an example, “Hey Jude” does not have an audience chorus for IEM sound sources. This is a part of the highlight of the concert where the band stops playing, Paul pushes the venue and the place is exciting together. However, by complementing with a high-quality audience sound source, it seems to be like listening to a balanced sound board sound source.

Disc 3 contains sound checks performed on the day of the Budokan performance this time. Paul arrived at the Budokan around 3:30 pm on the day of the concert on the day before the concert, so as it is recorded in this work, for about 40 minutes, I play several songs for confirmation . This sound check is recording with IEM sound source alone. In addition, various messages by Paul himself for the 2017 Japanese performance are recorded as a bonus track. Inside is a recording for raising the value as a document of the 2017 tour to Japan, such as a message for the Budokan and a message for the Japanese performance recorded making time by rehearsing. In the section that answers Q & A from fans, it is said from the person ‘s mouth that a special set list is prepared for Budokan.

In addition, as a bonus to this work, a postcard imitating the lithograph of the Budokan performance, and a total of 6 pages of inner with three facing spreads. In addition to the unreleased photographs of the day, flyers and posters, tickets and the like of the visit to Japan this time are posted on the inner, and it is to call up memories.

Paul · McCartney From 2017 visit to Japan, the first day of April 25 Budokan performance is fully recorded with high sound quality by IEM sound source + AUD sound source. Disk 3 is recorded with IEM sound source for the sound check of the day. In addition, various messages by Paul himself who is a valuable document of Japanese performance as a bonus track are recorded. Permanent preservation of a beautiful picture / disk specification A tightly pressed board.



2015年の来日公演の最大の話題は、何と言っても49年ぶりとなる日本武道館公演であった。遠く昔の映像に出てくるビートルズのひとりが、何と半世紀の時を経て再び武道館で演奏したのである。しかも初演となる「Another Girl」を含む武道館のみの特別セットリストでファンを狂喜させたものだった。まさに日本のロックにおいて歴史的な凱旋公演だったと言ってもよいだろう。

2016年、ポールは新たなツアー・タイトルを「ONE ON ONE TOUR」と題してツアーに出ることになる。ポールは戦前の昭和17年生まれ、2017年には75歳になる後期高齢者である。この後、どれだけツアーに出ることができるだろうか。おそらく体力的にも、年齢的にも、5年後にはこのような大規模なツアーは行なっていないであろう。そしてその自覚は本人にもあるのではないか。なので、出来る時に後悔のないよう可能な限りステージに立っておこうという、焦りではないが、そのような人生の締めくくりを考えているのではないか。ポールが一切ツアーに出ていない80年代を経験しているファンにとっては、現在のように毎年ツアーを行なっているポールを信じられない思いで見ているに違いない。

その2016年から始まったONE ON ONEツアーは2年目に突入した。そして2016年大晦日、紅白歌合戦にメッセージを寄せるという形で日本公演が発表されたのである。これはONE ON ONEツアーとして初めての日本公演であるだけでなく、2017年に入って一番最初のコンサートの地として日本が選ばれたことになる。この日本公演に向けて改めてリハーサルをしていることが本人に口から語られ、年が変わり、新たなONE ON ONEツアーが期待される、そのお披露目が日本だったのである。当初、東京ドームで3公演が発表され、その後武道館が再び追加で発表された。個人的には武道館は一度きりであることに価値があったと思っているのだが、何はともあれ公演数が増えるのはファンとしては嬉しい限りである。2017年ポールの来日公演の日程は以下の通り。

2017年4月25日 日本武道館
2017年4月27日 東京ドーム
2017年4月29日 東京ドーム
2017年4月30日 東京ドーム

年々来日公演を重ねるたびに公演数が減っていくのが気になるが、熱心なファン以外にとっては「また来るの?」という論調で語られている部分もあり、致し方ないことかもしれない。特に前2度の来日公演は同じOUT THEREツアーということもあり、なおの事そのように受け取られていることは理解している。しかし今回は新たにツアー・タイトルを変えての来日公演である。もちろんセットリストにも変化があり、今まで聴くことができなかったONE ON ONEツアーならではの曲に注目が集まっていた。本作は、この2017年来日公演初日の4月25日武道館公演をIEM音源とAUD音源をミックスしたもので完全収録している。

オープニングはONE ON ONEツアーの最大の特徴である「A Hard Day’s Night」で開幕する。オリジナルではジョンが歌っていたパートもポールが通して歌うというものである。そしてアメリカや欧州では2曲目に「Save Us」が組まれていたが、今回武道館では何と「Jet」である。続いて「Drive My Car」、そして「Junior’s Farm」と、今までにないパターンで、前回同様、次にどんな曲を演奏するのかワクワク感を煽られる序盤の展開である。特に「Jet」と「Junior’s Farm」は同系統の曲で、従来お互いを補完する役割を果たしていたが、今回のように2曲とも演奏されるのは初めての事である。「Maybe I’m Amazed」では声がかなりキツそうで、しかも歌詞をミスするという違和感のある演奏だが、もはや作者であるポール本人の演奏と歌唱で聴けるという事に意義があるといえよう。

アコースティック・コーナーでは久しぶりの「Everynight」に続き、「In Spite Of All Danger」と「Love Me Do」の2曲は日本のファンにとって初めてのものである。さらに珍しいバージョンとなったのは「Blackbird」であろう。曲の後半で演奏が怪しくなり、ギターを一瞬間違えてしまう。その箇所では上手く乗り越えたが、動揺したのか、直後にまたミスをしてしまい、曲の途中にも拘わらず ”wait a minutes” (ちょっと待って)と仕切り直すシーンがある。この箇所で観客が盛り上がり、それを受けて、真面目なメッセージを込めた「Blackbird」において、なんとポールが歌いながら吹き出しているのである。そして刻むように “トゥ、ビィ、フリィ” と歌い方を変えている。とんだハプニングである。また、「Magical Mystery Tour」はオープニングのイメージが強いが、1993年THE NEW WORLD TOUR同様、今回は後半の途中で演奏されている。

さて、この武道館公演において、2017年に新たに加わったONE ON ONEツアーの曲として、「I Wanna Be Your Man」が挙げられる。2016年にリンゴが来日公演を行ない、一足先に演奏しているが、今度はポールのセルフ・カバーである。本人の口から日本初公開という説明が(日本語で)なされている。1993年のライヴ・アルバム『Paul Is Live』にサウンドチェックからの音源として既にライヴ・バージョンが収録されているので、前回の「Another Girl」ほどの衝撃はないし、イベントとはいえ、前年のDESERT TRIPにおいて既に演奏しているので、これはあくまで「日本初公開」という意味である。

またワールド・プレミア、世界初演曲がある。厳密にはライヴで演奏するのは初めてではないのだが、珍しい選曲であることに違いない。それが「SGT. Pepper’s Reprise」である。「東京では演奏したこがない曲」という説明がなされたのだが、これはポールの記憶違いで、1990年来日公演では「SGT. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band」とメドレーで演奏されているし、2002年来日公演の最後はこの曲と「The End」のメドレーであった。ただ、今回のように単体で演奏されるのは世界で初めての事である。

本作は武道館公演を、IEM音源とAUD音源をミックスして構成されている。IEM音源とはイヤモニとも呼ばれるものである。演奏者は自分の演奏を確実なものにするため、かつては足元モニターを通して自分の音や他の演者の音を確認しつつ演奏していたものだが、今は無線を飛ばして耳にはめたイヤホンが主流となりつつある。IEM音源とはその無線を傍受したものであり、このIEM音源はキーボードのウィックスが使用しているものを傍受したものである。通常のオーディエンス音源と異なりサウンドボード音源である。ただしバランスに難があるのと、モニター音源だけに臨場感の欠如が欠点とされている。本作は高音質オーディエンス音源を重ねることにより、その欠点を解消している。サウンドボード音源のクリアさと、オーディエンス音源の臨場感を上手く両方の利点を活かしたものとなっている。一例を挙げると、「Hey Jude」ではIEM音源はオーディエンスの合唱が入っていない。これはバンドが演奏を止め、ポールが会場を煽り、その場が一体となって盛り上がるコンサートのハイライトの部分でもある。しかし高音質のオーディエンス音源で補完することにより、まるでバランスのとれたサウンドボード音源を聴いているような感じになる。




01. Introduction
02. A Hard Day’s Night
03. Jet
04. Drive My Car
05. Junior’s Farm
06. Let Me Roll It
07. I’ve Got A Feeling
08. My Valentine
09. Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five
10. Maybe I’m Amazed
11. We Can Work It Out
12. Everynight
13. In Spite Of All Danger
14. Love Me Do
15. Blackbird
16. Here Today
17. Queenie Eye
18. Lady Madonna
19. I Wanna Be Your Man
20. Magical Mystery Tour
21. Being For The Benefit Of Mr.Kite

01. MC
02. Ob La Di Ob La Da
03. SGT.Pepper’s Reprise
04. Back In The U.S.S.R.
05. Let It Be
06. Live And Let Die
07. Hey Jude
08. Yesterday
09. Hi Hi Hi
10. Golden Slumbers – Carry That Weight – The End

01. Instrumental Jam #1
02. Honey Don’t
03. Magical Mystery Tour #1
04. Magical Mystery Tour #2
05. Save Us #1
06. Instrumental Jam #2
07. Instrumental Jam #3
08. Save Us #2
09. Drums
10. Let ‘Em In
11. Love Me Do
12. Queenie Eye
13. Bluebird
14. Ram On
15. Under Pressure

16. Messege For Japan #1
17. Messege For Japan #2
18. Messege For Japan #3
19. Messege For Budokan Concert
20. Japan Tour Spot #1
21. Japan Tour Spot #2
22. Q&A from Japanese Fans
23. One On One Tour Spot
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