Paul McCartney / Out There Osaka 2015 The Triumphant Return / 3CD

Paul McCartney / Out There Osaka 2015 The Triumphant Return / 3CD / Non Label

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Live at Kyocera Dome Osaka, Osaka, Japan 21st April 2015


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In 2013 a variety of high-quality items at the Japan tour of was furiously, had appeared like a comet between the trader would be T & J. It is at this time T & J a Paul concert in Japan who deliver a great sound quality, but is a place “U~omi” variety of recording shock established by the Japan tour of Stones also still fresh in our minds last year. However, slow turnout of T & J with respect to this Paul Japan tour, showed up on the net it was only a summary of the sound check and the production of the sound source of the Budokan performances. It shop also released as “LEGENARY NIGHT AT BUDOKAN”, was recorded Sold Out in haste only to Budokan boasts the popularity of exceptional.
But there is no sign of Budokan other sound source to appear, it will be assumed that it was impatient situation for the mania that had become a prisoner of T & J sound source in a number of name recording that appeared in the past few years. And “LEGENARY NIGHT ~” has also become a surprising result that Budokan production of recording quality is had remained on the average level. Again “I want to listen to this pole in U~omi recordings of T & J unique” as the mania and should people not a few who hope so. That’s finally the T & J gave me revealed a new source of this Paul concert in Japan!

This time the T & J gave me to publish a recording Osaka is the first day of the Japan tour in 2015. Of course this also sound check document resistance perfection is recorded from the party. Do not leak to the example of this Japan tour, the best recording items have been released in rapid succession from immediately after the end Osaka performances. But T & J also has the only thing has published a sound source is in now. First, it stunned to say anything splendor of sound check of the sound quality! Budokan Unlike sound check of the IME-based sound source, you have the other day sound check sound source of audience recording is already floating around, but the tremendous sound pressure like scoff them. There is no doubt that it is possible that too on a sound only 100% satisfied with!
I think that there is no early because the contour of the playing is fresh recording in a small minute on in the echo and sound sense of distance is produced tend to sound check up here audience. Moreover, recording start from the pole appeared before the scene. The performance of the band has started from the instrumental jam to raise the key of “Paperback Writer”. After the advent of Paul so that people who have been viewed had been reports in various fields, and whether good skip so much in the previous sound check of the first live show this year? As I say we are progressing in the upper atmosphere.
About coming pole of fighting spirit is clearly transmitted, even just a hard performance of “Honey Hush” and that opened the curtain. In order to catch up the still last year’s fiasco, and fully in order to appeal to the revival of its own to the audience, you will was Mise Elect opening the suddenly hard number. Now there is a feeling that became the sound check professional repertoire “Junior’s Farm” is also the voltage is great just like a live production. However, “Magical Mystery Tour” is because had been playing as a production of the opening, it was gone we had to go out and listen to the same song twice in a day if from those who participated from the sound check is also a fact, the side It might have been inspire mixed feelings.

And it is a live production, this is also expected of the T & J Quality. Great sound quality which can also be said to be the proprietary “U~omi” sound quality is utilized maximally. The current Japan tour and wanted to hear in the best quality that U~omi of stand out, you’ll be so much not sound quality reflected in the attractive for people who. It anymore, masterpiece of listening comfort. Sound quality that will wrap on a sound image, this is of a T & J sound source. Even if you already have an item of Osaka performance, this tasteful sound quality you will think or reflected as a major attraction.
Another notable is, realism be heard here. The climax to the overwhelming, the midst of great success in ended in 2015 Japan tour, Osaka performance is what voice that climax was unsatisfactory was heard from various quarters. But what about, I do not around has raised a great deal in this time of the sound source. Enjoy in the climax seems exactly this time of the Japan tour Osaka of sound source, it also would appeal of T & J sound source. Of course, this time will be the release of the best quality sound source limited in the press CD, but the march forward of the year of Paul than what I started from this day!

2013年の来日公演ではさまざまな高音質アイテムがしのぎを削った中、トレーダー間で彗星のごとく現れたのがT&Jでしょう。この時のポール来日公演を素晴らしい音質で届けてくれたT&Jですが、昨年はストーンズの来日公演で確立した「ウォーミー」な録音の衝撃も記憶に新しいところです。ところが、今回のポール来日公演に関してはT&Jの出足が遅く、ネット上に現れたのは武道館公演のサウンドチェックと本番の音源をまとめたものだけでした。それは当店も「LEGENARY NIGHT AT BUDOKAN」としてリリースし、破格の人気を誇る武道館だけに速攻でSold Outを記録しました。
しかし武道館以外の音源が登場する気配がなく、ここ数年に現れた名録音の数々でT&J音源の虜になっていたマニアにとっては歯がゆい状況であったことが推測されます。それに「LEGENARY NIGHT~」は武道館本番の録音クオリティが平均レベルにとどまってしまったことも意外な結果となりました。やはりマニアとしては「T&Jならではのウォーミーなレコーディングで今回のポールを聴きたい」そう願っていた人は少なくないはず。それが遂にT&Jが今回のポール来日公演の新たな音源を明らかにしてくれたのです!

観客が少ない分エコーや音像の距離感が生じがちなサウンドチェックでここまでオンで演奏の輪郭が生々しい録音というのはそうそうないと思います。しかも録音はポール登場前の場面からスタート。「Paperback Writer」のキーを上げたインスト・ジャムからバンドの演奏が始まっています。ポールの登場後は観覧された方が各方面でレポートされていたように、今年最初のライブ・ショウの前のサウンドチェックでそんなに飛ばしていいのか?というほどアッパーな雰囲気の中で進んでいます。
その幕を開けたのが「Honey Hush」のハードな演奏というだけでもポールの気合がはっきりと伝わってくるほど。やはり昨年の失態を挽回すべく、そして観客に自身の完全復活をアピールする為にも、いきなりのハード・ナンバーをオープニングに選んでみせたのでしょう。今やサウンドチェック専門レパートリーとなった感がある「Junior’s Farm」もまるでライブ本番のようなボルテージが素晴らしい。ただし「Magical Mystery Tour」は本番のオープニングとしても演奏されてしまったので、サウンドチェックから参加された方からすれば一日に二回同じ曲を聴く羽目になってしまったのも事実であり、その辺は複雑な心境を抱かれたかもしれません。


Disc 1 (71:40)
1. News Clip 2. Checking Instruments 1 3. Checking Instruments 2 4. Pre-Sound Check Explanation
5. Start Jamming 6. Welcome Back Paul! 7. Honey Hush 8. Blue Suede Shoes 9. Magical Mystery Tour
10. Junior’s Farm 11. C Moon 12. Let ‘Em In 13. San Francisco Bay Blues 14. Every Night
15. Midnight Special 16. Ram On 17. Big Barn Bed 18. Bluebird 19. Queenie Eye 20. Lady Madonna

Disc 2 (79:51)
1. Introduction 2. Magical Mystery Tour 3. Save Us 4. Can’t Buy Me Love 5. Jet 6. Let Me Roll It
7. Paperback Writer 8. My Valentine 9. Nineteen Hundred And Eighty-Five
10. The Long And Winding Road 11. Maybe I’m Amazed 12. I’ve Just Seen A Face
13. We Can Work It Out 14. Another Day 15. Hope For The Future 16. And I Love Her
17. Blackbird 18. Here Today 19. New 20. Queenie Eye 21. Lady Madonna 22. All Together Now

Disc 3 (79:53)
1. Lovely Rita 2. Eleanor Rigby 3. Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite! 4. Something
5. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da 6. Band On The Run 7. Back In The U.S.S.R. 8. Let It Be
9. Live And Let Die 10. Hey Jude 11. Day Tripper 12. Hi, Hi, Hi 13. I Saw Her Standing There
14. Yesterday 15. Helter Skelter 16. Golden Slumbers 17. Carry That Weight 18. The End
19. Last Announcement


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