Paul McCartney / Out There London 2015 1st Night / 3CD

Paul McCartney / Out There London 2015 1st Night / 3CD / Non Label

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Live At The O2 Arena, London, UK 23rd May 2015



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This is Paul finishing the Japan tour of April that showed an overwhelming climax, but from May to start a European tour, was successfully completed in June in Paris. The first half of this tour is that the dates of Paul’s native United Kingdom has become the main is calling the topic. Result In fact Paul to carry out the UK tour is is that since 2012, the 2013 media appearances after new album release and surprise gig only, and in 2014 had been Kuminaosa Paul of the poor physical condition a schedule , the tour did not take place. Actually, it was the British fans had been waiting again the tour as well as the Japanese fans. In this study of European tour is as if responding to the demands of the British fans that were got to wait, I opened the curtain from the O2 Arena two performances in London.
Great success of the beginning and the April out-Zea Japan Tour Budokan is so much as visited the British media also interviewed, can ask the state, which has been focused the Japan tour that becomes the prelude of their tour. Soredakeni United Kingdom triumphal performance of May also became a great success. This time our shop will release all of the performances in the UK, which fans have paid attention in its own sound source that is not floating around in between the net on and traders!

Dared recording taper who have delivered live in the O2 Arena in 2012 with superb sound quality again with respect to London two days, I have to catch the latest live of Paul at this time it is also expected of the quality audience recording. First, it is the first day of the O2, but taper we have succeeded in recording from this day VIP area. In fact in the same column, the children of Paul such as Stella and James, and Paul of grandchildren who has sit down, such a calm surroundings of the situation, is so was something not perfect as a recording environment.
Street of well-known thing itself is difficult to ensure the VIP area seat. Itself that has succeeded in recording from such area, this day of quality but is like is guaranteed, quality of was actually delivered sound great! The trend of texture There are those close to the shop was released last month “OUT THERE OSAKA 2015”. Sound quality is calm in the sound image and U~omi that maintaining a reasonable sense of distance. It is calm to ambient circumstances And in that recording from a VIP area over the wheel. You will be able to carefully enjoy the latest triumphal performance of Paul by the very excellent recording.

Became a big topic at this time of the UK tour is that Paul had been the album “McCARTNEY II” also said that the pioneer of techno, which was announced “Temporary Secretary” was played live debut in 1980. At the time was overwhelmingly many bemused fan, Paul impact of Gachitekuno (laughs) number is also a now seems very popular in Europe in the club, certainly before the curtain of the Japan tour also had been swept away to the venue. On the contrary our shop has released “LEGENDARY NIGHT AT BUDOKAN” Budokan rehearsal at well as flows part of the live sampling of the same song, it is already being prepared to live performance.
Possibly to play in Japan would had been determined that there is strict awareness of the song, the British debut of the long-awaited has been achieved on this day. Because after all I that intro has resounded in the O2 Arena, the people who stayed at the venue I think than we have felt the impact, such as taste in “Another Girl” in the Budokan. Moreover, in the encore that “Another Girl” appeared. It was being played on behalf of the “Day Tripper” until now. Children that this song has been debuted at Budokan but had been reported around the world, it would have been in a hurry to listening to such news, the excitement of live performance has hear of the British people also finally “Another Girl” You’ll be beaten was.
Paul is best condition to it nothing else. Japan tour is finished in the climax of only there, confident that the live activities of 2015 was Mise finished at the best started off will not appear to live in London. Then, in the encore, now a feeling that became a full-time guest in the live of Paul Foo Fighters Dave Grohl appeared. This time I have played a co-star in “I Saw Her Standing There”. The emergence of such a guest, and more are delivered in limited press CD of superb quality by its own available sound source in London the first day of enhancement such as new repertoire premiere of surprise!


VIPエリア席を確保すること自体が困難なことは周知の通り。そんなエリアからの録音に成功したこと自体、この日のクオリティは保障されたようなものですが、実際に届けられた音源の音質は素晴らしい!質感の傾向としては当店が先月リリースした「OUT THERE OSAKA 2015」と近いものがあります。程よい距離感を保った音像とウォーミーで落ち着きのある音質。それに輪をかけてVIPエリアからの録音ということで周囲の状況まで落ち着いている。正に優秀な録音によってポールの最新凱旋公演をじっくりと堪能できることでしょう。

今回のイギリスツアーで大きな話題となったのは、1980年にポールが発表したテクノの先駆けともいえるアルバム「McCARTNEY II」に収録されていた「Temporary Secretary」がライブ・デビューを果たしたことです。当時は困惑したファンが圧倒的に多かった、ポール衝撃のガチテクノ(笑)ナンバーもいまやヨーロッパのクラブでは大人気だそうで、確かに日本公演の開演前にも会場に流されていました。それどころか当店がリリースした「LEGENDARY NIGHT AT BUDOKAN」の武道館リハーサルでも同曲のライブ用サンプリングの一部が流れるなど、既にライブ演奏への準備が行われています。
恐らくは日本で演奏するには曲の認知度が厳しいと判断されていたのでしょう、満を持してのイギリス・デビューがこの日に実現しました。何しろあのイントロがO2アリーナに鳴り響いたのですから、会場に居た人々は我々が武道館の「Another Girl」で味わったような衝撃を感じたのではないでしょうか。しかもアンコールではその「Another Girl」が登場。今までの「Day Tripper」に代わって演奏されてました。武道館でこの曲が初披露されたこは世界中に報じられていましたが、そんなニュースを聴いてやきもきしていたであろう、イギリスの人々も遂に「Another Girl」のライブ演奏が聴けた感動に打ちのめされたことでしょう。
それに何といってもポールが絶好調。日本公演をあれだけの盛り上がりで終え、2015年のライブ活動を最高の滑り出しで終えてみせた自信がロンドンでのライブに現れています。そしてアンコールでは、今やポールのライブにおける常勤ゲストとなった感のあるフー・ファイターズのデイヴ・グロールが登場。今回は「I Saw Her Standing There」で共演を果たしています。こうしたゲストの登場、さらには驚きの新レパートリー初公開といった充実のロンドン初日を独自入手音源による極上クオリティの限定プレスCDにてお届けします!

Disc 1 (74:43)
1. Introduction 2. Eight Days A Week 3. Save Us 4. Can’t Buy Me Love 5. Listen To What The Man Said
6. Temporary Secretary 7. Let Me Roll It 8. Paperback Writer 9. My Valentine
10. Nineteen Hundred And Eighty-Five 11. The Long And Winding Road 12. Maybe I’m Amazed
13. I’ve Just Seen A Face 14. We Can Work It Out 15. Another Day 16. Hope For The Future
17. And I Love Her 18. Blackbird 19. Here Today

Disc 2 (63:18)
1. New 2. Queenie Eye 3. Lady Madonna 4. All Together Now 5. Lovely Rita 6. Eleanor Rigby
7. Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite! 8. Something 9. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da 10. Band On The Run
11. Back In The U.S.S.R. 12. Let It Be 13. Live And Let Die 14. Hey Jude

Disc 3 (31:37)
1. Audience & MC 2. Another Girl 3. Hi, Hi, Hi
4. Paul signs an autograph/Introduction of Dave Grohl
5. I Saw Her Standing There (with Dave Grohl) 6. Yesterday 7. Helter Skelter
8. Golden Slumbers 9. Carry That Weight 10. The End


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