Paul McCartney / Out There Albany 2014 / 3CD

Paul McCartney / Out There Albany 2014 / 3CD / Piccardilly Circus.

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Concert Of The First Shot Convalescence In The North American Tour The First Day & And full inclusion in the high-quality sound


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■ concert of one shot first convalescent in the North American tour the first day
■ The complete recording in high-quality audience.
■ The world’s first showcase new song “On My Way To Work”
■ To play the “When I’m Sixty-Four” in the entertainment

From latest tour of Paul, Albany performances July 5, 2014 will be released as early as. It was Paul in 2014, was re-visited Japan at intervals of only six months, but has become a cancellation, including the Seoul concert then unfortunately as you know. North American tour of the future will also be postponed, the trend had been worried, but American tour began from July safely. This work is the title that you complete recording in high-quality sound that first day Albany performances. Concert of one shot first convalescent, became the stage of energetic enough to not think like after surgery. That for South Korea performances and Japan Tour discontinuation, North American tour was postponed further, fans all over the world have been concerned about the condition of the pole, has begun the ear of Paul of course, it is great in order to dispel the worry it showed me the concert.

It is a set list of the attention, but by that American tour’s first album NEW after the release, it is almost the same as Japan tour of November 2013 Unfortunately, it is accepted enthusiastically as a whole new set list for fans of the United States have. That “On My Way To Work” is applied from the new album, as Paul also said in MC, is different from the Japan tour will be the premiere is this Albany performances. Moreover, since had been dropped from the set list as early as in Pittsburgh the following performance, I do not know what will be playing again this is, or becomes a live-take only the future, but it is a live take very rare There is no doubt that. The usually begin with piano “die’s guys” in the, other, interesting, intro enliven the atmosphere have been made. In “Day Tripper” Yes scene band is to Hiyatsu and missed the timing out incoming song or earlier, sing a second, you can repeat the same lyrics, has become a playing a Hachamecha somehow (laughs)

Also, this is a sideshow, but was the woman who was raised a sign board, “he says that it can not get married until you meet with (Paul) You” and in the audience. There was Hakarai stylish Paul saw it is up to the stage with her boyfriend at the time of Angkor, named to the proposal in front of a large audience. Men pleasing one-act sang “When I’m Sixty-Four”, where the band would join in the performance.

The complete recording of high-quality sound in the Albany concert July 5, 2014 from the latest gig Paul. At a concert of one shot first convalescent, and the world’s first showcase new song “On My Way To Work”. Press record firmly permanent preservation of the beautiful picture disc specification.

■新曲「On My Way To Work」を世界初披露
■余興で「When I’m Sixty-Four」を演奏


注目のセットリストですが、アルバムNEWリリース後の初のアメリカンツアーということで、残念ながら2013年11月の日本公演とほぼ同じですが、アメリカのファンにとっては全く新しいセットリストとして熱狂的に受け入れられています。日本公演と異なる点は、ニューアルバムから「On My Way To Work」が加わった点、ポールもMCで語っている通り、このオールバニ公演が初演になります。しかも、次のピッツバーグ公演では早くもセットリストから落とされてしまったので、今後これが唯一のライヴ・テイクとなるのか、あるいは再び演奏されるのかわかりませんが、非常にレアなライヴ・テイクであることは間違いありません。その他、興味深いのは、通常ピアノで始まる「死ぬのは奴らだ」に、雰囲気を盛り上げるイントロが加えられました。「Day Tripper」では歌の入り出しが早かったり、2番を歌いだすタイミングを逸してバンドがヒヤッとする場面あり、同じ歌詞を繰り返したり、なんだかハチャメチャな演奏となっています(笑) 

また、これは余興ですが、客席の中で「あなた(ポール)と会うまで結婚できないと彼が言ってます」というサインボードを掲げた女性がいました。それを見たポールがアンコールの際に彼女と彼氏をステージに上げ、大観衆の前でプロポーズをさせるという粋な計らいがありました。男性はそこで「When I’m Sixty-Four」を歌い、バンドが演奏に加わるという微笑ましい一幕。 

ポールの最新ライヴより2014年7月5日オールバニ公演を高音質で完全収録。病み上がり一発目のコンサートで、新曲「On My Way To Work」を世界初披露。美しいピクチャー・ディスク仕様の永久保存がっちりプレス盤。 

Times Union Center Albany, NY July 5, 2014 

01. Opening FIlm
02. Eight Days a Week
03. Save Us
04. All My Loving
05. Listen to What the Man Said
06. Let Me Roll It
07. Paperback Writer
08. My Valentine
09. Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five
10. The Long and Winding Road
11. Maybe I’m Amazed
12. I’ve Just Seen a Face
13. On My Way to Work
14. We Can Work It Out
15. Another Day
16. And I Love Her
17. Blackbird
18. Here Today

01. New
02. Queenie Eye
03. Lady Madonna
04. All Together Now
05. Lovely Rita
06. Everybody Out There
07. Eleanor Rigby
08. Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!
09. Something
10. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
11. Band on the Run
12. Back in the U.S.S.R.
13. Let It Be
14. Live and Let Die
15. Hey Jude

01. Day Tripper
02. Hi, Hi, Hi
03. Get Back
04. Yesterday
05. When I’m Sixty-Four
06. Helter Skelter
07. Golden Slumbers – Carry That Weight – The End



Piccardilly Circus. PCCD-197/198/199

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