Paul McCartney / Albany 2014 / 3CDR

Paul McCartney / Albany 2014 / 3CDR / Non Label

Translated Text:
Live At Times Union Center, Albany, NY. USA 5th July 2014.


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Paul after returning, the performances of the first, New York July 5, 2014 complete recording in high-quality audience recording Albany performances. Live this day is up to You Tube in high quality audience shot video from the second floor stage right hand already, the figure of Paul that there are cans show me the performance energetic enough to not think postoperative is, it was one that was greatly relieved fans around the world, has let me feel happy. As enjoy the net of You Tube, etc. cheerful your figure of the stage on this board is what was remastered recorded was up to the net this too, a good quality audience recording of the day. Slightly, sound feel a sense of distance narrow, compared to Japan tour sound source masters impregnable appeared one after another, that it is a recording of the impression of one case fall can not deny the sound image, but the stability of the sound are excellent and is the level of high-quality no problem at all to appreciate normally. It became easier to listen in equalize, but Motooto because it is its own way, a little upgrade. Subjected to a process of returning to the original as much as possible because at the stage that appeared on the net, volume control with a step by scene has been, it is adjusted to the state easy to listen to the total rather than net sound source itself original. Part loud the sound is dense, sense of separation will be slightly worse, but the acoustic ballad number and relatively small number of sounds has been recorded in the sound surprisingly good. The contents of the concert, and as it was following the last tour generally, there was no big surprise to the set itself, but you can listen to On My Way To Work which is the unveiling as the first live first half, to 12 track . It is not always best sound quality, incredible, but it still is a high enough quality, Paul after returning, in fact live recordings for the first time, fans will be a must-have. After raised in excitement at Yesterday encore, you can one-act that fan was called to the stage singing “When I’m Sixty-Four” in the microphone also listen to fun. (Paul also hung, I have been participating in play from the middle. Particulars of this side is omitted here, but. Where you want me to look at the You Tube video, etc. all means) future, tour continues, and surprise one after another it seems that high-quality sound source will come to emerge through the net, but first, 3 hours, enjoy with plenty of Albany performances latest tour first series of the topic! !

ポール復帰後、初の公演となる、2014年7月5日のニューヨークはアルバニー公演を高音質オーディエンス録音で完全収録。既にこの日のライヴがステージ向かって右手2階席からの高品質オーディエンスショット映像でYou Tubeにアップされており、そこで観れるポールの姿は術後と思えないほどにエネルギッシュなパフォーマンスを見せてくれており、世界中のファンを大いに安心させ、ハッピーな気持ちにさせてくれたものでした。そのステージ上の元気なお姿はYou Tube等のネットで楽しんで頂くとして、本盤は、これもネットにアップされた、当日の良質オーディエンス録音をリマスター収録したものです。音像的には若干、細めの距離感を感じさせるサウンドで、鉄壁なマスターが続々登場した日本ツアー音源に比べると、一格落ちの印象の録音であることは否定できませんが、音の安定感は優れており、普通に鑑賞するには全く問題ない高品質なレベルです。イコライズで聴き易くなりましたが、元音がそれなりですので、少しのアップグレード。ネットに出現した段階で、場面によって段差のある音量調整がされていたため極力元に戻す処理を施し、元のネット音源そのものよりもトータル的には聴きやすい状態に調整済です。音が密集したラウドなパートは、やや分離感が悪くなりますが、音数が比較的少ないバラードやアコースティック・ナンバーは、驚くほど良い音で録音されています。コンサートの内容は、概ね前回のツアーを踏襲したもので、セットそのものに大きな驚きはありませんでしたが、前半、12曲目にライヴとしては初のお披露目となるOn My Way To Workを聴くことが出来ます。信じられない程の極上音質、というわけではないですが、それでも十分な高音質であり、ポール復帰後、初のライヴ音源ということで、ファンは必携でしょう。アンコールのYesterdayで感動的に盛り上がった後、ステージに呼ばれたファンがマイクで「When I’m Sixty-Four」を歌う一幕も楽しく聴くことができます。(ポールもつられて、途中から演奏に参加してます。この辺の顛末は、ここでは割愛しますが、ぜひYou Tube映像等で見て頂きたいところ。)今後、ツアーが続くにつれて、続々と驚きの高音質音源がネットを介して出現してくると思われますが、まずは、話題の最新ツアー第一弾のアルバニー公演を3時間、たっぷりとお楽しみ下さい!!

Disc 1 (74:22)
1. Opening Film 2. Eight Days A Week 3. Save Us 4. All My Loving 5. Listen To What The Man Said
6. Let Me Roll It 7. Paperback Writer 8. My Valentine 9. Nineteen Hundred And Eighty-Five
10. The Long And Winding Road 11. Maybe I’m Amazed 12. I’ve Just Seen A Face 13. On My Way To Work
14. We Can Work It Out 15. Another Day 16. And I Love Her 17. Blackbird 18. Here Today

Disc 2 (68:22)
1. New 2. Queenie Eye 3. Lady Madonna 4. All Together Now 5. Lovely Rita 6. Everybody Out There
7. Eleanor Rigby 8. Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite! 9. Something 10. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
11. Band On The Run 12. Back In The U.S.S.R. 13. Let It Be 14. Live And Let Die 15. Hey Jude

Disc 3 (35:10)
1. Day Tripper 2. Hi, Hi, Hi 3. Get Back 4. Yesterday 5. When I’m Sixty-Four 6. Helter Skelter
7. Golden Slumbers 8. Carry That Weight 9. The End

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