Paul McCartney / Archive Rarities Vol 13 / 2CDR

Paul McCartney / Archive Rarities Vol 13 / 2CDR / Beatfile

Translated Text:

Timeline Collection Of Rarites 2005-2007.


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13th edition appeared in Paul McCartney latest Rare compilation series! 

The contents of between 2005-2007 year this time, I record. The DL sound source, such as a subtly different from the 2LP was released and 12 “of collaboration unit” Twin Freaks “with DJ Freelance Hellraiser the DISC1 DISC2 I record the promo sound source, such as non-album Songs Album and “Chaos And Creation In The Backyard” to “Memory Almost Full” in the. 13th edition “Archive RARITIES” series of attention that has already been edited together the rare recordings in chronological order almost! It is recommended series that also includes sound source in recent years rare unexpectedly! !





01. Really Love You (Twin Freaks 12″Version)
02. Lalula (Twin Freaks 12″Version)
03. Live And Let Die (Twin Freaks)
04. Oh Woman Oh Why (Twin Freaks)
05. Coming Up (Twin Freaks)
06. Really Love You (Twin Freaks Download)
07. Long Haired Lady – Reprise (Twin Freaks Download)
08. Rinse The Raindrops (Twin Freaks Download)
09. Darkroom (Twin Freaks Download)
10. Temporary Secretary (Twin Freaks/Download)
11. What’s That You’re Doing (Twin Freaks Download)
12. Mumbo (Twin Freaks Download)
13. Lalula (Twin Freaks Download)
14. Maybe I’m Amazed (Twin Freaks Download)
15. Silly Love Songs (Noir & Kruse Radio Edit)
16. Silly Love Songs (Noir & Kruse Extended Mix)

01. Fine Line
02. Comfort Of Love
03. Growing Up Falling Down
04. She Is So Beautiful (Japanese Bonus Track)
05. Summer Of ’59
06. I Want You To Fly
07. This Loving Game
08. Jenny Wren (Radio Edit)
09. This Never Happened Before (Promo)
10. The Very Thought Of You (Tony Bennett Duets)
11. Bring It On Home To Me
(George Benson & Al Jarreau – Givin’ It Up)
12. Heal the Pain (with George Michael)
13. Dance Tonight (Memory Half Full Version)
/14. I Want To Walk You Home (Goin’ Home)
15. Nod Your Head (Sly David Shot Mix)
16. House Of Wax/17. Ever Present Past (Single)
18. Dance Tonight (Live)/19. Only Mama Knows (Live)/20. C Moon (Live)/21. That Was Me (Live)
22. I Saw Her Standing There (Live)

Beatfile. BFMAR013A/B

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