Paul McCartney / Freshen Up Tokyo Dome November 1 2018 / 3CD With OBI Strip

Paul McCartney / Freshen Up Tokyo Dome November 1 2018 / 3CD With OBI Strip / Piccadilly Circus

Tokyo Dome, Tokyo Japan November 1, 2018

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■ Completely recorded Tokyo Dome performance on November 1, 2018
■ Stage Garbage Ultra high sound quality full of realism at the front row recording
■ Complete recording from sound check in front of actual day
■ “Got To Get You Into My Life” Tour premiered with Horn section
■ Sound check premiered “I Do not Know”

Paul McCartney entered in 2018 and is doing a gig warm up in Liverpool and London in June and July. And on September 7, 2018, live special at the special stage of Grand Central Station in New York. Although the set list is simplified than usual, Paul ‘s decay as a musician is not felt, and the band has already entered the 16th year since becoming a member, but everyone performs wonderful performance. And at last it revises the last ONE ONE TOUR and announces that it will go on a new tour again entitled FRESHEN UP TOUR. Starting in Canada in September 2018, this tour includes a festival appearance, and in 2019 it is up to the American schedule. And in 2010, as a part of this FRESHEN UP TOUR, a performance in Japan took place. Even after about 24 years old he came to Japan for the first time in more than half a century, thus he turned 76, he was still doing large-scale stadium concerts in Japan far enough, he would not even have predicted himself. The schedule is as follows.

October 31, 2018 Tokyo Dome
November 1, 2018 Tokyo Dome
November 05, 2018 Ryogoku Kokugikan
November 08, 2018 Nagoya dome

This time it is the first time that the bilateral Kokugikan and the Nagoya performance which was canceled what was scheduled by Wings of 1980 are organized. Although the number of times the Tokyo Dome performance which had been three times last time has decreased few times, an artist with mobilizing power that can fill the dome stadium many times many times is probably impossible other than the big name like Paul. This work, on its first day, the first day of Tokyo Dome performance in 2018 is recorded including sound checks.

FRESHEN UP TOUR is characterized by adding new songs to the repertoire from the new album “EGYPT STATION”. Moreover, he plays two songs “Who Cares” and “Come On To Me” in the beginning of the concert, and “Fuh You” in the middle stage. Both are thought to be a musical piece that is kept in mind that it plays with a concert, becoming an important accent of the stage composition. Also, the first premiere on this tour is “From Me To You”. It is one of the representative songs of the extremely early Beatles, and has been picked up as an acoustic corner. In addition, if you see only the songs in the set list, there is no fresh selection of songs contrary to the tour title, and the songs that have been played are arranged side by side. However, if you mention the characteristics of this tour, you should focus on arranging rather than songs.

The major difference from the conventional pole stage is the addition of a brass section. Except for the wings of the 1970s, basically nobody other than band members joined the performance on the stage of Paul. Of course there was no schedule for the Bug · Pipe Orchestra to appear, or the guests to play. However, there are no musicians who took part in the tour and participated every night as a concert performance. For the first time, the brass section has joined the band. The arrange also makes use of it daringly in that the sound substituting for the keyboard which Wix plays until then is played with real instruments.

Brass section first appears in “Letting Go”. Moreover, the audience is very excited with a surprise production in which members who are lined up in the audience seems to suddenly play, not on stage. In the latter half of the song, a short brass solo is inserted in a break, making it even more prominent. The new song “Come On To Me” has also been featured extensively. Other brass sections also play an important role in “Let ‘Em In”, “Lady Madonna”, “Ob La Di Ob La Da”, “Live And Let Die”, “Hey Jude” and the last Abbey Road Medley .

In addition, the song “Back In Blazil” recorded in the album “Egypt Station” uses Japanese as “Ichiban”. It was a previous reputation to premiere this song in Japan, but as a result it was added as an introduction to the beginning of “Come On To Me”. It is a fine point, but this is also the first arrangement adopted in Japan.

【Tokyo Dome Performance November 1, 2018】
It is the second day of the performance in Japan in 2018. Basically it has features of FRESHEN UP TOUR, but this day is more interesting than the first day as well. It is the same to start with “A Hard Day’s Night”, but the second song “Hi Hi Hi” has been replaced with “Junior’s Farm”. When doing consecutive performances at the same venue, Paul always changes several sets of lists, but this practice is followed this time as well. Furthermore, “All My Loving” also to “Can not Buy Me Love”, “I’ve Just Seen A Face” to “We Can Work It Out”, “Yesterday” to “I Saw Her Standing There” It has changed. And the biggest feature of this day is the fact that “Got To Get You Into My Life” premiered at FRESHEN UP TOUR was played. It is not a substitute for another song being cut, purely this song is increasing on this day. It was thought that this song would prosper most, as it was originally accompanied by a horn section on tour, but it was mysteriously not being played so far. This time it was the first song played on the second day of Tokyo Dome in Japan.

Disk 3 is a sound check source performed before the performance of the day. In this volume, a public sound check for VIP tickets playing rare songs and cover songs not to play. The sound check of this day was very substantial compared with the previous day. “Twenty Flight Rock” is a cover that Paul likes over and over, but on this day I play with a whole new arrangement. “Blue Suade Shoes” is relaxedly arranged with a bluesque arrangement. And “Got To Get You Into My Life” which I played in this volume is also played at this time just before. Originally thought that it was a secret ball for the bilateral sports pilgrimage hall, it is also played in the main volume. Furthermore, the horn section is very effective arrange in “Magical Mystery Tour”. This is not played in the main part, but probably it will probably enter the set list in the future. In addition, the biggest feature of this day is “I Do not Know”. The song which is located in the second song of the new album “Egypt Station” has never been played live so far, probably this day seems to be premiere.

From the performance in Japan in 2018, the second day November 1, the Tokyo Dome performance is fully recorded in the front row in super high sound quality. It is recorded with the highest sound quality in the past visit to Japan. You can chase in a real time on Paul’s live performance since 2003 and this time as well, you can have it on Piccadilly Circus label that delivered the latest tour from time to time as quickly as possible with high quality. I think that many titles will be released this time, but there is no need to compare with various others, if there is this work as a decision board it is good. Permanent preservation of a beautiful picture / disk specification A tightly pressed press. Japanese style attaching.

■ホーンセクションを加えた「Got To Get You Into My Life」ツアー初演
■サウンドチェックでは「I Don’t Know」初演


ポール・マッカートニーは2018年に入り、6月と7月にリバプールとロンドンでウォーム・アップ的にギグを行なっている。そして2018年9月7日にはニューヨークのグランド・セントラル駅の特設ステージにおいて特別ライブ。セットリストは通常より簡略化されたものながら、 ポールのミュージシャンとしての衰えは感じられず、このメンバーになってからバンドも既に16年目に突入するが、全員が素晴らしいパフォーマンスを行なっている。そしていよいよ、前回のONE ON ONE TOURを改め、FRESHEN UP TOURと題して再び新たなツアーに出る事を発表。 このツアーは2018年9月カナダを皮切りに、フェスティバル出演を含み、2019年にはアメリカのスケジュールまで決まっている。そして間をおかず2018年、このFRESHEN UP TOURの一環として来日公演が行なわれた。 24歳で初来日してから半世紀以上、こうして76歳になって尚、遠く日本において大規模なスタジアム・コンサートを行なっているなど、本人ですら予想だにしなかったであろう。日程は下記の通り。

2018年10月31日 東京ドーム
2018年11月01日 東京ドーム
2018年11月05日 両国国技館
2018年11月08日 名古屋ドーム


FRESHEN UP TOURにおける特徴として、ニューアルバム『EGYPT STATION』から新曲をレパートリーに加えている点が挙げられる。しかもコンサート序盤に「Who Cares」「Come On To Me」の2曲、そして中盤に「Fuh You」を演奏している。いずれもコンサートで演奏する事を念頭に置いた楽曲と思われ、ステージ構成の重要なアクセントとなっている。またこのツアーで初演となるのが「From Me To You」である。極初期のビートルズの代表曲のひとつであり、アコースティック・コーナーの1曲として採り上げられている。その他、セットリストの曲目だけ見ると、ツアータイトルに反しフレッシュな選曲はなく、これまでも演奏されてきた曲目が並んでいる。しかし、このツアーの特徴を挙げるとしたら、曲目よりもむしろ、アレンジに着目すべきであろう。


ブラス・セクションは「Letting Go」で初めて姿を現す。しかもステージ上ではなく、客席の中に並んだメンバーが突如奏でるサプライズ演出で、観客は大いに盛り上がっている。同曲は後半に短いブラス・ソロをブレイクに挿入し、一層際立つアレンジとなっている。新曲「Come On To Me」でも大々的にフューチャーされている。その他ブラス・セクションは「Let ‘Em In」や「Lady Madonna」「Ob La Di Ob La Da」「Live And Let Die」「Hey Jude」、そして最後のアビーロード・メドレーにおいても重要な役割を果たしている。

また、アルバム『Egypt Station』に収録の「Back In Blazil」という曲には、「イチバン」という日本語が使われている。この曲を日本で初演するのではないかと前評判であったが、結果的には「Come On To Me」の冒頭にイントロとして加えられた。細かい点であるが、これもまた日本で初めて取り入れられたアレンジである。

2018年来日公演二日目である。基本的にはもちろんFRESHEN UP TOURの特徴を備えているのだが、初日にも増してこの日は興味深い内容となっている。「A Hard Day’s Night」で開幕するのは同じだが、2曲目の「Hi Hi Hi」が「Junior’s Farm」に差し替えられた。 同一会場で連続公演を行なう場合、ポールはセットリストを数曲変えるのが常だが、今回もそのような慣習が踏襲されている。さらに「All My Loving」も「Can’t Buy Me Love」に、「I’ve Just Seen A Face」が「We Can Work It Out」に、「Yesterday」が「I Saw Her Standing There」に、それぞれ変更になっている。 そしてこの日の最大の特長は、FRESHEN UP TOURにおいて初演となる「Got To Get You Into My Life」が演奏された点であろう。別の曲がカットされた代わりというわけではなく、純粋にこの日はこの曲が増えているのである。元々ホーンセクションをツアーに同行させた以上、この曲が最も栄えるであろうと思われたが、不思議とこれまで演奏されていなかった。今回、日本の東京ドーム二日目で初めて演奏された曲である。

ディスク3は当日の本番前に行なわれたサウンドチェックの音源である。本編では演奏することのないレアな曲やカバー曲を演奏してくれるVIPチケット用の公開サウンドチェック。この日のサウンドチェックは前日と比べても非常に充実したものとなった。「Twenty Flight Rock」はこれまで何度となく演奏されてきたポールが好んでいるカバーだが、この日は全く新しいアレンジで演奏している。「Blue Suade Shoes」もゆったりとブルージーなアレンジが施されている。そして本編で演奏した「Got To Get You Into My Life」も、直前のこの時に演奏されている。当初は両国国技館用の隠し玉かと思われていたが本編でも演奏されている。さらに「Magical Mystery Tour」においてもホーンセクションが非常に効果的なアレンジとなっている。こちらは本編では演奏されていないが、おそらく今後セットリスト入りするであろう。加えてこの日最大の目玉は「I Don’t Know」であろう。ニュー・アルバム『Egypt Station』の2曲目に位置する同曲は、これまでライブで演奏されたことがなく、おそらくこの日が初演ではないかと思われる。


TOKYO DOME, TOKYO JAPAN November 1, 2018
01. Introduction
02. A Hard Day’s Night
03. Junior’s Farm
04. Can’t Buy Me Love
05. Letting Go
06. Who Cares
07. Got To Get You Into My Life
08. Come On To Me
09. Let Me Roll It
10. I’ve Got A Feeling
11. Let ‘Em In
12. My Valentine
13. Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five
14. Maybe I’m Amazed
15. We Can Work It Out
16. In Spite Of All Danger
16. From Me To You
17. Love Me Do
18. Blackbird

01. Here Today
02. Queenie Eye
03. Lady Madonna
04. Eleanor Rigby #1
05. Eleanor Rigby #2
06. Fuh You
07. Being For The Benefit Of Mr.Kite
08. Something
09. Ob La Di Ob La Da
10. Band On The Run
11. Back In The U.S.S.R.
12. Let It Be
13. Live And Let Die
14. Hey Jude
15. I Saw Her Standing There
16. SGT. Pepper’s Reprise
17. Helter Skelter
18. Golden Slumbers – Carry That Weight – The End

01. Setting
02. Paul’s Greeting
03. Tokyo Dome Jam
04. Twenty Flight Rock
05. Blue Suade Shoes
06. Got To Get You Into My Life
07. Magical Mystery Tour
08. Shake Rattle And Roll
09. I Don’t Know
10. It’s So Easy
11. San Francisco Bay Blues
12. Ram On
13. Midnight Special
14. Sounds For Massages
15. Lady Madonna
16. Paul’s Greeting

Piccadilly. PCCD-298/299/300

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