Paul McCartney / Denver 2005 / 2CD Wx OBI Strip

Paul McCartney / Denver 2005 / 2CD Wx OBI Strip / Misterclaudel

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Soundboard Complete Recording Of The Denver Performances. Pepsi Center Denver Colorado USA November 1, 2005.


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■ sound board complete recording of the Denver performances November 1, 2005
■ The complete recording from the opening film was unreleased in its outstanding panel.

The latest installment of M Claudel, United States November 1, 2005 is the title that was completely recorded in sound board from the opening film, the concert was held in Denver. Speaking of 2005, it will be remembered as a tour with album Rated in the “Chaos and Creation” from the initial release. Given that it becomes the album 10 years ago, dense of the activities of Paul recent here will be realized again.

I no doubt that it is on the extension of the tour the band members followed from 2002 to just the same, but still set list is considerably different from currently only a tour of nearly 10 years ago, with the benefit of hindsight There are also a number of songs that are no longer playing. Also this tour, tour the popular among fans, coupled that even compared to the tour of the age of the other, you are playing a song along with the rare 2004, a high evaluation of the new album. Opening what is “Magical Mystery Tour”, but the Beatles and “I’ll Get You,” “Till There Was You”, and “In Spite Of All Danger” and “I Will” will appear more early. “I’ll Get You” will premiere Beatles since the days, since become a solo especially. Rare number that played on stage for the first time through the Beatles era have led to the “I Will”. “Fixing A Hole” was played in 1993 tour, but different arrangements of piano playing talking of Paul, and at that time here. What was even more surprising, it has’re playing is the “ram” recorded, the answer song to John who was increasingly criticized at that time the “Too Many People”. When you play in live this song No way, the most premiere, of course, that was played in a medley with “She Came In Through The Bathroon Window” In addition, the fan was what was really surprised. Was unveiled at Angkor Surprise Another would be “Please Please Me”. I think the only famous songs that you impress an image of the early Beatles, how it is reproduced in John absence, and if you judge it by listening actually that all means.

Some of the features of this work, that the opening film was unreleased is complete recording from the beginning will be mentioned in its outstanding panel. It is a short film of 10 minutes or so to follow the history of until today pole since the birth, but be screened at the venue before the concert starts every time, the count is made in a form that overlaps the ending of the film, and that roll into the concert pattern had formalized. You can in this work, that they are a complete recording of sound board is also the opening film, be perceived as it is appropriate to Ketteiban exactly, the appearance of the day.

Latest work M Claudel is completely recorded in sound board Denver performances November 1, 2005. It had not been recorded only from the “Magical Mystery Tour” in its outstanding panel but, without a break, this work is fully recorded in the sound board really from the beginning the flow leading to the intro of “Magical” from the opening film. Press record firmly permanent preservation of the beautiful picture disc specification. Japanese with belt.



バンド・メンバーが同じだけに2002年から続くツアーの延長上にあることは間違いないのですが、それでも既に10年近く前のツアーなだけに現在とはかなりセットリストが異なり、今となっては演奏しなくなった曲も多数あります。またこのツアーは、他の年代のツアーと比べても、2004年と共に珍しい曲を演奏していること、ニューアルバムの高評価とあいまってファンの間では人気の高いツアー。オープニングこそ「マジカル・ミステリー・ツアー」ですが、序盤にビートルズの「I’ll Get You」と「Till There Was You」、さらに「In Spite Of All Danger」や「I Will」などが登場します。特に「I’ll Get You」はビートルズ時代以来、ソロとなってからの初演になります。「I Will」に至ってはビートルズ時代を通して初めてステージで演奏するというレア・ナンバー。「Fixing A Hole」は1993年ツアーでも演奏されましたが、ここではポールのピアノ弾き語りという、その時とは異なるアレンジ。さらに驚きだったのは、『ラム』収録の、その頃批判を強めていたジョンへのアンサーソングとされる「Too Many People」を演奏しているいこと。まさかこの曲をライヴで演奏するとは、初演なのはもちろんのこと、さらに「She Came In Through The Bathroon Window」とメドレーで演奏されたことに、本当にファンは驚いたものでした。もう一つのサプライズはアンコールで披露された「Please Please Me」でしょう。ビートルズの初期のイメージを印象付ける有名な曲だけに、ジョン不在の中でどのように再現されるか、その是非は実際に聴いてご判断いただければと思います。 


Mクローデルの最新作は、2005年11月1日デンヴァー公演をサウンドボードで完全収録。既発盤では「Magical Mystery Tour」からしか収録されていませんでしたが、本作はオープニング・フィルムから「マジカル」のイントロに繋がる流れを切れ目なく、最初から本当にサウンドボードで完全収録しています。美しいピクチャー・ディスク仕様の永久保存がっちりプレス盤。日本語帯付。 


01. Opening Film
02. Magical Mystery Tour
03. Flaming Pie
04. Jet
05. I’ll Get You
06. Drive My Car
07. Till There Was You
08. Let Me Roll It
09. Got To Get You Into My Life
10. Fine Line
11. Maybe I’m Amazed
12. Long And Winding Road
13. In Spite Of All The Danger
14. I Will
15. Jenny Wren
16. For No One
17. Fixing A Hole
18. English Tea
19. I’ll Follow The Sun

01. Follow Me
02. Blackbird
03. Eleanor Rigby
04. Too Many People – She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
05. Good Day Sunshine
06. Band On The Run
07. Penny Lane
08. I’ve Got A Feeling
09. Back In The U.S.S.R.
10. Baby Face
11. Hey Jude
12. Live And Let Die
13. Yesterday
14. Get Back
15. Helter Skelter
16. Please Please Me
17. Let It Be
18. SGT. Pepper’s Reprise – The End


Misterclaudel. MCCD-444/445

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