Paul McCartney / The 02 / 3CD

Paul McCartney / The 02 / 3CD / Piccadilly Circus.

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Live At The 02 London Uk May 23, 2015.


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The high-quality full inclusion by VIP front row recording!
On the day of the sound check also complete recording!
The world’s first public “Temporary Secretary” premiere!
Yes costarring with Dave Grohl! !
From Piccadilly Circus label is a pole of experts, of 2015 Autozea – ​​European tour will be the release. Piccadilly correspondent works business trip, and did a Japan tour as well great job! This work is Japan, after a small pause around with South Korea, it was over a long time in Europe, the first day of May 23 London performances, are you complete recording, including the sound check. do not know the place to stay Autozea – ​​tour has already become a thing of the long-term over three years leg rest, also visited twice (three times) in Japan in the meantime, each time, to become a development type of tour that will add a surprise It has. And surprising and that’s around the Europe is the first time on this tour, we can say the long-awaited concert.

O2 Arena became a venue that has been carried out many historic concerts while new, such as 2007 Zeppelin reunion. “THIS IS IT” of the Michael Jackson died in 2009 also is a famous venue that this venue has been scheduled in the monopoly. Autozea from two consecutive performances in this location – tour Europe began. This work is fully recorded both concert and sound check of the first day.

There is also a dense Budokan addition to the stadium performances four times for our Japanese fans, in mind there is a feeling that with stanza, but fans around the world, are looking forward to Paul’s visit, especially in the home country the United Kingdom after a long time sold out if there advent of whether, in an instant ticket. Additional performances we were greeted Omotte enthusiasm of enough to be bears. Set list conventional Autozea – ​​as it was followed the, opening the “EIGHT DAYS A WEEK”. This also is not familiar to those Japanese fans, but in fact debuted in the UK. Although in 2015 the opening of the Japan tour had become the “Magical Mystery Tour”, this is a one that was changed dare special Based on 2013, still Autozea – ​​is one that is “EIGHT DAYS A WEEK” Paul as the base would that have been recognized.

And surprise Nanoha this time, nothing else you’ll be the world’s first showing off “temporary secretary”. In particular, it takes exactly world premiere of recorded in this work. That the premiere reaction of the audience is where anxious, but as soon as that peculiar rhythm of driving flows, you’ll be surprised fans were many. For the realistic the fan several times concerts, but I think that familiar with that song was used in the opening film, and that it is called to play in the main, from the sampling music of the European tour of the opening film, also it is noteworthy that this song has been omitted. Private recording specific album that reflects the fashion of the time, “McCartney 2”, it has become the now, but there is also the side that feel old and its electronic sound, thus the new breath is blown by live it’s great. No way the date on which to play this song live will come, you’ll be yesteryear fan could not be OJ imagination. Although the luxury version is remastered has been released in recent years, is the biggest hit songs of the album “Coming up” rather than, dare insistence of Paul glimpses in the place where you have choice of the “temporary secretary” of the second song It is a place to be. Speaking hope, that light is applied in to play this way in live even minor songs that had been buried until now, I think that it is good Na As you are re-evaluated. In that sense this “temporary secretary” would just say that perfect song.

Other features, has been replaced by the “jet” is removed from the set list “meddlesome to that girl.” Of being played for the first time in a long time since the 1976 tour “meddlesome to that girl” – “Jet” almost all of the tour from ’89 as a live staple, because that has been played in all of the concert, rather Autozea in music of the same Wings who I think whether to accept mania. Moreover, while the Wings era was playing the piano, this tour is a feature that was playing the base. Also it became the first Japanese showcase in 2015 “HOPE FOR THE FUTURE” debuted even outside Japan. Further, in Angkor it has been superseded by the position of the “Day Tripper” and “Another Girl”. You know, in the song Budokan concert has become the premiere, I had to play carefully so as not to make a mistake while watching the hand uneasily at Budokan but was impressive, here has become quite offered at performance.

And this work, Japan performance series as well of the same label, has become a set of a sound check. Focusing on rare songs you do not want to play in this volume every time, is this itself, sound check of the pole that is the other one small, are generally VIP ticket also in Europe was launched. Sound check of London the first day of the “match box” of “Honey Do not”, the Beatles era is opening in two songs that apple was taking vocal. Continued “Back In London” in the song, such as to develop a jam for over 8 minutes, and cool a very bluesy, it is music that said one of the listening far from. In addition, the sound check is “hit” Nanoha of this day, you will point that contains a number of songs to be played for the first time in a long time. The “Highway” also in 2009 of Fire Man is what had been playing every night in the main as a regular set, but appeared here for the first time in a long time. “I’ll Follow The Sun” is also in the 2004 and 2005 of the tour was a regular set, here it is also playing about 10 years. New album of the song “On My Way To Work” is only played in the American tour the first day of the one-time only in 2014, here also rare number.

Speaking of Piccadilly Circus label, in the Japan tour of the recent Paul, but high-quality sound recording, which reverses the common sense has become a hot topic, this work is a London concert May 23, 2015, Japan tour similar staff, similar Since it has become a thing that was completely recorded in equipment, its quality is I would like to trust. Moreover, as it suggests the fact that the sound check sound source has been recorded simultaneously, for recording position it is also a recording of been camped the front row, will not probably sound of London performances of sound quality than this. Of course, it is the original source of Piccadilly monopoly.

new classic title to Paul fan Paul specialists, Piccadilly Circus label give. Debuted in the world and the “temporary secretary”, “Another Girl” premiere has been made in the Budokan performances other, rare number are many even in the sound check. The complete recording by monopoly original sound source of ultimate quality by business trip work of these Piccadilly correspondent. It is the work that you want to collection along with the Liverpool performances of simultaneous release. Permanent Athletic Press board of beautiful picture disc specification. With Japanese band.


会場となったのは2007年のツェッペリン再結成など新しいながらも歴史的コンサートが数多く行なわれているO2アリーナ。2009年に死去したマイケルジャクソンの「THIS IS IT」もこの会場が独占で予定されていたことでも有名な会場です。この場所において2連続公演からアウトゼア―ツアーヨーロッパが始まりました。本作はその初日のコンサートとサウンドチェックの両方を完全収録しています。

私たち日本のファンにとってスタジアム公演4回に加え濃密な武道館もあり、心の中では一区切りついた感がありますが、世界中のファンが、ポールの来訪を心待ちにしており、特に本国英国は久しぶりの登場とあってか、チケットは瞬く間にソールドアウト。追加公演が組まれるほどの熱狂をもって迎えられました。セットリストは従来のアウトゼア―を踏襲したもので、オープニングは「EIGHT DAYS A WEEK」。これも日本のファンにとってはお馴染みのものですが、実は英国では初披露。2015年の日本公演ではオープニングが「マジカルミステリーツアー」になっていましたが、これは2013年を踏まえて敢えて特別に変えたものであって、やはりアウトゼア―は「EIGHT DAYS A WEEK」というのが基本としてポールは認識しているということでしょう。


その他の特徴としては、「ジェット」がセットリストから外され「あの娘におせっかい」に入れ替わりました。「ジェット」はライヴの定番として89年からほとんど全てのツアー、全てのコンサートで演奏されてきたため、むしろ同じウイングスの楽曲でもアウトゼア―ツアーで1976年以来久しぶりに演奏される「あの娘におせっかい」の方がマニア受けするかと思います。しかもウイングス時代はピアノで演奏していたのに対し、このツアーではベースを演奏していたのが特長です。また2015年日本初披露となった「HOPE FOR THE FUTURE」も日本以外では初披露。さらにアンコールでは「デイトリッパー」の位置が「アナザーガール」に取って代わられました。ご存知、武道館コンサートが初演となった曲で、武道館では不安そうに手元を見ながら間違えないように慎重に演奏していたのが印象的でしたが、ここではかなりこなれた演奏になっています。

そして本作は、同レーベルの日本公演シリーズ同様に、サウンドチェックとのセットになっています。毎回本編で演奏しないレア曲を中心に、これ自体が、もうひとつのショウとなっているポールのサウンドチェック、ヨーロッパにおいても一般にVIPチケットが発売されました。ロンドン初日のサウンドチェックは「マッチボックス」と「ハニードント」という、ビートルズ時代はリンゴがヴォーカルを採っていた2曲で開幕。続く「Back In London」は8分以上に渡るジャムを発展させたような曲で、非常にブルージーでかっこいい、聴きどころのひとつといえる楽曲です。また、この日のサウンドチェックが“当たり”なのは、久しぶりに演奏する曲が多数含まれている点でしょう。ファイアーマンの「Highway」も2009年にはレギュラー・セットとして本編で毎晩演奏されていたものですが、ここで久しぶりに登場。「I’ll Follow The Sun」も2004年や2005年のツアーではレギュラーセットでしたが、こちらも約10年ぶりの演奏です。ニューアルバムの曲「On My Way To Work」は一度だけ2014年のアメリカンツアー初日に演奏されたのみの、こちらもレアなナンバー。



01. Introduction
02. Eight Days A Week
03. Save Us
04. Can’t Buy Me Love
05. Listen To What The Man Said
06. Temporary Secretary
07. Let Me Roll It
08. Paperback Writer
09. My Valentine
10. Nineteen Hundred And Eighty-Five
11. The Long And Winding Road
12. Maybe I’m Amazed
13. I’ve Just Seen A Face
14. We Can Work It Out
15. Another Day
16. Hope For The Future
17. And I Love Her
18. Blackbird
19. Here Today
20. New

01. Queenie Eye
02. Lady Madonna
03. All Together Now
04. Lovely Rita
05. Eleanor Rigby
06. Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite!
07. Something
08 Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
09. Band On The Run
10 Back In The U.S.S.R.
11. Let It Be
12. Live And Let Die
13. Hey Jude
14. Another Girl
15. Hi Hi Hi
16. I Saw Her Standing There with Dave Grohl

01. Yesterday
02. Helter Skelter
03. Golden Slumbers – Carry That Weight – The End

04. Paul’s Greeting
05. Matchbox
06. Honey Don’t
07. Back In London
08. Flaming Pie
09. Highway
10. C Moon
11. Let ‘Em In
12. I’ll Follow The Sun
13. It’s So Easy
14. On My Way To Work
15. Midnight Special
16. Ram On
17. Bluebird
18. Massage Introduction
19. Lady Madonna

Piccadilly Circus. PCCD-238/239/240

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