Ozzy Osbourne / Ultimate Live In Philadelphia / 2CD

Ozzy Osbourne / Ultimate Live In Philadelphia / 2CD / Zodiac

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Live at Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA. USA 18th September 1986




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Single cassette tape that was handed directly from some Japanese. At the bottom, he himself over to the home, spectacle of sound that has been confirmed by the ear was clogged. Taper that has been met with Japan tour of a number of musicians, live album that was recorded over to the United States in 1986. It is this work. Of course, the net has not been around for all in, let alone trade, all the world’s first appearance Kuradashi sound source. About ’30 from recording, will finally release a press album of the master permanent preservation saw the light of day!

The over had been recorded in the cassette have been concealed in about 30 years Ozzy Osbourne 1986. This is the Philadelphia performances of “THE US ULTIMATE SIN TOUR 1986”. Only to taper that we have met with many of Japan tour, the sound is really great. In this tour, “THE ULTIMATE BLITZ (Langley Deluxe 020)” of the master craftsman Crazy S. collection and “ULTIMATE SIN IN CHICAGO (ZODIAC 024),” such as, but there is also a masterpiece, clear of this work it or equivalent and their masterpiece more. In the previous masterpiece group, but there was also places that in some places over the peak, is not even such a chatter in this work. Although it can not be said that indeed “who knows the characteristics of the venue”, neat recording beautiful of attentive consideration seems Japanese attentive. When say Ozzy audience recording, base of But there are many things that are not broken pick up, while this work has been firmly record, enjoy up to exquisite bass that is not too intrusive. After the dynamism and also Randy Castillo of groove to subscribe to MOLEY CRUE lively, is also best condition good Ozzy’s vocals of street unusually.
However, what shines most is still genius guitarist, Jake · E · Lee! “BARK AT THE MOON TOUR” But, I’ve let me hear-out bomb in Hachikiren just youth, speaking of his his real exercise, it is not in addition to “THE ULTIMATE SIN TOUR 1986”. After all, you wrote most of the album, but it is a totally and seized the tour as musical director on stage. And, then it would be to leave immediately, and had been turned into a blues-rock in BADLANDS. Of course, BADLANDS was also great, what is desired most to Jake, it would be hard rock LA and Metal pop. In other words, the present work is, I have met the most shining moment in the career in Jake’s life!
In fact, as it is-out bomb, playing it stuck to more “sound” is wonderful. Over deeply the effect is controversial vast sense of scale, “Thank God For The Bomb”, and to listen to the really of American, dry wind illusion “Killer Of Giants”, and roll in the groove and pop “Secret Loser” …… More classic group of the not listen at the tour of “THE ULTIMATE SIN” You can enjoy plenty. “Never Know Why”, “The Ultimate Sin” for there is no it will shame, but two large representative song “Bark At The Moon”, “Shot In The Dark” is perfect.
Such’re decorate the Jake music, sharpness sharp sound while not dry and crisp. Both the weight of heavily with the SABBATH and Zakk Wylde, different also moist and crying of Randy Rhoads, supple sharpness. In fact, even the masterpieces of Randy era to be played in large quantities, you will hear stands out is supple and sharpness than the humidity. “Song not the original form” and does not want to be good. minute that humidity is missing, flows such beauty with the melody itself, sparkles, dancing lightly. It is also a feature of “THE ULTIMATE SIN TOUR 1986” unique, but the audience sound of this work, the tint is especially intense. Again I do not know to be because anything other than authentic America. Crazy S. England recording “THE ULTIMATE BLITZ” and the Japan tour “ULTIMATE BUDOKAN (Shades 061)”, etc. have also been released, but at the time of Jake and Ozzy (and Sharon) is audience targeting, only the United States. Although it is not to interfere with the music, and sing to sing, audience noise that rapture is blown out at once in between songs. Exactly, it must the audience that wants this sound world. It is of a live that was surrounded by such audience.

and think if, as in this case, it may not have been the tour does not feel the illusion of Randy Rhoads. Bob Daisley were played with Randy, Don Airey, Tommy Aldrich left, not met with Zach and Joe Holmes that does not stop by revered Randy. While being encased in members without Randy and acquaintance, rather than a tribute to legend, it’s the ensemble to feel the rivalry of the same generation.
More than anything else this work, what brilliance of Jake music but is dazzling single, presence of Randy is extremely dilute minute, shine of music itself is a close-up “composer: Randy” and “Melody Maker: Ozzy “also stand out come. It is such a strange live. The Ozzy melody of THE BEATLES inheritance, raised together Jake is brilliantly of LA metal network of contacts, one that name taper is fully recorded that Japan is proud of. And packed the World Wide metal that has swept the whole world about 30 years ago to press 2CD, We will deliver to you.



およそ30年に渡って秘匿されてきたカセットに記録されていたのは、1986年のオジー・オズボーン。“THE U.S. ULTIMATE SIN TOUR 1986”のフィラデルフィア公演です。幾多の来日公演を収めてきたテーパーだけに、そのサウンドは本当に素晴らしい。このツアーでは、名匠Crazy S.コレクションの「THE ULTIMATE BLITZ(Langley Deluxe 020)」や「ULTIMATE SIN IN CHICAGO(ZODIAC 024)」といった傑作もありますが、本作のクリアさはそれらの傑作と同等かそれ以上。先の傑作群では、所々オーバーピークになる箇所もありましたが、本作ではそういったビビリさえないのです。さすがに“会場の特性を知り尽くした”とは言えないものの、日本人らしいきめ細やかな配慮が行き届いた端正な録音が美しい 。オジーの客席録音というと、ベースが拾い切れていないものが多いのですが、本作はしっかりと記録していながら、出しゃばりすぎない絶妙な低音まで楽しめる。後にMOLEY CRUEへ加入するランディ・カスティロのグルーヴも活き活きと躍動し、いつになく通りの良いオジーのヴォーカルも絶好調です。
しかし、一番輝いているのは、やはり天才ギタリスト、ジェイク・E・リー! “BARK AT THE MOON TOUR”でも、はち切れんばかりの若さで爆弾きを聴かせてくれましたが、彼の本領発揮と言えば、“THE ULTIMATE SIN TOUR 1986”以外にありません。なにしろ、アルバムのほとんどを書き上げ、ステージでも音楽監督として全面的に掌握したツアーなのですから。しかも、その後はすぐに脱退してしまい、BADLANDSではブルースロックへと転向してしまった。もちろん、BADLANDSも素晴らしかったですが、ジェイクに一番望まれているのは、LAメタル的なポップなハードロックでしょう。つまり、本作は、ジェイクの人生でキャリアで最も輝いた瞬間を収めているのです!
実際、爆弾きはそのままに、より“サウンド”にもこだわった演奏が素晴らしい。エフェクトを深くかけて広大なスケール感を醸す「Thank God For The Bomb」、実にアメリカ的な乾いた風の幻想を聴かせる「Killer Of Giants」、グルーヴとポップさで転がす「Secret Loser」……ほかのツアーでは聴けない「THE ULTIMATE SIN」の名曲群がたっぷりと楽しめる。「Never Know Why」「The Ultimate Sin」がないのは悔やまれますが、「Bark At The Moon」「Shot In The Dark」の2大代表曲もばっちりです。
そんなジェイク・ミュージックを彩っているのは、カラッと乾いていながら切れ味の鋭いサウンド。ずっしりとしたSABBATHやザック・ワイルドの重みとも、しっとりとした泣きのランディ・ローズとも違う、しなやかな切れ味。実際、大量に演奏されるランディ時代の名曲ですら、湿度よりもしなやかでシャープさが際立って聞こえます。“曲本来の姿じゃない”と言いたいのではありません。湿度が抜けた分、メロディ自体が持つ流るような美しさが、キラキラと輝き、軽やかに舞う。“THE ULTIMATE SIN TOUR 1986”ならではの特色でもありますが、本作のオーディエンス・サウンドは、その色合いが殊更強烈。やはり本場アメリカ以外だからかも知れません。Crazy S.のイギリス録音「THE ULTIMATE BLITZ」や日本公演の「ULTIMATE BUDOKAN(Shades 061)」等もリリースされていますが、当時のジェイクとオジー(とシャロン)が狙ったオーディエンスは、あくまでアメリカ。楽曲を邪魔することはないものの、歌いに歌い、曲間で狂喜が一気に吹き出すオーディエンス・ノイズ。まさに、このサウンドを世界一望んでいる観客に違いない。そんなオーディエンスに囲まれたライヴなのです。

本作はなによりも、ジェイク・ミュージックの輝きこそが眩しい1本ですが、ランディの存在感が極めて希薄な分、楽曲自体の輝きがクローズアップされ「作曲家:ランディ」や「メロディ・メイカー:オジー」も浮き立ってくる。そんな不思議なライヴです。THE BEATLES譲りのオジー・メロディを、LAメタル人脈のジェイクが見事にまとめ上げ、日本が誇る名テーパーが記録しきった1本。約30年前に全世界を席巻したワールドワイド・メタルをプレス2CDに詰め込んで、あなたにお届けします。

Disc 1(50:02)
1. Intro 2. Carmina Burana 3. Bark At The Moon 4. Suicide Solution 5. Mr. Crowley
6. Shot In The Dark 7. I Don’t Know 8. Killer Of Giants 9. Jake E. Lee Guitar Solo
10. Thank God For The Bomb 11. Flying High Again

Disc 2(31:34)
1. Band Introduction 2. Secret Loser 3. Randy Castillo Drum Solo / Secret Loser (Reprise)
4. Iron Man 5. Crazy Train 6. Paranoid

Ozzy Osbourne – Vocal Jake E. Lee – Guitar Phil Soussan – Bass Randy Castillo – Drums
John Sinclair – Keyboards


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