Ozzy Osbourne / Speak Of The Devil / 1DVDR

Ozzy Osbourne / Speak Of The Devil / 1DVDR / Non Label

Irvine Meadows Amphitheater, Irvine, CA, USA 23rd June 1982. Pro-Shot


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Translated text:

Traditional masterpieces Official video is reprinted. That official picture was filmed “Irvine Performance June 23rd, 1982”. Yes, it is the only multicamera pro shot “SPEAK OF THE DEVIL” in Brad Gilus’s enrolled era.
Although it is a famous traditional picture, if it says for the sake of precaution, this picture is completely different from the live album “SPEAK OF THE DEVIL”. The LP version was a special show only with the BLACK SABBATH number, but the video version is a regular concert of “DIARY OF A MADMAN TOUR”. Like the Randy era, solo songs are central, and you can enjoy plenty of Blood versions of “BLIZZARD OF OZZ” “DIARY OF A MADMAN” number. In order to imagine the circumstances, let’s first look back on the schedule of 1982, which was drastic.

· January 1 – March 18: North America # 1 (44 performances)
“19th March Randy died → Bernie Tome participation”
· April 1st – 10th: North America # 2a (7 performances)
“Participation in Brad / Gils”
· April 13 – 28: North America # 2 b (51 shows) ← ★ Coco ★
· July 9th – 15th: Japan (5 shows)
· August 1 – 8: North America # 3 (3 performances)
“Don Eiley withdrawal”
· September 26th + 27th: North America # 4 (2 performances) ← LP version
“Pete Way / Lindsey Bridgewater participation”
· December 10th – 20th: UK (7 performances)
“Brad & Pete withdrawal – Jake & Don Costa participation”

This is the whole of 1982. After Randy ‘s death, Bernie Tome served as a pinch hitter only for 7 performances, then Brad merged. I served as an official guitarist until Jake joined the end of the year. For Randy’s successor, Michael Schenker, George Lynch and John Sykes were named, but only the Bernie and Brad were the ones who actually did the show. Although the LP version “SPEAK OF THE DEVIL” was a special show in September, this work’s urbane performance corresponds to “North America # 3” 49 performances three months ago. It was the timing before the legendary first three shows in Japan.
The show was filmed officially and released only in Japan as the video version “SPEAK OF THE DEVIL”. After that, we officially realized the DVD, but that is also out of print. The premier is beginning to be added now. This work is a reprint of such traditional images. To tell the truth, there were some cuts and misalignment in the official DVD format, but this work is the best version of the longest 78 minutes.
Such a work is still a masterpiece. Above all, it is a masterpiece group colored with arming skill. Although it is more modern than Randy, it is also different from scratching Jake and distinctive undulation is smooth but sharp. Not merely playing with arming, it’s cool because I understand it as a chitin and I pinch my sense. Guitarists since Zach are trying to be faithful to the original with respect to “Legendary Randy”, but Brad is different. Because it is the same generation, it is boldly interpreted, it is a wise person, it is not only a strange one. If Brad remained in the Ozzy Band as it was, what kind of masterpiece did you leave behind … It is also a show driven by such thought.
And more than that is the show itself. This image is the first video work by Ozzy’s solo, and with JUDAS PRIEST, you can enjoy plenty of courage in the early 1980s, which was a “evangelist of HEAVY METAL”. OVERDUB is a morning vocal is lovely, Gothic set is a mood full of letters and bats drawn with laser beams Mr. Crowley ‘s era directive, “Goodbye To Romance” which hangs impossible dwarf at present Also vintage really. At the time NWOBHM was flowering, but it was PRIEST which was nothing else, and Ozzy, that conveyed intense, evil and new music “HEAVY METAL” in an easy to understand manner. The advance to the full-fledged tea room was the US festival of the following year, but it was definitely “DIARY OF A MADMAN TOUR” that made the foundation. Because this tour was shocking, LA Metal budded and Slash Metal bloomed. It is a valuable official video that can witness the site with multiple cameras.

Regardless of the person’s desire or desire, the Prince of Darkness became “Evangelist of HEAVY METAL” and was known as its icon. Of course Brad Gilus’ magic skill is of course, a masterpiece that can fully taste the show which changed the world beyond that. Why is Ozzy a God Father of Metal is one that tells you at a glance over a hundred words. Any historical video work should be available anytime easily any time. Reprint release for that. Please enjoy with the best version on this occasion by all means.

伝統の名作オフィシャル映像が復刻です。その公式映像が撮影されたのは「1982年6月23日アーバイン公演」。そう、ブラッド・ギルス在籍時代唯一のマルチカメラ・プロショット『SPEAK OF THE DEVIL』です。
あまりに有名な伝統映像ではありますが、念のために申しますとこの映像はライヴアルバム『SPEAK OF THE DEVIL』とはまったく別。LP版はBLACK SABBATHナンバーだけの特別ショウでしたが、映像版は“DIARY OF A MADMAN TOUR”の通常コンサート。ランディ時代と同じくソロ曲が中心となっており、『BLIZZARD OF OZZ』『DIARY OF A MADMAN』ナンバーのブラッド・バージョンがたっぷりと楽しめるのです。その事情をイメージするためにも、まずは激動だった1982年をスケジュールで振り返ってみましょう。


これが1982年の全容。ランディの没後、バーニー・トーメが7公演だけのピンチヒッターを務め、その後ブラッドが合流。年末にジェイクが加入するまで正式ギタリストを務めました。ランディの後任にはマイケル・シェンカーやジョージ・リンチ、ジョン・サイクスといった名前も挙がったわけですが、実際にショウを行ったのはバーニーとブラッドだけです。LP版『SPEAK OF THE DEVIL』は9月の特別公演でしたが、本作のアーバイン公演はそれより3ヶ月前の「北米#3」49公演目にあたる。伝説的な初来日の3公演前というタイミングでした。
そのショウは公式に撮影され、映像版『SPEAK OF THE DEVIL』として日本でのみリリース。その後、公式にDVD化も実現したのですが、それも廃盤。現在ではプレミアが付き始めています。本作は、そんな伝統映像を復刻したもの。実のところ、公式DVD化にしてもカットや音ズレのあるものあったのですが、本作は尺も最長78分のベスト・バージョンです。
そして、それ以上なのがショウそのもの。この映像はオジーのソロ初となる映像作品であり、JUDAS PRIESTと共に“HEAVY METALの伝道師”だった80年代初期の勇姿がたっぷりと楽しめる。オーバーダブがモロバレなヴォーカルはご愛敬ですが、ゴシックなセットはムードたっぷりでレーザー光線で文字や蝙蝠を描く「Mr. Crowley」の時代がかった演出、現在では不可能な小人を吊す「Goodbye To Romance」も実にヴィンテージ。当時はNWOBHM花盛りでもありましたが、激しくて邪悪で新しい音楽“HEAVY METAL”を分かりやすく伝えたのは他でもないPRIESTであり、オジーだった。本格的なお茶の間への進出は翌年のUSフェスだったわけですが、その下地を作ったのは間違いなく“DIARY OF A MADMAN TOUR”。このツアーが衝撃的だったからこそLAメタルが芽吹き、スラッシュ・メタルが開花した。その現場をマルチカメラで目撃できる貴重なオフィシャル映像なのです。

本人の望むと望まざるとに関わらず、“HEAVY METALの伝道師”となり、そのアイコンとして知られていったプリンス・オブ・ダークネス。ブラッド・ギルスの妙技はもちろんですが、それ以上に世界を変えていったショウをたっぷりと味わえる名作。なぜ、オジーがメタルのゴッド・ファーザーなのかを百聞を超える一見で教えてくれる1本です。これほど歴史的な映像作品は、いつでも誰でも手軽に手に入れられるべきなのです。そのための復刻リリース。ぜひ、この機会にベスト・バージョンでお楽しみください。

1. Over The Mountain 2. Mr. Crowley 3. Crazy Train 4. Revelation (Mother Earth)
5. Steal Away 6. Suicide Solution 7. Guitar Solo 8. Instrumental 9. Drum Solo
10. Goodbye To Romance 11. I Don’t Know 12. Believer 13. Flyin’ High Again
14. Iron Man 15. Children Of The Grave 16. Paranoid

Ozzy Osbourne – Vocals Brad Gillis – Guitar Rudy Sarzo – Bass
Don Airey – Keyboards Tommy Aldridge – Drums



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