Ozzy Osbourne / Palladium 1981 1st Show / 1CD+1Bonus CDR

Ozzy Osbourne / Palladium 1981 1st Show / 1CD+1Bonus CDR / ZODIAC
Translated text:
Live at Palladium, New York City, NY. USA 2nd May 1981 plus Bonus CDR “PALLADIUM 1981 1ST SHOW: DIFFERENT MASTER”

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“NASSAU COLISEUM 1981 (Zodiac 251)” which received great response with the release the other day. A new excavation live album that should be said as the second bullet appears.
It is contained in this work “May 2, 1981 New York City Performance”. It is a scene of “BLIZZARD OF OZZ TOUR 1980-1981” which let the name of Randy · Rose brought to the world. First of all, let’s check the position in the “Ozzy & Randy trail” that left a dense activity in a short period of time.

“September 12” BLIZZARD OF OZZ “released”
· September – November 1980: UK # 1 (34 performances)
= Rhythm corps substitution =
“March 1981 completed” DIARY OF A MADMAN ”
· April – July 1981: North America # 1 (60 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
· August 1, 1981: UK # 2 (HM HOLOCAUST)
· August – September 1981: North America # 2 (34 performances)
“November 7” DIARY OF A MADMAN “Release”
· November 1981: Germany (7 performances)
· November – December 1981: UK # 3 (3 performances)
= Replacement of keyboard =
· December 1981 – March 1982: North America # 3 (46 performances)
“March 19 Randy Rose died”

This is 1 year and 6 months Ozzy and Randy walk. The other day’s “NASSAU COLISEUM 1981” was a new excavation from “North America # 2”, but the New York City performance of this work is “North America # 1” back in about three months. It is a concert that will be the 10th performances. This day is also known as “the only one day performance in the Randy era”, this work is its first show (it is also 9 days before the Cleveland performance which became the main “TRIBUTE”).
Such a New York / City performance has been known for a long time, and we have also introduced it at our shop at the Langley label masterpiece “COMPLETE PALLADIUM”. This work is “completely different” with such recording. Like the previous NASSAU COLISEUM 1981, recently “KRW_CO” announced the 1st GenMaster, but the recording itself is different, not the upgrade.
That quality is a splendid vintage audience. Master deterioration is felt, the sense of stability goes up toward the Langley board, but the music itself is wonderful in this work. The sense of distance with the stage is also very close, and plenty of dynamic and brilliant tones are reached. Stickiness is felt in its “ringing”, and the freshness of 1st genes is extremely fresh. I said that the sense of stability is now, but saying that a wonderful moment is very wonderful. The symbol is “Revelation (Mother Earth)”. The taste of this recording is utilized to the utmost, and the approach feeling which can feel to the fingertips of dramatic and delicate Randy is fully demonstrated.
First shaw painted with that quality is also amazingly wonderful. Both Ozzy and Randy can not make it, but they are wavesful, but this work is perfect for two people. Was it also a timeframe bound for “Two Daily Show”? There is no guitar solo after the “Suicide Solution” (unusual!), But it does not seem like a state of being preserved. Randy ‘s beauty phrase dances all the songs and Ozzy’ s singing voice grows comfortably. “Steal Away (The Night)” which got snuck at the second show of the same day is also crisp in the first show.
Also, three months ago than “NASSAU COLISEUM 1981” the other day, it is also a delicious point that you can listen to only the initial number “No Bone Movies”. Actually, at the beginning of that “No Bone Movies” there was a cut due to a tape change (less than 30 seconds), but this work compensated with the “COMPLETE PALLADIUM” master of Langley label. We finished to seamlessly enjoy the full show. Rare songs that Ozzy will never sing again can be tasted plenty of direct feeling.

A new excavation recording that even the honorable masterpiece “COMPLETE PALLADIUM” is hazy. Even just a precious Randy era, it seems that a powerful second line appears from the same performance … …. A live album of a special class that arranged the new excavation master into a complete version. Even now, Randy’s beauty melody that does not stop fascinating the world. A new, big classic, is born here!
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先日、リリースと共に大反響を賜った『NASSAU COLISEUM 1981(Zodiac 251)』。その第2弾とも言うべき新発掘ライヴアルバムが登場です。
本作に収められているのは「1981年5月2日ニューヨーク・シティ公演」。ランディ・ローズの名を世界に轟かせた“BLIZZARD OF OZZ TOUR 1980-1981”の一幕です。まずは、短い期間に濃密な活動を残した“オジー&ランディの軌跡”の中でポジションを確認してみましょう。

《9月12日『BLIZZARD OF OZZ』発売》
《1981年3月『DIARY OF A MADMAN』完成》
・1981年4月-7月:北米#1(60公演) ←★ココ★
・1981年8月1日:英国#2(HM HOLOCAUST)
《11月7日『DIARY OF A MADMAN』発売》

これがオジーとランディが歩んだ1年6ヶ月。先日の『NASSAU COLISEUM 1981』は「北米#2」からの新発掘でしたが、本作のニューヨーク・シティ公演はさらに3ヶ月ほど遡った「北米#1」。その10公演目となるコンサートです。この日は“ランディ時代唯一の1日2公演”としても知られていますが、本作はそのファースト・ショウです(『TRIBUTE』のメインとなったクリーヴランド公演の9日前でもあります)。
そんなニューヨーク・シティ公演は、従来から録音が知られており、当店でもLangleyレーベルの名作『COMPLETE PALLADIUM』でご紹介したことがあります。本作は、そんな録音とは“完全に別”。前回の『NASSAU COLISEUM 1981』と同じく、最近になって「KRW_CO」が発表した1stジェネマスターなのですが、アップグレードではなく録音そのものが異なるのです。
そのクオリティは、見事なるヴィンテージ・オーディエンス。マスター劣化が感じられる分、安定感はLangley盤の方に軍配が上がるものの、本作は楽音そのものが素晴らしい。ステージとの距離感もグッと近く、ダイナミックでブライトな音色がたっぷりと轟く。その“鳴り”には粘りも感じられ、1stジェネの鮮度も極めて瑞々しいのです。安定感が今イチと申しましたが、と言うことは素晴らしい瞬間はとことん素晴らしい。その象徴は「Revelation (Mother Earth)」。この録音の旨みが最大限に活かされ、ドラマティックで繊細なランディの指先まで感じられるような間近感が存分に発揮されるのです。
そのクオリティで描かれるファースト・ショウがまた、とんでもなく素晴らしい。オジーもランディも出来不出来に波のある人達ですが、本作は2人揃って絶好調。“1日2公演”のために時間枠の縛りでもあったのか、「Suicide Solution」の後にギターソロがない(珍しい!)のですが、だからと言って体力温存の様子は微塵もなし。ランディの美フレーズが全曲で舞い踊り、オジーの歌声は気持ちよく伸びまくる。同じ日のセカンドショウではズッコけてしまった「Steal Away( The Night)」も、ファースト・ショウではキレッキレです。
また、先日の『NASSAU COLISEUM 1981』よりも3ヶ月前なことで、初期だけのナンバー「No Bone Movies」が聴けるのも美味しいポイント。実はその「No Bone Movies」冒頭にテープチェンジによるカット(30秒弱)があったのですが、本作ではLangleyレーベルの『COMPLETE PALLADIUM』マスターで補填。シームレスにショウ全編をお楽しみ頂けるように仕上げました。オジーが二度と歌うことのないであろうレア曲がダイレクト感たっぷりに味わえるのです。

名作の誉れ高き『COMPLETE PALLADIUM』さえも霞んでしまう新発掘録音。ただでさえ貴重なランディ時代なわけですが、まさか同一公演から強力な2本目が登場しようとは……。その新発掘マスターを完全版に整えた特級のライヴアルバム。今なお、世界を魅了して止まないランディの美旋律。新たなる大定番、ここに誕生です!
1. Carmina Burana 2. I Don’t Know 3. Crazy Train 4. Believer 5. Mr. Crowley 6. Flying High Again
7. Revelation (Mother Earth) 8. Steal Away (The Night) 9. Drum Solo 10. No Bone Movies
11. Suicide Solution 12. Iron Man 13. Children Of The Grave 14. Paranoid

Ozzy Osbourne – Vocal Randy Rhoads – Guitar Rudy Sarzo – Bass Tommy Aldridge – Drums
Lindsey Bridgewater – Keyboards

Ozzy Osbourne / Palladium 1981 1st Show Different Master / 1Bonus CDR / Non Label
Translated Text:
Live at Palladium, New York City, NY. USA 2nd May 1981

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Although I mentioned in the explanation of the main press CD, the main press CD is the first appearance recording of the new excavation, but “May 2nd 1981 New York · city performance (1st show)” itself is not the first. It’s been a long time since its longest history that it has been handed down by a powerful name recording. So we prepared the traditional masterpieces for the new discovery master bonus.
That name recording is what has been loved as “COMPLETE PALLADIUM (part of)” by Langley label. According to the title, the Langley board had 2 copies of the 2 daily performances per day, of which only the first show which is the same as the main press is recorded.
That wonderful sound, even experienced a new discovery master, will not lose its radiance. Although the proximity of the stage and the master freshness do not reach that of the main press CD, the stability of the neat and noiseless sound is higher for this work. I used about 30 seconds to compensate for the main press, but I think that you can understand that it is not less than the new excavation master who is now producing mania. In this time, I am re-digitizing such beauty recording from the former master, and realized the highest “ringing” of the past.
The first show drawn with that sound attracts with a different expression from the main press CD. What is wonderful is “justice”. Although the main press press boasts the dynamics that wild power comes close to the eyes, Randy of this work is delicate and delicate until fine. It is the same best show / same phrase, but the expression is totally different and felt.
This is also the real pleasure of audience recording. In the first place, the catalog can contain confession for a while, but the same show is changed to another thing in the recorded position, the equipment used, and the taste of the recording person. Besides, its “difference” is bigger. In modern times, with the development of PA and digital equipment, although it is recorded as good as possible at any position, the personality is weakening, too. However, in the 1980 ‘s, equipment was heavy, it would not be a good sound if there is no’ arm ‘of the recordingist, and’ preference ‘also appears directly because it depends on the arm. The main press CD and this work are correct examples of that. Both are high quality sounds, the difference in aesthetic sense put in there is drawn vividly.

Unlike the simple sound of the band, audience recording that records the sound that reached the audience in reality. It is interesting because “aesthetic sense” drawn by both the band and the recording person overlaps. It is two name recording set which can taste that real pleasure with a high dimension. Besides, Ozzy Osbourne, whose main character is not the other, and Randy Rose, a genius of genius. Two atmospheric air inhaled by two recorders who were present at the same time and place as the two Callisto. We polish to the best and deliver it to your room this weekend.

その名録音とは、Langleyレーベルの『COMPLETE PALLADIUM(の一部)』として愛されてきたもの。タイトル通り、Langley盤は1日2公演をそっくり2枚組にしていましたが、そのうち本編プレスと同じファーストショウだけを収録しています。


1. Carmina Burana 2. I Don’t Know 3. Crazy Train 4. Believer 5. Mr. Crowley 6. Flying High Again
7. Revelation (Mother Earth) 8. Steal Away (The Night) 9. Drum Solo 10. No Bone Movies
11. Suicide Solution 12. Iron Man 13. Children Of The Grave 14. Paranoid

Ozzy Osbourne – Vocal Randy Rhoads – Guitar Rudy Sarzo – Bass Tommy Aldridge – Drums
Lindsey Bridgewater – Keyboards

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