Ozzy Osbourne / Milwaukee 1982 -2nd Press / 1CD+1Bonus CDR

Ozzy Osbourne / Milwaukee 1982 -2nd Press / 1CD+1Bonus CDR / Zodiac

Live at Mecca Auditorium, Milwaukee, WI, USA 22nd January 1982 plus Bonus CDR “BEST OF LIVE TAPES 1980-1982”

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Classical hard rock heroes Randy Rhoad and Don Airey. A daimyo board representing a miracle tour where two people shared the stage is now available on the 2nd press.
The engraving on this work is “January 22, 1982 Milwaukee Performance”, about a month before Randy’s death. It is the best audience recording. Speaking of “Randy & Don”, the two of them were also the source of the “BLIZZARD OF OZZ” beauty melody, but Don participated in the session to the last. Lindsay Bridgewater accompanied Lindsay Bridgewater on the initial tour, and Don officially joined later. Let’s look back on the history of the Randy era in order to understand the situation in that area.

● 1980
《B Daisley, L Car Slake, L Bridge Water》
・ September 3rd-November 8th: UK (37 performances)
● 1981
《R Sazo, T Aldridge, L Bridge Water》
・ April 22-September 13: North America # 1 (34 performances + UK 1)
・ November 1st-December 2nd: Europe (11 performances)
《R Sazo, T Aldridge, D Ailee》
・ December 30 + 31: North America # 2a (2 performances)
● 1982
・ January 1st-March 18th: North America # 2b (44 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
《Randy Rhoad dies on March 19》

This is Randy’s living Ozzy Osbourne. Don joined in late 1981, and “Randy & Don” was realized only in all 46 performances from there until his death. And the Milwaukee performance of this work was the 14th performance of the last “North America # 2b”. Even in the short Randy era, we are archiving with various masterpieces only for the special “North America # 2”. It’s also a good opportunity, so keep your collection organized.

・ December 30, 1981-January 6, 1982 (6 performances)
◎ January 7 “NEW MEXICAN REVELATION (Albuquerque)”
・ January 9-13 (4 performances)
◎ January 15 “HOWLING BLIZZARD (Minneapolis)”
・ January 17-20 (3 performances)
◎ January 22: Milwaukee performance ← ★ This work ★
・ January 23: Madison performance
◎ January 24, “DEEP INSIDE (Chicago)”
・ January 26-30 (3 performances)
◎ January 31 “RANDY YEARS”
・ February 1-8 (5 performances)
◎ February 9 “KALAMAZOO 1982”
・ February 11-21 (9 performances)
◎ February 23, “TEXAS MADMAN”
・ February 24-March 18 (10 performances)
《March 19 Randy Rhoad dies》

… And it looks like this. Among them, the sound boards are “HOWLING BLIZZARD (disc 2)” and “KALAMAZOO 1982”, and the remaining 4 are recorded by the audience. This work is by far the best masterpiece in such an “1982 audience”. Why can we declare it a “masterpiece”? First, the original master is the ultimate. It is a famous recording that has been traded as a sound board for a long time, but the base of this work is the “master direct version” that appeared in 2010. Moreover, it is the highest peak update board that refined it. Its mastering accuracy is tremendous, it does not overlook the lack of milliseconds, it carefully corrects the variation in volume that occurs randomly, and if one channel is missing, the other is copied and corrected. After a work similar to obsession, it reached the top.
The work covers the whole story, but the one that feels the most powerful is the opening “Diary Of A Madman”. In the audience recording, the sound output cannot be read at the beginning of the show, and various troubles are likely to occur. Even in this recording, there is unrelated music left on the tape, one channel drops, and the volume fluctuates. In this work, all such points have been corrected. The sense of stability that “Diary Of A Madman” flows from the left channel, which has fallen boldly, naturally immerses you in the show without making you think “that?”. If you listen to it with headphones, you may know the moment when both channels shift from the same (= monaural) to stereo, but there is no sense of discomfort.
The representative sound source of “DIARY OF A MADMAN TOUR” revived with that sound is exactly paradise. Not to mention the opening by “Diary Of A Madman” and “Over The Mountain” which are different from “TRIBUTE”, the ephemeral melody that seems to be broken if you touch Randy’s guitar in the whole story dances and is beautifully scattered Don Airey The vivid phrase of is even more moving. Not to mention the tough rhythm section of Rudy & Aldridge, the show is sparkling because “everyone is a star”. It is poured into your ears with a direct feeling that has been called “sound board”.

The world of “DIARY OF A MADMAN TOUR” that is out of reach even if you collect officials and sound boards. This work is the strongest recording. It’s the ultimate board to experience 100% of the scene where two geniuses, Randy Rhoad and Don Airey, line up. The 2nd press CD is a magnificent reprint here!

★ The best audience recording of “January 22, 1982 Milwaukee performance”. It was the best bee recording of the time when Randy Rhoad and Don Airey co-starred, and it is a big classic that was traded as a sound board in the old days. An overseas core enthusiast has elaborately remastered the historical daimyo recording. Don’t overlook the millisecond flip gap, and thoroughly correct volume variations and high drops on one channel. It is a “cross-top version” that has undergone work similar to obsession. The No. 1 live album where you can experience the full show of a super band that is a star beyond “TRIBUTE”. It is reprinted with the 2nd press.

そんな本作に刻まれているのは、ランディが亡くなる約1ヶ月前となる「1982年1月22日ミルウォーキー公演」。その極上オーディエンス録音です。「ランディ&ドン」と言えば、2人揃って『BLIZZARD OF OZZ』美旋律の源泉でもあったわけですが、ドンはあくまでもセッション参加。当初ツアーにはリンゼイ・ブリッジウォーターが同行し、後年になってからドンが正式加入しました。その辺の事情を把握するためにも、ランディ時代の歩みを振り返っておきましょう。

・1月1日-3月18日:北米#2b(44公演) ←★ココ★


◎1月15日『HOWLING BLIZZARD(ミネアポリス)』
◎1月22日:ミルウォーキー公演 ←★本作★
◎1月24日『DEEP INSIDE(シカゴ)』
◎1月31日『RANDY YEARS(リッチフィールド)』
◎2月9日『KALAMAZOO 1982』
◎2月23日『TEXAS MADMAN(エルパソ)』

……と、このようになっています。この中でサウンドボードは『HOWLING BLIZZARD(のディスク2)』と『KALAMAZOO 1982』で、残り4本がオーディエンス録音。本作はそんな「1982年オーディエンス」の中で、群を抜く最高傑作なのです。なぜ「最高傑作」と断言できるのか。まず、元になったマスターが究極。古くからサウンドボードとしても取引されていたほどの名録音なのですが、本作のベースになっているのは2010年に登場した「マスター・ダイレクト・バージョン」。しかも、それを磨き込んだ最高峰更新盤なのです。そのマスタリング精度が凄まじく、ミリセカンドの欠落も見逃さず、ランダムに起こる音量のバラツキを丹念に修正し、片チャンネルが欠けていればもう片方をコピーして補正。執念にも似た作業を経ての頂点越えとなったのです。
その作業は全編にわたっておりますが、一番威力を感じるのは冒頭の「Diary Of A Madman」でしょうか。客席録音というものは、ショウの冒頭は出音が読み切れず、さまざまなトラブルが発生しやすいもの。この録音でもテープに残っていた関係ない音楽があったり、片チャンネルが落ちたり、音量がフラつく。本作はそうしたポイントがことごとく修正されている。特に大胆に落ちていた左チャンネルからも「Diary Of A Madman」が流れる安定感は、「あれ?」と思わせることなく自然とショウに没入させてくれる。さすがにヘッドフォンで聴けば、両チャンネル同じ(=モノラル)からステレオに移行する瞬間は分かったりもしますが、違和感はゼロです。
そのサウンドで蘇った“DIARY OF A MADMAN TOUR”の代表音源は、まさにパラダイス。『TRIBUTE』とは違う「Diary Of A Madman」「Over The Mountain」によるオープニングはもちろん、全編でランディのギターも触れれば壊れてしまいそうな儚いメロディが舞いに舞い、美しく散らされたドン・エイリーの鮮やかなフレーズが感動を一層盛りたてる。ルディ&アルドリッジの強靱なリズム隊は言うに及ばず、“全員がスター”の輝きを放っているからこそのキラめくショウ。それが「まるでサウンドボード」と呼ばれ続けたダイレクト感で耳に流し込まれるのです。

オフィシャルやサウンドボードをかき集めようとも手が届かない“DIARY OF A MADMAN TOUR”の世界。本作は、その最強録音です。ランディ・ローズとドン・エイリーという2人の天才が並び立つ現場を本生100%体験するのに、これ以上はない究極盤。2ndプレスCDで、ここに堂々の復刻です!



1. Diary Of A Madman
2. Over The Mountain
3. Mr. Crowley
4. Crazy Train
5. Revelation
6. Steal Away (The Night)
7. Suicide Solution
8. Guitar Solo
9. Drum Solo
10. Goodbye To Romance
11. I Don’t Know
12. No Bone Movies
13. Believer
14. Flying High Again
15. Iron Man
16. Children Of The Grave
17. Paranoid

Ozzy Osbourne – Vocal
Randy Rhoads – Guitar
Rudy Sarzo – Bass
Tommy Aldridge – Drums
Don Airey – Keyboards



Randy Rhoads / Best Of Live Tapes 1980-1982 / 1CDR / Non label
Ultimate Live Recording Compilation 1980-1982

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The main press CD is the ultimate version where you can experience the stage with heroes Randy Rhoads & Don Airey, who are pioneers of classical hard rock. As a bonus, we have prepared a compilation album “BEST OF LIVE TAPES 1980-1982” that shows your feelings for Randy.
This work is a very unique live album. It is a compilation that collects famous performances and recordings from various live performances of the Randy era and puts them together in a single concert format. Of course, in terms of music, all songs are in the repertoire of the OZZY OSBOURNE era, but the range of take choices is wide. In the olden days, it ranged from “Dee” playing with members of QUIET RIOT to “You Looking At Me”, a rare take just after his debut, to “Diary Of A Madman” and “Steal Away” about eight weeks before he died. It is no exaggeration to say that Randy’s career is concentrated in this one piece.
Also, not only the size but also the editing that pays attention to the details is wonderful. Like “Crazy Train”, he is willing to connect different performances depending on the part in one song, and is packed with “best moments” and “best performances” in every corner. It’s a selection that is truly a maniac’s passion. Of course, not just the famous performances are lined up, but the connections are also elaborate, and the sound image and volume of each are made as close as possible. It’s not like a “one concert”, but it’s not unpleasant, and many famous performances flow out like turning the pages of a history book.

It will be a treasure showcase for those who haven’t touched the underground sound source until now, and it is one of the impressions that the enthusiasts who already know it will remember when they encountered many famous sound sources. It’s a live best album that overflows with the feeling of “Randy, after all it’s the best”, including “Is there such a great take?” For the first time, and “I’ll make this performance if I am”.
The main press CD is also an experience work that was born because of the back culture of “audience recording”, but this work is also full of excitement because it is an underground compilation that can not be tasted in the front world. Please take this opportunity to fully enjoy it.

本編プレスCDは、クラシカル・ハードロックのパイオニアである英雄ランディ・ローズ&ドン・エイリーが揃ったステージを頂点体験できる究極盤です。そのボーナスには、やはりランディへの想いが透けるようなコンピレーション・アルバム『BEST OF LIVE TAPES 1980-1982』をご用意しました。
本作は、非常に個性的なライヴアルバム。ランディ時代のさまざまなライヴから名演・名録音を集め、1本のコンサート形式に組み上げたコンピレーションなのです。もちろん、楽曲的には全曲OZZY OSBOURNE時代のレパートリーではありますが、テイクの選択幅は広い。古くはQUIET RIOTのメンバーと演奏する「Dee」から、デビュー直後だけのレアテイク「You Looking At Me」、彼が亡くなる約8週間前の「Diary Of A Madman」「Steal Away」に至るまで多岐にわたる。本作1枚に、ランディのキャリアが濃縮されていると言っても過言ではないのです。
また、広さだけでなく、細部にも気を遣った編集も素晴らしい。「Crazy Train」のように1曲の中でもパートによって別公演を繋ぐことも厭わず、隅々に至るまで「ベストの瞬間」「最高の演奏」を詰め込んでいる。まさにマニアの情熱の限りを尽くしたセレクションなのです。もちろん、単に名演を並べているわけではなく、その繋ぎにも精緻を凝らし、それぞれの音像・音量を可能な限り近づけている。さすがに「まるで1回のコンサート」とは行きませんが、ブツ切りの気持ち悪さはなく、歴史書のページをめくるように名演の数々が流れ出るのです。


1. Diary Of A Madman (Rosemont Horizon, Chicago, USA 24th January 1982)
2. Over The Mountain (Mecca Auditorium, Milwaukee, USA 22nd January 1982)
3. Mr. Crowley (Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK 20th September 1980)
4. Crazy Train (City Hall, Newcastle, UK 17th October 1980 & Palladium, New York, USA 2nd May 1981)
5. Revelation (Coliseum, Toronto, Canada 27th July 1981)
6. Steal Away (Rosemont Horizon, USA 24th January 1982)
7. Suicide Solution (Apollo Theatre, Manchester, UK 23rd September 1980
& Civic Center, Providence, USA 7th August 1981)
8. Guitar Solo (Civic Center, Providence, USA 7th August 1981)
9. Jam (Mecca Auditorium, Milwaukee, USA 22nd January 1982)
10. Goodbye To Romance (Apollo Theatre, Manchester, UK 23rd September 1980)
11. I Don’t Know (Stadthalle, Offenbach, Germany 9th November 1981)
12. Believer (Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool, UK 2nd December 1981)
13. Flying High Again (Coliseum, South Fallsburg, NY, USA 8th August 1981)
14. No Bone Movies (War Memorial, Rochester, USA 29th April 1981)
15. Iron Man (Townsend Center, Townsend, MD, USA 22nd April 1981)
16. Children Of The Grave (Palladium, New York, USA 2nd May 1981)
17. Paranoid (Mecca Auditorium, Milwaukee, USA 22nd January 1982)
18. You Looking At Me (Chelmsford Odeon, Chelmsford, UK 22nd October 1980)
19. Dee (Starwood, Los Angeles, USA 29th May 1980 as a member of Quiet Riot)

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