Ozzy Osbourne / Kansas City 1986 Complete / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR

Ozzy Osbourne / Kansas City 1986 Complete / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR / Zodiac

Translated Text:
Live at Kemper Arena, Kansas City, Missouri, USA 1st April 1986 plus Bonus DVDR “The Ultimate Ozzy/The Tube ’86”. STEREO SBD

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The most brilliant and spectacular Jake E. Lee period. That ultimate sound board album was born. Of course, it appears in permanent preservation press 2CD!

【Complete version which studied super famous sound board】
This album is exactly the ultimate live album. Its identity is the ultimate stereo sound board of “Kansas City Performance on April 1, 1986”. It is that complete board. This show is the most famous in the Jake era. It was a radio show on the famous program “KING BISCUIT FLOWER HOUR”, as well as a concert with the official video work “THE ULTIMATE OZZY”. However, the FBFH broadcasting was about 50 minutes of excerpt, and the official video was halfway thing mixed with PV of “Shot In The Dark”, “Lightning Strikes”, “The Ultimate Sin”. After that, though both the long version and the excavation version of KBFH were excavated, there is still no “Secret Loser” or drum solo. Boasting the quality and performance that became No. 1 even in the Jake era, the ultimate shape did not exist in any regrets.
It is this work that was born to heal such dryness for many years. Based on the premiere master of KBFH which is the longest and the highest quality among many formats, it complements the “Secret Loser” missing there and the drum solo with the official stereo sound board of “THE ULTIMATE OZZY”. Ultimate ultimate superb sound board album which finally can enjoy fullshow complete form was born.
In fact, the quality of this work is ultimate. As you can imagine from the fact that the official sound board is used as a supplement rather than the foundation, the pre-FM master which accounts for the most is the perfect essential official grade. Although it is before broadcasting, it is not an analog broadcast base plate raising, but a digital master who appeared in recent years. There is no DJ of the broadcast masterpiece, and conversely, the performance announcement full of mood is on the longest recorded. Of course, since it is a digital master, degradation is also zero. In addition, the latest mastering is also carried out for matching with official sound board in this work. We have aligned with subtle sound nuances to the official.

【”Sin and Punishment” SBD Complete Bonus】
Even the complete version of such Kansas City is the ultimate, but in this work I aimed even higher. As a bonus, another superb sound board of the other classic sound board “August 16, 1986 Donington Show” was also recorded. As a matter of fact, speaking of the sound board in the “sin and punishment” era, only two of the main program Kansas City performance and Donington performance. It is one that can complete complete version of the highest peak ever.
This sound board is also a big staple in the large classic. Although there have been many pre-episodes, this work is the highest peak. It is an unused broadcast master which was also used for the press 3 piece set “MONSTERS OF ROCK 1986 (Zodiac 192)”, but this work has further subjected to the latest remastering. Although it was quite a wild sound in the original sound, in this work it is adjusted to a neat sound that is close to the main volume Kansas City SBD. Not only is it easier to listen to, but it has a unified sense even when listening through the complete official standards.

【Ultimate Show Suitable for Ultimate Quality】
What is drawn with such quality is the top of the Jake era when Ozzy’s career also released a distinctive radiance. Since it is a good opportunity, let’s confirm the position from the whole picture of “THE ULTIMATE SIN TOUR 1986-1987”.

● 1986
· February 6 – March 4: UK (20 performances)
“February 22” Sin and Punishment “Release”
· March 27 – May 20: North America # 1 (37 shows) ← ★ Coco ★
· May 24 – June 2: Japan (7 performances)
· June 10 – 17: North America # 2a (6 shows)
· July 2 – August 3: North America # 2 b (24 performances)
· August 16 – 31: Europe (MOR 4 Show) ← ★ Bonus ★
· September 5 – October 12: North America # 3 (25 performances)
● 1987
· February 23: Hollywood (Jake final performance)

This is the last world tour of the Jake era. The main Kansas City performance is “North America # 1” 3 performances just after “sin and punishment” was released. Although it is quite early, the point is that the “UK” tour is being held before that. While securing ensemble firmly, putting one break is not fatigue. Moreover, “sin and punishment” comes to the top ten in the nation which Ozzy became since “PARANOID”. The solo activity which had risen on the right shoulder is burning with the motivation for the national conquest that it will welcome the summit. And ogy is also in perfect condition because it is early in the tour. The bonus Donington performance also feels roughness, but the main volume of Kansas City is unquestionably voiced beautifully. It runs through the full show with a wonderful singing voice.
Of course, another star Jake is also great. From immediately after joining “BARK AT THE MOON TOUR” it was a bold interpretation of Randy Rose songs, but in this work the original is dignifiedly the main character. In “BARK AT THE MOON TOUR”, “Bark At The Moon” which was being played in the middle stage also served as a pole position which should be originally, and also introduced a lot from “sin and punishment”. In the official, PV “Shot In The Dark” “The Ultimate Sin” is also a real life live, “Killer Of Giants” unique to the originator, “Never Know Why” only for this tour, “Thank God For The Bomb” “Secret Loser “plenty. Jake ‘s technique, which was completely musical director from a guitarist, was sharp to the crisp, and the late Randy Castillo’ s groove which was also loved by MOTLEY CRUE is also rich. The ultimate form of “THE ULTIMATE SIN TOUR” which was the most brilliant and sharp even in the career of Ozzy can be tasted with full official quality.

Tomomi’s Iomi Sato, Randy of Fate, Comrade Zack of many years …… Ozzy buddies speak of these three people. But it was Jake E. Lee that shined dazzlingly than anyone, wholly different from those three. Unlike any other era “Jake era”, the 80s when Ozzy swept the world. Ultimate live album that becomes the vertex. Please enjoy permanently with the permanent preservation press 2CD forever!


本作はまさしく究極のライヴアルバム。その正体は「1986年4月1日カンサス・シティ公演」の超極上ステレオ・サウンドボード。その完全盤なのです。このショウはジェイク時代でもっとも有名。名物番組“KING BISCUIT FLOWER HOUR”でラジオ放送された他、オフィシャルの映像作品『THE ULTIMATE OZZY』ともなったコンサートです。しかし、FBFH放送は約50分の抜粋でしたし、オフィシャル映像は「Shot In The Dark」「Lightning Strikes」「The Ultimate Sin」のPVを混ぜ込んだ中途半端なもの。その後、KBFHの長尺版も発掘版も発掘されたものの、それでも「Secret Loser」やドラムソロがない。ジェイク時代でもNo.1となるクオリティと演奏を誇りつつ、何とも惜しいところで究極形が存在しなかったのです。
そんな長年の乾きを癒すために誕生したのが本作です。数々のフォーマットの中でもっとも長く、最高峰クオリティであるKBFHのプレ放送マスターをベースにしつつ、そこに欠けていた「Secret Loser」とドラムソロを『THE ULTIMATE OZZY』の公式ステレオ・サウンドボードで補完。遂にフルショウ完全形を味わえる究極の超極上サウンドボード・アルバムが誕生したのです。

このサウンドボードもまた、大定番中の大定番。数々の既発が存在しておりますが、本作はその最高峰。プレス3枚組『MONSTERS OF ROCK 1986(Zodiac 192)』にも使用された未使用の放送原盤なのですが、本作はさらに最新リマスターを施しました。原音ではかなりワイルドなサウンドだったのですが、本作では本編カンサス・シティSBDに近い端正なサウンドに調整。一層聴きやすくなっているだけでなく、完全オフィシャル基準な本編と通して聴いても統一感のある仕上がりになっています。

そんなクオリティで描かれるのは、オジーのキャリアでも独特の輝きを放ったジェイク時代の頂点。良い機会ですので、“THE ULTIMATE SIN TOUR 1986-1987”の全体像からポジションを確認しておきましょう。


もちろん、もう1人の主役ジェイクも絶好調。加入直後から“BARK AT THE MOON TOUR”まではランディ・ローズ曲の大胆な解釈が聴きどころでしたが、本作では堂々とオリジナルが主役。“BARK AT THE MOON TOUR”では中盤で演奏されていた「Bark At The Moon」も本来あるべきポール・ポジションを務め、『罪と罰』からも大量投入。オフィシャルではPVだった「Shot In The Dark」「The Ultimate Sin」も本生ライヴですし、オリジネイターならではの「Killer Of Giants」、このツアーだけの「Never Know Why」「Thank God For The Bomb」「Secret Loser」とたっぷり。単なるギタリストから完全に音楽監督となったジェイクの技はキレにキレ、MOTLEY CRUEにも愛された故ランディ・カスティロのグルーヴも芳醇。オジーのキャリアでも最も華麗でシャープだった“THE ULTIMATE SIN TOUR”の究極形が完全オフィシャル・クオリティで味わえるのです。



Disc 1 (60:14)
1. Opening 2. Carl Orff “Carmina Burana” 3. Bark At The Moon 4. Suicide Solution 5. Never Know Why
6. Mr. Crowley 7. Shot In The Dark 8. I Don’t Know 9. Killer Of Giants 10. Guitar Solo
11. Thank God For The Bomb 12. Flying High Again 13. Secret Loser 14. Drums Solo
15. Secret Loser(reprise)

Disc 2 (64:38)
1. The Ultimate Sin 2. Iron Man 3. Crazy Train 4. Paranoid

Bonus Track : Donington Park, England 16th August 1986

5. Never Know Why 6. Mr. Crowley 7. Shot In The Dark 8. I Don’t Know 9. Killer Of Giants
10. Thank God For The Bomb 11. Iron Man 12. Crazy Train 13. Paranoid


Ozzy Osbourne – Vocals Jake E. Lee – Guitar Phil Soussan – Bass
Randy Castillo – Drums John Sinclair – keyboards

Zodiac 317


Ozzy Osboourne / The Ultimate Ozzy/The Tube ’86 / 1Single DVDR / Non Label

Translated Text:
Live at Kemper Arena, Kansas City, Missouri, USA 1st April 1986 & “The Tube” Episode #4.25 aired 28th March 1986 PRO-SHOT

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The main press 2CD is exactly the ultimate board of the Jake · E · Lee era. “THE ULTIMATE SIN TOUR” It is the only full sound board, it is an ultimate live album comparable to the official work “sin and punishment” itself. At the same time it was also a “Complete board of 1986 Soundboard” by including bonus recordings of Donington performances. The one prepared as that bonus is “one piece that becomes a complete shot of the pro shot”.
There are 2 kinds of images recorded in such a work. One is the official work “THE ULTIMATE OZZY” that contained the same “Kansas City Concert on April 1, 1986” as the main press 2CD. And it is a pattern of the TV series “THE TUBE” appearing as “another 86 year pro shot”. Let’s introduce each in detail.

【Official video: THE ULTIMATE OZZY】
The main thing of this work is the Official Proshot I was told to say. Although familiar from that time, it was a big staple that also played official DVD once, but the official DVD which was released more than 10 years ago is now out of print. This work has reprinted such an official picture in detail.
Of course, video and audio are perfect official quality. Even if you see it now … … No, it is great now, so it is wonderful. Ozzy shining with a glittering lame in a blonde, Jake, turning round with a court with a decorative coat of medieval style, Phil Susan of youthful action and youthful action, Randy Castillo descending slowly while emitting a light … …. Speaking of the Jake era, professional shots of the “moon barking” era such as the 1983 US Festival and the 1984 Salt Lake City are also classic, but colorful shows that are totally different from those. In the same 1986 year, BUMPINGAM ‘s junior JUDAS PRIEST also had “FUEL FOR LIFE TOUR”, but that unique feeling is also in this work. It is a sight that is because it is “1986” which can not exist even one year ago or even one year later.
Promo clips where the mood bursts are also delicious. Although I mentioned in the commentary on the main press 2CD, “THE ULTIMATE OZZY” is not a complete live work, “Shot In The Dark” “The Ultimate Sin” is replaced with a clip and “Lightning Strikes” is also inserted. “Bark At The Moon” “Mr. Crowley” also covers the image image. As long as the song order is also unpleasant, it has been said for many years “Why do not unify with live … …”, but 30 years have passed and the drama of obnoxious drama is also aroma of the times. Especially the clip of “Shot In The Dark” is now a valuable official video only for the official box “MEMOIRS OF A MADMAN” why it was not reprinted for some reason (I forgot it!

【THE TUBE ’86】
Following such an official video is the TV program “THE TUBE”. Although it is television, it is not mime, we will show three songs “Shot In The Dark” “The Ultimate Sin” “Never Know Why” by live performances with audiences in the station studio.
Although it is also an image that can be seen on movie sites with a classic pro shot again, the quality of this work is a completely different thing. Although details are not conveyed, the image quality is too bright for air check, not even 1 white line noise. Ultimate OZZY “which is a genuine official video and it continues to be superb quality even if it watches continuously. For perfect official video beauty, there is no official voice like voice. No, the quality itself is superb but the rough and vivid mix is ​​delicious. A singing voice with Ozzie in front of me, a mix without vocal effects even if it is missing, a performance full of feelings being squirted out there … …. Such a real life feeling is poured in directly with the brain.

A genuine official video and a television appearance of a feeling full of sense at that time. There are exactly two best pro shots, but it is meaningful that being coupled. Only two kinds of pro shots of “sin and punishment” era are known, and it is possible to collect the highest peak version with one piece. Although the main volume press 2CD was the apex of the sound board it was complete, this work is the summit of the pro shot. Super luxury set that can capture the vertex record of the Jake era at once. Please, enjoy this plenty of opportunities!

本編プレス2CDは、まさにジェイク・E・リー時代の究極盤。“THE ULTIMATE SIN TOUR”唯一のフル・サウンドボードであり、それこそ公式作品『罪と罰』そのものにも匹敵するアルティメイトなライヴアルバムです。それと同時にドニントン公演もボーナス収録することで「1986年サウンドボードのコンプリート盤」でもありました。そのボーナスとしてご用意したのは「プロショットのコンプリート盤」となる1枚です。
そんな本作に収録された映像は2種。1つは、本編プレス2CDと同じ「1986年4月1日カンザス・シティ公演」を収めた公式作品『THE ULTIMATE OZZY』。そして、”もう1つの86年プロショット”として知られるテレビ番組“THE TUBE”出演の模様です。それぞれ詳しくご紹介していきましょう。

もちろん、映像も音声も完全なオフィシャル・クオリティ。その内容は今観ても……いえ、今だからこそ素晴らしい。ブロンドにギラギラのラメで輝くオジー、中世風の飾り付きコートでクルクルと回るジェイク、キビキビと若々しいアクションのフィル・スーザン、ライトを発しながらじっくりと降りてくるランディ・カスティロ……。ジェイク時代と言えば、1983年USフェスティバルや1984年ソルトレイク・シティといった『月に吠える』時代のプロショットも定番ですが、それらとはまったく異なる華やかでカラフルなショウ。思えば、同じ1986年にはバーミンガムの後輩JUDAS PRIESTも“FUEL FOR LIFE TOUR”を行っていましたが、あの独特な感覚が本作にも宿っている。この1年前でも、1年後でもありえない“1986年”だからこその光景なのです。
そのムードが炸裂するプロモ・クリップも美味しい。本編プレス2CDの解説でも触れましたが、『THE ULTIMATE OZZY』は完全なライヴ作品ではなく、「Shot In The Dark」「The Ultimate Sin」がクリップに差し替えられ、「Lightning Strikes」も挿入。「Bark At The Moon」「Mr. Crowley」でもイメージ映像が被せられています。曲順もムチャクチャなだけに長年「なぜライヴで統一しない……」と言われ続けてきたわけですが、30年を経た現在の眼には陳腐なドラマ仕立ても時代の薫り。特に「Shot In The Dark」のクリップは公式ボックス『MEMOIRS OF A MADMAN』でもなぜか復刻されなかった(もしや忘れた!?)だけに、今や貴重なオフィシャル映像なのです。

【THE TUBE ‘86】
そんなオフィシャル映像に続くのは、テレビ番組“THE TUBE”。テレビとは言ってもマイムではなく、局内スタジオに観客を入れてのライヴ演奏で「Shot In The Dark」「The Ultimate Sin」「Never Know Why」の3曲を披露します。
これまた定番プロショットで動画サイトでも観られる映像ではありますが、本作のクオリティはまったくの別物。詳細は伝わっていませんが、エアチェックにしては画質が鮮やかすぎ、白線ノイズ1本さえない。正真正銘のオフィシャル映像である『THE ULTIMATE OZZY』と続けて観てもまったく劣らない極上クオリティです。完全オフィシャル級な映像美に対し、公式っぽさがないのは音声。いえ、クオリティ自体は極上なのですが、荒っぽく生々しいミックスが美味しいのです。目の前にオジーがいるような歌声、ヴォーカル・エフェクトがズレてもお構いなしのミックス、今そこで弾き出されている感丸出しの演奏……。そんな本生感が脳みそド直結で流し込まれるのです。


1. Shot In The Dark (Promo) 2. Carl Orff “Carmina Burana” 3. Bark At The Moon
4. Suicide Solution 5. Never Know Why 6. Mr. Crowley 7. I Don’t Know
8. Killer Of Giants 9. Thank God For The Bomb 10. Lightning Strikes (Promo)
11. Flying High Again 12. Secret Loser 13. Iron Man 14. Crazy Train
15. Paranoid 16. The Ultimate Sin (Promo) 17. Shot In The Dark Outro.

“THE TUBE” Episode #4.25

17. Shot In The Dark 18. The Ultimate Sin 19. Never Know Why

PRO-SHOT COLOUR NTSC Approx. 100min.

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