Ozzy Osbourne / Definitive Tribute / 2CD

Ozzy Osbourne / Definitive Tribute / 2CD / Zodiac

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Music Hall, Cleveland, Ohio, USA 11th May 1981 & St. Denis Theatre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada 28th July 1981. STEREO SBD

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Regardless of official / informal, legendary Daimyo board which was said to be the best masterpiece of Ozzy Osbourne was brushed up and reprinted. The best masterpiece is the ultimate soundboard album of “Cleveland Performance May 11, 1981” and “Montreal Performance July 28, 1981”. Yes, it is the latest and meticulous remaster board of the super name board “STORM WARNING” which set the two performances which become the original of that official work “TRIBUTE”.
To tell this masterpiece the existence of the official work “TRIBUTE” is indispensable. It is a masterpiece in the masterpiece dedicated to the late Randy Rose, but when was the live put there, which performance? It is said that by the research of many years, it was roughly the following three performances.

● Cleveland Performance May 11, 1981
→ Most of the album
● Montreal Concert on July 28, 1981
→ “Suicide Solution” and guitar solo
● October 2, 1980 Southampton Performance (probably)
→ Analogue D side “Goodbye To Romance” and “No Bone Movies”

“TRIBUTE” reproduced the concert on the A-C plane of the analogue two-piece set, and on the D side, the main part and the unaffected song were arranged like a bonus track (For that reason, a composition such that ballads will enter after the encore That was why. Although the sound board was not found in 1980 Southampton ‘s performance which was the D side, the other 2 performances of the main part have long been known as FM broadcasting and have been loved as a big staple of the Randy era. “STORM WARNING” was a live album that coupled the highest peak soundboard of the two performances.
The appearance of such “STORM WARNING” was also a case. The first appearance in 2007 is a huge hit that impact shocks on its ultimate sound and long recordings and is re-pressed without waiting months. Even in the professional magazine of the time “acoustic quality of the highest level of the past”, “enjoyed with pure and innocent raw sounds that have not been subjected to any processing” “I am not anything but a blissful pleasure for the fans” Acknowledgment that no word is chosen It was. This work is the ultimate board that polished such a super name board with the latest and meticulous remaster. Let’s introduce each disc individually.

【Disk 1: Cleveland Performance May 11, 1981】
The first appearance is the highest peak soundboard of Cleveland performance that occupies the majority of “TRIBUTE”. It is a big staple in a large staple that gave rise to myriad of previous episodes, but the original master of this work is the longest recorded · highest sound quality. I remastered “STORM WARNING” further, but to be honest I said “It is not like a different thing”. Of course, it goes into the fine, enters a fine, checks, it adds innumerable correction and correction, but it does not know if you listen intensively with headphones or compare the waveforms. To tell the truth, “STORM WARNING” was a perfect sound so much. In this work, I asked for the ultimate form of the super – ultimate sound board, corrected even the noise and shaking of the level which may not be noticed, and finished it as a sound that survives the trials of any age in the future.
It is “TRIBUTE of truth” that is drawn with that quality. Although the official edition has been subjected to numerous replacement edits in order to have a rating as a musical work, this work is genuinely true. It was full of vivid feeling until rough, and any note was played on the field stage. Especially vocals’ real life feeling is exceptional, for example “Children Of The Grave”, a line different from officials jumps out in various places. When saying replacement, I think that the former is terrible like MSG’s “Flying Legend”, that is not the case. Rather, the Ozzy of this work is growing better than ever, and even at that time it is a category of fame. It is better than “TRIBUTE” as long as there is a taste of the original.
Also, saying that it is different from “TRIBUTE”, the MC between the songs is also firmly retained. For example, on the official board I will start “Iron Man” smoothly, but in this work I call on the audience for a long time with the call of “One! Two Three!”. I do not know whether I wanted to listen to analog recording time or refreshing, but it is no doubt that this work can taste the truth scene. In addition, the mix is ​​different even for the same performance. Especially Tommy Aldrich’s drum clearly emerges from the mix difference. In “TRIBUTE” you can also enjoy fine play and Okazu clearly heard difficulties.

【Disk 2: July 28, 1981 Montreal Performance (2 types)】
And Disk 2 is the Montreal performance where “Solicide Solution” and Randy’s solo time were adopted on the official board. This show was also a great standard for FM sound sources, but there were two types of programs, “BEST OF THE BISCUIT” and “THE KING BISCUIT FLOWER HOUR”, and the recorded songs and mixes were different. In this work, the highest peak board digitized directly from the broadcast master of both works. Tracks 1-11 are long “THE KING BISCUIT FLOWER HOUR”, tracks 12-17 are “THE KING BISCUIT FLOWER HOUR”. It covers about 4 songs with 2 programs, but you can enjoy all songs of the day by matching them. Of course, like the disk 1, it gets very slightly, and it brushes up to the ultimate specification with the mastering that entered the fine. Not only has one needle, but also the beauty of the sound of the original sound is being refined to the utmost.
Also, the point where only the live is recorded is a point. Although this is common to Disc 1, Radio Broadcasting in the 1980’s entered DJ’s comments before and after the show, and announced before and after the CM even on the way. In our shop, we have delivered the radio album “DEFINITION OF BLIZZARD (Zodiac 005)” which included all the programs including those, but the concept of this work is “live album” to the last. Program specific announcement is “THE KING BISCUIT FLOWER HOUR” at the beginning only one place.

2 performances · The 3 greatest superb superb sound board draws a masterpiece … … I can not say it to words. A masterpiece that has continued to attract the world over the years. It is that true figure. Whatever rhetoric is arranged, it will pollute the music itself … It is the treasure of a wonderful rock embracing even such awe. Nevertheless, if you intentionally add a word, “There was no need for replacement.” “TRIBUTE” itself was polished up in the masterpiece in the famous board Daishonomi is a mistake, the glow of the truth only in the truth itself. This work is a set of 2 pictures heard with the highest quality ever in history. Indeed “true TRIBUTE”, and “DEFINITIVE TRIBUTE”. It is reprinted here with a permanent preservation press 2CD that will not fade forever.

公式/非公式を問わず、オジー・オズボーンの最高傑作とまで言われた伝説の大名盤がブラッシュアップして復刻です。その最高傑作とは「1981年5月11日クリーヴランド公演」と「1981年7月28日モントリオール公演」の究極サウンドボード・アルバム。そう、あの公式作品『TRIBUTE』のオリジナルとなる2公演をセットした超名盤『STORM WARNING』の最新・細心リマスター盤です。

→「Suicide Solution」とギターソロ
→アナログD面「Goodbye To Romance」と「No Bone Movies」

『TRIBUTE』はアナログ2枚組のA-C面でコンサートを再現し、D面にはボーナストラック的に本編と被らない曲が配されていました(そのため、アンコール後にバラードが入るような構成だったわけです)。そのD面だった1980年サウサンプトン公演はサウンドボードが発見されていませんが、メイン部分の他2公演は古くからFM放送が知られ、ランディ時代の大定番として愛されてきました。『STORM WARNING』は、その両公演の最高峰サウンドボードをカップリングしたライヴアルバムだったわけです。
そんな『STORM WARNING』の登場は、事件でもありました。2007年の初登場地には、その究極的なサウンドと長尺収録に衝撃が走り、数ヶ月を待たずに再プレスされるほどの大ヒット。当時の専門誌でも「過去最高レベルの音質」「一切の加工を施していない純粋無垢な生音で楽しめる」「ファンにとって至福の喜び以外の何物でもない」と言葉を選ばない絶賛が寄せられました。本作は、そんな超名盤を最新・細心リマスターで磨き上げた究極盤なのです。それでは、各ディスクについて個別にご紹介していきましょう。

最初に登場するのは『TRIBUTE』の大部分を占めるクリーヴランド公演の最高峰サウンドボード。無数の既発を生んだ大定番中の大定番ですが、本作の大元マスターは最長収録・最高音質のもの。『STORM WARNING』をさらにリマスターしたのですが、正直に申し上げて「まるで別物」とはなっていません。もちろん、微に入り細に入りチェックを入れ、無数の補正と修正を施してはおりますが、ヘッドフォンで集中して聴くか、波形を見比べないと分からないかも知れません。実のところ、それほどまでに『STORM WARNING』は完璧なサウンドだった。本作では超極上サウンドボードの究極形を求め、“気付かないかも知れない”レベルのノイズや揺れまでも補正し尽くし、今後いかなる時代の試練にも耐え抜くサウンドに仕上げたのです。
そのクオリティで描かれるのが「真実のTRIBUTE」。オフィシャル盤は音楽作品としての格を持たせるために数々の差し替え編集が行われているわけですが、本作は正真正銘の本生。荒っぽいまでに生々しい感触に満ち、どのノートも現場のステージで奏でられたもの。特にヴォーカルの本生感は格別で、例えば「Children Of The Grave」を始め、各所でオフィシャルとは異なるラインが飛び出すのです。差し替えというと、MSGの『飛翔伝説』のように元がボロボロなのかと思いきや、そういうわけでもない。むしろ、本作のオジーはいつにも増して絶好調で、当時にしても名唱の部類。本生の旨みがあるだけ『TRIBUTE』よりも良いくらいです。
また、『TRIBUTE』と違うと言えば、曲間のMCもしっかり残っている。例えば、公式盤では「Iron Man」をサラッと始めますが、本作では「ワン! ツー! スリー!」のコールで観客を長々と煽る。アナログの収録時間に押し込めるためか、スッキリ聴かせたかったのかは分かりませんか、本作こそが真実の現場を味わえるのは間違いありません。さらに言えば、同じ演奏でもミックスが違う。特にトミー・アルドリッチのドラムはミックスの違いからくっきりと浮かび上がる。『TRIBUTE』では聞き取りづらかった細かなプレイやオカズもクリアに楽しめるのです。

そして、ディスク2はオフィシャル盤に「Suicide Solution」とランディのソロタイムが採用されたモントリール公演。このショウもFM音源が大定番だったわけですが、番組は“BEST OF THE BISCUIT”と“THE KING BISCUIT FLOWER HOUR”の2種があり、収録曲もミックスも異なっていました。本作では、その両作の放送原盤からダイレクトにデジタル化された最高峰盤。トラック1-11が長尺の“THE KING BISCUIT FLOWER HOUR”で、トラック12-17が“THE KING BISCUIT FLOWER HOUR”。2つの番組で4曲ほど被っていますが、両方合わせることで当日の全曲が楽しめます。もちろん、ディスク1と同じく微に入り、細に入ったマスタリングで究極仕様にブラッシュアップ。針パチ1つないだけでなく、原音が持つ鳴りの美しさも最大限に磨き上げています。
また、ライヴのみが収録されているところもポイント。これはディスク1にも共通することですが、80年代のラジオ放送は番組の前後にDJのコメントが入り、途中でもCM前後にアナウンスが入るもの。当店では、そうした部分も含めて番組すべて収録したラジオ・アルバム『DEFINITION OF BLIZZARD(Zodiac 005)』をお届けしたこともありますが、本作のコンセプトはあくまで「ライヴアルバム」。番組特有のアナウンスは“THE KING BISCUIT FLOWER HOUR”冒頭の1カ所だけです。

2公演・3番組の超極上サウンドボードで描かれる名演は……もう、言葉にできない。長い年月で世界中を魅了し続けてきた名演。その真の姿なのです。どんな美辞麗句を並べても音楽そのものを汚してしまう……そんな畏怖さえ抱く素晴らしいロックの至宝なのです。それでもあえて一言加えるなら「差し替えの必要はなかった」。『TRIBUTE』自体が磨き上げられた名盤中の大名盤なのは間違いものの、真実の輝きは真実そのものにしか宿らない。本作は、それを史上最高峰のクオリティで絵が聴きった2枚組なのです。まさしく“真のTRIBUTE”、そして“DEFINITIVE TRIBUTE”。いつまでも色あせない永久保存プレス2CDでここに復刻です。


Disc 1(61:47)
Live at Music Hall, Cleveland, Ohio, USA 11th May 1981

1. Carl Orff “Carmina Burana” 2. I Don’t Know 3. Crazy Train 4. Believer 5. Mr.Crowley
6. Flying High Again 7. Revelation(Mother Earth) 8. Steal Away(The Night)
9. Drum Solo 10. Suicide Solution 11. Guitar Solo 12. Iron Man 13. Children Of The Grave
14. Paranoid

Disc 2(79:55)
Live at St. Denis Theatre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada 28th July 1981
Taken from the original radio show discs

Best Of The Biscuit: aired on 2nd May 1982

1. Flying High Again 2. I Don’t Know 3. Crazy Train 4. Believer 5. Mr. Crowley
6. Suicide Solution 7. Guitar Solo 8. Revelation (Mother Earth)
9. Steal Away (The Night) 10. Drum Solo 11. Paranoid

The King Biscuit Flower Hour: aired on 13th September 1981

12. I Don’t Know 13. Crazy Train 14. Believer 15. Mr. Crowley 16. Iron Man
17. Children Of The Grave

Ozzy Osbourne – Vocal Randy Rhoads – Guitar Rudy Sarzo – Bass Tommy Aldridge – Drums


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