Ozzy Osbourne / Bark At The Audience / 1CDR

Ozzy Osbourne /Bark At The Audience / 1CDR / Non Label

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Live At Nakano, Sunplaza, Tokyo, Japan 6th July 1984.


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From Japan tour with 1984 in the ” BARK AT THE MOON ” , the complete recording of 76 minutes with a good audience recording in its own way , the Nakano Sun Plaza performances July 6 which is the Tokyo 4 th performance . Psychology course as a fan ‘s think ” line recording was found to splendor , but ! Want to listen even number of accrued of this day from good at the price of AUD ” he said. One piece to fulfill it is this board. Unfortunately even as audience recording of this at the time , completely the sound ” average ” level . The sound is also a lower maid at a long distance , in fact , if you listen to this panel followed by the sound board panel , you can score on the difference , but if you get used to listen to , ” listen ” is a sound surprisingly , fact, if you listen alone , it is not a level you feel a ” hot ” you are listening . Hiss at least , localization of sound also is stable , the audience quiet song (Mother Earth , etc.) , a surprising quality of this recording the first time or you will know . If you listen to the press platen , the base of the Bob Deizuri is out really , you or even thinking, ” Is it? Whether the characteristics of the line recording ,” but , doing this , and listen to the audience recording , exactly the same as the sound board be or has been brought out by the sound balance is found , the service might not surprised again . The great thing about this bonus disc , it is that we cover all the missing 25 minutes you do not listen at all is said and done sound board panel . Carmina Burana at the beginning you do not listen too briefly has also recorded 2 minutes and 30 seconds , and drum solo of Tommy , accrued by the tape out of the tape B side from deficit Centre Of Eternity of the intermediate portion by After all tape change in the line recording Paranoid of Angkor , can listen to So Tired of outro SE even from Crazy Train was , as the recording of the show , it has a perfect appearance not much more . ( Located in the cheer part Steal Away of (The Night) after the show to tape change of AUD board of this time , from a member referral . Becomes the tape B surface) and you will have Naimononedari , but the sound quality when it is good a little more really , this is why there is also hand say that a combination of sound board and AUD recording, to create a pseudo full version of the concert , but the difference of the sound is intense too that’s it, but will also dampen results Susamaji of the line recording Please pardon if this time . However , Crazy Train of the day this is too terrible to say and etc. · · · AUD But ! Solo of Jake storm of frenzy true! ! Great performance es anyone who listened to this recording AUD to be … I wanted to hear from excellent line recording this Crazy Train would think unpleasant . With that said , I’m afraid at Again , this is not good enough take the quality , but the first class goods definitely the recording . Complete recording of board version 76 minutes that will complement in a fresh audience recording an ultra-high quality sound board recording panel of 51 minutes recording . Fun becomes even listen enthusiasm of the audience can experience the real climax of the time . Document of sound Korezo ! Good also , but I also LINE AUD! Mania is definitely a must-listen also here! !

1984年「BARK AT THE MOON」に伴うジャパン・ツアーより、東京4公演目となる7月6日の中野サンプラザ公演を、それなりに良好なオーディエンス録音で76分完全収録。「ライン録音は素晴らしさは分かったが、AUDで良いからこの日の未収のナンバーも聴いてみたい!」と思うのがファンとしては当然の心理。それをかなえる一枚が本盤です。しかし残念ながらそのサウンドはこの当時のオーディエンス録音としても、完全に「並」レベル。音も遠目で明度も低めであり、実際、サウンドボード盤に続けて本盤を聴くと、その差にがっくりきますが、聴き慣れれば、意外と「聴ける」音であり、実際、単体で聴けば、聴いていて「辛い」と感じるレベルではありません。ヒスも少なく、音の定位も安定しているので、観客が静かな曲(Mother Earth等)は、この録音の意外な良質ぶりが判ったりします。プレス盤を聴くと、ボブ・デイズリーのベースが凄く出ており、「これはライン録音の特性からか?」と思ったりもしますが、こうやって、オーディエンス録音を聴くと、サウンドボードと全く同じ音バランスで出力されていたりすることが判り、改めて驚かされたりします。このボーナスディスクの素晴らしいところは、何と言ってもサウンドボード盤で聴けない欠落25分を全て網羅していることです。ライン録音では一瞬しか聴けない冒頭のCarmina Burana は2分30秒も収録されていますし、何と言ってもテープチェンジによる中間部の欠損Centre Of Eternityからトミーのドラムソロ、テープB面のテープ切れにより未収だったCrazy TrainからアンコールのParanoid、更にはアウトロSEのSo Tiredまで聴くことが出来、ショウの記録としては、これ以上ないくらい完璧な体裁を備えています。(今回のAUD盤のテープチェンジはSteal Away (The Night)終演後の歓声部分にあり、メンバー紹介からがテープB面となります。)無い物ねだりになってしまいますが、本当にもう少し音質が良かったら、このAUD録音とサウンドボードを組み合わせて、コンサートの疑似完全版を作成すると言う手もあったわけですが、それだとあまりに音の落差が激しく、ライン録音の凄まじさに水を差す結果にもなるわけで、どうか今回はご勘弁下さい。しかし、しかし・・・AUDと言えどこの日の Crazy Trainは凄すぎです!ジェイクのソロはまさに狂乱の嵐!!いやーこのCrazy Trainを絶品ライン録音で聴きたかった・・・とこのAUD録音を聴いた誰もが思うだろう凄い演奏えす。ということで、繰り返しで恐縮ですが、本テイクは品質的にはいまひとつですが、記録としては間違いなく一級品。51分収録の超高音質サウンドボード録音盤を生々しいオーディエンス録音で補完してくれる76分完全収録盤ヴァージョン。当時の盛り上がりをリアルに体感できる観客の熱狂も聴きなれば楽しいもの。これぞ音のドキュメント!LINEも良いけどAUDもね!こちらもまたマニアは間違いなく必聴です!!

1. Carmina Burana 2. I Don’t Know 3. Mr. Crowley 4. Over The Mountain 5. Rock ‘n’ Roll Rebel
6. Bark At The Moon 7. Revelation (Mother Earth) 8. Steal Away (The Night) 
9. Suicide Solution incl. Guitar Solo 10. Centre Of Eternity 11. Drum Solo
12. Flying High Again 13. Iron Man 14. Crazy Train 15. Paranoid 16. So Tired (Outro) 

Ozzy Osbourne – Vocal Jake E. Lee – Guitar Bob Daisley – Bass Tommy Aldridge – Drums

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