Ozzy Osbourne / Bark At The Moon / 1DVD

Ozzy Osbourne / Bark At The Moon / 1DVD / Non Label

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Live at Salt Palace, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA 18th March 1984 PRO-SHOT


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World’s best and renowned Japanese board laser disc reprint series, is the emergence of OZZY OSBOURNE ed. This time, it was revived, the Jake · E · Lee “kamikaze” bandana violent wound to the foot the 1984 “BARK AT THE MOON”!
This series since it has repeatedly commentary, you think you know, that was exclusive import from overseas manufacturers with high-end equipment of professional use. Video and audio data that has been confined to laser disk is to maximize, we have turned into DVD in super beautiful quality. Only classic video, but DVDR of video cause is overflowing the streets, and they can not be compared to the picture quality and sound quality both. No, it is a completely different dimension even same compared to what you think is that caused from laser disc. Why, this much high or quality of that can be … (but I tried to query the use equipment and processes to overseas manufacturers, and I have been referred to as trade secrets).
The power of the image quality, explodes from the beginning! I flows tickers to tell the story in the intro, but I say the beauty of the character! Is the beauty that is also comparable to the modern digital recording. Shaw, but Ozzy from the smoke appeared, one by one hair that smoke, were wings, really terrible quality. Excellent atmosphere of stage set that mimics the old mansion is also clear. And is supposed to, such is but the video you have seen from the time the more tired many times, this was about intense shooting. And, it has been filled with the amount of information about this on the laser did not know …… at all.

And, its the unfolds in ultra-high-quality is, of name board “BARK AT THE MOON” era Ozzy! Kano name board Like Jake · E · Lee, Bob Daisley, Don Airey, it is spectacular stage lined with Tommy Aldridge. It is a wide variety of musicians replaced have been Ozzy band, but sharp beating dances of Tommy drum and Gyarigyari and rapier sharp picking Jake combinations, very metallic. The tie is Bob fancy line like singing them, synth virtuoso Don decorate or sparkling Biya. This is Ozzy to catchphrase now even “heavy metal of the Godfather”, but was shining the most metal color, and I was this five.
Above all, quite different from the Jake and other era. Randi Rhodes to intoxicating with Tony Iommi and delicate phrase you drag the Hevu~irifu, wildly lock to Zakk Wylde …… successive buddy who is a great all but cut sharply as of the Son and of the razor, glistening and shining like guitar and what if accustomed Jake. While people move around in brilliant step, the heavy picking never also stop for a moment, pleasure comes surged. Guitarists after even Endosoro of “Bark At The Moon” playing a simple position, unplug play in the specialty of stride fingering.
Junior guitarists is, too much to be respected Randy legendary, but we are struggling just to faithfully reproduce, the same generation of Jake without mercy. Even the iconic solo of “Mr. Crowley”, I will run through with a sharp edge that can not be only to Jake. And, Jake himself says that “mind, by was playing while I think” boring song is that … Nante “” and “Iron Man,” “Paranoid”. While away chopped masterpieces who shine in rock history to own way, because it’s the cool about running is cold and Osoreiru. Again, this man is a genius …. Professional shot that contains the heyday of Jake that play such youth There are several, but this work was revived official video to superlative is best to ensure.

If think, this face was the five who appeared in US Festival in the previous year of 1983 (substantial debut performances of Jake). It was until then went spread grassroots between rock fans “heavy metal”, at that time, beyond the frame at once, tighten know “this is’m music What heavy metal” to the living room level was. And then, to complete the name board “BARK AT THE MOON”, that the “that Ozzy” was around to be confronted live in the United States, it is this tour. In other words, the be seen in this work, not just a single amazing live, and planting a “heavy metal” in the United States, sight itself was raised to “godfather” to Ozzy. Precisely because was drunk in this live, storm of HR / HM is swept across the United States, MOTLEY CRUE (LA metal) is, METALLICA (thrash metal) went won the world. Had it not been for this tour, if you do not have this performance, even in such a …… might had become something different the history of the HR / HM “History of IF”, unbelievably exaggerated, live of this work tremendous. If you write a “What is heavy metal is”, it is like a JUDAS PRIEST, but Ozzy of this work also, it is the historical answer. So, this work is lined with “LIVE VENGEANCE ’82” of JUDAS PRIEST “heavy metal of the textbook” of I!

This one is a video that contains the vertex of the young genius guitarist, is a record of unparalleled super-band master is gathered, is also a performance changed the fate of heavy metal. If official to duty only Randy and Zach than continue to ignore this masterpiece video, not only revive in the underground. One of charisma, not only the genius guitarist of one, one of the music genre of charm most dazzling shine masterpiece video. The world’s highest quality board, I will send you a press DVD.

世界最高峰と名高い日本盤レーザーディスク復刻シリーズ、OZZY OSBOURNE編の登場です。今回、蘇ったのは、ジェイク・E・リーが「神風」バンダナを足に巻いて暴れる1984年の「BARK AT THE MOON」!
その画質の威力は、冒頭から炸裂! イントロでストーリーを語るテロップが流れるのですが、その文字の美しさと言ったら! 現代のデジタル収録にも匹敵する美しさです。ショウは、スモークの中からオジーが登場しますが、その煙、ハネた髪の毛の1本1本、本当に凄まじい高画質。古い館を模した雰囲気抜群のステージセットも鮮明です。当時から何度も飽きるほど見た映像のはずなのですが、これほど強烈な撮影だったとは。そして、レーザーにこれほどの情報量が詰まっていたとは……まったく知りませんでした。

そして、その超ハイ・クオリティで繰り広げられるのが、名盤「BARK AT THE MOON」時代のオジー! かの名盤と同じくジェイク・E・リー、ボブ・デイズリー、ドン・エイリー、トミー・アルドリッジが並ぶ壮観のステージです。さまざまなミュージシャンが入れ替わっていたオジー・バンドですが、鋭い乱打が舞うトミーのドラムとギャリギャリと切っ先鋭いピッキングのジェイクの組み合わせは、極めてメタリック。それらを歌うようなボブの凝ったラインが繋ぎ、名手ドンのシンセが煌びやかに飾る。今でも“ヘヴィメタルのゴッド・ファーザー”をキャッチフレーズにするオジーですが、もっとも金属色に輝いていたのが、この5人だったのです。
中でも、他の時代とまったく違うのはジェイク。ヘヴィリフを引きずるトニー・アイオミや繊細なフレーズで酔わせるランディ・ローズ、荒々しくロックするザック・ワイルド……歴代の相棒たちは全員素晴らしいですが、ことカミソリのごとく鋭く切り込み、ギラギラと輝くようなギターはジェイクなればこそ。華麗なステップで駆け回りながら、一瞬も止むことのないピッキングのどしゃ降りに、快感が押し寄せてくる。後のギタリスト達は簡易ポジションで弾く「Bark At The Moon」のエンドソロも、お得意の大股フィンガリングで弾き抜きます。
後輩ギタリスト達は、伝説のランディを尊敬するあまり、忠実に再現することばかり腐心していますが、同世代のジェイクは容赦なし。「Mr. Crowley」の象徴的なソロでさえ、ジェイクにしかあり得ない鋭いエッジで駆け抜けます。そして、ジェイク自身が「内心、“なんてつまらない曲なんだ”と思いながら弾いてたよ」と語る「Iron Man」と「Paranoid」。ロック史に輝く名曲達を自分流に切り刻んでしまいながら、それが寒気が走るほどカッコイイのだから恐れ入る。やはり、この人は天才だ……。そんな若さ弾けるジェイクの全盛期を収めたプロショットはいくつかありますが、オフィシャル映像を最上級に蘇らせた本作が確実にベストです。

思えば、このメンツは、前年の1983年にUSフェスティバル(ジェイクの実質的なデビュー公演)に出演した5人でした。それまでロックファンの間で草の根的に広まっていった「ヘヴィメタル」でしたが、あのとき、その枠を一気に超えて、お茶の間レベルにまで「これがヘヴィメタルって音楽なんだ」を知らしめた。そしてその後、名盤「BARK AT THE MOON」を完成させ、全米に「あのオジー」を生で見せつけて回ったのが、このツアーなのです。つまり、本作で観られるのは、単に1本の凄いライヴではなく、アメリカに「ヘヴィメタル」を植え付け、オジーを“ゴッド・ファーザー”に引き上げた光景そのもの。このライヴに酔いしれたからこそ、全米にHR/HMの嵐が吹き荒れ、MOTLEY CRUE(LAメタル)が、METALLICA(スラッシュメタル)が世界を制していった。このツアーがなかったら、このパフォーマンスがなかったら、HR/HMの歴史は違ったものになっていたかも知れない……そんな「歴史のIF」でさえ、大げさに思えないほど、本作のライヴは凄まじい。「ヘヴィメタルとは何か」と書くと、まるでJUDAS PRIESTのようですが、本作のオジーもまた、その歴史的な回答です。そう、本作はJUDAS PRIESTの「LIVE VENGEANCE ’82」と並ぶ“ヘヴィメタルの教科書”なのです!


1. Introduction 2. Opening 3. I Don’t Know 4. Mr. Crowley 5. Rock ‘n’ Roll Rebel
6. Bark At The Moon 7. Revelation (Mother Earth) 8. Steal Away (The Night)
9. Suicide Solution 10. Centre Of Eternity 11. Drum Solo 12. Flying High Again
13. Iron Man 14. Crazy Train 15. Paranoid


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