Ozzy Osbourne / The Ozzman Osaka 1998 / 2CD

Ozzy Osbourne / The Ozzman Osaka 1998 / 2CD / Zodiac
Translated text:
Live at Koseinenkin Kaikan, Osaka, Japan 28th February 1998


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“Ozzy’s right arm”, Zak Wilde. “Studio studio album 5 pieces + live album 3 pieces + tour” co-starring performance follows Tony · Iomi, followed by Randy · Rose in the number of hit songs and representative songs. It is not an exaggeration to say that “Ozzy life’s three biggest guitarists”. Even in the history of such “Ozzy & Zac”, the finest live in Japan of the rarest time is appearing in press CD.
“The rareest period” is 1998. Ozzy who announced his retirement once in 1992, was returning to active as well as “OZZMOSIS”. Moreover, it is a pattern of the performance to Japan that took place after release of the best version “THE OZZMAN COMETH”. Some people think that “I was not Joe Holmes at the time, I saw it?” As a matter of fact, the period from “OZZMOSIS” to “DOWN TO EARTH” is quite chaotic. Because it is a good opportunity, let’s organize it once.

“Completion of OZZMOSIS -> Withdraw from Zack”
“Audition of Alex Scororic”
· June 9, 1995: Nottingham Concert
“Jo and Holmes joining”
· August – November 1995: North America # 1 + South America (21 performances)
· November – December 1995: Europe (26 performances)
December 1995 – February 1996: North America # 2 (30 performances)
· March 1996: Japan # 1 (3 performances)
· April – October 1996: North America # 3 + MOR (83 performances)
“Zach’s temporary return”
· February 1998: Oceania (5 shows)
· February – March 1998: Japan # 2 (6 shows) ← ★ Coco ★
“Switch to Joe Homes again”
· July – August 1998: North America # 4 (18 performances)
· July – September 2000: North America # 5 (29 shows)
“Zach’s official return to DOWN TO EARTH production”

This is the 5 years from Zak’s withdrawal to formal return. Besides this, the change of the rhythm corps and reunion BLACK SABBATH also mixed, it was a messy period, but for the time being, it was easy to understand and solo band guitarists were summarized only. Most of the shows are Joe Holmes, 1996’s “Japan # 1” is also Joe, but in 1998 “Japan # 2” was Zack who was temporarily recovered. This work is an audience album of “1998 February 28: Osaka Kosei Pension Center” out of the 1998 Japan tour.
It is this work which included 11 tours only in the world, “Zach One Time Return” tour, but its greatest attraction is not rare. Sound and quality that you can best explore is fantastic. That was supposed to be, this work was recorded in Osaka in the 1990s was known as one of the best known masterpieces. It is famous for David Bowie and Prince etc, but it is also strong for heavy metal. In our shop, I have made a collection of its famous collections from original · cassette / DAT, but if I try to enumerate a little … …. MEGADETH’s “OSAKA 2001 (ZODIAC 211)”, KANSAS “OSAKA 2001 (Virtuoso 298/299 ), RAINBOW “OSAKA 1995 1ST NIGHT (BLACK BOX 006)”, AC / DC “OSAKA 2001 (ZODIAC 182)”, and so on. Most recently, IRON MAIDEN’s “DEFINITIVE OSAKA 2004 (ZODIAC 213)” was a super-recording that was awarded the “No.1 in the whole world”. This work is not only the latest series of its series, but also superb and superb sound shining exceptionally well in a master collection.
In fact, the sound of this work is super-quality of an abnormal dimension. There is no doubt as to the recording of audience that the crowd of raw audience blows at the same time as playing, but at the moment when the riff of “Bark At The Moon” pops out, I forget “soundboard or audience”. If Zack’s business card, harmonics and crying is also super delicate, Oshi Otori’s vocal entering with the scream of “Come on!” Is also completely line-level. In the nuance of sound there is no taste like the sound board style, only to the customer record. While keeping its taste, he was pursuing a clear sound, extensively and extensively, … such sound.
… … It is useless. There is no such impression of this work being transmitted in such a pity. It’s just like “usual as usual”, is not it? In this work, the sound of this work is not such a dimension. In other words, “Ideal for recording audiences” or “Does not sound like a sounding board!” In such a case, have prepared a good word …… I have fallen into a situation like a dragon ball whose strength is not known by a strong enemy inflation, but I would like you to trust “not ordinary high sound quality” even if you make a scarce vocabulary small foolish. That’s a sound that makes us sore.
Rare / live painted with such superb class / special class sound is also wonderful at the highest. At this time it was not only Zach, but Mike Inenez and Randy Castillo’s rhythm team who had already worked at ALICE IN CHAINS then John Sinclair gathered keyboards as well. That wonderful “NO MORE TEARS” “LIVE & LOUD” fabric was reorganized. Even if it is a haste, the combination is perfect. Ozzy is also in perfect condition, and that is the concert that can be said as “a real 100% of” LIVE & LOUD “.
However, even though they are the same as “LIVE & LOUD”, they are not exactly the same show. Although the large representative song rush is common only to the best board tour, “I Just Want You” from “OZZMOSIS” is also shown there. Joe Holmes was also playing songs, but, again, Zach is different. It is truly a truly original recording person as to spin out a delicate melody with a very thick guitar.

Currently, Ozzie Osbourne running running towards BLACK SABBATH final performance. After SABBATH dissolution, he is foretelling the resumption of solo activity, and Steve Stevens is considered to be the most promising guitarist. Although my heart also gets caught up with the new collaboration, even if I listen to this work still, it will be “After all it is Zach.” I want to watch it again, I want to listen to everyone again “Ozzy & Zac”. A wish of the live album whose wish has turned into a super and superb sound. We will deliver it to you at hand over this weekend.

「もっともレアな時期」とは、1998年。1992年に一度引退を表明したオジーでしたが、『OZZMOSIS』と共に現役復帰。さらにベスト盤『THE OZZMAN COMETH』をリリースして行われた来日公演の模様です。「当時はジョー・ホームズじゃなかったっけ? 俺は観たよ?」と思われる方もいらっしゃることでしょう。実のところ、『OZZMOSIS』から『DOWN TO EARTH』までの期間はかなり混沌としている。良い機会ですので、一度整理してみましょう。

・1998年2月-3月:日本#2(6公演) ←★ココ★
《ザックの正式復帰→DOWN TO EARTH制作へ》

以上がザックの脱退から正式復帰までの5年間。この他にもリズム隊の交代や再結成BLACK SABBATHも混ざってグチャグチャな時期だったのですが、とりあえず分かりやすくソロ・バンドのギタリストだけをまとめました。ほとんどのショウがジョー・ホームズで1996年の「日本#1」もジョーなものの、1998年の「日本#2」は一時復帰したザックだったわけです。本作は、そんな1998年ジャパンツアーのうち、「1998年2月28日:大阪厚生年金会館」のオーディエンス・アルバムなのです。
世界でも11公演だけの“ザック一時復帰”ツアーを収めた本作ですが、その最大の魅力はレア度ではない。極上究めるサウンド・クオリティこそが凄まじいのです。それもそのはず、本作を記録したのは90年代に大阪で随一と知られていた名手中の名手。デイヴィッド・ボウイやプリンス等で有名なのですが、ヘヴィメタルにも強い。当店では、その名手コレクションをオリジナル・カセット/DATからプレスCD化しておりますが、ちょっと列挙してみますと……MEGADETHの『OSAKA 2001(ZODIAC 211)』、KANSAS『OSAKA 2001(Virtuoso 298/299 )』やRAINBOW『OSAKA 1995 1ST NIGHT(BLACK BOX 006)』、AC/DC『OSAKA 2001(ZODIAC 182)』等々など。一番最近では、IRON MAIDENの『DEFINITIVE OSAKA 2004(ZODIAC 213)』が「全世界No.1」と激賞されるスーパー録音でした。本作は、そのシリーズ最新弾というだけでなく、名手コレクションでもひときわ輝く超・極上サウンドなのです。
実際、本作のサウンドは異常な次元のスーパー・クオリティ。再生と同時に生々しい観客の熱狂が吹き出すオーディエンス録音に間違いないのですが、「Bark At The Moon」のあのリフが飛び出した瞬間に「サウンドボードか、オーディエンスか」を忘れる。細かな遊びのピッキングも、ザックの名刺であるハーモニクスも叫び具合も超・繊細なら、「Come on!」の叫び声と共に入ってくるオジー御大のヴォーカルも完全にライン級。サウンドのニュアンス的にはサウンドボード風の味気なさはなく、あくまでも客録。その味わいを保ったまま、極限まで図太く、近く、透き通る音を追及した……そんなサウンド。
そんな極上・特級サウンドで描かれるレア・ライヴがまた、最高に素晴らしい。この時に戻ってきたのはザックだけではなく、当時すでにALICE IN CHAINSに就職済みだったマイク・アイネズやランディ・カスティロのリズム隊、さらにキーボードもジョン・シンクレアが集結。あの素晴らしき『NO MORE TEARS』『LIVE & LOUD』の布陣が再結成していたのです。それだけに急造であってもコンビネーションは完璧。オジーのも絶好調で、それこそ“本生100%の『LIVE & LOUD』”とさえ言える本領発揮コンサートなのです。
しかし、メンツは『LIVE & LOUD』と同じでも、完全に同じショウではない。ベスト盤ツアーだけに大代表曲ラッシュは共通していますが、そこに『OZZMOSIS』からの「I Just Want You」も披露されるのです。ジョー・ホームズも弾いていた曲ではありますが、やはりザックは違う。極太ギターで繊細なメロディを紡ぎ出す様は、さすがさすがオリジナル録音者です。

現在、BLACK SABBATH最終公演に向けてひた走っているオジー・オズボーン。SABBATH解散後はソロ活動の再開を予告しており、そのギタリストにはスティーヴ・スティーヴンスが最有力と目されています。その新コラボレーションにも心が沸き立ちますが、それでもなお本作を聴くと「やっぱりザックだよな」となってしまう。もう一度観たい、もう一度全員に音を浴びたい“オジー&ザック”。その願いが超・極上サウンドに姿を変えたライヴアルバムの銘品。今週末、あなたのお手元にお届けいたします。

Disc 1(52:10)
1. Carl Orff “Carmina Burana” 2. Bark At The Moon 3. Desire 4. Flying High Again
5. I Just Want You 6. I Don’t Want To Change The World 7. War Pigs 8. No More Tears
9. Goodbye To Romance 10. Suicide Solution

Disc 2(33:10)
1. Mr. Crowley 2. Road To Nowhere 3. Crazy Train 4. Paranoid 5. Mama, I’m Coming Home
6. I Don’t Know

Ozzy Osbourne – Vocals Zakk Wylde – Guitar Mike Inez – Bass Randy Castillo – Drums, Percussion
John Sinclair – Keyboards


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