Ozzy Osbourne / Promos 1983-2005 / 1DVDR

Ozzy Osbourne / Promos 1983-2005 / 1DVDR / Non Label

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Promo Clips Compilation 1983-2005


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This one was the culmination pro-shot live video and video clips, a solo career that Ozzy Osbourne is stacked is the release determined by the happy gift title. Can be enjoyed once the figure of Ozzy 23 years leading up to the 2005 to “UNDER COVER” of 1983 from the “BARK AT THE MOON”, reigned as an icon of the metal, it is 120 minutes of fan must see!

Ozzy that after the withdrawal from BLACK SABBATH, was leading the rock scene of the 80s and later as the “incarnation of heavy metal” to establish a popular solo career. Speaking as an important tool with enhanced its popularity, it would be the video clip again. Image strategy for amplifying the character of Ozzy, did not He loves the buzz has been expressed beautifully here. Ozzy as a solo began to produce a video clip in earnest from “BARK AT THE MOON” At the time, image quality and sound quality, video clips up to about 20 years worth in 2005 to “UNDER COVER” in this work exhaustive than excellent master also. You can enjoy together the video work was read sensitive to “changing times” even while protecting the Burezu the image strategy described above.

In the first half of this work, Jake · E · Lee enrolled at the time as “BARK AT THE MOON” from “THE ULTIMATE SIN”, and recorded clips of five songs. Over the production cost of the cinematic, was transformed into a “man wolf” from “Madman” the Ozzy “Bark At The Moon”, and in reversal from what was blurring his madness, portrayed a beautiful melody of “So Tired” contrast is suddenly attractions. In addition, the content in conjunction with live video works of 1986 and “Lightning Strikes”, “Shot In The Dark” is a reflection of the LA metal movement of the mid-80s. 1987 edition followed by “Crazy Train” and “Goodbye To Romance” clip featuring Randy Rose by using the live recordings of “TRIBUTE”. “Close My Eyes Forever” is a solo song of Rita Ford, but Ozzy you duet was also cooperating with the clip. All image quality is also good in these, fans can not miss.
Featuring music and Zach Wilde “Miracle Man” later. Music from the “NO REST FOR THE WICKED” Highlights also point Giza Butler is participating. The “Crazy Babies”, Ozzy is so I also like the clip not just the songs and the fan is a point of particular interest. Ozzy is (withdrew after all but) was made by declaring his retirement from live activities “NO MORE TEARS”, there is only works of intimacy even for him, six songs also exist clip indeed. Completed a high degree of title track and “No More Tears”, and won the Grammy Award “I Do not Want To Change The World,” and remade Ozzy until convincing the “Mama I’m Coming Home” Above all, I can say an important scene in this Sakuchu.
After sandwiching “LIVE & LOUD” at the time as “Mr. Crowley” and “Changes”, from “OZZMOSIS” and “Perry Mason,” “I Just Want You”, “See You On The Other Side”, “Back On Earth “. It is a point of watching is the figure of Joe Holmes was joined as a successor of Zach in the “Perry Mason” Of this.
And “Gets Me Through”, “Dreamer” appeared in 2001 from the “DOWN TO EARTH”. Draw a heaviness modern in the former, in a beautiful opposite screen making the “Gets Me Through” in the latter, it gives the strong impression, respectively. And last was from Choice “UNDER COVER” and “In My Life”. Configuration and look back at that rare footage of various his career, the combination of the cover of THE BEATLES not sincerely Ozzy is adored is very excellent.

Some even impression Just watch many of the video was trapped in this work, such as bird’s-eye view of the history of the metal up to the recent years from the ’80 ‘s, it is 120 minutes of lots. Please enjoy the chance for a limited time, a convenient single you want to collection by all means at hand if Ozzy fan!



 オジー・オズボーンが積み重ねたソロ・キャリアを、ビデオクリップとプロショット・ライヴ映像で集大成した一本が、嬉しいギフト・タイトルでリリース決定です。1983年の「BARK AT THE MOON」から2005年の「UNDER COVER」に至るまでの23年間、メタルのアイコンとして君臨したオジーの姿を一度に楽しめる、ファン必見の120分です!

 BLACK SABBATHからの脱退後、ソロキャリアで人気を確立し「ヘヴィメタルの権化」として’80年代以降のロック・シーンを牽引したオジー。その人気を高めた重要なツールといえば、やはりビデオ・クリップでしょう。ここにはオジーのキャラクターを増幅し、話題性を絶やさなかったイメージ戦略が見事に表されています。本作ではソロとしてのオジーが本格的にビデオ・クリップを製作し始めた「BARK AT THE MOON」当時から、2005年「UNDER COVER」までの約20年間分に及ぶビデオ・クリップを、画質・音質とも優良なマスターより網羅。上記したイメージ戦略をブレずに守りながらも「時代の変化」を敏感に読み取った映像作品をまとめて楽しめます。

 本作の前半では、ジェイク・E・リー在籍時の「BARK AT THE MOON」と「THE ULTIMATE SIN」から、計5曲のクリップを収録。映画並みの製作費用をかけて、オジーを”マッドマン”から”狼男”に変身させた「Bark At The Moon」、その狂気じみた内容から一転して、美しいメロディを描き出した「So Tired」の対比はいきなり見所です。また、1986年のライヴ映像作品と連動した内容の「Lightning Strikes」や「Shot In The Dark」は、’80年代中盤のL.A.メタル・ムーヴメントを反映しています。続く1987年版「Crazy Train」および「Goodbye To Romance」は、「TRIBUTE」のライヴ音源を用いてランディ・ローズをフィーチャーしたクリップ。「Close My Eyes Forever」はリタ・フォードのソロ曲ですが、デュエットしたオジーもクリップに協力していました。これらは全て画質も良好で、ファンは見逃せません。
 「Miracle Man」以降はザック・ワイルドとの楽曲をフィーチャー。「NO REST FOR THE WICKED」からの楽曲はギーザー・バトラーが参加している点も見所。特に「Crazy Babies」は、曲だけでなくクリップもオジーが気に入っているそうで、ファンも注目のポイントです。オジーが(結局撤回したものの)ライヴ活動からの引退を宣言して作られた「NO MORE TEARS」は、彼にとっても入魂の作品だけあり、実に6曲もクリップが存在しています。中でもタイトル曲の「No More Tears」や、グラミー賞に輝いた「I Don’t Want To Change The World」、オジーが納得いくまで作り直したという「Mama I’m Coming Home」は完成度が高く、本作中でも重要な場面と言えます。
 「LIVE & LOUD」当時の「Mr. Crowley」と「Changes」を挟んだ後は、「OZZMOSIS」からの「Perry Mason」と「I Just Want You」、「See You On The Other Side」・「Back On Earth」。このうち「Perry Mason」ではザックの後任として加入したジョー・ホームズの姿を観られるのがポイントです。
 2001年の「DOWN TO EARTH」からは「Gets Me Through」と「Dreamer」が登場。前者では現代的なヘヴィネスを描き、後者では「Gets Me Through」と正反対な美しい画面作りで、それぞれ強い印象を与えます。そして最後は「UNDER COVER」からチョイスされた「In My Life」。彼のキャリアを各種の貴重映像で振り返るという構成と、オジーが敬愛してやまないTHE BEATLESのカバーの組み合わせは、非常に秀逸です。


1. Bark At The Moon 2. So Tired 3. Ultimate Sin 4. Lightning Strikes 5. Shot In The Dark
6. Crazy Train 7. Goodbye To Romance 8. Close My Eyes Forever 9. Miracle Man
10. Crazy Babies 11. Breaking All The Rules 12. No More Tears 13. Time After Time
14. Mama I’m Coming Home 15. Mr. Tinkertrain 16. Road To Nowhere 
17. I Don’t Want To Change The World 18. Mr. Crowley (Live & Loud) 19. Changes
20. Perry Mason 21. I Just Want You 22. See You On The Other Side 23. Back On Earth
24. Gets Me Through 25. Dreamer 26. In My Life


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