Ozzy Osbourne / South Fallsburg 1981 / 1CD

Ozzy Osbourne / South Fallsburg 1981 / 1CD / Zodiac

Live at Music Mountain, South Fallsburg, NY, USA 8th August 1981

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At the beginning of 2020, a new impact master from the Randy Rose era has been discovered! Of course, it is a permanent preservation press decision without questions and answers!!
の What was sucked into the shock master was “August 8, 1981 South Fallsberg Performance”. This is a full audience recording. Some people will come to the pin with eight easy-to-remember dates. Yes, on that day, “MUSIC MOUNTAIN 1981 (Zodiac 083)” was a very popular show. This work is neither a remaster nor a young Genemaster. It’s a completely new master, a completely separate recording.
Suddenly, it was supposed to be “popular” or “completely different,” but this would also be “???” if you did not experience “MUSIC MOUNTAIN 1981”. To explain from the beginning, let’s start with a panoramic view of the activities of the Randy era (skip if you know what has already happened).

● 1980
《Sept. 12, “BLIZZARD OF OZZ” released》
・ September 3-November 8: UK (37 performances)
● 1981 《Bob / Lee → Change to Rudy / Tommy》
・ April 22-July 29: North America # 1a (61 performances)
・ August 1: HM HOLOCAUST
・ August 2-September 13: North America # 1b (33 performances) ← ★ coco ★
<< Release of “DIARY OF A MADMAN” on November 7 >>
・ November 1-December 2: Europe (11 performances)
《Lindsey Bridgewater → Replaced by Don Ailey》
・ December 30 + 31: North America # 2a (2 performances)
● 1982
・ January 1-March 18: North America # 2b (44 performances)
Randy Rose dies on March 19

This is the whole picture of Ozzy & Randy sharing the stage. There were three kinds of lineup even though it was “Randy era”. The original BLIZZARD’s Bob Daisley and Lee Kerslake were only in the 1980 ‘UK’ leg. 1981/1982 were all Rudy Sarzo & Tommy Aldrich. Another change is the keyboard. Don Ailey, who originally played on the album, did not participate in the tour, and since his debut stage most of the years 1981 is Lindsay Bridgewater. After that, two performances at the end of 1981 and 1982 was Don Ailey. Among them, this work is the “Rudy / Tommy / Lindsey” era that should be called “Tour II.” This was the 6th concert of “North America # 1b” in the above schedule.

[New master of shock that both length and sound surpass the existing] 本 This work recorded at such a show is a new master as described above. And it’s not just a new excavation. The “luvsufo” collection, which has left the world of collectors since last year, was transferred by the famous excavator “Krw_co”. Although the nouns that were geeky have been lined up again, this combination has been unveiling the best masters that have not been announced since last year, a little boom. RAINBOW’s “HARRISBURG 1982 (Black Box 029)” has become very popular in our shop, but it is the same route as that masterpiece.
In fact, the quality of this work surpasses the already released “MUSIC MOUNTAIN 1981”. Of course, it was a masterpiece just because the press was already made, but this work transcends at several points. First of all, length. The recording of “MUSIC MOUNTAIN 1981” started from the middle of “Carmina Burana” at the start of the show, and the tape ended at “Children Of The Grave” at the end of the show. I couldn’t listen to the encore “Paranoid”. On the other hand, this work was recorded before the start of “Carmina Burana”, and was recorded until the end of “Paranoid”. The full show is fully recorded. Of course, a tape change cut was inevitable, and the middle of the drum solo was missing for about 13 seconds, but this was complemented by “MUSIC MOUNTAIN 1981”. A seamless complete album has been realized from before the performance until the end of the performance.
サ ウ ン ド The sound is more shocking than its length. “MUSIC MOUNTAIN 1981” was also a well-known recording, but it had a lot of audience noise (although I could feel the enthusiasm at that time realistically). However, this new master has no fuss to hide the details while the thick core roars on. To be precise, enthusiastic voices are cast in, but they are strangely far, and the performance sounds and singing voices are much closer and powerful. In addition, it has a sense of stability that even if it is powerful, it does not cause explosions. If you’re experiencing MUSIC MOUNTAIN 1981, you can imagine how wonderful it would be to keep the audience screaming away from that recording. This work embodies it with real sound!

[A burning Randy guitar and a great band] サ ウ ン ド The sound is a full show that can be said to be a 100% actual experience of “TRIBUTE”. Of course, it is a separate concert from “TRIBUTE”, but the main performance of the famous board Cleveland performance is about 3 months before this work, and the Montreal performance using “Suicide Solution” is only a little 11 days ago. Randy’s melody is delicate enough to break when touched, and at the same time it is wildly fierce compared to studio recordings. Although it is a performance that I have experienced in “MUSIC MOUNTAIN 1981”, I can take it without being disturbed by the hustle and bustle of my surroundings. And the great Ozzy Osbourne with Randy on his side is in great shape. Ozzy is always synonymous with an unstable singer, but it’s good to turn it over. This work is a show like the sample, with almost no loss of sound, and the high can be safely extended.
I missed out on a guitar sound that was too great, but this work has great drums. Tommy’s hard attack sound is clearly felt, and this is also close enough. Although Lindsay has not played enough to understand his personality, the original phrase is reproduced firmly, beautiful synths also fall down glitteringly, and you can taste plenty of the 1981 show that was the inflection of dramaticism Is.

近 く It’s amazing how close to a new recording will be after nearly 40 years, but it’s not just that. A new excavation with a shock that greatly exceeds both the size and quality of the stamped material. It is the birth of a new masterpiece of the Randy era without questions and answers. Please experience this shock as much as you like on the permanent preservation press CD!

2020年の幕開けに、ランディ・ローズ時代の衝撃マスターが新発掘! もちろん無論、問答無用の永久保存プレス化決定です!!
その衝撃マスターに吸い込まれていたのは「1981年8月8日サウス・フォールズバーグ公演」。そのフル・オーディエンス録音です。8並びの覚えやすい日付にピンと来る方もいらっしゃるでしょう。そう、この日はかつて『MUSIC MOUNTAIN 1981(Zodiac 083)』が大人気となったショウ。本作は、そのリマスターでもなければ、若ジェネ・マスターでもありません。完全別録音となるまったくの新マスターなのです。
いきなり「大人気」だの「完全別」だのとまくし立ててしまいましたが、それもこれも『MUSIC MOUNTAIN 1981』を体験されていなければ「???」となってしまう話。最初からご説明するためにも、まずはランディ時代の活動全景から始めましょう(既発をご存じの方は読み飛ばしてください)。

《9月12日『BLIZZARD OF OZZ』発売》
・8月2日-9月13日:北米#1b(33公演) ←★ココ★
《11月7日『DIARY OF A MADMAN』発売》


そんなショウで記録された本作は、先述した通りの新マスター。しかも、ただの新発掘ではありません。去年から世界のコレクターのド肝を抜いている「luvsufo」コレクションであり、それを発掘の名門「Krw_co」がトランスファーしたものなのです。これまたマニアな名詞が並んでしまいましたが、このコンビは去年から未発表の極上マスターを次々と発表しており、ちょっとしたブーム。当店でもRAINBOWの『HARRISBURG 1982(Black Box 029)』が大好評となっていますが、あの名作と同じルートなのです。
実際、本作のクオリティは既発『MUSIC MOUNTAIN 1981』を凌駕。もちろん、既発もプレス化されただけに傑作ではあったのですが、本作の方が幾つものポイントで超越している。まず何より、長さ。『MUSIC MOUNTAIN 1981』は開演時の「Carmina Burana」途中から録音が始まり、ショウ終盤の「Children Of The Grave」まででテープが終了。アンコールの「Paranoid」は聴けませんでした。それに対し、本作は開演時の「Carmina Burana」が流れ出す前から記録され、「Paranoid」終了後までしっかりと録音。フルショウを完全収録しているのです。もちろん、テープチェンジのカットは避けられず、ドラムソロの真ん中が13秒ほど欠けていましたが、そこは『MUSIC MOUNTAIN 1981』で補完。開演前から終演後まで、シームレスな完全アルバムを実現しました。
その長さ以上に衝撃なのがサウンド。『MUSIC MOUNTAIN 1981』もオンな名録音だったものの、惜しむらくはオーディエンス・ノイズが大きかった(その分、当時の熱狂をリアルに感じられもしましたが)。ところが、今回の新マスターは極太な芯がオンに轟きながら、ディテールを隠す大騒ぎがない。正確に言いますと熱狂声も鋳込まれてはいるのですが、それが妙に遠く、演奏音や歌声の方が遙かに近く、力強い。しかも、それだけパワフルであっても爆音にはならないという安定感まで兼ね備えているのです。『MUSIC MOUNTAIN 1981』をご体験の方なら、あの録音から観客の絶叫を遠ざけることが出来たならどれほど素晴らしいかを想像できるのではないでしょうか。本作は、それを実際の音で体現してくれるのです!

そのサウンドで描かれるのは、『TRIBUTE』の本生100%実体験とでも言えるフルショウ。もちろん、『TRIBUTE』とは別コンサートなのですが、かの名盤のメインとなったクリーヴランド公演は本作の約3ヶ月前であり、「Suicide Solution」が採用されたモントリオール公演は本作のわずか11日前。ランディの奏でる旋律は触れたら壊れそうなほど繊細であり、それと同時にスタジオ録音とは比較にならないほど荒々しく猛る。『MUSIC MOUNTAIN 1981』で体験してきた演奏ではありますが、それを周囲の喧噪に邪魔されず、目の前感覚で浴びられる。そして、そんなランディを側らに置いた御大オジー・オズボーンも絶好調。常に不安定なシンガーの代名詞と言われるオジーですが、それを裏返せば良い時は良い。本作はその見本のようなショウであり、音を外すこともほとんどなく、ハイも危なげなく伸びるのです。


1. Carmina Burana
2. I Don’t Know
3. Crazy Train
4. Believer
5. Mr. Crowley
6. Flying High Again
7. Revelation (Mother Earth)
8. Steal Away (The Night)
9. Drum Solo ★2:47 – 3:00 既発イコライズして補填
10. Suicide Solution
11. Guitar Solo
12. Iron Man
13. Children Of The Grave
14. Paranoid

Ozzy Osbourne – Vocal
Randy Rhoads – Guitar
Rudy Sarzo – Bass
Tommy Aldridge – Drums
Lindsey Bridgewater – Keyboards

Zodiac 363

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