Ozzy Osbourne / Nassau Coliseum 1981 / 1CD+1Bonus CDR

Ozzy Osbourne / Nassau Coliseum 1981 / 1CD+1Bonus CDR / Zodiac
Translated text:

Live at Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY. USA 14th August 1981 Plus Bonus CDR ‘ Heavy Metal Holocaust”

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An upgrade board of a valuable Randy Rose era classic sound source appears. This work was recorded “Uniondale Show on August 14, 1981”. It is an audience album containing “One piece of BLIZZARD OF OZZ TOUR 1980-1981”.
In the Randy era, it is difficult to grasp a little bit, for example because there are member changes during each tour, due to the shortness of the two tours. Because it is a good opportunity, let’s organize it here easily.

“September 12” BLIZZARD OF OZZ “released”
· September – November 1980: UK # 1 (34 performances)
“March 1981 completed” DIARY OF A MADMAN ”
= Rhythm corps substitution =
· April – July 1981: North America # 1 (59 shows)
· August 1, 1981: UK # 2 (HM HOLOCAUST)
· August – September 1981: North America # 2 (34 performances) ← ★ Coco ★

“November 7″ DIARY OF A MADMAN released ”
· November 1981: Germany (7 performances)
· November – December 1981: UK # 3 (3 performances)
= Replacement of keyboard =
December 1981 – March 1982: North America # 3 (46 performances)
“March 19 Randy Rose died”

Over all, 184 performances. This is the whole of the live activity that we did at Ozzy & Randy. Although it is divided into “BLIZZARD OF OZZ TOUR” and “DIARY OF A MADMAN TOUR” at the release of “DIARY OF A MADMAN”, the union dale performance of this work is the last term of “BLIZZARD OF OZZ TOUR” # 2 “10 live album live album. Rhythm corps is replaced by Rudy Saaso / Tommy Aldridge while the keyboard is Lindsay Bridgewater.
This show has long been known for recording, and has also developed several episodes. This work is not its copy or remaster. The topic “KRW – CO” has recently been announced and it is a superb item digitized from 1st Genecassette. In fact, the sound of this work is a wonderful audience sound that updates the record high. It is not a type called “just like a soundboard”, but freshness and natural sounds that are never before are beautiful. Ozzy and Randy are clear, which is crucial. That unique guitar sound dances vividly and freshly in detail.
Rather, this work may be easier to understand by arranging it with other recordings. When saying “North America # 2”, the 5th show, the Providence performance “HOWLLING BLIZZARD (a part of Shades 340)” and the 6th show South Fallsburg performance “MUSIC MOUNTAIN 1981 (Zodiac 083)” is a large classic However, due to this upgrade, Union Dale Performance is also included. It is a sound that is suitable for calling “3 great sound sources”. Strictly one of the three Providence performances is missing one head, but this work is equal to the South Falls performances. Rather, the audience is similar to the balance of music / singing voice, it is a sound that reminds me of that masterpiece.
A wonderful thing of the show drawn with that quality … …. Of course, although the contents are also very similar because the two works are close to the days, it is nice to have recorded all the songs to “Children Of The Grave” and “Paranoid” that ended in the middle of “MUSIC MOUNTAIN 1981” . Of course there is also a cut by cassette change, but it is almost simultaneous with the end of “Steal Away (The Night)”. And the recording restart is the entrance of the drum solo. In other words, it is only a word that Ozzy shouts “We love you all, Mr. Tommy Aldridge on drums !!” that is being cut. While this work sounds comparable to “MUSIC MOUNTAIN 1981”, it is above the luck of recording. It is one loved by the goddess.

A record of precious Randy era one by one. It is a masterpiece of Real Audience which is drawn with one of the best Genes · Sounds among them. A number of successor guitarists play and famous songs Ozzie sings thousands of times. However, this radiance can only be Randy himself. A phrase which is transient and beautiful and seems to be broken if you touch it. We will contain it in a press CD that will not be lost forever and will deliver it to you.
貴重なランディ・ローズ時代の定番音源のアップグレード盤が登場です。本作が録音されたのは「1981年8月14日ユニオンデール公演」。“BLIZZARD OF OZZ TOUR 1980-1981”の一幕を収めたオーディエンス・アルバムです。

《9月12日『BLIZZARD OF OZZ』発売》
《1981年3月『DIARY OF A MADMAN』完成》
・1981年8月1日:英国#2(HM HOLOCAUST)
・1981年8月-9月:北米#2(34公演) ←★ココ★

《11月7日『DIARY OF A MADMAN』発売》

以上、全184公演。これがオジー&ランディで行ったライヴ活動の全容です。『DIARY OF A MADMAN』のリリースを境に“BLIZZARD OF OZZ TOUR”と“DIARY OF A MADMAN TOUR”に分かれるわけですが、本作のユニオンデール公演は“BLIZZARD OF OZZ TOUR”の最後期にあたる「北米#2」の10公演目のライヴアルバム。リズム隊はルディ・サーゾ/トミー・アルドリッジに交代しつつ、キーボードはリンジー・ブリッジウォーター-です。
むしろ、本作は他録音と並べた方が分かりやすいかも知れません。この「北米#2」と言うと、5公演目プロヴィデンス公演『HOWLLING BLIZZARD(Shades 340の一部)』や6公演目サウス・フォールズバーグ公演『MUSIC MOUNTAIN 1981(Zodiac 083)』が大定番となっていますが、今回のアップグレードによりユニオンデール公演も仲間入り。“3大音源”と呼ぶに相応しいサウンドになっています。厳密にはプロヴィデンス公演が3本の中でも頭1つ抜けておりますが、本作はサウス・フォールズ公演とは互角。むしろ、オーディエンスはと楽音/歌声のバランスも似ており、あの傑作を思い起こさせるサウンドなのです。
そのクオリティで描かれるショウの素晴らしい事……。もちろん、上記2作と日も近いために内容も酷似しておりますが、『MUSIC MOUNTAIN 1981』では途中で終わっていた「Children Of The Grave」や「Paranoid」まで全曲収録しているのが嬉しい。もちろん、カセット・チェンジによるカットもあるのですが、それが「Steal Away (The Night)」の終了とほぼ同時。そして、録音再開はドラムソロの入り口。つまり、カットされているのはオジーが叫ぶ一言「We love you all, Mr.Tommy Aldridge on drums!!」だけなのです。本作は『MUSIC MOUNTAIN 1981』に匹敵するサウンドながら、録音の運では上。女神に愛された1本なのです。

1. Carmina Burana 2. I Don’t Know 3. Crazy Train 4. Believer 5. Mr. Crowley
6. Flying High Again 7. Revelation (Mother Earth) 8. Steal Away (The Night)
9. Drum Solo 10. Suicide Solution 11. Guitar Solo 12. Iron Man 13. Children Of The Grave
14. Paranoid

Ozzy Osbourne – Vocal Randy Rhoads – Guitar Rudy Sarzo – Bass Tommy Aldridge – Drums
Lindsey Bridgewater – Keyboards


Ozzy Osbourne / Heavy Metal Holocaust / 1CDR / Non Label
Translated Text:
Live at Port Vale Football Stadium, Stoke on Trent, UK 1st August 1980

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The main press CD is a record of “BLIZZARD OF OZZ TOUR” that informed the existence of Randy · Rose in the world, especially “Summer of 1981”. It is a masterpiece that revived popular Uniondale performance with 1st Gense Sound. To that bonus you will receive a masterpiece live album that you should call it the British version.
It is contained in such a work “August 1, 1981 port, veil, football, stadium performance”. It is an audience album when I appeared in the festival “HEAVY METAL HOLOCAUST”. First of all, let’s imagine what the position of this show is, from the whole view of “BLIZZARD OF OZZ TOUR” once again.

“September 12” BLIZZARD OF OZZ “released”
· September – November 1980: UK # 1 (34 performances)
“March 1981 completed” DIARY OF A MADMAN ”
= Rhythm corps substitution =
· April – July 1981: North America # 1 (59 shows)
· August 1, 1981: UK # 2 (HM HOLOCAUST) 【this work】
· August – September 1981: North America # 2 (34 performances) ← Main Press CD

This is the schedule of “BLIZZARD OF OZZ TOUR”. “UK # 1” at the beginning of the tour was Bob Daysley & Lee Kaaslake’s original BLIZZARD, but with membership completion of “DIARY OF A MADMAN” it is a member change. Following Rudi · Surzo & Tommy · Aldridge and left for “North America # 1”. After that, I will go through the North America thoroughly, but only one performance has returned to home country. That is why it was “HEAVY METAL HOLOCAUST”.
This work which contained such a concert was a decision recording which was once released from Langley label. Of course, instead of a copy of the Langley board, it is an upgraded version that has been digitized again from the master cassette and carefully repaired and accurate pitch adjustment.
That sound is really great. Although the main press CD was also wonderful of 1st Gen, this work is not as good as that. Of course, I breathed in plenty of the air of the site that emerges from the appearance of a new hero, but the core of a musical sound is a line recording class. Moreover, the reverberation clearance unique to the outdoor festival is clear, there is no sound clogging or wraparound. On the other hand, the sound is apt to be blown by the wind in the open air, but the wind was weak so much on this day, that is not it either. It is a name recording falling in a direction with a good sense of opening as the sound is sucked into far.
The home country performance depicted by that quality is the liver of this work. Although I was doing a tour ahead of time, there was atmosphere to see “singer of that BLACK SABBATH” there, but in this work one year has passed since “BLIZZARD OF OZZ”, and it is a great success in the USA Has also been transmitted. Moreover, a wide audience that is not only SABBATH fans gathers is gathered only in the festival, and Randy ‘s enthusiasm for showing the brilliance of the best Ozzy, “New Guitar Hero” that scolds such British kids is plenty contained.
Furthermore, “British feeling” and “era feeling” blur is an opening. Here, Remy of Headliner MOTORHEAD introduces Ozzy. Remy at this time sent “BOMBER” to the chart, a moment when trying to create “ACE OF SPADES”. It is just the upward tone, “brother of kids” is straight.

Ozzy & Randy who returned to the United States after the one-time home-country performance, such as Uniondale performances of main press CD and Providence performances of “HOWLLING BLIZZARD”, South Fallsburg performances of “MUSIC MOUNTAIN 1981”, etc. Left. For us Japanese who could not meet with Randy Rose, even that fact seems like a vision. However, he certainly shined in the real stage. This work is “a page of a journey” traveling around the world with such Randy. Why do not you follow his story with this work with the main press CD and “HOWLLING BLIZZARD” “MUSIC MOUNTAIN 1981”?

本編プレスCDは、世界にランディ・ローズの存在を知らしめた“BLIZZARD OF OZZ TOUR”でも、特に熱かった“1981年夏”の記録。人気のユニオンデール公演を1stジェネ・サウンドで蘇らせた傑作です。そのボーナスには、そのイギリス版とも言うべき傑作ライヴアルバムをお贈りいたします。
そんな本作に収められているのは「1981年8月1日ポート・ヴェイル・フットボール・スタジアム公演」。フェスティバル“HEAVY METAL HOLOCAUST”に出演した際のオーディエンス・アルバムです。まずは、このショウのポジションがいかなるものか、今一度“BLIZZARD OF OZZ TOUR”の全景からイメージしてみましょう。

《9月12日『BLIZZARD OF OZZ』発売》
《1981年3月『DIARY OF A MADMAN』完成》
・1981年8月1日:英国#2(HM HOLOCAUST)【本作】

以上が“BLIZZARD OF OZZ TOUR”のスケジュール。ツアー冒頭の「英国#1」はボブ・デイズリー&リー・カースレイクのオリジナルBLIZZARDでしたが、『DIARY OF A MADMAN』の完成と共にメンバーチェンジ。ルディ・サーゾ&トミー・アルドリッジを従えて「北米#1」へと旅立ちました。その後は北米を徹底的に回るのですが、その中で1公演だけ本国へ戻ってきた。それが、この“HEAVY METAL HOLOCAUST”だったわけです。
そのクオリティで描かれる本国公演こそ、本作の肝。先にツアーを行っているとは言え、そこでは“あのBLACK SABBATHのシンガー”を様子見する雰囲気がありましたが、本作では『BLIZZARD OF OZZ』から1年が経っており、アメリカでの盛況も伝わってきている。しかも、フェスだけにSABBATHファンだけではない幅広い観客が集っており、そんな英国キッズをねじ伏せる絶好調のオジー、“新ギターヒーロー”の輝きを見せつけるランディの熱演がたっぷりと封じ込まれているのです。
さらに“英国感”・“時代感”が滲むのは、オープニング。ここではヘッドライナーMOTORHEADのレミーがオジーを紹介する。この時のレミーは『BOMBER』をチャートに送り込み、『ACE OF SPADES』を生み出そうとしている刹那。今まさに上り調子まっしぐらな“キッズの兄貴”なのです。

この1回だけの本国公演の後、アメリカに戻ったオジー&ランディは本編プレスCDのユニオンデール公演や『HOWLLING BLIZZARD』のプロヴィデンス公演、『MUSIC MOUNTAIN 1981』のサウス・フォールズバーグ公演など、名演の数々を残しました。ランディ・ローズと出逢えなかった私たち日本人には、その事実さえ幻のようにも思えます。しかし、彼は現実のステージで確かに輝いていた。本作は、そんなランディと共に世界を巡る“旅の1ページ”です。本編プレスCDや『HOWLLING BLIZZARD』『MUSIC MOUNTAIN 1981』と共に、本作で彼の歩みを追いかけてみませんか。

1. Introduction by Lemmy 2. I Don’t Know 3. Crazy Train 4. Believer 5. Mr. Crowley
6. Flying High Again 7. Revelation(Mother Earth) 8. Steal Away(The Night) 9. Drum Solo
10. Suicide Solution 11. Guitar Solo/Suicide Solution 12. Iron Man 13. Children Of The Grave
14. Paranoid

Ozzy Osbourne – Vocal Randy Rhoads – Guitar Rudy Sarzo – Bass Tommy Aldridge – Drums

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