Ozzy Osbourne / Russia 2018 / 2DVDR

Ozzy Osbourne / Russia 2018 / 2DVDR / Non Label

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Olympijskiy Stadium, Moscow, Russia 1st June 2018

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Ozzy’s last tour that finally began “NO MORE TOURS 2”. In its first report, the finest video works are appearing.
Ozzy is said to be “the last of what?”, Because it was also a sabbath. Ozzy said solo “This is the last!” Since “NO MORE TOURS 1992” 26 years ago. Currently 69 years old, Sabbath has already died. This time, it will be truly the last looking tour.
Among such last tours, this work includes “Moscow Performance June 1, 2018” and “St. Petersburg Performance June 3 the same day”. It is a set of two pieces with audience shots of both performances arranged on a disc one by one. First of all, let ‘s begin with the schedule of “NO MORE TOURS 2” in order to run Ozzy last step.

· April 27th – May 5th: North America # 1 (3 performances)
· May 8th – 20th: South America (6 shows)
· June 1 – July 8: Europe (17 shows) ← ★ Coco ★
· August 30 – October 13: North America # 2 (21 performances)

This is all 47 public performances that have been published to date. Started from the North American continent in April, now landed in Europe. The two performances of this work correspond to the 1 & 2 public performance of the “Europe” leg. In Russia (currently only) there are only two performances, this work is a video work that completely recorded the whole story. Let’s introduce each disc individually.

【Disk 1: Front row shot of Moscow performance】
First of all it is a full picture of the Moscow performance that will be the first day in Europe. This is already a masterpiece! The front row shot of the right side of the stage (Brasco Nicholson side). Arm and head of the front row can not enter only in the front row. In that spacious view, only the stage appears, plenty of each member’s daunt. That’s where Ozzy’s profile is clearly visible (every single wrinkle is clear) on the screen. Although something like a pro shot can not be hoped for only a single camera, the scene of the camera pit line of sight is almost the same as the pro shot.
And it is brave camera work to dispel such monkey of the one camera. Although nearby members are Blasco based, from that, attack Ozzy and Zach boldly. Highlight the highlight, along with the tune, zoom it, pull it down, hold down the set of projection mapping (?), Come close, look up. The scene changes to such an extent that it can not be thought of as a one-camera.
What’s even wonderful is the sound. It clears directly to an intense direct feeling only to the PA’s nearest to the customer in front of us. There is almost no audience noise, so it is a name recording suitable for calling what is called “just like a sound board”. Initially, the live album only voice was also considered.
The show drawn with that quality is already the best! What is wonderful, Zach. Gas G was also stylish and doing a good job, but this enormous convincing power is unique to Zac. Sounds and phrases populated completely with Ozzy’s voice jump out. As the sound of Iomi is completely integrated with the Sabbath song, it is a guitar united with the solo song itself. I feel that this sense of “Ozzy’s partner” is transcending even Randy any longer.
It is the middle stage of the show that such Zack explodes. I’m playing gruesome solo guitar solo in “War Pigs” all the while, I can not see that … …. I was getting into the camera pit unexpectedly! Walking with the Zukazuka towards the camera while keeping the violent playing as it is, a solo death of a death in front of me! This is really in front of me. It is not 2 meters away. “Hey, is it okay to shoot in front of you !?” It is about to say.
Moreover, it rushes into a fierce medley that is too tasty. If you think that you started “Miracle Man” of masterpiece “NO REST FOR THE WICKED” in a corner that was not at the time of return last year, following “Crazy Babies”, furthermore “Desire”, and “Perry Mason” …. Although it is an instrument to the last, it is a wonderful medley that O’ZY & ZACK ‘s walking back flash. Even just this scene is a must-see!

【Disk 2: Dove image of St. Petersburg performances】
On behalf of Disk 2, St. Petersburg performance in two days. This quality is even more amazing! Shooting from the right side (Zach side) opposite disk 1, but I do not know the detailed position. I think that it is probably just in front of the zack, but close-up shooting just after closeup anyhow. The bust-up of Ozzy and Zac continues endlessly and it is close enough that you do not know the distance feeling. It is the picture beauty of the pro shot burst if it stops picture it.
To say “If you make a stop picture …” is to say that if it moves, it is unexpected. Actually, camera work is even more amazing. Even though it is close by, it keeps Ozzy in the middle. Although occasionally the front row of Meroic Sain enters, it is also the screen edge, the leading role is always Ozzy (do not upload). And, although it turns quickly at Zach with guitar solos, it also quickly, it stops by putting bishitto zach at the center this time. Even if you shake it quickly to the left or right, you can hardly swing up and down. Nevertheless, I fix it on a tripod and rotate it horizontally! Although I think that I will not do such a tough thing in the middle of the hall, it is agile and accurate movement, a viewpoint to look directly at the stage on the first floor’s overhead I can only think of the height of it. Whatever the facts, it is a brilliant camera judgment.
When painted with such quality, the show shines even more. Although luxury stage sets are not seen much, masterpiece rush played by key players is the best. At first glance the set seems to be All Time’s Greatest Hits, but if you look closely well you will see the enrichment of the three major works “PARANOID” “BLIZZARD OF OZZ” “NO MORE TERAS”. It consists of 3-4 songs from these three pieces, and it involves the two major songs of the Jake era “Bark At The Moon” and “Shot In The Dark”. Although these three cards are certainly the core album that has been a standard classic even for Ozzy’s career, there is no example in this past for such a thorough show.

Sabbath is Ozzy · Osborne, the emperor who has already slept eternally and declared “last” in solo. It is a masterpiece that you can witness 2 performances with the finest quality of the fairwell “NO MORE TOURS 2” scene. As Sabbath ‘s “END” could not be experienced, I hope next time this time I will come to Japan as well. A superb picture work whose hope changes to craving. Please, please fully enjoy the 2 performances together!

遂に始まったオジーのラスト・ツアー“NO MORE TOURS 2”。その第一報にして、極上の映像作品が登場です。
「何度目のラスト?」と言われてしまうオジーですが、それはサバスもあったから。オジーがソロで「これがラスト!」と言ったのは26年前の“NO MORE TOURS 1992”以来のこと。現在69歳でもあり、サバスは既に永眠済み。今回は、本当に最後の見納めツアーになることでしょう。
そんなラスト・ツアーのうち、本作に収められているのは「2018年6月1日モスクワ公演」と「同6月3日サンクトペテルブルク公演」。両公演のオーディエンス・ショットをディスク1枚ずつに配した2枚組です。まずは、オジー最後の歩みを併走するため、“NO MORE TOURS 2”の日程から始めましょう。



まず登場するのはヨーロッパ初日となるモスクワ公演のフル映像です。これがもう、大傑作! ステージ右側(ブラスコ・ニコルソン側)の最前列ショット。最前列だけに前列の腕や頭が入るわけがない。その広々とした視野にはステージしか映らず、各メンバーのドアップもたっぷり。それこそオジーの横顔が(シワの1本1本まで鮮明に)画面いっぱいに映し出される。ワンカメだけにプロショットのような多彩さは望めないものの、ほぼカメラピット目線の光景はプロショットとなんら変わりません。
そのクオリティで描かれるショウがもう、最高! 何が素晴らしいって、やはりザック。ガスGもスタイリッシュで良い仕事をしていましいたが、この絶大な説得力はザックならでは。オジーの声と完全にセットとなったサウンド、フレーズがガンガン飛び出す。アイオミのサウンドがサバス曲と完全一体となっているように、ソロの曲そのものと一体となったギター。この“オジーの相棒”感は、もはやランディさえも超越しているのではないでしょうか。
そんなザックが爆裂するのはショウの中盤。「War Pigs」で凄まじいばかりのギターソロを延々と弾いているのですが、その姿が見えない……と思いきや、いつの間にかカメラピットに降りていた! そのまま猛烈な弾きまくりを轟かせながらカメラに向かってズカズカと歩いてきて、目の前でド級の爆ソロ!! これがもう、本当に目の前。2メートルと離れてない。「おいおい、目の前で撮影なんかしてていいのかよ!?」と言いたくなるほどです。
しかも、そのまま美味しすぎる激烈メドレーに突入する。昨年の復帰時にはなかったコーナーで、名作『NO REST FOR THE WICKED』の「Miracle Man」を始めたと思えば、「Crazy Babies」に続き、さらには「Desire」、そして「Perry Mason」……。あくまでインストではあるものの、オジー&ザックの歩みフラッシュバックする素晴らしいメドレー。このシーンだけでも絶対必見です!

代わってのディスク2は、2日後のサンクトペテルブルク公演。こちらのクオリティは、さらに凄い! ディスク1とは逆の右側(ザック側)からの撮影なのですが、詳しいポジションが分からない。恐らくはザックの真っ正面だとは思うのですが、とにかく接写に次ぐ接写。オジーやザックのバストアップが延々と続き、距離感が分からないほど近い。それこそ止め絵にしたらプロショットばりの映像美なのです。
「止め絵にしたら……」と言うことは、動くとショボいのかというと、とんでもない。実は、カメラワークはさらに凄いのです。これだけ近いのにオジーをド真ん中に押さえまくる。たまに前列のメロイックサインが入るものの、それも画面端であり、主役は常にオジー(のドアップ)。そして、ギターソロではサッとザックを向くものの、それがまた素早く、今度はビシッとザックを中央に入れて止める。それだけ素早く左右に振っても、上下にはほとんど振れない。まさか、三脚に固定して横回転させている!? 会場のド真ん中でそんな剛気なことはしないと思うものの、機敏にして正確な動き、1階客の頭上ごしにステージを直視する視点の高さは、そうとでも考えるしかない。事実はどうあれ、それはそれは見事なカメラさばきなのです。
そんなクオリティで描かれると、ショウはさらに輝く。豪華なステージセットはあまり見られないものの、肝心の主役たちが奏でる名曲ラッシュは最高。セットは一見、オールタイムのグレイテスト・ヒッツのようですが、よくよく見ると3大代表作『PARANOID』『BLIZZARD OF OZZ』『NO MORE TERAS』の濃縮。この3枚から3-4曲ずつで構成し、そこにジェイク時代の2大代表曲「Bark At The Moon」「Shot In The Dark」が絡む。確かにこの3枚はオジーのキャリアでもド定番であり続けた中核アルバムではあるものの、ここまで徹底したショウは古今に例がありません。

サバスは既に永遠の眠りに就き、ソロでも「最後」を宣言した帝王オジー・オズボーン。そのフェアウェル“NO MORE TOURS 2”の現場を極上クオリティで2公演目撃できる大傑作です。サバスの“THE END”が体験できなかっただけに、今度こそ、今度こそ日本にも来てほしい。その希望が渇望に変わる極上の映像作品。どうぞ、2公演まとめてたっぷりとご堪能ください!

Disc 1(94:26)
Live at Olympijskiy Stadium, Moscow, Russia 1st June 2018

1. Intro. 2. Bark at the Moon 3. Mr. Crowley 4. I Don’t Know 5. Fairies Wear Boots
6. Suicide Solution 7. No More Tears 8. Road To Nowhere 9. War Pigs

Instrumental Medley
10. Miracle Man 11. Crazy Babies 12. Desire 13. Perry Mason

14. Drum Solo 15. Shot In The Dark 16. I Don’t Want To Change The World
17. Crazy Train 18. Mama, I’m Coming Home 19. Paranoid

Disc 2(93:23)
Live at Ledovy Dvorets, Saint-Petersburg, Russia 3rd June 2018

1. Intro. 2. Bark at the Moon 3. Mr. Crowley 4. I Don’t Know 5. Fairies Wear Boots
6. Suicide Solution 7. No More Tears 8. Road To Nowhere 9. War Pigs

Instrumental Medley
10. Miracle Man 11. Crazy Babies 12. Desire 13. Perry Mason

14. Drum Solo 15. Shot In The Dark 16. I Don’t Want To Change The World
17. Crazy Train 18. Mama, I’m Coming Home 19. Paranoid

COLOUR NTSC Approx.188min.(TOTAL)

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