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10CC - Play And Let Play (Private Master)

Abba - Wien Concert (Midnight Dreamer) ***

ABBA - The Lost Live Album, Live Europe 1979

ABBA - More Archives. More Tracks

ABBA - The Archives

ABBA - To All Fans


Accept - Break Down The Wall (Metal Raiser)  ***


Air Supply (Positions Had Begun To Slip) - 1Pro-CDR (Midnight Dreamer MD-213) ***

Al Kooper (Solo Cocert) - 1Pro-CDR (Vintage Masters. VMCDR-075)

Alanis Morissette - Thank U For UR Invitations (Natural Woman Records)

Alanis Morissette - Hard To Swallow (Kiss The Stone)

Alanis Morissette - Something To Share (Kiss The Stone)

Alanis Morissette - You Can Kiss It (Kiss The Stone)

Alanis Morissette - The Girl Can't Help It (Kiss the Stone)

Alcatrazz - Disturbing The Peace Sessions (Lost And Found) ***

Alcatrazz - Imprisonment For Live (Power Gate)

AlcaTrazz - No Parole From AlcaTrazz (Bondage Music)

Al Green - The Gospel Of Love (Big Fro Disc)

Allan Holdsworth - Deep Of Dawn (Mindwarp)

Allan Holdsworth - In Amsterdam (Slang Records) ***

Allan Holdsworth And Vinnie Colaiuta - Miami 1989 (Jamree Music) ***

Allan HoldsWorth Quartet - Live in Japan 1985 (Four Aces Records)

Alice In Chains - Heroin (Remasters Records) ***

Alice Cooper (King Of shock Rock) - 1Pro-CDR (Breakdown-187)

Alice Cooper - Goes To Chile (Kiss The Stone)

Alice Cooper - Minneapolis 1973 (Cat's Meow Original CD & DVD) ***

Alice Cooper - Pretties For You / Easy Action (Retro Germany)***

Alice Cooper - Live At Tucson 1972 (Hard Road) ***

Alice Cooper - Billion Dollars Demos (Masquerad)

Alice Cooper - Live In New York (On Stage Records)

Alice Cooper - Camelback Kids (Tendolar Label)

Allman Brothers Band

The Almighty - Wild And Wonderful Demo (Jailbait Records)

America (Greatest Hits Show) - 2Pro-CDR (Vintage Master. VMCDR-166A/B)

Andrew W.K. - The Zen Of Positive Partying (Wonder Boy Records)

Angel - White Heroes (Gypsy Eye)

Angus Maclise - Counter Culture Chronicles  (Nothing Songs Ltd)

The Animals - Reunited Original Again (Vintage Master) ***

Ani Difranco - Hell Yeah (Kiss The Stone)

Annie Lennox - Golden Lady (Kiss The Stone)

Archie Shepp - Jazz Jamboree (Zooey Record)  ***

Archive - It Sound Good To Us (Filou)

Area - La Mela Di Odessa (Black Hole)

Aretha Franklin - Jamaica World Music Festival 1982 (Jamree Music)

Arms' - Dallas 1983 (Heartbreakers)

Arms' - Concert USA (Hercules)

Arrigo Barnabe - Tubaroes Voadores (BB Records)

Arctic Monkeys - Leave Before The Lights Comes On (Odilon Records) ***

Ash - Win The Ashes (Wonder Boys)

Asia (New Asia) - 2CD (AS92062)

Asia - Heat Of The Reunion UK 2006 (Blue Cafe) ***

Asia - Live At NJ (Thirteen Records) ***

Asia - Dragon Attack 1983 (Ayanami) ***

Asia - Majestic Night  (Windmill)

Asia - Arica (Highland)

Asia - The Man With The Golden Arm (Ayanami) ***

Asia - A Midsummer Night's Dream (Ayanami) ***

Asia - Your Eyes Will Tell (Shout To The Top)

Asia - Burning Castle (Acqua Light)

Asia - Midnight Sun (Acqua Light)

ASIA - AlcheringA (Highland)

Asia - 28-IX-90, Live In Tokyo (Highland)

Asia - In Paris Night (Highland)

Asia - Last Original (Highland)

Avril Lavigne (Girl Theater 2007) - 1 CD (Wirework Records-WWR-016) ***

Avril Laviene - Bonez Tour 2005 (Flippers)***

Avril Lavigne - Buzz A Lips (MSG Records) ***

Asia - Stone Pony 1992 (Amsterdam)

Atomic Rooster - Harrow Festival 1972 (Reel Master)

Avril Lavigne - Unprotected (Natural Woman Records)

Avril Lavigne - F**kin' Sk8er Girl (Wonder Boy Records)

Babyshambles - Royalty Songs (Naked Sun Co)

Babes In Toyland - Playtime (Kiss The Stone)

Badlands - World Premier 1989 (9 6131/32)

Bad Company (Wild Fire Boston) - 2Pro-CDR (Breakdown-246A/B)

Bad Company (Movin On Boston) - 1Pro-CDR (Breakdown-229)

Bad Company - Company of Soundboard. Broadcast In 1995 (Masterport)

Bad Company - Newcastle 1974 (Masterport)

Bad Company - Rock'n Roll In Florida 1999 (Try Star)

Bad Company - Silver, Blue And Gold (Gypsy Eye)

Bad English (The Lost Tapes) - 1Pro- CDR (Breakdown-231) ***

Bad English - You Wanna Put A Message (Gypsy Eye)

Backyard Babies - Spotlight The Babies (Bondage Music)

Badfinger - Friday Night In Laredo (Delta Tone)

Badfinger - Apple Demos 1970 - 1972 (Cannon Ball)

Badfinger - Lost Treasures, Head Fist And Live In New York City '71 (Bell Bottom)

Badfinger - Would The Real Badfinger Please Stand Up (Westwood)

Badfinger - Japan 1991 (Brilliant Road)

Badfinger - 1976 (Right Stuff)

Badfinger - Say No More (Brilliant Road)

Joey Molland / Badfinger- After The Pearl (Brilliant Road)

Baker Gurvitz Army (Reading Performance 1975) - 1Pro-CDR (Breakdown-243)

Baker Gurvitz Army - Rainbow 1975 (Reel Masters)

Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso - Papagayo Club 1972 (Prehistoric Label)

The Band - After The Flood Los Angeles Two Days (Vintage Masters) ***

The Band - Musical Legacy (Vintage Masters) ***

The Band - Into The Texas Flood (Midnight Dreamer) ***

The Band - Night At The Palladium (Midnight Dreamer) ***

The Band - Isle Of Wight Festival 1969 (Franny Record) ***

The Band - Twilight In Concert (Mainstream SBR Collection)

The Band - Plays On (Screamer)

The Band - The King Biscuit Flour Hour (BND 005)

The Band - Old Dixie (Fabbri Editori)

The Band - Across The Endless Highway (The Polar Bear Records)

The Band - Academy Of Outtakes (Wild Wolf)

The Bangles - Girls Revolution (Judgement Disc) ***

The Bangles - Wanna Be Your Side (Backwoodsman's Records) ***

Bauhaus - The First Period (Back To Zero)

B.B. King With Gary Moore - Last Ever UK Show (Trial) ***

B.B. King - Live At Montreux 2005 (Jamree Music) ***

Beach Boys / Brian Wilson

Beastie Boys - Demos And Outtakes 2 (Prima Donna)

Beastie Boys - Oh No! It's The... (Wonder Boy Records)

Beastie Boys - Bone Crush, Roskilde Festival '98 June 25-28 (62798)

Beastie Boys - Hip Hop Album (Capitol Records)

Beat Merchants I - Wayne Fontana And The Mindbenders (Timeless)

Bedlam - The Beast Within Live (Gypsy Eye)

Beck - Hollywood 2005 (Thirteen Records)  ***

Beck - Them Changes (Wonder Boy)

Beck - Cook As F**K (Wonder Boy Records)

Beck - Christmas Voltures (Wonder Boy Records)

Beck, Bogert And Appice - To Love You More (Beckdoor Music) ***

Beck Bogert Appice - Why Should I Care (Heartbreakers)

Beck, Bogert And Appice - Collector's Edition (SQ)

Bee Gees - Wembley Stadium 1991 (American Graffiti Records) ***

The Bee Gees - Caught Up With The Boys (Midnight Dreamer) ***

Bee Gees - Merchants Of Dreams (The Polar Bear Records)

Bee Gees - In Their Own Time (Head Records) ***

Belly - Live And Hungry (Kiss The Stone)

Ben Folds Five - Domo! Ben-Chan Desu! (Gamberetto)

Ben Harper - Acoustic Again (Ganja)

Big Black (Death Wish) - 1CD (Big Music.BIG 049)

Bill Bruford (Heavens In Here) - 1CD (BBECD 91)

Biohazard - Run For Cover (Kiss The Stone)

Bill Wyman - Bill Wyman's The Rhythm Kings, Groovin' Time (Glimmer Twins Record)

Billy Cobham Trio - Tokyo Lifestyle (Blow-Up)

Billy Idol - Live Without A Face (Golden Stars)

Billy Idol - Rebel Yell (Flashback World Productions)

Billy Joel

Billy Cobham - Power Of The Music (Vintage Master) ***

Bjork - Whispering Poems (Pablo Records)

Bjork - Acoustically Happy (Ganja)

Bjork - Beauty And The Beast (Kiss The Stone)

Bjork - Bjork In Paris (Bjork 2001)

Bjork - Royal Albert Hall (Live Records)

Bjork - Los Angeles 1993 (Rock Adventure)

Bjork - Orchard Hall (Bjork 2002)

Bjork - An Illusion Of A Landscape (MSG Records)

Black Crowes, The (The Band ) - 1CD foldup p/case (Roadside Tragedy. Disc 002)

The Black Crowes - Too Hot To Handle (King Stork)   ***

The Black Crowes - Sister Luck (Not Gulity)

The Black Crowes - Boogie With Crowes (Shout To The Top)

The Black Crowes - B.C. The 2nd Night (Home Records)

Black Crowes - Alive In Atlanta (The Polar Bear Records)

The Black Crowes - Tall...The Band Session (BC-001)

The Black Crowes - Dawn of the New Millennium Session (BC-003)

The Black Crowes - The Band...Unreleased Album (BC-002)

The Black Crowes - Something To Crowe About! (Real Live)

The Black Crowes - Amorica...Another Session (BC-004)

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Sonic Vibrations (Shout To The Top)

Black Sabbath

Blackmore's Night (Slovenian Minstrel) - 2Pro-CDR (Lost And Found. LAF-400/401)

Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow - Second Night In Hollywood (Bondage Music)

Blackmore's Night - Moon Dancer ***

Blackmore's Night - No Electric Night (Luna)

Blackmore's Rainbow - Detriot 1975 (Darkside Production)

Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow - Germany 1995 (Super Sonic)

Blackmore's Night - The Last Time With Good Company (LUNA 015/016)

Blackmore's Night - Ritchie Spice Or Candice Spice? (LUNA 010/011)

Blackmore's Night - Self Portrait (LUNA 007/008)

Blackmore's Night - Minstrel Castle (LUNA 013/014)

Blackmore's Night - Live In Athens 1998 (Heartbreakers)

Blackmore's Rainbow - Time Standing Still (Dynamite Studio)

Blind Faith - Hyde Park Concert (EC Is Here)

Blind Faith - Rehearsals (Pilgrim)

Blind Melon - From Nowhere To Everywhere (Banzai)

Blink 182 -Vertical Smile (Remasters Records) ***

Blondie - Hanging On The Paradise (Vintage Masters) ***

Blondie - Restored, London December 1998 (Shout To The Top)

Blood, Sweat And Tears - One Of The Biggest Band (Midnight Dreamer) ***

Blood, Sweat And Tears - 2 Lives 70's (Our Prayer) ***

Blood, Sweat And Tears - Stockton 1971 (Trial) ***

Blues - Traveler 95 (Kiss The Stone)

Blue Angel - Maybe He'll Know (B.A. - 001)

Blue Murder - Innocent Crime (Langley Deluxe)

Blue Murder - L'Amours, Live In New York April 30, 1994 (Taurus Records)

Blue Oyster Cult - Live In The West 1975

Blue Oyster Cult - Celebration (Power Gate)

Blur - Secret Gig  (Switch On)

Blur - Beetle Mania (Dancing Horse)

Blur - Unlucky For Some (Wonder Boy Records)

Blur - Show (Heist)

Bob Marley & The Wailers (Get Up Stand Up Bob) - 1Pro-CDR (Vintage Masters. VMCDR-086) ***

Bob Marley & The Wailers (Nash & Slims Demos) - 1Pro-CDR (Zooey Records. ZR-117) ***

Bob Marley And The Wailers - Influential Figures (Vintage Masters) ***

Bob Marley - One Day Of...The Last Concert 1980 (Ganja)

Bob Seger And The Silver Bullet Band - Boston Seventy Seven (Cat's Meow Original CD & DVD) ***

Booker T And The MG's - Green Onions And Yellow Sunshine (Big Fro Discs)

Bonnie Raitt - Fundamental Blues Heart (Natural Woman Records)

Bon Jovi

Boston (Critically And Commercially ) - 2CD (RockMasters. RMC-012A/B)

Boston - Corporate Concert (Breakdown) ***

Boston - War Is Over (Breakdown) ***

Boston - The Hottest Band In A Galaxy (Zion)

Boston - Party At Stadium 1979 (Gypsy Eye)

Boston - Smokin' (Jamree Music)  ***

Boston - Demos and Unreleased (Darkside Production)

Boston - Stagestruck (Heartbreakers)

Boston - Land Over Cleveland (Gypsy Eye)

Boston - More Than A Feeling (Super Sonic)

Boz Scaggs (Live In Japan 1985) - 1Pro-CDR (Smashing Rock Records. SMA-003)

Boz Scaggs (Take A Ride On The way Live In Oakland 1974 ) - 1Pro-CDR (Vintage Masters. VMCDR-078)

Boz Scaggs - Angel And Gentleman (Vintage Masters) ***

Boz Scaggs - Greek Theatre 1995 (Zion)

Boz Scaggs  - BOZ (LPHM-46253)

Boz Scaggs - Palamount Theatre (Fire Power)

Boz Scaggs - Expo 1985 (Fire Power)

Boz Scaggs - Modern Running (Private Master)

Brand X - Masques Off (Highland)

Brand X - Nightmore Patrol (Highland)

Brand X - Deadly Live Stock (Sirene)

Brian May - Back To The May And Powell (Gypsy Eye)

Brian Setzer Orchestra (Indio 2002) - 2CD (Forrest-001/002)

Brian Setzer Trio - Twenty Flight Rock (Trial) ***

The Brian Setzer Orchestra - Merry Christmas Mr Brian (Smilin' Cat Records)

Brian Setzer Orchestra - A Girl From Nantucket (King Of Diamonds)

The Brian Setzer Orchestra - Swingin' Around The Boogie (The Polar Bear Records)

Brian Setzer - Live in Chicago 2001 (Palm Drive Label)

Brian Setzer Trio - Nashville 2003 (Palm Drive Label)

Bruford - Back To The Edge (Highland)

Bruford - Consider The Bells (Highland)

Bruford - Perfect Beat (Highland)

Bryan Adams (Live At Lost Horizon) - 1Pro-CDR (Midnight Dreamer MD-215)

Bryan Adams - Keep On Running  (Kiss The Stone)

Bryan Adams - Guitar Man (Wonder Boy Records)

Bryan Adams - Live in Los Angeles 1986 (Rea Live)

Bryan Ferry - By The Time Ferry Reached (Vintage Masters) ***

Bryan Ferry - Alphaville (Withdrawn)

Bryan Ferry - Horoscope (Withdrawn)

Bryan Ferry - Cirque Royal, Brussfels 2000 (Switch On)

Buckcherry - Who Are The Rolling Stones? (Shout To The Top)

Buckcherry - Whiskey And Cum (Shout To The Top)

Buddy Holly - The Music Never Died: A Rock & Roll Revelation (Prism Records)

Buddy Guy feat. Eric Clapton - Strange Brew (Watch Tower)

Budgie (Electric Ballroom) - 1CD Papersleeves (Wild Street. WS-002)

Buffalo Springfield - California Daze (Darkside Production)

Buffalo Springfield - From Texas'68 To Stampede (Sweet Encore)

Buffalo Springfield - Fallin' Bluebird (Vague Records)

Buffalo Springfield - Sell Out (Auroura Borealis)

Buffalo Tom - Spring Floor (Kiss The Stone)

The Byrds - Prior To The The Closing (Vintage Masters) ***

The Byrds - Across The U.S.A (Midnight Dreamer) ***

The Byrds - Farewell Newyork (Midnight Dreamer) ***

The Byrds - Time Between (Midnight Dreamer) ***

The Byrds - A Byrd In The Hand (Cat's Meow Original CD & DVD) ***

The Byrds - Rollin' Down The Road (Rattle Snake)

The Byrds - Jesus Is Just Alright (Zooey Records) ***

The Byrds - I Want To Be A Rock 'N Roll Star (Zooey Records) ***

The Byrds - Go West. Complete Fillmore West Concert 1970 (Mainstream SBR Collection)

The Byrds - Untitled Collection (Zooey Records) ***

The Byrds - Fly Into A Passion (The Genuine Pig Records)

The Byrds - Willin' (Oil Well)

The Byrds - Boston Tea Party (Yellow Dog Records)

The Byrds - Two Tea For Two (Great Dane Records

Cactus (Sweden Rock Festival 2006) - 2Pro-CDR (Breakdown-171A/B)

Cactus - Live Evil (Watch Tower)

Cactus - Big Mama Boogie (Screamer)

Cactus - Bogert Tapes (Destroyer)

Cactus - Slashing ! (Destroyer)


CandleBox - Both Ends Burning (Kiss The Stone)

Can - Moon In Paris (Franny Record) ***

Can - Prehistoric Days (Franny Record) ***

Canned Heat (Completely Rebuilt) - 1Pro-CDR (Vintage Masters. VMCDR-099) ***

Carmen - Fandangos In Space (BB Records)

Carpenters - More Offerings (Thin Line Crossed Production) ***

Carpenters - They long To Sing Once More, Japan Tour 1976 (Shout To The Top)

Carole King - England 1989 (Jamree Music) ***

Carole King - Still Love A Natural Woman (Natural Woman Record)

Carter USM - Wham Bam (Kiss The Stone)

Cathedral - Cosmic Funeral  (Kiss The Stone)

Carl Wilson - Live From The Bottomline 1981 (Wild Street)

Catatonia - Beautiful People (Glasshouse)

The Charlatans- Blackburn (CHAR-CD90)

The Charlatans - Tellin' Stories Again (CHTS-14003)

Cheap Trick - Pick-'em And Flick-'em (Roaring Mouse Records)

Cheap Trick - California Girls (Breakdown) ***

Cheap Trick - Now And Then (Breakdown) ***

Cheap Trick - Philadelphia Special (Breakdown) ***

Cheap Trick - The Armory Rocker (Breakdown) ***

Cheap Trick - At Yokohama (Gypsy Eye)

Cheap Trick - Capitol Connection (Masquerad)

Cheap Trick - Cheap! In Color Tonight! (Gypsy Eye)

Cheap Trick - Found All The Dreams  (Masquerad)

Cheap Trick - Goodnight Nevada (Quick Shot Recordings)

Cheap Trick - Hello Windy City (Gypsy Eye)

Cheap Trick - Radio Lover (Tendolar Label)

Cheap Trick - Take It Cheap! (Masquerad)

Cheap Trick - Who Needs Robin? (Gypsy Eye)

Cheap Trick - Come Right Here (Power Gate)

Cinderella - Long Cold Nights (Power Gate)

The Chemical Brothers - Macroeconomic (Mom And Pop)

Chick Corea - Acoustic Band (Slang Records)  ***

Chicago (Got To Get You Into My Life) - 2Pro-CDR (Vintage Masters. VMCDR-080A/B) ***

Chicago (Just I And You) - 1CDR (Vintage Master. VMCDR-200)

Chicago - Live From Kentucky (Midnight Dreamer) ***

Chicago - Live In NewYork 1970 (Midnight Dreamer) ***

Chicago - Live At Greek Theatre 1979 (Masterport)

Chicago - Chicago In L.A. (Jamree Music) ***

Chicago - Maybe 4th Of July 1974 (Jamree Music)***

Chicago - In Concert (Spectrum)

Chicago - Live At Budokan 1972 (Outrider)

Chicago Transit Authority - Texas International Pop Festival 1969 (Oh Boy)

Chris Isaak - Wicked Messenger (American Concert Series 048)

Chris Rea - Dancing Shoes (Flashback World Productions)

Clash, The

Coldplay - Secret Gig In Melkweg Amsterdam 2005 (Franny Record) ***

Coldplay - Life Is For Living (Free As A Boot)

Coldplay - Candem (The Godfather Records)

Coldplay - Blue Eyes Featuring Sir Elton John (The Godfather Records)

Coldplay - Live At Quartfestival, Norway 2003

Coldplay - Put A Smile On Your Face (ADD)

Coldplay - Songs For Rainy Days

Coldplay - Wireless in Texas And Clueless Unplugged (CP 01/02)

Collective Soul - Live At Woodstock 99 (Enkidu Records)***

Colosseum II - Fighting War (Gypsy Eye)

Colosseum II - The Bringer Of Jollity (Gypsy Eye)

Coors, The - Move to Tears (MomandPop label)

The Corrs - Wembley Wizards (CR 99)

Corrosion Of Conformity - Wiseblood In The East (COC-31697)

Counting Crows - Flying Demos (Kiss The Stone)

Counting Crows - Children In Bloom (Kiss The Stone)

Counting Crows - Carving Out Our Names (Kiss The Stone)

Counting Crows - Live At Pinkpop 2003

Counting Crows - Adam The Untouchable (Home Records)

Counting Crows - Catapult

Counting Crows - Here Comes The Rain King (Tendolar Label)

Cozy Powell - Best Of The Tapes (Langley Deluxe)

Cozy Powell (Alive In Studio III Phenomena Years) - 1CD (Langley Deluxe-005)

Cozy Powell - Alive In Studio II (Langley)

The Cranberries - Thoughts That Linger (Hawk)

Cracker - Teen Angst (Kiss The Stone)


Creed - In The Shadow Of The Olympic Games (Filou)

CCR (Creedence Clearwater Revisited) (Creedence Revival Special) - 2Pro- CDR (Perfect Reel Masters-PRM-2008-003/004/005)

CCR(Creedence Clearwater Revival) (Suzie Q 1971 World Tour) - 2CDR (Perfect Reel Masters-PRM-2008-006/007)

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Keep On Lodi (Vintage Masters) ***

Creedence Clearwater Revival - At Fantasy Studio (Jamree Music) ***

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Rock On The Road, Live In Oakland 1970 (MUM)

Creedence Clearwater Reviseted - The Midnight Special (Shout To The Top)

The Cross - Half Queen Appearance (Gypsy Eye)

Crowded House - Don't Scream, It's Over (Kiss The Stone)

Crowded House - The Final Sessions (Kiss The Stone)

Crowded House - I Take The Weather With Me (Flashback World Productions)


Cure, The (Pictures of Fuji,07) - 2Pro- CDR (Uppersound records. US-012/012)

The Cure - Teardrops And Temptations (Kiss The Stone)

The Cure - Orange (Pontiac Records) ***

The Cure - Homesick (Free As A Boot)

The Cure - Out Of This World? (Frog Eaters)

The Cure - Strawberry Kisses (Kiss The Stone)

The Cure - The Drowningmen

The Cure - Gothfather  (The Godfather Records)

Cure - 2nite in France (Filou)

The Cure - A Dream, Live Rome 23rd July 2002 (Orange Records)

The Cure - Don't Forget The Stars (TUCD 004)

Cure - High In Heaven (Living Legend Records)

The Cure - OLA, Barcelona, Spain April 1st 2000 (Euro Boots)

The Cure - These Flowers Will Always Die (3 Tri Lenium)

The Cure - Germany 2000

Curtis Mayfield - Keep on Keepin' On (Big Fro Discs)

Curtis Mayfield - Memorial Concert (Slunky)

Curtis Mayfield - Superfly In The Hague (Big Fro Discs)

D.A.D. - Overmuch (123-2)

Danielle Dax (Ink Stick) - 1CD (DD22027)

Daniel Lanois - Cool Water (Big Music)

The Darkness - Rock' N Roll Circus 2003

Dave Clark Five - It'll Only Hurt For A Little While (Flame Recording)***

Dave Clark Five - The Frozen Years (Flame Recording) ***

Dave Clark Five - Glad All Over Again (Lick It Up Recording) ***

Dave Mathews And Tim Reynolds - An Acoustic Conversations (The Polar Bear Records)

Dave Matthews Band - With A Little Help From My Friends (Kiss The Stone)

Dave Mathews Band - The Jam Of John And DMB (The Polar Bear Records)

The Dave Mathews Band - Lillywhite Sessions (The Polar Bear Records)

Dave Mathews Band - Winter Olympics 2002

David Crosby - Naked In The Rain (Kiss The Stone)

Daryl Hall & John Oates (Mountain View 88 ) - 2Pro-CDR (Project Zip. PJZ-099A/B)

Daryl Hall & John Oates (Flurry Of Huge Radio) - 1Pro-CDR (Midnight Dreamer MD-220) ***

Daryl Hall And John Oates - So Close Acoustically (Trial) ***

Dave Mason - Live And Rehearsal 1977 (Masterport)

Dave Mason - All Join In NewYork (Midnight Dreamer) ***

David Bowie

David Byrne - A Head Talks Alone (Rea Live)

David Byrne - Girls On My Mind (Spider Glass)

David Lee Both - Get Me A Shoobap. Shibuya Kokaido, Tokyo, Japan, January 30th 2004 (Kamikaze Records) ***

David Lee Roth - In Search Of Paradise Lost (8-10031/2)

The Damned - We're The Damned. Japan Tour 2005 (Back To Zero)

Damned, The - The Captain's Messed Up (BTZCD Label)

Deacon Blue - On New Years Day (Kiss The Stone)

Dead Can Dance - Gothic Spleens (DCD 2610)

Deborah Harry / Elvis Costello - Fire At Keatons Bar And Grill (Switch On)

Deep Purple

Deftones - Viva Las Vegas

Def Leppard (The Return Of The Thundergod) - 2Pro-CDR+1Bonus DVDR (Power Gate-258)

Def Leppard - They're Back (Langley Ultimate Series ) ***

Def Leppard - Live Archive (Bondage Music)

Def Leppard - Miss You In Montreal (Bondage Music)

Def Leppard - Wasted In Seattle (Bondage Music)

Def Leppard - 1983 Meltdown (Lost & Found) ***

Delaney And Bonnie And Friends With Eric Clapton And George Harrison - On Stage (ARMS)

Delaney And Bonnie And Friends With Derek - Live At The Fillmore East (ARMS)

Delaney & Bonnie & Friends - On The Road with Eric Clapton and George Harrison (Hide Away)

Depeche Mode - Mode On The Road (Cocomelos Records)

Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Rumours (Kiss The Stone)

Depeche Mode - Angels With Silver Wings (The Godfather Records)

Depeche Mode - An Exciting Night In Toronto (Euro Boots)

Depeche Mode - Dream On

Depeche Mode - Get Excited In Nurnberg 2nd October 2001 (9777234-2)

Depeche Mode - Exciters In Cologne - 27th September 2001 (Mutter Records / PLCD1PR)

Depeche Mode - Exciter Tour Berlin (Mute Records - LVCD Bong 100/101)

Depeche Mode - Marcus Ampitheater (DM 2001)

Depeche Mode - Personal Devotion Volume 1

Derek & the Dominoes

Dennis Wilson - Pacific Ocean Blue (Denn A010)

Devo - This Is Hard Core (Warmy Up Town) ***

Daryl Hall And John Oates - Private Fourth Alive (Private Masters)

Dimmu Borgir - Spiritual Darkness. Alive In Europe (DEMIN 24)

DIO (Rock The Nations 2003) - 1 Pro-DVDR (Lost & Found. LAF-619)

Dio (Master Of The Moon Demos) - 1Pro-CDR (Lost And Found. LAF-437)

DIO (Back Alive) - 2Pro-CDR (Power Gate-267)

DIO - San Jose 1983 Expanded Edition (Lost & Found) ***

DIO / Whitesnake - Definitive Spokane (Power Gate)

DIO - The Spectrum 1984 - Complete Edition (Lost & Found) ***

DIO - Lock Up The Evil (Lost And Found) ***

DIO - Slaves And Masters (Monsters Of Rock) ***

DIO - Holy Birthday (Bondage Music)

DIO - Spokane '84 (Bondage Music)

Dire Straits (San Antonio Of Swing) - 2Pro-CDR (Midnight Dreamer MD-226A/B) ***

Dire Straits - On Every Stage (OHM 10A/B)

Dire Straits - One World (PR Records / 0103007-1/2/3)

Dire Straits - Heavy Fuel (On Stage Records)

Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy - Political Technocracy (Cocomelos Records)

Doobie Brothers, The (Riding High On The Huntsville) - 1Pro-CDR (Midnight Dreamer MD-197)

The Doobie Brothers - Rocking Down At Philadelphia (Vintage Masters) ***

The Doobie Brothers - Oriental Minute (Grace Carry Records)

The Dodgers - Lost At Ebbetts Field (Pop Meister)

Dokken (Assault The Senses) - 2CD (Langley-261)

Dolenz, Jones, Boyce And Hart (Westwood)

Doors, The

Dr. Feelgood - Down By The Stupid Beat (Back To Zero)

Dream Theater

Duran Duran - Easily Embraced The World (Vintage Masters) ***

Duran Duran - The Rest Of This Set Featues MSG 1984 (Vintage Masters) ***

Duran Duran - You Can Touch The Sunrise (The Godfather Records)

Duran Duran - The Big Bang Concert (Machine Gun)

Eagles / Don Henley

Earth And Fire - Storm And Thunder (Die Harakiri)

Echo And The Bunnymen - Rescue Me?

Echobelly - Greatest Things (3D Reality)

Eddie Vedder (Acoustically Wild) - 2CD Trifold Digipak (The Godfather Records. GR-272/273)

Eddie Vedder And Beck - Keep On Setting Free (Vague Records)

Eddie Vedder And Neil Finn - New Zealand 2001

Egg - Step Back To The Egg (Highland)

Elastica (The Vaseline Gang) - 1CD (Kiss The Stone. KTS- 438)

Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) (Valentine's Day Night) - 1Pro-CDR (Midnight Dreamer MD-198) ***

ELO - Hold On Tight (TryStar Label)

Emerson, Hughes And Bonilla - Wizzard Of Three Faces (Darkside Production)

Elvis Presley (The Greensboro Show) - 1CD Trifold Digipak (The Godfather Record. GR 331)

Elvis Presley - Takes The First (Silver Disc) ***

Elvis Presley - Unsurpassed Master Vol. One (Yellow Dog Records)

Elvis Presley - Unsurpassed Master Vol. Two (Yellow Dog Records)

Elvis Presley - Unsurpassed Master Vol. Three (Yellow Dog Records)

Elvis Presley - Unsurpassed Master Vol. Four (Yellow Dog Records)

Elvis Presley - Hawaii 1961 (Original Hot Stuff CD & DVD) ***

Elvis Presley - Jackson To Memphis (Cat's Meow Original CD & DVD) ***

Elvis Presley - Come And Get Me (EFE Records Label)

Elvis Presley - The Elvis Presley Live Collection. Down In The Alley  (EPL 005 CD)

Elvis Presley - Having Fun With Elvis On Stage, Volume 1 (Box Car Records)

Elvis Presley - Having Fun With Elvis On Stage, Volume 2 (Box Car Records)

Emitt Rhodes - Rhodes Less Traveled (Pop Meister)

ELF Featuring Ronnie James Dio - Live And Studio

Elton John

Elvis Costello

EMF - All Night Rave (Kiss The Stone)

Eminem - Crawl It Up (Jamree Music) ***

Emerson, Lake and Palmer (ELP)

Emmanuel Booz - Clochard (EBCD-03)

Emmanuel Booz - Dans Quel Etat Jarre (EBCD-02)

Emmanuel Booz - Le Jour Ou Les Vaches (EBCD-01)

EmmyLou Harris - Orphan Girl (Doberman)  ***

Emmylou Harris - Natural Beauty (Young American Records) ***

ENO - My Squelchy Life (ENOCD-1991)

Eric Carmen - Tokyo 1980 Complete (Zion)

Eric Johnson - Eastern Skies (Watch Tower)

Europe - First Tokyo Society (Lost & Found) ***

Eurythmics - Sweet Revenge (Big Music)

Evanescence - Sound Asleep Volume 1 (King Stork Records) ***

Evanescence - Sound Asleep Volume 2 (King Stork Records) ***

Evanescence - Sound Asleep Volume 3 (King Stork Records) ***

Everly Brothers, The - Growing Up (Head Records) ***

Extreme - Get The Funk Out (Templar)

Faces - Party Hogs (Roaring Mouse Records)

Faces - Take A Look At The Five Guys (Vintage Masters Premium)

Faces - Sacramento 1971  (Masterport)

The Faces - Reading Festival 1972 (Wardour)

The Faces - Five Guys Walk Into An Arena... (Nasogastric Productions)

The Faces - A Rock 'N' Roll Party With The Faces (Hiwatt)

Faces - Loose Fetters (The Polar Bear Records)

Faces - Real Good Time (Watch Tower)

The Faces - Strawberry Pop (Hiwatt)

Faith No More - hard Rock Caca (Kiss The Stone)

Family - A Strange Band (Colosseum Records)

Fatboy Slim - The Brighton Trip (Switch On)

Fairport Convention (Masons Apron) - 1Pro-CDR (Project Zip. PJZ-027)

Fairport Convention - Shepards Bush Empire, London January 22 1955 (Free Corp/FC-1995)

Fiona Apple - Tweeker Body For Christmas (Natural Woman Records)

Fields Of The Nephilim - Festival Of Fire (Kiss The Stone)

The Firm - Double Closer (Blimp Label)

Firm, The (Outtakes) - 2CD (Midas Touch-73021/22)

Fish - There's A Guy Works Down The Chip Shop Swears He's Fish (Kiss The Stone)

Flaming Lips, The (Oh My Gawd!) - 1CD (PR72207-b)

Fleetwood Mac

The Flying Burrito Bros - Steel Burrito (The Polar Bear Records)

Focus - Expose. Live In Japan (Mindwarp) ***

Focus - At The Koseinenkin (Private Master)

Foo Fighters - Brixton (Kiss The Stone)

Foo Fighters - Full On (MSG Records)  ***

Foo Fighters - Christmas Carols + Demos (Wonder Boy Records)

Foo Fighters - Low Like These (Wonder Boy Records)

Foo Fighters - The One And Only! (Murphy Records)

Foreigner (Thank You Dallas) - 1Pro-CDR (Breakdown-168)

Foreigner - Feels Like The First Time (Fire Power)

Foreigner - Long Way From Tokyo (Private Master)

Fortunate - Solders Of Fortune (FOJP-52194)

Fortunate Sons - Cyril Says Hi! (Pop Meister)

The Foundations - Digging The Foundations (Repertoire Records)

Frank Black - Black Is Beautiful (Flashback World Productions)

Franz Ferdinand - Parts Of Pleasure (King Stork Records)

Franz Ferdinand - Austin City Limits Music Festival 2004 (Warmy Up Town) ***

Frank Marino And Mahogany Rush - Eastern Anthem (Trial) ***

Frank Zappa


Funkadelic - By Way Of The Drum (Jamree Music) ***

Funkadelic - Sugar Shack 7274 (Jamree Music) ***

Galliano - Down To Earth (Kiss The Stone)

Gangsters - Archive (2003 1703 1-1-3)

Garbage - Five Nights Standing Festival (Filou)

Garbage - Trash And Burn (Wonder Boy Records)

Gary Moore (Spanish Frontier) - 1Pro-CDR (Lost And Found. LAF-433/434) ***

Gary Moore Band (Lyceum 1972) - 1CD (Langley-278)

Gary Moore - Like A Whirlwind (Metal Raiser) ***

Gary Moore - At The BBC (Bondage Music)

Gary Moore - Around The Next Frontier (Bondage Music)

Gary Moore - Burning Every Night (Neptune)

Gary Moore - Dirty Fingers (Castle Communications)

Gary Moore - The Blues Is Starting Point (Gypsy Eye)

Gary Moore - To The Stormy Blues. Montreux Jazz Festival 2001 (Shout To The Top)

Gary Moore - Milton Keynes 1986 (Langley Ultimate Series) ***

Gary Moore - The Wild One (Langley Ultimate Series) ***

Gary Moore - Wild In Osaka (Langley Ultimate Series) ***

Gaskin - End Of the World (CD-009)

Gene - Mayday in New Castle (Velvet Time)

Geezer Butler Band - The Marquee Club, London 1985 (Power Gate)

The Gil Evans Orchestra Featuring John McLaughlin - Italy 1986 (Slang Records) ***

Gin Blossoms (Hard On It) - 2CD (Kiss The Stone. KTS- 559/60)

Gipsy Kings - Live (TCD-33)

Girl (Wasted Youth) - 1CD (238)

Glenn Hughes - Biebob Vosselaar (Nightlife / N-015)

Gloria Estefan - Homecoming Concert. Live In Miami 1988  (On Stage Records)

George Clinton And The P-Funk Allstars - 1999  (Jamree Music) ***

George Clinton And The P-Funk Allstars - Urban Dancefloor 1984  (Jamree Music) ***

George Clinton - Live At Montreux (Jamree Music) ***

George Harrison

George Michael - Acoustic (Kiss The Stone)

George Michael - Unplugged And Live (GMUNP-001)

George Michael - Praying For Faith (All About Faith)


Glenn Hughes With Robin George - Sweet Revenge

Good Charlotte - Young Hopeful (King Stork Records)  ***

Gong - I Am Your Pussy (Highlands)

Goo Goo Dolls - Visit Barbie And Ken (Tendolar Label)

Graham Central Station - Can You Handle This? (Big Fro Disc)

Graham Parker - Habit Worth Forming (Pop Meister)

Graham Parker - The Purple Parker (Tendolar Label)

Graham Parker - Unreleased, Unplugged And Underratted! (Tendolar Label)

Grant Lee Buffalo (Like A Shot) - 1CD (Kiss The Stone. KTS- 320 )

Grand Funk Railroad - Into The Sun (Gold Standard)

Grand Funk Railroad - Dusseldorf 1971 (Trial) ***

Grand Funk Railroad With Mountain, Alice Cooper And Traffic - Four Sides (Darkside Production)

Gentle Giant - Endless Life (Highland)

Gentle Giant - Playing The Cleveland (Highland)

Gentle Giant - Artistically Cryme (Highland)

Gentle Giant - Prologue (Highland)

Gentle Giant - Dusseldorf 1971 (Reel Masters)

Gentle Giant - The Missing Face (Highland)

The Grass Roots - California Folk Rock Zeitgeist (Vintage Masters)  ***

Green Day - Live At Milton Keynes Bowl 2005 (Franny Records) ***

Green Day - American Riot (King Stork) ***

Green Day - American Despot (King Stork) ***

Green Day - Eating My Bugers. Live In Italy, 1993 (Razor Blade)

Greens Lade - BBC On The Air (Highland)

Great White - Happy Birthday Big Daddy (8-Ball)

Green Day - Just Before Bum-Out (Wonder Boy Records)

Green Day - Surprise Gig At CBGB Studio. New York City, 26 April 2001 (Peace Music)

Green Day - Warning On Bridge (Wonder Boy Records)

Green Day - Woodstock 1994  And Much More (Octopus)

Green Day - Green Daze (Octopus)

Green On Red - Interesting ... Dangerous (Pluto Records)

Grateful Dead - Dead In Atlanta (Kiss The Stone)

Grateful Dead - Have Some Respect For The Dead (Kiss The Stone)

Grateful Dead - Head In The Clouds (Kiss The Stone)

Grateful Dead - R F K (Kiss The Stone)

Grateful Dead - Dead At The Bay (Kiss The Stones)

The Grateful Dead - Play Dead (Kiss The Stone)

Grateful Dead - The Golden Road Volume 1 (Bedrock Records) ***

Grateful Dead - The Golden Road Volume 2 (Bedrock Records) ***

Grateful Dead - April Fool's Day (Kiss The Stone)

Grateful Dead - Memphis Belle (Kiss The Stone)

Grateful Dead - Here Comes Sunshine (Kiss The Stone)

Grateful Dead - Dawn Of The Dead (Kiss The Stone)

Grateful Dead - At Kaiser's Place (Kiss The Stone)

Grateful Dead - Radio City Music Hall 1980 (Amsterdam)

Grateful Dead - For The Faithful (Kiss The Stone)

Grateful Dead - Southern Comfort (Kiss The Stone)

Grateful Dead - Chinese New Year's (Dead Man)

Grateful Dead - God Times For All Time (The Polar Bear Records)

Grateful Dead - Dancer In The Dead (The Polar Bear Records)

Grateful Dead - Earthquake Country. The Lost Album (Mortville Music)

Grateful Dead - Fillmore West Closing Week (Darkside Production)

Grateful Dead - Soldier Field (The Polar bear Records)

Grateful Dead - Dead Play Dylan (Rea Live)

Grateful Dead - The Golden Road To Monterey (66A/67B)

Grateful Dead - Watkins Glen, NY July 28, 1973 (The Polar Bear Records)

Grateful Dead And The Allman Brothers - The Longest Day (LD-1/6)

Heart (Fort Worth 1980) - 2Pro-CDR (Breakdown-056A/B)

Heart (Jupiters Alive Live 2004) - 2Pro-CDR (Breakdown-41AB)

Heart (Love Alive In Philly) - 1Pro-CDR (Breakdown-159)

Heart (Pittsburgh 1978) - 2Pro-CDR (Breakdown-053A/B)

Heart (Seattle 1982) - 2Pro-CDR (Breakdown-054A/B)

Heart Featuring Ann Wilson (House Of Blues 1998) - 1Pro-CDR (Breakdown-058)

Jerry Garcia - Jerry's Home (Kiss The Stone)

GTR - A Two Headed "Steve" Show (Highland)

GTR - Jekyll And Hyde (Highland)

GTR - Oh ! How I Love You (Highland)

Guess Who - Shaman's Reflections (Tendolar Label)

Guns N Roses

The Gun Club - The Las Vegas Story Plus Bonus (B000008GA9)

Hanoi Rocks - Kill City Blues (Big Music)

Hatfield And The North - Part Of The Dance (Highland)

Heart -Inglewood 1977 (Breakdown) ***

Heart - Love Rules Alive (Breakdown) ***

Heart - Splendid Resurrection (Breakdown) ***

Heart - California Jam (Fire Power)

Heart - Animal Instinct  (WO-04/05)

Heart - Crazy On Texas (Gypsy Eye)

Heart - The Waltz Of The Shreves (Gypsy Eye)

Heart - Secret Is Still My Own (Private Master)

Heather Nova - True Mermaid (Natural Woman)

Heaven And Hell (Sweden Rock Festival 2007) - 1Pro-CDR+1DVDR (Lost And Found. LAF-450/451)

Heaven And Hell - Ontario Two Nights (Lost & Found) ***

Helloween - Keeper Of The B-Side, The Nippon Visitor

Henry Cow Featuring Robert Wyatt - In The Name Of A Freedom (Le Matango)

The Hives - Venus Di Motherfucker (Shout To The Top)

Hole - Don't Get Mad Get Even (Night Made-014)

Hole - Penny Royal Tea (Wonder Boy Records)

Hole - Unplugged And Reading (Synergy)

Hoobastank - Bang Addicts (Rainbow Records) ***

Hootie And The Blowfish - Acoustic (Kiss The Stone)

Hootie And The Blowfish - On The Left Coast (Kiss The Stone)

Humble Pie - Ramble Humble (Try Star)

Husker Du (Supernova) - 1CD (Kiss The Stone. KTS- 309)

Ian Brown - Doing The Business (Wonder Boy Records)

Ian Gillan Band - Osaka 1977 (Power Gate)

Ian Hunter - Bald At The Station (Tendolar)

Ian Hunter (Cleveland Rocks) - 1Pro-CDR (Breakdown-157)  ***

Ian Hunter (Live In Norway 2007) - 2Pro-CDR (Breakdown-184A/B)  ***

Ibex And Queen - Savage Young Mercury (Gypsy Eye)

Indigo Girls - In With The Out Crowd (Kiss The Stone)

Iggy Pop With David Bowie (Godfather Of Punk) - 1Pro-CDR (Breakdown-156) ***

Iggy Pop - Not Coded (Up Yours) ***

Iggy Pop - Out On The Streets Again (Kiss The Stone)

Iggy Pop - Rock Hard (Kiss The Stone)

Iggy Pop - Soldier Demos (MSG Records) ***

Iggy Pop And The Stooges - Le Bol D'or 2003 (Ganja)

Iggy Pop And The Stooges - On Stage 2003 (Cannon Ball)

Inferno (Metamorfosi) - 2CD (VPA 8162)

INXS (Somethin Xtra) - 2CD (Kiss The Stone. KTS- 010/11)

INXS - Empty Sun Under Clean Mind (Kiss The Stone)

Iron Butterfly (Butterfly Collectors) - 3Pro-CDR (Breakdown-247A/B/C)

Iron Maiden

It's A Beautiful Day - Last Flight (Big Sur Records)

The Ike And Tina Turner Revue - What You See Is What You Get (Big Fro Discs)

Izzy Stradlin And The Ju Ju Hounds - Pills (21017-2)

Jack Bruce And Friends - New York 1981. Live At Capitol Theatre (Microphone Records)

Jack Bruce And Friends - An Imaginary Innerdeutsche Grenze (Jamree Music) ***

Jack Bruce - Rollin' And Tumblin' (Party Line)

Jackson Browne & James Taylor (Kcrw Studio 1994) - 1Pro-CDR (Project Zip. PJZ-029)

Jackson Browne (Opening Farewell At Jabberwocky 1971) - 2CD (Dead Flower)

Jackson Browne With Lindley - Acoustic Twilight (Midnight Dreamer) ***

Jackson Browne - Hold On Nassau (Midnight Dreamer) ***

Jackson Browne - Live Togather 2006 (Midnight Dreamer) ***

Jackson Browne - Colors Of The Sun (Midnight Dreamer) ***

Jackson Browne - Long Island Blues (Midnight Dreamer) ***

Jackson Browne - The Road To Detroit (Midnight Dreamer) ***

Jackson Browne - Oregon 1994 (Super Sonic)

Jackson Browne - 25th Birthday Show (Jamree Music) ***

Jackson Browne - Live In The Motherland (King Stork)  ***

Jackson Browne - Casino Nation (YACD Label) ***

Jackson Browne - Casino Nation (Young American Records)

Jackson Browne - I'm Hold Out And Best (Private Master)

Jackson Browne - Too Many Angels (Kiss The Stone)

Jaco Pastorius And Friends - Fretless Pandemonium (Shout To The Top)

Jam, The (Funeral Pyre) - 1CD (8105-2)

Jam, The (Rockpalast) - 1Pro-DVDR (Footstomp. FSVD-143)

Jam, The (Precious Gift) - 2Pro-DVDR (Footstomp. FSVD-314-1/2)

The Jam - It's A Mod Mod Mod Mod World (Big Music)

The Jam - Sixth And Final (Back To Zero)

The Jam - Where's Working? (Back To Zero)

The Jam - Forever And Always (Back To Zero)

Jamiroqual - High Times. Live At The "Rock AM Ring" 2002 (Free At A Boot)

Jamiroqual - Too Young To Die (On Stage Records)

James (Live And Dangerous ) - 1 CD (Kiss The Stone. KTS- 072)

James - A Strange Day (Kiss The Stone )

James Blunt - Brilliant Moment (MSG Records) ***

James Brown - Super Bad !!! (Jamree Music)***

James Brown - Soul Train Sessions (People Records)

James Brown - The Godfather And The Dreamer (Big Fro Discs)

James Brown - The Godfather Goes To Africa (Big Fro Discs)

James Brown And The JB's - An Avalanche Of Funk (Big Fro Discs)

James Gang - 2001 Comeback Special (Shamrock Records)

James Taylor (New York Road) - 2Pro- CDR (Project Zip. PJZ-095A/B)

James Taylor (Sweet Baby Carly) - 2Pro-CDR (Vintage Masters. VMCDR-157A/B)

James Taylor (Work And Sincere) - 1Pro-CDR (Vintage Masters. VMCDR-101)

James Taylor (Sweet Memorable Night) - 1Pro-CDR (Vintage Masters. VMCDR-102)

James Taylor - Smooth And Smoothing (Vintage Masters) ***

James Taylor - Became Politically Concert (Vintage Masters) ***

James Taylor - Syria Mosque 1976 (Jamree Music)***

James Taylor - Teatro de Verano 1994 (Jamree Music)***

James Taylor - Tanglewood Rehearsal 2003 (Jamree Music) ***

James Taylor - The Gorge Ampitheatre (Thirteen Records)  ***

James Taylor - Fillmore East 1971

James Taylor - Century Road (King Stork) ***

James Taylor - Baby James By The Bay (The Polar Bear Records)

James Taylor Featuring Carole King - Along Together (The Polar Bear Records)

James Taylor Featruing Carly Simon - Your're So Vain (Killing Floor)

Jane's Addiction - True Man Woman (MSG Records)***

Jane Birkin - Di Doo Dah

Jane Birkin - Lolita Go Home

Janet Jackson - Rope Burn. The "Velvet Rope" Tour 1998 (JJ-11098 A/B)

Janis Joplin (Greatest Works At Fillmore East) - 1Pro-CDR (Vintage Masters. VMCDR-161)

Janis Joplin And Full Tilt Boogie - Honolulu 1970  (Jamree Silver Standards)

Janis Joplin - Mercedes Benz (Rare Tracks 1962 - 1970) (Outrider)

Japan - Methids Of Tin Drum (Combat)

Jayhawks (Poised For Stardom) - 1CD (Kiss The Stone. KTS- 443)

Jeff Beck

Jeff Buckley - Born Again From The Rhythm (The Godfather Records)

Jefferson Airplane (Strong Elements In The Change) - 1Pro-CDR (Vintage Masters. VMCDR-085) ***

Jefferson Airplane - Flying High (Primadonna)

Jefferson Airplane (This Point In Time) - 1Pro-CDR (Vintage Masters. VMCDR-079)

Jefferson Airplane - The Saga Of Sidney Spacepig (Yellow Dog)

Jefferson Airplane - Star Track (Haight Street Records)

Jefferson Airplane - Somebody To Love (Fabbri Editori)

Jerry Garcia And David Grisman - Lost And Found (Fender Recordings)

Jesus Jones - Info Freako (Kiss The Stone)

Jethro Tull

Jewel - I Walk This Way (Natural Woman Records)

J Geils Band, The (Live Sanctuary) - 1Pro-DVDR (V Jam. VJR-107) ***

J. Geils Blues Band -  New Penelope Club Band (Breakdown) ***

Jefferson Starship (Xs New Years Eve) - 3Pro-CDR (Vintage Masters. VMCDR-131A/B/C) ***

Jimmy Page

Joan Baez (Distinctive Vibrato) - 1Pro-CDR (Vintage Masters. VMCDR-090) ***

Joan Baez - Gracias (Discurios)

Joan Osborne - Rose Land (Kiss The Stone)

Jimi Hendrix

Joan Jett And The Black Hearts- Ritz Club On New Years Eve (Breakdown) ***

Joan Jett And The Black Hearts - Black Bomb (Kamikaze Records) ***

Joe Cocker (Hysterical Imitation ) - 1Pro-CDR (Midnight Dreamer MD-246) ***

Joe Cocker (Historic Chance Club) - 1Pro-CDR (Midnight Dreamer MD-202) ***

Joe Cocker - Feelin' Alright (Fabbri Editori)

Joe Cocker - Shut Out The Light (Oil Well)

Joe Cocker - Woodstock 1994 (Redline)

Joe Jackson (New Wave Sound Jackson Live) - 1Pro-CDR (Project Zip. PJZ-018)

Joe Lynn Turner - The First Acoustic Night (H-015)

Joe Lynn Turner - Undercover (8-Ball)

Joe Perry Project - Not Breakin' Blues. Live in Agora 1980 (The Polar Bear Records)

Joe Satriani - Master Of The Art (Kiss The Stone)

Joe Satriani - Always With You (Real Live)

Joe Satriani - Bospop 2000 ((JS-2000)

Joe Strummer And The Mescaleros - Acton Town Hall (Rebel Wessex) 

Joe Strummer And The Mescalaros - Germany Calling (Wonder Boy Records)

John Cale With TH Twente Band - Solo Performance At Belgium 1983 (Fire Power)

John Cale With TH Twente Band - St. Valentine's Night (Fire Power)

John Cale - Cale Street (Great Dane Records)

John Fogerty - London 2006 (Thirteen Records) ***

John Fogerty - Roskilde 1997 (Crystal Cat Records)

John Fogerty - The Complete Concert (Crystal Cat Records)

John Fogerty - Big Time (Crystal Cat Records)

John Fogerty - Proud Mary 2005 (Vegetable Man Records)  ***

John Fogerty - At The Chicago Theater (Crystal Cat Records)

John Fogerty - The Alternate HOODOO  (Young American Records) ***

John Lee Hooker - Casino De Montreux 1983 (Jamree Music) ***

John Lennon

John Mayall & Blues Breakers (Live In Germany 69) - 1Pro-CDR (Midnight Dreamer MD-262)

John Mayall And Friends Featuring Eric Clapton - Mersey River Side Blues (EC Is Here)

John Mayall And Blues Breakers With Eric Clapton - Blues Breaking  (Paddington Records)

John Mayall And Blues Breakers With Eric Clapton - Primal Seed (Cross Border Records)

John Mayall And Friends Featuring Eric Clapton - A Tribute To John Mayall For His 70th Birthday (Rothmans)

John Cougar Mellencamp - Wheels Are Turning (Kiss The Stone)

John Cougar Mellencamp - 4th Of July (Kiss The Stone)

John Cougar Mellencamp - Live Rehearsals (Kiss The Stone)

John Mellencamp - Bad To The Bone (Banzai)

John Cougar Mellencamp - Night Dancing (Great Dane Records)

John Mellencamp - Love And Happiness (Pluto Records)

John Cougar Mellencamp - Like A Rolling Stone (Winged Wheel)

John Cougar Mellencamp - The Live Experience (Great Dane Records)

John Norum - Heart Of Stone (JN-6.19.97-1/2)

John Petrucci - Shredfest (Majestic Melodies Entertainment)

Johnny Cash - Unchained In Austin (Cat's Meow Original CD & DVD) ***

Johnny Cash - Last Concert 2003 (Young American Records) ***

Johnny Cash - Live In New York City (Wild West)

Johnny Cash - The Beast In Me (Tendolar Label)

Johnny Thunder - The Party Aint Over Yet (Back To Zero)

Johnny Thunders And The Heartbreakers - S.O.B. Lost Live Tapes 1976 ~ 1977 (Back To Zero)

Johnny Winter (Johnny Guitar Boogie) - 1Pro-CDR (Breakdown-163) ***

Johnny Winter (Red House) - 1Pro-CDR (Breakdown-50) ***

Johnny Winter (Maybe Someone Here) - 1CDR (Breakdown-177)  ***

Johnny Winter - Brother Mojo Working (Breakdown) ***

John Wetton, Robin George, Carl Palmer And Don Airey - Wet Dreamz (Ayanami)

John Wetton - Lament  (Ayanami) ***

Jo Jo Gunne - Gunne To Lunch (Tendolar Label)

J J Cale - After Midnight In St Paul (Rea Live)

Jon Anderson - Chagall (Highland)

Jon Anderson - Preparation For The Songs (Highland)

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Down In The Beat (jsbx-121102)

Joni Mitchell (Get Together) - 1CDR (Goldies.GDR-0001)

Joni Mitchell (C.N.E. Bandshell 1983) - 2Pro- CDR (American Graffiti. AMEGRA-012/013)

Joni Mitchell & James Taylor (BBC In Concert ) - 1CD (Wardour-005)

Joni Mitchell (Wild In Brussels 1983) - 2Pro- CDR (Our Prayers-005) ***


Joy Division (The Dutch Recordings) - 1CD (The Godfather Records. GR-285)

Joy Division - The Youth Club (The Godfather Records)

Joy Division - Closer To The Unknown (Heart Of Darkness Records)

Judas Priest

Junkie XL (Define Beats) - 1 CD (R.H-006)

Kansas - Broadcast Of Innocence (Blue Cafe) ***

Kansas - Finale 1983 A.D. Kansas Live (Jamree Music) ***

Kansas - Symphony Of Innocence (Highland)

Kansas - Final-Visions (Highland)

Kansas - Grim-Faced Philosophers (Highland)

Kansas- Two For The Stage (Highland)

Kansas And Friends - Crazy Party Nights '84 (Gypsy Eye)

Kasabian - Live Kasabian (Franny Record)  ***

Kasabian - One Step Closer (Soda Pressing Records) ***

Kasabian - Live At Shibuya AX, 7th November 2004 (Thirteen Records) ***

K.D. Lang - Songs For Swinging Lovers (Kiss The Stone)

K.D. Lang - Strings 'N' Things (Kiss The Stone)

Keane - Appearance Is Not Related (Warmy Up Town) ***

Keith Emerson And The Nice - Reunion Of Dream (Highland)

Keith Jarrett Trio - Piece For Germany (Zooey Record) ***

Keith Richards - L.A. Connection. Live In Los Angeles  (KR-121488)

Keith Richards - Learning The Game (Rhythm Music)

Kenny Wayne Sheppard - Three For Kelly (Tendolar Label)

Kid Rock - Cause For The Devil (Wonder Boy Records)

The Killers - Young Men From Las Vegas (Apocalypse Sound, DVD Video)

Killing Joke (Darkness Before Dawn) - 1 CD (OBI 26404)




KIX - Dirty Boys Of The Underground (1012)

Korn - Korn Freak (Shout To The Top)

Korn - Back In Tokyo (Shout To The Top)

Korn - Blind Shot (Triple XXX)

Kraftwerk - An Atelier (Kling Klang)

Kraftwerk - Werking Holiday (Shout To The Top)

Kraftwerk - Die Klassic Werks Volume 3

Kraftwerk - Die Klassic Werks Volume 4

Kraftwerk - Die Klassic Werks Volume 5

Kylie Minogue - Australia 2001 (Ganja)

L7 - When The Stink Hits The Fan (Kiss The Stone)

Lamb - All In Their Hands: Remixed And Unplugged

The Lemonheads - Lemon Fresh Joy (Flying Tigers)

Lemonheads, The (Squeeze Me Please Me) - 1CD (Kiss The Stone. KTS- 262 )

The Leomonheads - Evan In Heaven (ELP Music)

Larry Carlton - Larry In B Smith's Rooftop Cafe (All Blues Records) ***

Lally Carlton - Tralfamadore (Tribal Blast) ***

Larry Carlton - New York 1978 (Slang Records) ***

Lenny Kravitz (Peace) - 2CD (9107072)

Lenny Kravitz (Winter Circus) - 2 CD (ZA-84/85)

Lenny Kravitz - Acoustic (Kiss The Stone)

Lenny Kravitz - Flower Child (Kiss The Stone)

Lenny Kravitz - My Flash On You (Kiss The Stone)

Lenny Kravitz - Forgotton Gardens (OHM)

Lenny Kravitz - Let Lenny Rule (Templar)

Lenny Kravitz - Believe (Free As A Boot)

Leonard Cohen - Explorer Of The Blue Dimension (Dissiden Karma Records)

Leonard Cohen - Koln 1988 (LC-01)

The Libertines - Sticky Fingers, Goteborg, Sweden 2003 (Jamree Music)  ***

The Libertines - Straight To Hell (Warmy Up Town) ***

The Libertines - The Good Old Days (Cat No. 60958A/B)

The Libertines - A Year End Miracle (Warmy Up Town) ***

Limp Bizkit (Why Don't You Want To Hate This?) - 1 CD (Shout To The Top. STTP- 118)

Limp Bizkit - Latest Killer Level (Wonder Boy Records)

Limp Bizkit - Ozzfest '98 (Wonder Boy Records)

Limp Bizkit - Significant Boston (Wonder Boy Records)

Limp Bizkit - Significant Demos In The Hell (Wonder Boy Records)

Linkin Park - Animatronic (Animat-2001)

Linkin Park - Live From London (LIPA-01)

Linda Ronstadt (With Linda) - 1CD (Rm Record. RMRCD-LR002)

Linda Ronstadt (Tower To The New York) - 1Pro-CDR (Vintage Masters. VMCDR-097)

Linda Ronstadt - Down Under Atlanta (Retro-Tone)

Linda Ronstadt - Lay Down Beside Me (Zion)

Linda Ronstadt Featuring Lowell George - I'm All Yours (Stoned Turtle)

Lionel Richie (All Night Live) - 1CD (Kiss The Stone. KTS- 183 )

LionsHeart - Hell To Hell (Wyvern)

Little Feat (Legendary Performance) - 1Pro-CDR (Vintage Masters. VMCDR-077)

Little Feat - Demos And Outtakes (Midnight Dreamer) ***

Little Feat - Third Incamation 92 (Midnight Dreamer) ***

Little Feat - One More Fillmore (Vintage Masters Premium) ***

Little Feat - Rock And Roll Atlanta (Midnight Dreamer) ***

Little Feat - Skin Orpheum Theater (Midnight Dreamer) ***

Little Feat - Only Modest Sellers (Vintage Masters) ***

Little Feat - Tokyo 1978 (Trial)

Little Feat With Eric Clapton - Mellow Down Easy (Masterport)

Little Feat - Newcastle 1977 (Zion)

Little Feat - Icepick Eldorado

Little Feat - Sushi And Hotdog (LF-001/2/3)

Little Feat - House of Blues (Prestage Label)

Little Feat - Back At The Keswick (Pre Stage)

Little Feat - Electrif Lycanthrope (Pre Stage)

Little Feat - Oh, Atlanta (Pre Stage)

Little Feat - Weed, White And Wine (Pre Stage)

Little Steven Featuring Bruce Springsteen - Native American (Winged Wheel)

Little Village - Solar Sex Panel (Pluto Records)

Leon Russell And The Shelter People - Budokan 1973 (Trial)

Lindsey Buckingham - Gift Of Screams (Withdrawn)

Living Colour - 4 Never Satisfied Friends (Backstage)

Live - Supernatural (Kiss The Stone)

Loggins & messina (Lost Rare Performance ) - 1Pro-CDR (Midnight Dreamer MD-249) ***

Loggins And Messina - Nassau Coliseum 1976 (American Graffiti Records) ***

Loggins And Messina - Berkeley Mama Don't Dance (Vintage Masters) ***

Loggins And Messina - Soldiers And Sailors (Midnight Dreamer) ***

Love Mongers - A Happy New Year 1992 (Heartbreakers)

Lou Reed (Creating Emotionally) - 2Pro-CDR (Breakdown-244A/B)

Lou Reed - Frustrate And Antagonize (Breakdown) ***

Lou Reed - I Need A New Illusion (Franny Record) ***

Lou Reed - Caught Between The Twisted Stars (Shamrock Records)

Lou Reed - Sweet Jane (Oil Well)

Lou Reed - Modern Dance (The Swingin' Pig Records)

Lou Reed - Whatever Happened To Dick And Steve? (Missing Link)

Lou Reed - Wild Goin' Wild (Shout To The Top)

Lucinda Williams - Car Wheels On A Gravel Road - The First Session 1995 (Stoned Turtle)

Lush - Kaleidoscopic Harmonies (Kiss The Stone)

Lynyrd Skynard (Kings Of Southern Rock) - 1CDR+1DVDR (Vintage Masters. VMCDR-162A/B)

Lynyrd Skynard (Kicking Off Freebird) - 1Pro-CDR (Breakdown-169)

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Chatanuga Tennessee March 1975 (Roaring Mouse Records)

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Chatanooga ChooChoo (Mainstream SBR Collection)

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Made In Sheffield (Westwood)

Lynyrd Skynyrd - One More From The Last Night (Private Master)

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Asbury Park '77 [Glide Like A Brick] (Delta Tone)

Lynyrd Skynyrd - One Of A Kind (Sweet Encore)

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Teaching An Oakie To Fly (Sweet Encore)

Machine Head - Pressure Point (Kiss The Stone)

Madness - Nutty Dread (Big Music)

Madonna (Blond Ambition Dallas ) - 1CD Trifold Digipak (The Godfather Records. GR-271)

Madonna - Italian Confessions (The Godfather Records)

Madonna - Drowned World Tour 2001 (MAD-2001)

Madonna - Brixton Academy 28th November 2000 (MMBAL-281100)

Madonna - Some Like It Hot (Kiss The Stone)

Madonna - Bonsoir Paris (Ganja)

Madonna - Greatest Superstar Live In Concert (Rose / PAL-03)

Madonna - Lick me Down Under (Kiss The Stone)

Madonna - Drowned World Tour 2001. What It Feels Like Live (DWT-260801/2)

Magnum - Madness In The Marquee Club 1983  (Dirty 13)

Mahavishnu Orchestra (In High Spirits) - 4Pro-CDR (Gravy Train 019)

Mahavishnu Orchestra (Performed By The Musicians) - 3Pro-CDR (Crossover 020A/B/C)

Mahavishnu Orchestra (Boston 1973) - 4Pro-CDR (Gravy Train 023)

Mahavishnu Orchestra (Time To Experiment) - 1Pro- CDR (Crossover 012)

Mahavishnu Orchestra (Electric Instrumentation Inebitably) - 3Pro-CDR (Crossover 007A/B/C)

Mahavishnu Orchestra (One World Legendary Performance) - 2Pro-CDR (Crossover 009A/B)

Mahavishnu Orchestra - Narada Dayz (Our Prayer) ***

Mahavishnu Orchestra - Winging The Infinite. Live In Berkeley 1972 (Mainstream SBR Collection)

John McLaughlin - Free Spirits (All Blues Records) ***

John McLaughlin With Elvin Jones And Joey DeFrancesco - Antibes Jazz Festival 1996 (Slang Records)  ***

John McLaughlin With Mahavishnu Orchestra - The One And His Secreat Play (Mainstream SBR Collection)

Carlos Santana And Mahavishnu John McLaughlin - Brothers Of The Spirit (Mainstream SBR Collection)

Mahavishnu Orchestra - Bird To Boston (Shout To The Top)

The Mahavishnu Orchestra With John McLaughlin - Irish Streams (Highland)

Mahavishnu Orchestra - Live At Budokan Tokyo Japan September 28, 1975 (Killing Floor)

Mahavishnu Orchestra - McGuru Lives (Zipperman)

Mahavishnu Orchestra - The Mourning Flame Of Eternal Five (Shout To The Top)

Mahavishnu Orchestra - Visions Of The Apocalypse And Beyond (Shout To The Top)

Manic Street Preachers (The Enemy Within) - 1 CD (Switch On -S.O. 2001-22-1)

The Manic Street Preachers - Everything Must Grow Up (Wonder Boy Records)

The Manic Street Preachers - You Love Us (Dancing Horse)

Manic Street Preachers - The Return Of The Preachers (Tude)

Manowar - Warriors Over Cologne

Mariah Carey - Greatest Hits Live (Cher)

Mariah Carey - Out In Japan (Oxygen)

Mariah Carey - Vision Of Love ... Live (P-910117)

Marilyn Manson - Uncut (Kiss The Stone)

Marilyn Manson - Demos In My Lunchbox Volume 2 (Kiss The Stones)

Marilyn Manson - All Things Holy. London 2001 (Switch On)

Marilyn Manson - End Of Days (Ganja)

Marilyn Manson - Great Big Day Out! (MM-230199)

Marilyn Manson - Sympathy For The Devil Chile '96 (MMCHI-96)

The Pop Group Featuring Mark Stewart - Our Sense Of Purpose (Back To Zero)

The Pop Group And Mark Stewart - Complete Live And Singles (Franny Record)  ***

Mark Knopfler (Never Fade Tonight) - 2Pro-CDR (Trial-321)

Mark Knopfler (Royal Albert Hall 2008) - 2Pro-CDR (Trial-327)

Mark Knopfler (Berlin Night) - 1Pro-CDR (Midnight Dreamer MD-221)

Mark Knopfler - Golden Tears (Kiss The Stone)

Mark Knopfler - Rarities Collection (Ganja)

Maroon 5 - Tangled Up In Blue. (Warmy Up Town) ***

Marvin Gaye - Damn Your Eyes, My Dear (Big Fro Discs)

Mary Hopkin - Spirit And The Welsh Words Of Mary Hopkin

Meat Loaf (Joyfully Overblown Stage) - 1Pro-CDR (Breakdown-176) ***

Meat Loaf - Hot As Hell (Big Music)

Meat Loaf - It's Live For You (And That's The True) (Kiss The Stone)

Megadeth - Return To Hanger 18 (Bondage Music)

Megadeth - Killing Power (Wyvern EC, BV)

Megadeth - Rattle Your God Damn Head (Bondage Music)

Megadeth - Youth In Japan Tour 1995

Melissa Etheridge - Acoustic (Kiss The Stone)

Melissa Etheridge - Concert #101 (American Fly)

Melissa Etheridge - Let's Get It On (Kiss The Stone)

Melissa Etheridge - Live In Ahoy 02-02-96 (CUPiDO 03/04)

Melissa Etheridge -No More Secrets (ME 0296-A/B)

Melissa Etheridge - Souvenirs (Hard Rain)

Melissa Etheridge - Ten Years Of Covers (Kiss The Stone)

Melissa Etheridge - Your Little Secrets (Island)

Metal Church (Wicked Hymns) - 1CD (9111-2)


The Meters And The JB Horns - Funky Germany 1991 (Jamree Music) ***

The Meters - Fire In Texas (Big Fro Discs)

Mick Ronson (Ronno Plays Guitar) - 1CD (RM Record. RMRCD-MR 001)

Mick Taylor & Friends (Blues Summit) - 2CD

Mick Taylor (Time Waits For No One) - 1CD

Mick Taylor - Miami 1993 (Shamrock Records)

Mick Taylor - Lone Star Cafe 1986.(Screamer)

Midnight Oil - Unplugged Calgary Electric Chicago (Rea Live)

Michael Bolton (Soul Driver) - 1CD (Kiss The Stone. KTS- 076)

Michael Jackson - Bad Tour In Japan (Rea Live)

Michael Jackson - Live And Dangerous (Kiss The Stone)

Michael Monroe (Lookin At You) - 2CD (MM106)

The Michael Schenker Group - Assault Attack Demos (Langley Ultimate Series ) ***

Michael Schenker Group - Cry For The Rock Nations (Full Metal Jacket)

The Michel Schenker Group - Assault And Battery (Neptune)

Michael Schenker Group - Guitar Crusher's Revenge 1st Night (Heartbreakers)

Michael Schenker Group - Guitar Crusher's Revenge 2nd Night (Heartbreakers)

Mike Bloomfield (Michael) (Like A Rolling Stone) - 1CD  (Seymour Records.SRCD-20070036)

Mike Bloomfield (Greatest White Blues) - 1Pro-CDR (Vintage Masters. VMCDR-082) ***

Mike Bloomfield (Swingin' Auditorium) - 1 CD (Seymour Records. SR-034)f

Mike Bloomfield - Just Was The Best Guitar Player (Seymour Record)

Mike Bloomfield - The Complete Miami Concert (Seymour Records)

Mike Bloomfield - The Other Side Of Old Waldorf (Seymour Record)

Mike And The Mechanics - Miracle Mania (Elements Of Crime)

Mike And The Mechanics - I Can't Stop The Dance (Highland)

Mike Love (First Love & Country Love) - 2CD (Darkside Production.DP-00-18-1/2)

Mike Oldfield - Bells Of Remembrance (Sirene)

Mike Oldfield - Irish Blues (Mindwarp)  ***

Mike Oldfield - Ring Out. Live In Poland (Mindwarp) ***

Ministry (Trip To Hell) - 1CD (Kiss The Stone. KTS- 150)

Ministry (Lollapalooza 92) - 1CD (Kiss The Stone. KTS- 116)

Ministry - Flashback (With Ogre) (Tornado /TOR-029)

Miles Davis

Missing Persons - Tiring Of Complex Art Rock (Breakdown) ***

The Mission - Blood Brothers (Kiss The Stone)

The Mission - Into The Blood (Kiss The Stone)

Mr Mister - Broken Kyrie

Morrissey (Digital Excitation) - 1CD (Kiss The Stone. KTS- 058)

Morrissey - Home Is Where The Heart Is (CDP-79-1004-2)

Morrissey - Nothing To Declare But My Jeans (CDP-79-0828-2)

Motley Crue (The Doctor is In) - 2CD (91122)

Motley Crue (Red Hot Spectaculars) - 2CDR+1DVDR (Lost And Found. LAF-403/404/405)

Motley Crue - New Skin (Bondage Music)

Motley Crue - Welcome To The Theatre Of Pain (Langley Ultimate Series ) ***

Motley Crue - Devil Inside (Metal Raiser) ***

Motley Crue - She Goes Down (MC-91112)

Motley Crue - Here I Cum Tacoma ... (Shout To The Top)

Motley Crue - Devils In Devor (Fire Power)

Motley Crue - Maximum Zero (Bondage Music)

Motley Crue - Wildest Demo Tracks (Demonic Sounds)

Motorhead (Gonna Make Your Ears Bleed) - 1CD (Kiss The Stone. KTS- 218)

Mott The Hoopel - Flash And Crash (Colosseum Records)

Morcheeba - I Gonna Be Jazz. 6th Bizarre-Festival 2002 (Ganja)

Mountain (The Best Of Mountain) - 1CD (Quad-004)

Mr Big - Definitive Big (Ace Of Spades)

Mr. Big - Get Bigger (Kiss The Stone)f

Mr Big - Get Drilled ! (9 109301/02)

Mr Big - The Perfect Demonium (Shout To The Top)

Mudhoney - Fuzzbusters (Kiss The Stone)

Mudhoney - Suck You Dry (Pluto Records)

My Bloody Valentine - We Had To Say Goodbye (Still Nothing)

My Bloody Valentine - Once I Was Butcher (Still Nothing)

My Bloody Valentine - Peel Slowly And See (Still Nothing)

My Bloody Valentine - The Complete MBV Works And Sessions (Still Nothing)

My Bloody Valentine - Live In Osaka, Japan 1991 (Still Nothing Label)

My Bloody Valentine - Los Angels Small Cub Gig July 1989 / Tiboli Utrec Ht February 23rd 1989 (Still Nothing Label)

My Bloody Valentine - Live At The Rosy, Los Angeles February 4th 1992, Late Show (Still Nothing Label)

Nazareth - Telegram Of The Dog (Breakdown) ***

Nazareth - Milton Keynes 2006 (Trial) ***

Nazareth - Expect Razamanaz (Gypsy Eye)

Nazareth - Lost BBC Tapes (Gypsy Eye)

Nazareth - Razamanaz In Wonderland (Gypsy Eye)

Neds Atomic Dustbin - Radio Active (Big Music)

Neville Brothers - Europe 1991 (Post Script)

Neville Brothers - Ju Ju Tunes (Rare Recording Collection)

Neville Brothers - Tell It Like It Is (Pluto Records)

Neville Brothers - Woodstock 1994 (On Stage Records)

New Order (Phew Wave) - 2Pro- CDR (MSG Records-MSR-113)

New Order - Basement Tapes 1980 ~ 1984 (Back To Zero)

New Order - 050505 Hammerstien Ballroom North American Tour (Franny Record)  ***

New Order - Out Of Order (NO-2000)

New Order - The Complete Peel Sessions ***

New York Dolls - We Were Into Something Good (Back To Zero)

The Nice - Complete Broadcast Tape (Highland)

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - Into The Abattoir (The Godfather Records)

Nick Cave - Let Love In (Filou)

Nick Cave - Mr Loverman (Euro Boots)

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - Ready For Love (The Swingin Pig)

Nick Cave - Berlin (NCBCD01)

Nick Cave - Darkness (Megaphone)

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - Live At Stadtpark, Hamburg 4-7-2001 (NC2001)

Nickel Back - Cowboy From Hell (Pablo Records)

Nickel Back - Leader Of Men (NB-87253)

Nicket Black - Something Bizarre (NICK-2002)

Night Ranger (Still In The Sun) - 2Pro- CDR (Upper Bottom Records. UB-002)  ***

Nils Lofgren (Halloween Night Concert) - 1Pro-CDR (Midnight Dreamer MD-199) ***

Nils Lofgren - Philadelphia's Sonically (Midnight Dreamer) ***

Nils Lofgren Band - No Sleep 'Til Burgess Hill (Doberman) ***

Nine Inch Nails - Solid Gold Hell (Cocomelos Records)

Nine Inch Nails - Beyond The Spiral (REZ-101)

Nine Inch Nails - Fragile Sydney. Forestaglade Festival Wiesen Austria, July 8th 2000 (Wonder Boy Records)


Noir Desir - Chateau Noir Desir (Ganja)

Noir Desir - Ras L'Front (Ganja)

Norah Jones (KCRW Studio 2007) - 1Pro-CDR (Wirework Records. WWR-017) ***

Norah Jones - FM Show 2007 (King Stork Records) ***

Norah Jones - Don't Fence Me (Lost Dogs)

Norah Jones - In The Dark Side. A Collection Of Rare Non Album Tracks (King Stork Records)  ***

Norah Jones - Sultry Voice (Natural Woman Records)

No Doubt - Ska-Face. Germany 1977 (Dancing Horse)

NOFX - Bricking The Hits (Marshall Records)

Northern Uproar -A North Wind (DAT Label)

NRBQ - Wally, Stu, Lou And The Q! (Tendolar Label)


The Offspring - Rock Against The Splinter (Warmy Up Town) ***

The Offspring - Come Out And Play (Kiss The Stone)

The Offspring - Live In Leeds (Switch On)

The Offspring - Meaning Of Job (Shout To The Top)

Olivia Newton John - Bring Your Love Around (Trial) ***

Orbital - Out Sides. The Warehouse, Leeds April 18th, 1997 (OR-841896)

Osanna - IL Paleapolice (Black Hole)

Otis Redding - A Soupcon Of Soul (Big Fro Discs)

Otis Reading - Try A Little Tenderness (Oil Well)

Ozzy Osbourne

Pantera (Walk On The Wild Side) - 1 CD (Kiss The Stone. KTS- 177 )

Pantera - No Compromise No Sell Out (Kiss The Stone)

Pat Metheny Group (West Berlin 1978) - 1Pro-CDR (Our Prayers-009) ***

Pat Metheny Group - A New Phrase Of The Guitar (Shout To The Top)

Pat Metheny Group And Friends - Panoptikum Kollosal (Shout To The Top)

Patti Smith (Twelve Lives) - 2Pro- CDR (Wirework Records. Wwr-001/002)

Patti Smith - CBGB's Club Gig (Breakdown) ***

Patti Smith & Band - Blakean Year, Berlin 2004 (The Swingin' Pig)

Patti Smith - Circus 2004 (Crystal Cat Records)

Patti Smith And Television - We Can't Do Anymore...Cause I'm Just Too Tired!  (Back To Zero)

Patti Smith - Bells Of  Berlin 

Patti Smith - Beneath The Southern Cross (Trystar)

Patti Smith - Les Annees Pop (Acoustic Architect Production)

Paul Simon (Silent Eyes At Opera House American Tunes) - 2Pro-CDR (Midnight Dreamer. MD-264A/B)

Paul Simon (All The Favorite Melodies) - 2 CD (Zion-021)

Paul Simon - Dreams 1991 (Masterport)

Paul Simon - Live in Boston 2001 (Palm Drive)

Paul Simon - Live Composin' (Private Master)

Paul Simon - Live Rhymin' In Osaka (Mainstream)

Paul Simon - The Boxer And The Beacon. Live At Beacon Theatre NYC, December 8, 2000  (Night Hawk)

Paul Simon And Brian Wilson - Mutual Admiration (Shout To The Top)

Parliament Funkadelic - Cabooze 1992-10-08 (Jamree Music) ***

Parliament Funkadelic - Afrolicious And The Electric Pussy (Big Fro Discs)

Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM) (Harlequin) - 2CD (Virtuoso 001/002)

Paul Rodgers And Company - Song Of Angel (Mainstream SBR Collection)

Pavement - Anybody Can Go (Glasshouse / GH-4005)

Paul Butterfield - Give Me One More Heartache (Zooey Records) ***

Paul Butterfield's Better Days - Back To Woodstock (Vague Records)

Paul Butterfield Blues Band - Droppin' In With The Paul Butterfield Blues Band (Gold Standard)

Paul Weller

Paul Westerberg - Talent Show (Deep Six)

Pearl Jam

Pete Townshend

Peter Frampton - Comes Arena (Private Master)

Peter Frampton - Comes Frampton! (Masquerad)

Philip Lynott - 67~ 69 Trend Studios (Nightlife / N-052)

Phil Collins - Big Band Live (Super Sonic)

Phish - Live Bait (Kiss The Stone)

Phish - Live Bait Vol 2 (Kiss The Stone)

Phish - Ceviche. Part 1 (Vague Records)

Phish - Ceviche. Part 2 (Vague Records)

Phish - Ceviche. Part 3 (Vague Records)

Phoebe Snow - Rainbow Music Hall 1979 (American Graffiti Records) ***

Public Image Limited - Playing In A Dishpan (Back To Zero)

Public Image Limited - Never Mind The Public Image (Naked Sun Co)

P.I.L. - Rotten To The Core (Big Music)

Pixies - Doolittle Demos (Odilon Records) ***

Pixies - Pale Blues Eyes (Soda Pressing Records) ***

PJ Harvey - C'mon Polly (Synergy)

PJ Harvey - Who The F**k? (Warmy Up Town) ***

Placebo - Souvenir From London (Ganja)

The Pogues -  Lullaby Of The Chocolate City (Back To Zero)

The Pogues - Japan Tour 2005 (Back To The Zero)

Pogues - Back From The County Hell (Back To Zero)

Pog Mo Thoin - Bottoms Up (Back To Zero)

Porcupine Tree - Live in Poland 2001 (porc-2001)

Portishead - One More Time (Kiss The Stone)

Praying Mantis (Time Tells No Lies) - 1CD (Spart 1153-2)

Prefab Sprout - Paddy: The Come Back (Wonder Boy Records)

Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM) - IL Concerto 2001 (Highland)

Pretty Maids - Nitro Blood (PM-82997-1/2)

Pretenders (In Montreux) - 2CD (Masterporrt-211)

The Pretenders - Few Professional Live (Midnight Dreamer) ***

Pretenders - Live Screw. Shibuya Kokaido, Tokyo, Japan Feb 3rd 2004 (Kamikaze Records) ***

Pretenders - Live At Last (Great Live Records)

Pride And Glory - Machine Gun Osaka (Langley Ultimate Series ) ***

Primal Scream - Rocksucker Blues (Kiss The Stone)

Primal Scream - Kill No Fun Hippies (Shout To The Top)


The Professionals - Join The Professionals (Up Yours) ***

Procol Harum (A Paris French Radio 75) - 1Pro-CDR (Blue Cafe-189)

Procol Harum - First Off Robin Academy Of Music (Blue Cafe) ***

Procol Harum - Sound Studios '74 (Blue Cafe) ***

Procol Harum - 1969 West Coast Conquest (Jamree Silver Standards)

Procol Harum - Stockholm 1971 Pre-FM Master (Sirene)

Pulp - Live (Kiss The Stone)

Qango -Walking On Air (Highland)

Queens Of The Stone Age - Live Bites

Queens Of The Stone Age - Stoned In Sweden 2000 (Georgama Bin Bush Records)

Queens Of The Stone Age - First Boot (Filou)

Queens Of The Stone Age - Monsters Of The Parasol

Queensryche (Operation Mindcrime) - 2CD (QR955)

Queensryche - Sweden Rock Festival 2006 (Lost And Found) ***

Queensryche - Operation:Perfectcrime (Bondage Music)

Queensryche - Philosofhy Of Life. Promised Land Tour 1995 (Wyvern EC. BV)

Quiet Riot - Demos For Never Released 3rd LP (Demonic Sounds)

Quiet Riot - Whiskey 1979. Unreleased Live 1979 With Randy Rhoads (Calvary)



Rage Against the Machine (Wake Up Messe) - 1Pro-CDR (Upper Sound Records. US-021)

Rage Against The Machine - Blown Away (Kiss The Stone)

Rage Against The Machine - Born Of Broken Man (Wonder Boy Records)

Rage Against The Machine - Evil Mactire (Genocide-002)

Rage Against The Machine - Freedom (On Stage Records)

Rage Against The Machine - No Shelter (Wonder Boy Records)

Rage Against The Machine - Despatches. Live At The University At London Union. February 14th, 1993

Rage Against The Machine - Rage Against Coachello (Wonder Boy Records)

Rage Against The Machine Featuring Chris Cornell - Civilan - The Demos


Ramones - Hey Gabba Gabba hey (Pinhead Productions.)

Ramones - Live At Whiskey (A GoodFellas Production)

Ramones - Pulsating To The Back Seat (Back To Zero)

Ramones - Please Move Back! (More Glue Records)

Ramones - 1 2 3 4 Die. Palladium, New York, 12/31/79 (Bake Rod Records)

Ramones - Government Party (Warmy Up Town) ***

Ramones - Solid Gold-Easy Action

Rancid - Crazy Nottingham (Fuchsia Records)

Rancid - Indestructible Bonds (Kamikaze Records) ***

Rancid -

 Blood. Live at ZEPP Tokyo, Japan February 13th 2004  (Kamikaze Records) ***

Rancid - B-Sides Collections (Destroy Fascism Records / RAN-98995-2)

Rancid - Crazy Nottingham (Fuchsia Records)

Rancid - Europe '98. Live At The Bizarre Festival (RAN-98996-2)

Rancid - Give 'EM The Boot (RCD-005)

Randy Rhoads - Guitar Seminar (Shout To The Top)

Ratdog - Waited Jam In 30 Years (RD-001)

Ray Davis - Live In Berlin 2006 (RD-06/1)

Ray Davis And The Band - Till The End Of The Day (Franny Record) ***

Ray Davies - 20th Century Man (H.B.-004)

Ray Davies And The Band - Kirk The Bingo. Play The Kinks (Mainstream SBR Collection)

Red Hot Chili Peppers (Ocean Pacific Dream) - 2Pro- CDR (Upper Bottom Records. UB-001) ***

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Pack The Stadium - Day 1 (Lurid Records)

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Pack The Stadium - Day 2 (Lurid Records)

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Dani Dublin (Breakdown) ***

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Merci Bang 1 (MSG Records) ***

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Merci Bang 2 (MSG Records) ***

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Doobie Funk (MSG Records) ***

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Canvas Club (The Godfather Records)

Red Hot Chili Peppers - One Hot Globe (Free As A Boot)

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Dead Cool (Lurid Records) ***

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Kulturfabrik Kampnagel, Hamburg, 06th Feb 1999

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Anthoney's Penis (Shout To The Top)

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Melodic Flea-Way (Wonder Boy Records)

Red Hot Chili Peppers - What The Hell (Lurid Records)

Reef - After Glow (Wonder Boy Records)


Refugee - Miraculous Tracks (Highland)

Renaissance - At The Harbour (Sirene) ***

Renaissance - Night Of Scheherazade (Sirene) ***

Renaissance - Turn Of The Seasons (Highland)

The Replacements - Get Outta My Way, I'm Drunk (Roaring Mouse Records)

The Replacements - The Legend Behind The Myth (Massive Attack Discs) ***

The Replacements - Liquor Where it Counts (Massive Attack Discs) ***

The Replacements - Everybody Loves An Ego-Maniac! (Tendolar Label)

The Replacements - It Ain't Over 'Til The Fat Roadies Play (Home Records)

The Replacements - Putting On The Ritz (Wild Wolf - 9814)

The Replacements - Sucking Wax (Lady Butcher)

REO Speedwagon - Keep On Loving You (Fire Power)

Return to Forever - Complete Hamburg 1972 (Blow-U)

Return To Forever - Return To 1975 (Slang Records) ***

Return To Forever - La Fiesta In West Germany 1972 (Be Twisted)

Richard Hell And The Voidoids - I Wanna Be Your Dog (Back to Zero)

Richard Thompson Band - Philadelphia 1999 (Super Sonic)

Ride - Overload (Kiss The Stone)

Robert Fripp String Quintet (Kan non Power) - 1 CD (921111-2)

Robin Trower - Alternate In City Dreams (Breakdown) ***

Robin Trower - Day Of The Sympathy (Breakdown) ***

Robin Trower - The Eagle Has Landed (Trial)

Robert Plant

Roberta Flack (Most Compelling Era) - 1Pro-CDR (Vintage Masters. VMCDR-098)

Robbie Williams - Escape From The Studio

Rod Stewart

Roger Daltrey (First Solo Tour) - 1Pro-CDR (Midnight Dreamer MD-224)

Roger Mcguinn (Road As The Opener) - 1Pro-CDR (Midnight Dreamer MD-225)

Roger MC Guinn - Mr Tambourine Man. Live In Minneapolis 21st April 1991  (Real Live)

Rory Gallagher

Roxy Music (Fabulous Creation) - 2CD (Vintage Masters Premium. VM014A/B)

Roxy Music (Fabulous Creation/If There is Something) - 2CD+1DVD (Vintage Masters Premium. VM014A/B-VMDVD01)

Roxy Music - Concerto Manifesto (Midnight Dreamer) ***

Roxy Music - Way To To The High Road (Midnight Dreamer) ***

Roxy Music - A Million Miles Away (Midnight Dreamer) ***

Roxy Music - Complete Live (Midnight Dreamer) ***

Roxy Music - The Pride And The Pain (Gold Standard)

Roxy Music - The Days With Crazy Peacock (Zooey Record)***

Roxy Music - The Live Album 1975 (R-001)

Roxy Music - Viennalle (Mainstream)

Roxy Music - Glasgow 1982 Soundboard (Ayanami Ultimate Series) ***

Roxy Music - The BBC Sessions, 1972 ~ 1973 (Ayanami Ultimate Series) ***

Roy Orbison - Live In England 1975 (Genschman Records)


The Rutles - Sweet Rutle Tracks (Element Of Crime)

The Rutles - Rutles To Let!! (Shout To The Top)

Ryan Adams And The Cardinals - Sweetest Illusion (Franny Record)***

Ryan Adams - Winding Wheel (UZ-4534)

Ryan Adams - Austin City Limits Music Festival (Young American Records) ***

Ryan Adams - Beautiful Place

Ryan Adams And The Sweetheart Revolution - Streetwalking Blues

Ry Cooder (Musician's Musician In Studio) - 1Pro-CDR (Midnight Dreamer MD-195)

Ry Cooder And David Lindley - French's Camp (Jamree Music)***

Ry Cooder - Goodnight Irene (Jamree Records) ***

Ry Cooder - Travelin' Man (Gold Standard)

Sammy Hagar - The Red Rocker At Red Rocks! (Bondage Music)


Sarah McLachlan - Border Songs (Eclipse Records) ***

Sarah McLachlan - Storytellers Plus (Remasters Records) ***


The Seahorses - First Steps (Gamberetto)

Seawind (Live In Japan 1981) - 1Pro-CDR (WCR-001) ***

Sean Lennon - Bring Back The Label (King Stork Records) ***

Sepultura - Nailbomb (Kiss The Stone)

Seven Mary Three - Water's Edge (Kiss The Stone)

Sex Pistols

Shakira - A Mina Tem Swing (Natural Woman Records)

Sheryl Crow

Simon and Garfunkel

Simple Minds (More News From This World) - 1CD (SML 2106)

Simply Red - Red All Over (Kiss The Stone)

Simply Red - Red Stars At Night (Kiss The Stone)

Simply Red - Live In Montreux 1986 (Real Live)

Silverchair - Les Enfants Terribles (SCLET-95)

Silverhead - Live In Tokyo (Dirty 13)

Silverhead - Rock And Roll Circus (Private Master)

Siouxsie And The Banshees Featuring Robert Smith / Asian Knights (Music CD / DVD)

Siouxsie And The Banshees - Sister Midnight (Kiss The Stone)

Siouxsie And The Banshees - The Sweetest Chill (Babyface)

Sir Douglas Quintet - Rockin On Route 37 (Tendollar Label)

The Sisters Of Mercy - Bei Mir Bist Du Schon. M'era Luna, Hildesheim, 12.08.2000

The Sisters Of Mercy - Exxile In Cologne (H-SOM 1/2)

The Sisters Of Mercy - Victorian Night. Brixton Academy, London, 10.06.97

The Sisters Of Mercy - Visions At The Forum (SOMFO-298)

Skid Row (Psycho Therapy) - 2CD (911071/2)

Skid Row - Headliner (Langley Ultimate Series)

Skid Row - Whole Lotta Love (Gypsy Eye)

Slayer - Back In Blood (Ace f Spades)

Slayer - Diabolus In The East (King Stork Records) ***

Slayer - Yokohama 2001 (SL-250801)

Slipknot - In The Noose (Wonder Boy Records)

Sly And The Family Stone - You Caught Me Alive (Jamree Music) ***

Sly And The Family Stone - November 1974 (Jamree Music)***

Sly And The Family Stone - Down On The Farm (Deep Six)

Sly And The Family Stone - Thee Encyclopedia Of Ecstacy (Big Fro Discs)

Sly And The Family Stone - Thee Thesaurus Of Funkasaurus (Big Fro Discs)

Smashing Pumpkins

Smithereens - Time And Time Again (Tendollar Label)

The Smiths - From The One You Left Behind (HAND1CD)

The Smiths - The First Demo Recordings/BBC Demos (001/002) ***

The Smiths - The Rare Tracks On Vinyl / Unbroadcast BBC Outtakes (003/004) ***

The Smiths - Vinyl Rarities (Fleak Casket) ***

Smokey Robinson - The Miracle Of Soul (The Polar Bear Records)

The Soft Machine - Amsterdam 2005 (Thirteen Music) ***

The Soft Machine Legacy - Time Machine (Mindwarp)  ***

Sonic Youth - Ecoute Ca CoCo (Ganja)

Soul Asylum - Live! Live In USA 1992 (Pluto Records)

Sound Garden - Louder (Rocks-92051)

Southside Johnny - All I Want Is Every Thing (Pluto Records)

The Specials - Gangster's Carnival. Carnival House Shinjuku, Tokyo Japan, July 20,1980 (Back To Zero)

Spin Doctors (Round And Round) - 2CD (Kiss The Stone. KTS- 173-74)

Spindoctor - Srotcod Nips (Great Dane Records)

Spirit - The Secret Files Of Dr Sardonicus (Tendolar)

Spiritualized - Light Of The Sight Side (Wonder Boy Records)

Spooky Tooth - Berlin Wall (Colosseum Records)

Starz - Cherry Baby (Gypsy Eye)

Star Castle - Diamond Tape (Highland)

Steely Dan

Stephen Stills Manassas - A Hot Buffalo And Byrd Burrito (Vague Records)

Steve Miller Band (Change For The Band) - 1Pro-CDR (Midnight Dreamer MD-217)

The Stills Young Band - Evening Coca-Nuts (Gold Standard)

The Stills Young Band - Both The Great Men Part 1 (Vague Records)

The Stills Young Band - Both The Great Men Part 2 (Vague Records)

The Stills Young Band - Both The Great Men Part 3 (Vague Records)

Steppenwolf - Headlined The Fillmore West (Vintage Masters) ***

Stereophonics - Local Boys. Live At Golders Green Hippodrome 1999 (Wonder Boy Records)

Stereophonics - Sound City Traffic (Velvet Time)

Steve Earle And The Dukes - All American Boy (Doberman) ***

Steve Earle And The Dukes - Do Not Try This At Home! (Doberman) ***

Steve Earle And The Dukes - Hard Core Troubadour (Doberman) ***

Steve Earle - Lean And Mean (Doberman) ***

Steve Earle And The Dukes - The Unrepentant (Doberman) ***

Steve Earle - Living Dangerously (Tendolar Label)

Steve Earle - Victim Of Changes

Steve Perry (Lost Angels Steves Demo) - 1Pro-CDR (Project Zip. PJZ-028)

Steve Hackett - First Touched Mine (Highland)

Steve Hackett - Hallam Steppes (Highland)

Steve Hillage - Demo Tracks 74~78 (Highland)

Steve Winwood (One Night At Scala) - 2Pro-CDR (Trial-322)

Steve Winwood & Eric Clapton (Classic Rocks Live In The Castle 2007) - 2CDR+1DVDR (Midnight Dreamer MD-208A/B/C) ***

Steve Winwood - Keep On Dancin' (Living Legend Records)

Stevie Nicks (Rare Collection Sweet Girl) - 2Pro-CDR (Project Zip. PJZ-035A/B)

Stevie Nicks - Las Vegas 2005 (Thirteen Records) ***

Stevie Ray Vaughan

Stevie Wonder - Sunshine Of Hos Live (Midnight Dreamer) ***

Stevie Wonder - Jamaica (Jamree Music) ***

Stevie Wonder - Abbey Road Studios 2005 (Jamree Music) ***

Stevie Wonder - Wonder Winterland (Jamree Music)  ***

Stevie Wonder - Brighton Theatre Brighton, UK. 1973 July 4th (Jamree Music) ***

Stevie Wonder - A Night Of Wonder In The City Of Love (Big Fro Discs)

Stevie Wonder - Lost Treasures (Big Fro Discs)

Stevie Wonder - Spanish Ghetto Land (Shamrock Records)

Stevie Wonder - Stevie Was A Rolling Stones (The Polar Bear Records)

Sting / The Police

The Stone Roses - Spike Island (Zooey Record) ***

Stone Roses - Second Coming Rehearsal Sessions 1993 - 1994 (Wild Museum)

Stone Roses - Final Stage In Reading (BNCD-048)

Stone Roses - Gold Experience (FLDP-052/53)

The Stone Roses - Rock Garden (Kiss The Stone)

The Stone Roses - The Small Club Gig 1989 ***

Stone Temple Pilots - Snake Eyes (Gryphon Recording) ***

Stone Temple Pilots - Interstate Love Songs (Kiss The Stone)

Stone Temple Pilots - Unplugged (On Stage Records)

Stray Cats, The (Sixteen Candles) - 2CD (Cruisin Records. CR-2008-01)

Stray Cats, The (Reunion In Chicago 1988) - 1Pro-CDR (A-Tera-002) ***

Stray Cats - Built From Scratch (King Stork Records)  ***

Stray Cats - Demo Recordings From Lets Go Faster (Palm Drive)

Stray Cats - Runaway Kids (BTZCD Label)

Stray Cats - 1978 Rockabilly Kings 2003 (Kool Tiki Records)

Stray Cats - Hellride 2003 (Ring Of Diamonds)

Stray Cats - Runaway Kids (Back To Zero)

The Strokes

Squeeze - Temptation (King Stork Records) ***

Styx - Paradise Nevada (WO-06)

Suede (Generation 1994) - 1Pro-CDR (Needle Music. NM-006)

Suede - Berlin Obsessions (WDF-8936)

Suede - Brainshake (C.O.D. Rec)

Suede - Electricity Music (TH-092)

Suede - Trash City Rockers (Wonder Boy Records)

Suede - Acoustically (Darkside Production)

Supergrass - Doing Time (Kiss The Stone)

Supergrass - Not Alright!

Sutterland Brothers - Budget Bin Brothers (Popmeister)

Suzanne Vega (Ancient Greek Poet) - 1Pro-CDR (Vintage Masters. VMCDR-088) ***

Suzanne Vega - By Invitation Only (Natural Woman Records)

Survivor - Live In Indianapolis 1984 (Rewind Records) ***

System Of A Down - Chop Suey

System Of A Down - You Depend On Our Protection (The Godfather Records)

Take That - Promises (Kiss The Stone)

Take That - Kiss This (Kiss The Stone)

Tears For Fears - The Live Parade (Living Legend Records)

Tears For Fear - Beacon Theatre 2004 (Young American Records) ***

Ted Nugent - At Budokan  (Power Gate)

Ten Thousand Maniacs - Scarlett Garden (Alley Kat) ***

Ten Thousand Maniacs - Eat For Two (Pluto Records)

Ten Years After (On The Road To The World) - 1Pro-CDR (Breakdown-245)

Television (At CBGB) - 1CD (Seymour Records.SRCD-035)

Television - Live At Whisky A Go Go (Seymour Record)

Television - Nights To Remember 1975 (Back To Zero)

Television - Back Into The Graveyard (Back To Zero)

Television - Ticket That Exploded (Seymour Record)

Television - I Need A New Adventure (Punk Vault)

Television - Rose Of My Heart (20905-2)

Tempest - Marquee 1973 (Reel Masters)

The Tempest - The Strongest Survivor (Gypsy Eye)

The - Versus The World (3132)

Ten Years After Vs Procol Harum - Joint Concert 1972 (Heartbreakers)

Texas - Lone Star

Therapy (No Love Lost) - 1CD (Kiss The Stone. KTS- 277)

Therapy (Isloation) - 1CD Digipak (Nikko Records. NKO-013)

Therapy - Fistful Of Power (Kiss The Stone)

Thin White Rope - The Valley Of The Bones (Rarities & Few)

Third World - Moving Up (Party Line)

Thunder - Moonlight Club (Neptune)

Tommy Bolin - Fever Volume 15CD Boxset

Tesla - Blinded By Science (Templar)

Tool - Prison Sex (Euro Boots)

Tool - The Real Ultra Rare Tracks (TLUR-0102)

Thin Lizzy (Philly 1977 Complete Edition) - 1Pro-CDR (Lost And Found. LAF-445)

Thin Lizzy (Breakout) - 2CD

Thin Lizzy - The Sun Goes Down (Langley)

Thin Lizzy - Healing Prayers

Thin Lizzy - Tracks From The Vault. More John Peel Sessions (White Flag)

Thin Lizzy - Paradise (White Flag)

Thin Lizzy - Memory Pain

Thin Lizzy - Fighting Tour In Germany 1975 (Zeus / Z-2022001)

Thin Lizzy - Back In Birmingham (Bondage Music)

Thin Lizzy - Back In Town (Wyvern EC.BV.)

Thin Lizzy - Farewell Lightning (Neptune)

Thin Lizzy - Millennium Reunion (Bondage Music)

Thin Lizzy - Remembering Part III

Third Eye Blind - Charmed: Charlotte 1998 (Starborne Records) ***

Third Eye Blind - Paradise Boston '97 (Agamemnon Records) ***

This Heat Featuring Charles Hayward - Final Revelations (Naked Sun)

This Heat : Face Hand Shy Rarities (BTZCD Label)

This Heat - Scala (th-7912)

Thunder - Shelter From The Storm (Kiss The Stone)

Tina Turner (Return Of The Queen) - 2Pro- CDR (Limited Discs. LTD-021A/B)

TNT (Return To Fantasy) - 2CD (Langley-273)

Toadies - Burn (Kiss The Stone)

Todd Rundgren And The Liars - Human Being  (Young American Records) ***

Todd Rundgren - Cleveland Rocks (Oh Boy)

Todd Rundgren - Quattro 1991 (Outrider)

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers (Greatest Success On Stage) - 2Pro-CDR (Midnight Dreamer MD-219A/B)

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - Shout In London (Midnight Dreamer) ***

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers- Bristow, 2006 (Thirteen Records) ***

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - 2003 Vic Theatre (Masterport)

Tom Petty - Shout! (Winged Wheel)

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - Something About Mary Jane. Live At The O'Connell Centre, Gainesville /Florida  (RSM Live)

Tom Petty - Bringing It All Back Home (Real Live)

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Free Fallin' (Pluto Records)

Tom Waits

Tony Williams Quintet - Bremen (Slang Records) ***

Tony Williams - The Tony Williams Lifetime. Fingerpoppin (Fingerpoppin Music)***

The New Tony Williams Lifetime - Running Wild (Mindwarp)

Tony Williams - New Lifetime. The Wild Lifetime (Zooey Record) ***

Tori Amos - Concert For Rainn (Kiss The Stone)

Tori Amos - Radio Show In Netherlands 05 (Franny Records) ***

Tori Amos - Backstage At The Backyard (Shiner Records)

Tori Amos - Blue Skies And Butterflies (Smoking Cactus)

Tori Amos - Fairytale Landscape (Quick Shot Recordings)

Tori Amos - From Slut To Storyteller (Tendolar Label)

Tori Amos - Precious Things. London Palladium Theatre, April 29, 1994 (Star Spangled Music)

Tori Amos - Radio Spark (B-08.06.98 1/2)

TOTO (Totos Anthem 1990) - 2Pro-CDR (Project Zip. PJZ-023A/B)

TOTO - Welcome Back In Japan 2006 (Breakdown) ***

Toto - Between Ourselves Japan Tour 2006 (Savanna Records) ***

Toto - Could This Be Love (Trial)

TOTO - Deep In The Night (Trial)

TOTO - Promise Me Tonight  (Trial)

TOTO - Voices Calling (Trial)

TOTO - Band On The Run  (SDR Records) ***

TOTO - King Of The World (Trial) ***

TOTO - I'll Be There (Zion)

TOTO - Hidden Treasure (Masterport)

Toto - The Keeper Of The Words (Zion)

TOTO - Heal This Time (Zion)

TOTO - Can't Go Livin' Without You (Zion)

Toto - Live in Belgium 1996 (Palm Drive Label)

Toto - Runaway (Midas Touch)

Toto - Another Side Of Line (Gypsy Eye)

Toto - Hold The Demos (Shout To The Top)

Tower Of Power - Fillmore West (Jamree Music)  ***

Tower Of Power - Minneapolis, 1986 (Jamree Music) ***

Tower Of Power - Live!! Live!! Live!! (Jamree Music) ***


T-Rex - Rockin and Rollin (Dirty 13)

Traveling Wilburys - Volume 1 And Volume 3

Traveling Wilburys - The Traveling Wilburys Volume 1 (Wilbury/Warner Bros)

Traveling Wilburys - The Traveling Wilburys Volume 1 (Wilbury Records / 925 796-2)

Traveling Wilburys - The Traveling Wilburys Volume 3 (Wilbury/Warner Bros)

Traveling Wilburys - The Traveling Wilburys Volume 3 (Wilbury Records /7599-26324-2)

Travis - The Brand Who Are (Independiente Recordings)

Transatlantic - Mike's Silver Hammer (Ruthless Rhymes)

Trevor Rabin (Cry Lonely Wolf) - 2CDR (Highland Project HLP-008-1/2)

21st Century Schizoid Band - In The Live Of Crimson King (Highland)

The Tits Of Soho - Only The End Of the Beginning (The Nips)

Tygers Of Pan Tang - Money (Real Thing)

UFO (Flying With Chapman) - 3CDR+1DVDR (Lost And Found. LAF-392-395)

UFO - Flying With Marsden (Lost And Found) ***

UFO - Flying With Sheehan (Lost And Found) ***

UFO - Landed Berlin 2007 (Lost & Found) ***

UFO - Walk On The Edge (Lost & Found) ***

UFO - The Pound (Thirteen Records)***

U F O - Rough And Raw (Zeus / Z-2021001)

UFO - Birmingham Tapes. With Michael Schenker (Bondage Music)

UFO - Early Flight (Bondage Music)

UFO - Rock Bottom (Bondage Music)

Ugly Kid Joe - Get Outta My Face (Kiss The Stone)

UK - Sought After Night - Live. Concert In Japan 1979 Volume 1 (Mindwarp) ***

UK - Sought After Night - Live. Concert In Japan 1979 Volume 2 (Mindwarp) ***

UK - Sought After Night - Live. Concert In Japan 1979 Volume 3 (Mindwarp) ***

UK - Sought After Night - Live. Concert In Japan 1979 Volume 4 (Mindwarp) ***

UK - Sought After Night - Live. Concert In Japan 1979 Volume 5 (Mindwarp) ***

U.K. - Out Of The Blue (Sirene)

U.K. - Danger Unit  (Sirene)

U.K. - Philadelphia 1978 Pre-FM Master (Sirene)

U.K. - Careless Hands (Highland)

U.K. - Lost In Contemplation (Highland)

U.K. - Shadows From The Sun (Highland)

U.K.- The End (Highland)

U.K. - Three Court Musicians (Highland)

Underworld - 60 Minutes Off (Wonder Boy Records)

Utopio Featuring Todd Rundgren - Into The Eye Of RA (Dancing Horse)

Urge Overkill - Urge Over Canada (Tendolar Label)

Various Artist

Van Der Graaf Generator - The Sheer Magic (Sirene)

Vanderberg - Back In Tokyo 1985 (Power Gate) ***

Vandenberg - Heading For The East (Power Gate) ***

Van Halen

Van Morrison

VAI - Thunder Kids (Shout To The Top)

Velvet Revolver (Get Out The Door) - 2Pro- CDR (Wirework Records. WWR-008/009)

Velvet Revolver (Slither Festivals) - 3Pro-CDR (Lost And Found. LAF-409/410/411)

Velvet Revolver - Kiss Me Again (VLKA-001) ***

Velvet Revolver - Japan Tour 2005 (Dot Records)***

Velvet Revolver - Appetite For Resurrection (King Stork Records) ***

Velvet Revolver - Hog-Wild (MSG Records) ***

Velvet Revolver - Rebel Soul (King Stork Records) ***

Velvet Revolver - Under The Revolver

Velvet Underground (Dispatches From The Dream Factory) - 3CD (Scorpio Label. GPS-9)

The Velvet Underground - The Playhouse 1993 SBD (Nothing Songs Ltd)

The Velvet Underground - Ultimate Stereo Album (Nothing Songs Ltd)

The Velvet Underground - Live At End Cole Ave (Nothing Songs Limited)

Velvet Revolver (Buenos Aries 2007) - 2CDR ()

The Velvet Underground - The Legendaly Guitar Amp Tapes 2006 Remastered (Nothing Songs Limited)

Velvet Underground - After The White Heat (Nothing Songs)

The Velvet Underground And Nico - If It's Too Loud Move Back! 2006 Remastered (Nothing  Songs)

Angus Maclise - Counter Culture Chronicles  (Nothing Songs Ltd)

The Velvet Underground - At The Factory: Warhol Tapes (Nothing Songs)

The Velvet Underground And Nico - Ultimate Mono And Acetates Album (Nothing Songs)

The Velvet Underground - Flowers of Evil (OC-8/23/70-A/B)

Velvet Underground - Live USA '93 (Vampire)

Velvet Underground - The Psychopath's Rolling Stones: Rarities 66~93

The Velvet Underground - With Us From The Past (The Flying Tigers)


W.A.S.P (Live Me Up Norway) - 1Pro-CDR (Breakdown-162)

White Zombie - Resurrection Day (Kiss The Stone)

Wallflowers - Like Father, Like Son (Tendollar Label)

Warren Zevon - Interpretations - A Collection Of Live Covers (Thumbs Up Records) ***

Warren Zevon - Sentimental Hijinx (Thumbs Up Records) ***

Warren Zevon - Stand In The Fire (Thumbs Up Records) ***

Warren Zevon - The Electric Werewolf (Organ Grinders Records) ***

Warren Zevon - The Electric Werewolf. Strikes Again (Real Live)

The Warriors Featuring Jon Anderson - Bolton Club 1965 (Highland)

Waterboys, The (Live In Oslo 2007) - 2Pro- CDR (Midnight Dreamer MD-206A/B) ***

The Waterboys - In The Studio (Kiss The Stone)

Waterboys - A Girl Named Johnny. Live 1986 (Real Live)

Weather Report And John McLaughlin- Follow Your Heart (Fabbri Editori)

Weather Report - Mythique Weather (Syndicate Records)

Weezer - Alive Quantum (Wonder Boy Records)

Weezer - Brisk American (Wonder Boy Records)

Weezer - Live In Philadelphia 2001 (Night Hawk)

Weezer - Quick Quantum (Wonder Boy Records)

White Stripes, The (Turning Into You) - 1CD trifold p/case (The Godfather Records. GR-214)

The White Strips - Ooh, He's Wearing White (Franny Record) ***

The White Stripes - Glastonbury 2005 (Franny Record) ***

The White Stripes - Live On Green Stage (Thirteen Records)***

The White Stripes - Candy Stripes (Wonder Boy Records)

White Stripes - Der Stuss (Wonder Boy Records)


The Wildhearts - Studio Fuckin' (OAO-016)

Willie Alexander And The Boom Boom Band - Loco In Beantown (Tendolar Label)

Wishbone Ash - Growing In Popularity (Breakdown) ***

Wishbone Ash - Pop Spectacular (Wardour)

Wishbone Ash - Birthday Show (Screamer)

Wonder Stuff (Inertia) - 1CD (Kiss The Stone. KTS- 055)

Wonder Stuff, The (On The Ropes) - 1 CD (KTS-289)

World Party - Pure Pop For Party People (Pluto Records)

Wreckless Eric - I Took The Kash!! (Popmeister)

Wizzard - Mysteries Of Merlin (Tendolar Label)

X-pensive Winos - Boston, You're Big Enough

XYZ - After The Crash (Midas Touch)

XTC (Last Live Show) - 1CD (8012-2)

XTC - FAB Foursome In Philly (Home Records)

XTC - Demos 8 Be Brought Up In The Lap Of Luxury (Extatic)

XTC - Live (Extatic)

Y And T - Reading Festival 1982 (Langley DVD Masters)

Y And T - Live In The East '86 (Gryphon)

Jimmy Page (Live Yardbirds) - 1 CD Papersleeves (Rock Archives. RA-0706002)

The Yardbirds - Revisited (Beelzebub Record) ***

Yardbirds - Even More Golden Eggs!! The Lost Beebs (Palm Drive)

Yardbirds - New York Rehearsal Gig (The Symbols)

Yardbirds - Little Games Session (Outrider)

Yngwie J Malmsteen's Rising Force - Fatal Alumni (Bondage Music)

Yngwie Malmsteen (No Mercy) - 2CD (23142)

Yngwie Malmsteen - Kiss The Sky (YM-2161/62)

Yngwie Malmsteen - Yungwie Malmsteen's Rising Force, Galaxy Guitar God (Shout To The Top)

Zwan - End Of Zwan (Lime)

Zwan - Tears Of Heaven (Wonder Boy Records)

Zwan - The True Poets Of Zwan (Shout To The Top)

ZZ Top - Naniwa Boogie (Breakdown) ***

ZZ Top - Detroit Boogie (Breakdown) ***

ZZ Top - Rockin From Texas (Breakdown) ***

ZZ Top - London 2002 (Masterport)

ZZ Top - En Belgique (Turf Bites)

ZZ Top - Live In New Jersey (On Stage Records)


*** Denotes Pro-CDR


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