Oasis/ Yoyogi 2002 1st Night Dat Master / 2CD

Oasis/ Yoyogi 2002 1st Night Dat Master / 2CD / Wardour
Live at Yoyogi Daiichi Taiikukan, Tokyo, Japan 25th September 2002

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Another oasis this week is Kinney Master after a long absence! The offer was Yoyogi on the first day of the 2002 performance in Japan. Speaking of Yoyogi in 2002, the UXBRIDGE label CD-R “TOKYO 2002 2ND NIGHT” is now on sale, but it was the second day of September 26th in Yoyogi, but this is the first day. This day was announced as an additional performance, and it was set as the first day of the 2002 performance in Japan.
The entire 2002 Tokyo process was held in Yoyogi, and due to the sound of this venue, the audience recordings often feel a sense of distance between the echo and the sound image. The previous “TOKYO 2002 2ND NIGHT” was in such a state, but it was well received due to its extremely mild listening comfort. The original sound source provided by Kinney this time also has a sense of distance and echo peculiar to Yoyogi, but the sound image is closer than that of “TOKYO 2002-“. In particular, the outline of Liam and Noel’s vocals is clear, and the big point is that the sound image is not blurred by echo including performance.
On this day, the title “THAT SHINES ON” was released in real time from the SYLPH label, but there was less echo than the audience recording used there, and the sharpness of the vocal outline as mentioned above, etc. I wonder if the sound source this time is overwhelmingly easier to hear. Still, it doesn’t catch the excitement of the surroundings excessively, and there are no troubles such as noise, and the clearness throughout is finally easy to hear.

In addition, the 2002 performance in Japan was a time when speed releases by CD-R were extremely prosperous, so there were no press CD items at all. The sound board recording on the last day of Yoyogi, where the professional shot video was distributed later, was finally released as a “CHAMPAGNE GOLD” press CD by MOON CHILD last year, but when it comes to audience recording, it is a press CD item Did not exist at all.
Besides, it is well known that the sound board on the last day of Yoyogi had a habit of mixing balance, and the value of the audience recording that captured the sound heard from the stage of the day has not faded. Almost 20 years have passed since I came to Japan early (!), But finally, an epoch-making release with a high-quality audience recorded on a press CD will be realized.
At the time of release, the tone of the sound output from the venue, which is noticeable immediately after the start of the live, is relaxed by equalization. After all, since it is the first day of the tour, I can not help this phenomenon, but I corrected it at a level that does not become excessive.

This day is the stage of the first day of the 2002 performance in Japan, and the careful performance looks very fresh when I hear it now. It is said that the best of this tour is the second day of Osaka (October 3rd), but it is better that Liam is trying to sing more politely than the relaxing songs there. Also, as reported from that time, howling occurred due to monitor trouble on this day, and it developed into a situation where Liam’s microphone was replaced, but that is why I tried to sing carefully so as not to be out of sync with the performance. It may have been.
As I mentioned at the time of the release of “TOKYO 2002 2ND NIGHT”, Noel sang “She’s Electric” was only shown for the first two days in Yoyogi because he got tired of it. .. Among such short-lived treatments, the first day seems to be better. However, Noel also has a humorous scene that seems to be the first day, and when the encore’s “Force Of Nature” driving rhythm starts, he misses the timing of starting the familiar count every time, and it is funny to see him counting again. After this song was over, there was a shout of “Rock’n’Roll!” That came in at the right time … lol
And when Liam appeared again, the last two songs, his high-tension songs that seemed to express the joy of completing the stage on the first day were overwhelming.
It’s certainly not an audience recording of a sound image that is called a “sound board”, but it provided a kinky, comfortable sound source. And above all, with the release of the first press CD in the history of the 2002 performance in Japan, it makes me feel nostalgic (including “Wonderwall” played as BGM after the live performance and the announcement of the return) Enjoy the first day of the performance in Japan to your heart’s content. give me.

今週もう一つのオアシスは久々のキニー・マスター!提供されたのは2002年の来日公演から初日の代々木。2002年の代々木と言えばUXBRIDGEレーベルのCD-R「TOKYO 2002 2ND NIGHT」が好評発売中ですが、そちらが同じ代々木でも二日目の9月26日であったのに対し、こちらは初日。この日は追加公演として発表され、なおかつ2002年来日公演の初日に据えられたのでした。
2002年の東京行程はすべて代々木で行われており、この会場の音響のせいもあってオーディエンス録音は大なり小なりエコーと音像の距離感を感じさせる状態が多い。先の「TOKYO 2002 2ND NIGHT」が正にそのような状態でありながら、非常にマイルドな聞き心地によって好評を博したのです。今回キニーが提供してくれた独自音源もまた代々木特有の距離感とエコー感を伴っているのですが、「TOKYO 2002~」と比べるとより音像が近い。特にリアムやノエルのボーカルの輪郭がはっきりしており、演奏も含めてエコーで音像がぼやけてないのが大きなポイント。
この日はSYLPHレーベルから「THAT SHINES ON」タイトルがリアルタイムにリリースされていましたが、そこに使われたオーディエンス録音と比べてもエコー感が少なく、先のようなボーカルの輪郭のシャープさなど、聞きやすさは今回の音源の方が圧倒的に上かと。それでいて周囲の盛り上がりを過度に捉えてしまうようなこともなく、またノイズが入るようなトラブルもなく、全体を通したクリアーさがいよいよ聞きやすい。

それに2002年の来日公演はCD-Rによるスピード・リリースが隆盛を極めていた時代ですので、プレスCDのアイテムというのが一切存在しなかった。後にプロショット映像が配布された代々木最終日のサウンドボード録音がようやく昨年になってMOONCHILDから「CHAMPAGNE GOLD」プレスCDとしてリリースされたのは記憶に新しいところですが、オーディエンス録音になるとプレスCDのアイテムが一切存在しなかった。

「TOKYO 2002 2ND NIGHT」のリリース時にも触れたように、ノエルが歌う「She’s Electric」は彼が飽きたとの理由から来日公演では代々木最初の二日間だけの披露となってしまいました。そんな短命な扱いの中では初日の方が出来は上だと思われます。しかしノエルも初日らしいずっこけ場面があり、アンコールの「Force Of Nature」の打ち込みリズムが始まると毎回おなじみのカウントを始めるもののタイミングを逃してしまい、もう一度カウントし直すという姿が微笑ましい。この曲が終わった後に絶妙のタイミングで入る「ロックンロール!」という掛け声がまた何とも…笑


Disc 1 (46:05)
1. Intro
2. Fuckin’ in the Bushes
3. Hello
4. The Hindu Times
5. Hung in a Bad Place
6. Go Let It Out
7. Columbia
8. Morning Glory
9. Stop Crying Your Heart Out
10. Little by Little
11. Cigarettes & Alcohol

Disc 2 (52:22)
1. Live Forever
2. Better Man
3. She’s Electric
4. Born on a Different Cloud
5. Acquiesce
6. Force of Nature
7. Don’t Look Back in Anger
8. Some Might Say
9. My Generation
10. Wonderwall (Outro)

Liam Gallagher – vocals, tambourine
Noel Gallagher – guitar, vocals
Gem Archer – guitar
Andy Bell – bass
Alan White – drums



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