Oasis / The Second Summer Of Love The Film / 2DVD+1Bonus CD

Oasis / The Second Summer Of Love The Film / 2DVD+1Bonus CD/ Bayswater

Live at Knebworth Park, Stevenage, UK, August 11, 1996. Plus Bonus CD Live At The Knebworth Park Stevenage Hertfordshire UK

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A compilation of footage of the legendary Knebworth performance (1996), where the band literally stood at the top of the world, mobilizing 250,000 people in two days. Even after 1997, gigs that are comparable to or larger than these have been performed several times, and although there are many famous performances representing each album, the 1996 Knebworth performance at the impact that embodies the unprecedented rising story. It is no exaggeration to say that is promised an eternal position. This work has been confirmed the current existence of the video of the Knebworth performance mainly on the longest version of the leaked professional shot on the second day, audience shot on the first day, professional shot released for broadcasting immediately after the performance, news material etc. It is the culmination of all the recorded images.

DISC ONE contains a full-length version of the leaked professional shot on the second day. Many fans know that this video was released between traders in 1999, but it was for the screens on both sides of the stage on the day. And the greatest feature of the version contained in this work is that the aspect ratio is corrected. As you can see by looking at the part where the screen is reflected in the partially officially released image, the image that was being played on the screen on the day stretched the original material vertically like the jacket photo of the single “Wonderwall” It was a thing. The master with the highest image quality is used as the main, and the cuts and disturbances over a total of 10 points are compensated for by another master as much as possible. It can be said that exquisite editing, which can be called a supernatural work, made this release possible. It was recorded in the very best condition in terms of content, the countdown before the start of the opening film, and the longest recording after the live performance. As mentioned above, by adjusting the aspect ratio, you can enjoy this ultimate live in the best condition with a natural ratio.

The opening film that was released before the members appeared was edited by Brian Cannon for the August 1996 outdoor gig including the Rock Lomond performance and this Knebworth performance. When each member improves, the loud cheers of the audience convey the enthusiasm of the day. The members who appeared on stage pose for a photo shoot are special for the outdoor gig in August 1996. Later, he said, “I could see only about 50,000 people in front of me, and there seemed to be people far across the horizon.” Noel’s always cool “This is history! It’s history here, right now. The scream “!” tells of his high tension. Liam said, “I think it’s Knebworth. You’re an idiot!” “Let’s see Oasis and become history this weekend (towards the audience),” Noel responded, “No, on earth. People (towards the audience),” said 23-year-old Liam and 29-year-old Noel, this useless rivalry! ! The set list from “Columbia”, which drips from there, is a special lineup only for outdoor gigs in August 1996.

Only two years and four months after their debut, they released two albums and nine singles, and from there, the band that formed this high-quality setlist in front of 125,000 people was OASIS. Good There are places where you can laugh, such as Liam’s humorous sunglasses wearing a sound collection microphone and Shimura dance that makes no sense, but the performance of the rock-solid and masterpiece that makes you feel the Be Here Now Tour of the next year makes you feel a powerful force. Be done.

“Slide Away” screams “What for!!”, on the way, the Horn & Strings section (Why is the camera obliviously pulling out the same blond woman with Earls Court, Main Road? (laughs)), Mark Fulsum’s harp, who has also participated in the recording, a stately performance accompanied by harmonica, “Don’t Look Back In Anger” after finishing the semi-acoustic full band, the feeling of running towards the last is There is something worth mentioning. Noel because he changed the lyrics in “Don’t Look Back In Anger”, “You can entrust your life to this rock and roll band / we will never throw it out” You can see that he was quite uplifted, at least on stage. With a new song “My Big Mouth” and “It’s Gettin’ Better (Man!!)” unreleased at the time, “Live Forever” is a bit hard to understand in this video, but like the main road, it was a stage back. Liam gives the highest salute to the knees of John Lennon on the screen. In Angkor, Liam and Noel, sometimes referred to as role models for Oasis’s Knebworth performance, Spike Island performance where Noel actually visited Bournehead (a legendary gig that embodies youth culture in 1990). “Champagne Supernova” and “I Am The Walrus” invited John Squire, who left Manchester’s senior The Stone Roses in April. This is truly a highlight. “The moment Punk Rock and Psychedelia fused,” he told Creation’s president Alan McGee, “it was like the end of World War II,” and the celebration of OASIS ended in this way. ..

Although it can be seen from the video that it was raining at the end of the performance, a signpost showing the direction of exit was projected with the sound of fireworks launched one after another, and it was the most common BGM after the end of OASIS for one year from the middle of 1995 The video is recorded up to the point where the song said to have been used is played.

DISC2 mainly includes the first day’s audience shots. In the recording up to “My Big Mouth”, the four songs after “The Masterplan” and “It’s Gettin’ Better (Man!!)” are incomplete and missing, but it is based on ” It is the same as the footage in which “The Masterplan” and “Champagne Supernova” are replaced with the professional shots on TV and “Live Forever” is replaced with the main road pro shots. The two songs “It’s Gettin’ Better (Man!!)” and “I Am The Walrus” that were recorded here were recorded as Bonus Footage in this work because they were the audience shots on the second day. .. It is a shot from a place far away from the stage, and although it does not go beyond the scope of amateur shooting, it is corrected as much as possible so that it can be viewed without stress. And amazing is voice. In addition to the high sound quality audience sound source, by combining with the original source of the original VHS, all four types of audio can be selected/switched.

Bonus Footage is a photo shoot for the press the day before the performance, a track that smashed up fragments of live material broadcast in the news, and the first day of the day that can be seen in various forms on MTV immediately after the performance. “Masterplan” and “Champagne Supernova” use the highest quality source ever broadcast in Germany (it’s awkward that the telop live year is wrong). In addition, the video that covers the fragmentary footage of the first day and the second day, the existence of which was confirmed, was also added to introduce the Epiphone Sheraton used by Noel in Knebworth, which was shot in 2000. The last includes two songs from the second day’s audience shot, which was thought to be the first day.

CD DISC is the first day’s audience sound source to appear. Although “The Swamp Song”, which was taped at the venue, has not been recorded yet, it is recorded uncut from the time the members appeared to “My Big Mouth”.

Noel later said, “For the 6 weeks before the performance, it was as if OASIS had become a gas body, and it felt like everything else was approaching there.” Not only for attending this Knebworth performance where 3 million people, who accounted for 5% of the UK’s population, got tickets for tickets, “I could go if I wanted to, There are no other live shows where even the fact that I could not participate is still a topic such as “I regret not having gone”. This Knebworth performance can be said to have become history, for the audience that was at the venue at that time was that it was there, and for OASIS, the band reached a peak. A solid press board with a beautiful picture and disc specifications that can be permanently stored.


DISC ONEには、2日目の流出プロ・ショットの全長版を収録。1999年にトレーダー間に出回ったこの映像であるが、当日ステージの両脇に設えられたスクリーン用の映像であることは多くのファンが知るところ。そして本作に収められたヴァージョン最大の特長は、縦横比を修正している点にある。部分的にオフィシャル・リリースされている映像でスクリーンが映っている箇所を見るとわかるが、当日スクリーンで流されていた映像はシングル「Wonderwall」のジャケット写真のように、元の素材を縦に伸ばしたものであった。最も画質が良いマスターをメインで使用し、合計10箇所を越えるカットと乱れを可能な限り別マスターで補填。神業とも言える絶妙な編集が今回のリリースを可能にしたと言える。まさに内容的にベストな状態での収録で、オープニング・フィルムの開始前のカウントダウン、ライヴ終演後も最長収録。先述したように、縦横比を修正していることによって、自然な比率でこの究極のライヴを最高の状態で楽しむことが出来る。

メンバー登場前に流されているオープニング・フィルムは、ロック・ロモンド公演やこのネブワース公演を含む1996年8月の野外ギグのためにブライアン・キャノンが編集したもの。個々のメンバーのアップになると、オーディエンスの大歓声が当日の熱気を伝えてくれる。ステージに登場したメンバーが写真撮影のためにポーズを取る演出は1996年8月の野外ギグのみの特別なもの。後に「前方の5万人くらいしか見えなくて、遥か地平線の向こうまで人がいるようだった」と語った常にクールなノエルの「これは歴史だ!まさに今、ここにいることが歴史なんだ!」という叫びが、彼のハイテンションぶりを物語っている。リアムの「俺はネブワースだと思うぜ。お前馬鹿たれだな!」「この週末はOasisを観て歴史になろうぜ(オーディエンスに向かって)」という鋭い切り返し対し、ノエルは「よう、地球の民よ! (オーディエンスに向かって)」と、当時23歳のリアムと29歳のノエルの、この無駄な対抗意識(笑)!! そこからなだれ込む「Columbia」からのセットリストは、1996年8月の野外ギグのみのスペシャルなラインナップ。

デビューから僅か2年4ヶ月、2枚のアルバムと9枚のシングルをリリースし、そこから、12万5千人を前にこのハイクオリティなセットリストを組めたバンドはOASISをおいて他にはいまい。リアムの、集音マイクにサングラスをかけるおちゃめぶりや、意味不明な志村ダンス等、笑える箇所もあるが、翌年の Be Here Now Tour を予感させる、磐石にして圧巻のパフォーマンスは鬼気迫る迫力を感じさせられる。

「Slide Away」の”What for!!”の叫び、途中、ホーン&ストリングス・セクション(アールズ・コート、メイン・ロードと、カメラが同じ金髪の女性を執拗に抜くのは何故?(笑))、レコーディングにも参加しているマーク・フルサムのハープ、ハーモニカを従えての堂々たるパフォーマンス、セミ・アコースティック・フルバンドを終えての「Don’t Look Back In Anger」からラストに向けての疾走感は特筆すべきものがある。「Don’t Look Back In Anger」では、歌詞を「お前たちの人生をこのロックンロール・バンドに託してもいいぜ/俺たちは決して投げ出したりはしないから」と変えていることからも、ノエルは少なくともステージ上では気分がかなり高揚していたことが伺える。当時未発表曲の新曲「My Big Mouth」「It’s Gettin’ Better (Man!!)」を挟み、「Live Forever」では、この映像ではちょっとわかりにくいが、メイン・ロードの時と同じくステージ・バックのスクリーンに映し出されたジョン・レノンの写真に、完全に膝まづいて最敬礼をするリアム。アンコールでは、Oasisのネブワース公演のロールモデルとして語られることのある、リアムがノエルがボーンヘッドが実際に会場に足を運んだスパイク・アイランド公演(1990年にユース・カルチャーを体現した伝説的ギグ)を行なった、マンチェスターの先輩 The Stone Roses を4月にを脱退していたジョン・スクワイアを招いての「ChampagneSupernova」「I Am The Walrus」。これぞまさにハイライト。クリエイションの社長アラン・マッギーをして「パンク・ロックとサイケデリアが融合した瞬間だった」「第二次世界大戦の終わりみたいな感じだった」と語ったOASISを祝福するお祭り騒ぎは、こうして終わりを告げる。


DISC2には、初日のオーディエンス・ショットをメインで収録。「My Big Mouth」までの収録で、「The Masterplan」と「It’s Gettin’ Better (Man!!) 」以降の4曲は欠落した不完全な状態であるが、元になっているのは、「The Masterplan」と「ChampagneSupernova」がTV放送されたプロ・ショットに、「Live Forever」がメイン・ロードのプロ・ショットに差し替えられて出回っている映像と同一。ここに収録されていた「It’s Gettin’ Better (Man!!) 」と「I Am The Walrus」の2曲は、2日目のオーディエンス・ショットであるため、本作ではBonus Footageとして収録されている。ステージからかなり離れた場所からのショットで、素人撮影の域を出るものではないが、ストレスなく鑑賞出来るように可能な限りの補正を行なっている。そして驚くべきは音声。高音質オーディエンス音源の他、元のVHSのオリジナル・ソースとの組み合わせで、全4種類の音声の選択/切り替えが可能という仕様となっている。

Bonus Footageは、公演前日のプレス向けの写真撮影、ニュースで放送されたライヴ素材の断片を根こそぎさらったトラック、公演直後にMTVで放送されて様々な形で目にすることの出来る初日の「The Masterplan」「Champagne Supernova」は、後にドイツで放送された過去最高のクオリティのソースを使用(テロップのライヴの年度が間違っているのはご愛嬌)。その他、存在が確認されている初日、2日目の断片的な映像を網羅し、2000年に撮影された、ノエルがネブワースで使用した Epiphone Sheraton を紹介する映像もプラス。ラストには、これまで初日のものだと思われていた2日目のオーディエンス・ショットを2曲収録している。

CD DISCは初登場となる初日のオーディエンス音源である。会場でテープが流された「The Swamp Song」は未収録なものの、メンバー登場時から「My Big Mouth」までをノーカットで収録している。


Live at Knebworth Park, Stevenage, UK, August 11, 1996
01. Opening Film (The Swamp Song)
02. Columbia
03. Acquiesce
04. Supersonic
05. Hello
06. Some Might Say
07. Roll With It
08. Slide Away
09. Morning Glory
10. Round Are Way
11. Cigarettes & Alcohol
12. Whatever
13. Cast No Shadow
14. Wonderwall
15. The Masterplan
16. Don’t Look Back In Anger
17. My Big Mouth
18. It’s Gettin’ Better (Man!!)
19. Live Forever
20. Champagne Supernova
21. I Am The Walrus

Live at Knebworth Park, Stevenage, UK, August 10, 1996

Version1: Original Version
Version2: Remaster Version(Another Audience Recording)
Version3: Combine(Version1+ Version2)
Version4: Separate(Version1(L)+ Version2(R))

01.Opening Film(The Swamp Song)
06.Some Might Say
07.Roll With It
08.Slide Away
09.Morning Glory
10.Round Are Way
11.Cigarettes & Alcohol
13.Cast No Shadow
15.The Masterplan(No Image)
16.Don’t Look Back In Anger
17.My Big Mouth

02.Roll With It (10th)
04.The Masterplan (10th)
05.Champagne Supernova(10th)
06 .Champagne Supernova(10th)
07. Champagne Supernova(10th)
08.Don’t Look Back In Anger(11th)
09.Noel and His Guitars
10.It’s Gettin’ Better (Man!!) (11th)
11.It’s Gettin’ Better (Man!!) (11th)
12.I Am The Walrus(11th)
13.I Am The Walrus(11th)

August 10, 1996
01. Columbia
02. Acquiesce
03. Supersonic
04. Hello
05. Some Might Say
06. Roll With It
07. Slide Away
08. Morning Glory
09. Round Are Way
10. Cigarettes & Alcohol
11. Whatever
12. Cast No Shadow
13. Wonderwall
14. The Masterplan
15. Don’t Look Back In Anger
16. My Big Mouth

Bayswater. BW-16/17

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