Oasis / Nagoya 1994 Dat Master / 2CD

Oasis / Nagoya 1994 Dat Master / 2CD / Wardour

Live at Nagoya Club Quattro, Nagoya, Japan 19th September 1994 TRULY PERFECT SOUND (from Original Masters) * UPGRADE !!!


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The first performance in 1994 that determined the popularity of Oasis to this day. Among them, the legendary day was Nagoya on the last day of the tour. Like Queen, the oasis also received enthusiastic hospitality in this first-time visit and became fond of touring in Japan. First and foremost, this year was also their debut. This year’s oasis was a special time, wild but innocent, unlike after the subsequent explosion of popularity. It must seem that I was really lucky that my first visit to Japan was realized at that time.
The tour itself was a great success, and if you listen to the remaining sound sources, it is firmly recorded that the performance was unfolding every day. Under such circumstances, Nagoya, which will be released this time, was enriched in both sound quality and content. On this day, a masterpiece called “STAIN IN A BLUE SKY”, which was touted as the best masterpiece among the items for the first performance of Oasis in Japan, was released. The secret of its popularity was the extremely easy-to-listen sound quality that can be enjoyed by both enthusiasts and beginners while recording audiences, with a sense of realism and closeness of sound.

This is a recording of the Nagoya audience that will be released on a limited press CD, but it was Kinney who provided the master. That alone is enough to surprise enthusiasts, but when I listened to the DAT tape, it was the same sound source as “STAIN IN A BLUE SKY” (hereinafter referred to as “already released board”). Still, the sound quality is clearly better than that. Audience recording, which was the basis of the existing version, was a sound source that was widely distributed among traders even before it was released. However, as was often the case with DAT trade in the 90’s, digital copying using two DAT decks was not easy (and the deck was expensive), and as a painstaking measure, I dropped it on a cassette and then again. There was a pattern of being transferred to DAT and circulating among traders.
This sound source is also a typical example, and it was once dropped into a cassette … that is, it had undergone analog generation. In that respect, Kinney’s version was a digitally copied version from the master DAT. Therefore, although it is not strictly a “master”, it is named “DAT master” because it is a digital copy from DAT to DAT without sound quality deterioration. As expected, the sound quality of the DAT as it is without deterioration has a vivid upper feeling, and when compared by listening, the texture like the thin skin that was on the existing board has been removed and it has evolved into a clearer state.
And the best proof that Kinney’s version is the upper version is that there is no deafening noise in the “Live Forever” ending, which was the biggest drawback of the existing version! It was clear that the noise was different from the DAT digital noise, but the fact that the Kinney Master did not have it was the noise caused by poor connection with the deck when dropping it into the cassette. Guess. Also, there was no increase in volume that was at the start of “Sad Song” (I did not adjust the volume this time, it was stable from the beginning) Above all, the noise that was the biggest stain disappeared, and finally I can listen with confidence It was!

And the performance on the last day of the first performance in Japan, which is full of freshness and momentum unique to the debut year, is a masterpiece during the masterpiece! All the members were young, and Liam Gallagher’s voice seemed to be painful in “Digsy’s Dinner” and “Slide Away” because he was greeted with a free-spirited rock’n’roll life that was reported in the music magazine at that time. You can see it here and there, but I’m even impressed by how it’s survived. The legendary finale that the ultimate performance finally showed “Rock’n’ Roll Star” again.
Besides, there is plenty of repertoire unique to this period such as the band version “Married With Children” and “D’Yer Wanna Be A Spaceman?” Played by Noel. Not only because it was his first performance in Japan, but the upper version of the live sound source that represents Oasis in 1994 was unearthed by Kinney. Please enjoy the famous performance to your heart’s content in a clean state without uneven volume level or noise. Konbanwa, Nagoooya!

ツアー自体は大盛況で、残りの音源を聴いてみると、日々パフォーマンスが繰り広げられていたことがしっかりと記録されています。そんな中、今回発売される名古屋は音質も内容も充実。この日、日本初のオアシス公演で最高傑作と評価された名作「STAIN IN ABLUESKY」が発売されました。その人気の秘訣は、聴衆を録音しながら、愛好家と初心者の両方が、臨場感と音の近さを感じて楽しむことができる非常に聞きやすい音質でした。

これは限定プレスCDでリリースされる名古屋の聴衆の録音ですが、マスターを提供したのはキニーでした。それだけでもマニアを驚かせるには十分ですが、DATテープを聴いてみると「STAIN IN A BLUE SKY」(以下「発売済みボード」という)と同じ音源でした。それでも、音質は明らかにそれよりも優れています。既存バージョンのベースとなったオーディエンス録音は、発売前からトレーダーに広く配布されていた音源でした。しかし、90年代のDAT取引でよくあることでしたが、2つのDATデッキを使ったデジタルコピーは簡単ではなく(そしてデッキは高価でした)、骨の折れる対策として、カセットに入れてからもう一度落としました。 DATに転送され、トレーダー間で循環するパターンがありました。
そして、キニーのバージョンが上位バージョンであることの最も良い証拠は、既存のバージョンの最大の欠点であった「ライブフォーエバー」エンディングに耳をつんざくようなノイズがないことです!ノイズがDATデジタルノイズと異なることは明らかでしたが、キニーマスターが持っていなかったのは、デッキをカセットに落としたときのデッキとの接続不良によるノイズでした。推測。また、「Sad Song」の冒頭の音量は上がりませんでした(今回は音量を調整しなかったので、最初から安定していました)なにより、一番大きな汚れだったノイズが消えて、ようやく私自信を持って聴けるでした!

また、バンドバージョンの「MarriedWithChildren」や「D’YerWannaBe A Spaceman?」など、この時代に特有のレパートリーがたくさんあります。ノエルが演じる。日本での初公演であるだけでなく、1994年にオアシスを代表するライブ音源の上位版がキニーによって発掘された。音量ムラやノイズのないクリーンな状態で、心ゆくまで有名な演奏をお楽しみください。こんばんわ、なごうや!

Disc 1 (54:44)
1. Intro.
2. Rock’n ‘ Roll Star
3. Columbia
4. Fade Away
5. Digsy’s Dinner
6. Shakermaker
7. Live Forever
8. Bring It on Down
9. Up in the Sky
10 . Slide Away
11. Cigarettes & Alcohol
12. Married With Children

Disc 2 (39:28)
1. Sad Song
2. D’Yer Wanna Be a Spaceman?
3. Supersonic
4. I Am the Walrus
5. MC
6. Rock’ n’Roll Star

Liam Gallagher –lead vocals, tambourine
Noel Gallagher –lead guitar, vocals
Paul Arthurs –rhythm guitar
Paul McGuigan –bass
Tony McCarroll –drums







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