Oasis / 10 Years Of Noise And Confusion / 2CD

Oasis / 10 Years Of Noise And Confusion / 2CD / Bayswater

BARROWLANDS, GLASGOW, U.K. October 13, 2001


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From the 10th anniversary tour of Oasis, October 13, 2001 Glasgow was recorded on the sound board. Only the three new songs “THE HINDU TIMES”, “HUNG IN A BAD PLACE” and “LIVE FOREVER” at that time were complemented by the audience sound source, including the first take of “CHANPAGNE SUPERNOVA” which was interrupted by Liam’s instructions. It is a complete recording of the concert. The band that has the ability to attract customers to fill the stadium is extremely rare, such as performing live in such a small box, and as you can see from the jacket photo, the distance to the audience is close. As a guest, Johnny Marr of THE SMITH participated to add glamor to the stage and celebrate the band’s anniversary. A press board with beautiful picture disc specifications for permanent storage.

オアシス結成10周年記念ツアーより、2001年10月13日グラスゴーをサウンドボードで収録。当時の新曲「THE HINDU TIMES」「HUNG IN A BAD PLACE」と「LIVE FOREVER」の3曲のみオーディエンス音源で補完し、リアムの指示で中断した「CHANPAGNE SUPERNOVA」の最初のテイクを含め、この日のコンサートの完全収録となっている。スタジアムを埋める集客力のあるバンドが、このような小さな箱でライヴを行なうなど非常にレアで、ジャケット写真でもわかるように、客席との距離が近い。ゲストでTHE SMITHのジョニー・マーが参加しステージに華を添え、バンドのアニバーサリーを祝っている。美しいピクチャー・ディスク仕様の永久保存がっちりプレス盤。

BARROWLANDS, GLASGOW, U.K. October 13, 2001
01. Fuckin’ In The Bushes
02. Go Let It Out
03. Columbia
04. Morning Glory
05. Acquiesce
06. Supersonic
07. Fade Away
08. The Hindu Times
09. Half The World Away
10. Whatever
11. The Masterplan
12. Gas Panic!
13. Cigarettes & Alcohol

01. Live Forever
02. Hung In A Bad Place
03. Slide Away
04. She’s Electric
05. Champagne Supernova #1
06. Champagne Supernova #2
07. Rock ‘n’ Roll Star
08. Don’t Look Back In Anger
09. I Am The Walrus
10. Roll With It

Bayswater. BW-53/54

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