Nirvana / Rome 1994 / 1CD

Nirvana / Rome 1994 / 1CD / Zodiac

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Live at the Palaghiaccio, Rome, Italy 22nd February 1994 STEREO SBD

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NIRVANA The long and superb live album that caught the end of the term with a stereo soundboard appears. It is contained in this work “Rome performance on 22nd February 1994”. It is one screen of “IN UTERO TOUR” which was the last tour of Kurt Cobain.
First of all, let’s look back on the position of this work in the process from the release of the final original album “IN UTERO” to his death.

“September 23” IN UTERO “Release”
· October 18 – November 15: North America # 1 (20 performances)
· November 18 “MTV UNPLUGGED” recorded
· November 27 – December 18: North America # 2 (14 performances)
· December 29 – 31: North America # 3 (3 performances)
· January 1 – 8: North America # 4 (6 shows)
· February 6 – March 1: Europe (15 shows) ← ★ Coco ★
“April 5: Kurt Coburn died”

This is the whole of “IN UTERO TOUR”. In the later years, the cart who was suffering from serious drug addiction and depression finished the tour with only 59 performances. This work ‘s Rome performance is the 5th show from the end. It is a concert six weeks before he passed away.
Such Rome performance is recorded by sound board and broadcast on FM radio. Known as “almost complete last radio broadcast”, it is a large classic sound board representing “IN UTERO TOUR”. Although it has been producing many pre-existing ones only for large standards, this work is one that used its highest quality quality master.
To tell the truth, although the length of the recording is the same as the previous episode, the essential sound is wonderful. The pitch which was already crazy by precinct is also accurate, but it is more brilliant and dynamic than anything! Even though it was already an episode without complaints, it was “Official-grade sound board”, but even with a brief mention of “official”, the official board is also incredible. In the light of the official standards of the large classic pre-departure, “anything excavated” class. Clearly in transcendence – Even though it was direct, I could not feel the space, it was a somewhat flat sound. However, this work is solid three-dimensional. Fine detail and pushy core are also wonderful, even superior and superb sound which becomes “classic live board” class even in official standards. The sense of stereo vividly wraps the whole body into the chaos of the sound.
A show called 43 days before death is drawn with that sound. The final set of NIRVANA is a set of “NEVERMIND” and “IN UTERO” roughly alternatingly showing off, “Sliver”, “About A Girl”, “School” wrapped around it. From this tour there is also an official video work “LIVE AND LOUD”, but there are plenty of songs that I can not listen to there. In particular, the number of “NEVERMIND” is thick, and “Smells Like Teen Spirit” “In Bloom” “Polly” “Lounge Act” “Territorial Pissings” “On A Plain” was also shown and “Stay Away” “Something All songs other than In The Way will be played. Of course, the essential “IN UTERO” new song group is also delicious. 9 songs out of 12 songs are performed, especially “Dumb” can not be heard in “LIVE AND LOUD”. The feeling of luxury that you can taste the large-scale behavior so far with the superb sound board is unparalleled. Indeed, “IN UTERO TOUR” is the best live album.

I walked on a very crazy path, the darling of the times NIRVANA. It is a great staple that has drawn their last appearance with the ultra superb soundboard, its highest peak live album. It is an important work to be handed down side by side with the official work “IN UTERO”, “MTV UNPLUGGED”, “LIVE AND LOUD”, and indeed it is one piece boasting sound and quality suitable for that. It keeps its shine permanently in a press CD that does not fade, and it is a majestic appearance here.
NIRVANA最末期をステレオ・サウンドボードで捉えた長・極上ライヴアルバムが登場です。本作に収められているのは「1994年2月22日ローマ公演」。カート・コバーン最後のツアーとなった“IN UTERO TOUR”の一幕です。
まずは、最終オリジナル・アルバム『IN UTERO』のリリースから彼の死に至るまでの歩みの中で、本作のポジションを振り返ってみましょう。

《9月23日『IN UTERO』発売》
・11月18日『MTV UNPLUGGED』収録

これが“IN UTERO TOUR”の全容。晩年、深刻な薬物中毒と鬱病に苛まれていたカートは、わずか59公演でツアーを終了。本作のローマ公演は、その最後から5公演目。彼が亡くなる6週間前のコンサートなのです。
そんなローマ公演はサウンドボードで記録され、FMラジオで放送。“ほぼ完全な最後のラジオ放送”と知られ、“IN UTERO TOUR”を代表する大定番サウンドボードです。大定番だけに従来から幾多の既発も生み出してきましたが、本作はその最高峰クオリティ・マスターを使用した1枚です。
実のところ、収録の長さは既発と同じなものの、要なのは素晴らしいサウンド。既発では狂っていたピッチも正確なのですが、何よりもグッと鮮やかでダイナミック! 既発も文句なしに「オフィシャル級サウンドボード」だったわけですが、「オフィシャル」と一口に言っても、公式盤もピンキリ。大定番の既発も公式基準に照らせば「いかにも発掘物」級。超絶に鮮明・ダイレクトではあっても、空間が感じられず、やや平板なサウンドでもありました。ところが、本作は見事なまでに立体的。細やかなディテールも押しの強い芯も素晴らしく、オフィシャル基準でも「名作ライヴ盤」級となる超・極上サウンド。ステレオ感も鮮やかに音のカオスに全身を包み込んでくれるのです。
そのサウンドで描かれるのは、死の43日前というショウ。NIRVANAの最終形となるセットは『NEVERMIND』と『IN UTERO』ナンバーをおおよそ交互に披露し、そこに「Sliver」「About A Girl」「School」をまぶしたもの。このツアーからはオフィシャル映像作品『LIVE AND LOUD』もありますが、そこでは聴けない曲もたっぷり7曲。特に『NEVERMIND』のナンバーは厚く、「Smells Like Teen Spirit」「In Bloom」「Polly」「Lounge Act」「Territorial Pissings」「On A Plain」も披露され、アルバム全12曲中「Stay Away」「Something In The Way」以外の全曲が演奏されます。もちろん、要となる『IN UTERO』の新曲群も美味しい。全12曲中9曲が披露され、特に「Dumb」は『LIVE AND LOUD』では聴けない。ここまでの大盤振る舞いを超極上サウンドボードで味わえる贅沢感は比類ない。まさに、“IN UTERO TOUR”随一のライヴアルバムなのです。

あまりにも数奇な道を歩んだ、時代の寵児NIRVANA。彼らの最後の姿を超極上サウンドボードで描ききった大定番、その最高峰たるライヴアルバムです。それこそオフィシャル作品『IN UTERO』や『MTV UNPLUGGED』『LIVE AND LOUD』と並んで語り継がれるべき重要作であり、実際それに相応しいサウンド・クオリティを誇る1枚でもある。その輝きを永久に色あせないプレスCDに封じ込め、ここに堂々の登場です。

1. Radio Friendly Unit Shifter 2. Drain You 3. Breed 4. Serve The Servants 5. Come As You Are
6. Smells Like Teen Spirit 7. Sliver 8. Dumb 9. In Bloom 10. About A Girl 11. Lithium
12. Pennyroyal Tea 13. School 14. Polly 15. Very Ape 16. Lounge Act 17. Rape Me
18. Territorial Pissings 19. All Apologies 20. On A Plain 21. Scentless Apprentice
22. Heart-Shaped Box 23. Demolition



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