Nirvana / Osaka 1992 / 1CD

Nirvana / Osaka 1992 / 1CD / Zodiac

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Kokusai Koryu Center, Osaka, Japan 14th February 1992



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Japan was the first encounter with the new music “grunge”, “1992 February 14, 2011: Osaka International Exchange Center”. NIRVANA is why was the only of the first day of the tour to Japan, but happened to be like that no two historical site, the master DAT has been excavated smoked the air directly. This work, the latest bullet original master series of Kinney. The first Japanese stage of NIRVANA is the audience album you press complete recording. First, let’s look back a summary of the Japan tour.

– February 14: International House, Osaka [this work] – February 16, 2011: Nagoya Club Quattro
– February 17: Club Citta Kawasaki
– February 19: Nakano Sun Plaza “TOKYO 1992”

In this way, NIRVANA only Japan tour all four performances. The other day is also sound board Album of the Japan tour “TOKYO 1992 (ZODIAC 179)” was the continued very popular, while there was a final performance, in Osaka this work became a veritable “first in Japan” such you.
Such recording of monumental concert is known for a long time, “BEEN A SOON (9 20214-2),” “MEMORIAL LIVE IN JAPAN 1992 (TTKKS 001: You have been Kawasaki and credit, but it is Osaka)”, etc., various is the name recording that produced its outstanding. Of course, this work is what turned into CD rather than a copy of such already issued, the Kinney-made master DAT became Omoto to direct. The sound that has been sucking in the field, I a live album that was recorded without leaking 1 sound vibe. In fact, this work is long full-length version than any already issued. In the past also, but the tune itself had been published songs worth, further curtain-curtain scene, MC after “Blew”, and “Love Buzz” after waiting for the encore to a frenzy, did not listen until now “in-situ sound” about 5 minutes longer, it all of the day was revived in full.
This is in indescribably stunning “field sense”, “era sense”. While Will was easy to listen to cut with no relationship to the performance scene at the time of sense, this live is not only “NIRVANA only visit to Japan”, “Japan’s first grunge concert”. Still one month from the news of “” NEVERMIND “by the National No.1” at the time. “What was that grunge?” “Heck, what I’m happening in America!?” That is a level, it was the site where ear early listener of the gathered and “see for yourself”. Soredakeni, the cheers expectations and the tension is fiercely spiral that “there is no music begins ever seen”, it is realistic precisely because it uncut. There is an age sensation was glimpse of even “TOKYO 1992”, which was released the other day, but this work of audience recording,’s the further Tokuno.
And, sounds original DAT why splendor of. Since Unlike digitized from analog cassette, but does not mean that in comparison with the already issued “eye-opener large transfiguration”, sharp is clever. Hear and above all unlike, vocals had been heard retracted in its outstanding. It has been out in front and a jerk, not only is a good overall balance, I hear up to direct feeling. This is also, they are going to the breathing of Kurt Cobain. After all, for the cart at the time this day 24-year-old, for the first time in Asia. Although it until there is live in the home country the United States / Europe / Oceania,’s the performance that was before the wave for the first time see black hair was born. Soredakeni, rather than the wild of the best condition is, but you hear the singing voice of somewhat nervous, this is what’s the truth of history.

If the original, it might was to talk about what the two songs “Something In The Way,” “Lounge Act” often set list than the “TOKYO 1992”. In fact, “In Bloom,” “Stay Away,” “Endless, Nameless” has been “NEVERMIND” songs show off other than, it is also possible to listen to as a “live version of NEVERMIND”. But, still. What era sensation, such as choking on more of, what the first meeting of the breathing was not only in the field is great.
History in the first Japan of the first stage there is only one day. One of music genres and Japan of the meeting in this production 100% sound, moreover, one of history’s best that was reprinted from the original DAT of Kinney. Document album that shines brilliantly in Japan of Western history. Historic night of smell, please inhale to please chest full.


・2月14日:大阪国際交流センター 【本作】
・2月19日:中野サンプラザ  『TOKYO 1992』

このように、NIRVANA唯一のジャパンツアーは全4公演。先日も日本公演のサウンドボード・アルバム『TOKYO 1992(ZODIAC 179)』が大好評を賜りましたが、そちらが最終公演だったのに対し、本作は正真正銘の“初日本”となった大阪公演なのです。
そんな記念碑的コンサートの録音は以前から知られ、『BEEN A SOON(9 20214-2)』『MEMORIAL LIVE IN JAPAN 1992(TTKKS 001:川崎とクレジットされていますが、大阪です)』など、様々な既発を生み出した名録音です。もちろん、本作はそんな既発のコピーではなく、大元になったキニー製のマスターDATをダイレクトにCD化したもの。現場で吸い込んできた音、ヴァイヴを1音漏らさず収録したライヴアルバムなのです。実際、本作はどの既発よりも長い全長版。これまでも演奏曲そのものは全曲分公表されていましたが、さらに開演・終演シーン、「Blew」後のMC、「Love Buzz」後にアンコールを待つ熱狂など、今まで聴けなかった“現場音”が5分ほど長く、当日の総てが完全に蘇ったのです。
これが何とも見事な“現場感”・“時代感覚”になっている。当時の感覚では演奏に関係ないシーンをカットして聴きやすくしたのでしょうが、このライヴは“NIRVANA唯一の来日”なだけでなく、“日本初のグランジ・コンサート”。当時は「『NEVERMIND』が全米No.1」の報からまだ1ヶ月。「グランジって何だ?」「一体、アメリカで何が起きてるんだ!?」というレベルであり、耳の早いリスナーが「自分で確かめる」と集った現場だった。それだけに、歓声には「見たこともない音楽が始まる」という期待感と緊張感が猛烈に渦巻き、それがノーカットだからこそリアル。先日リリースされた『TOKYO 1992』でも垣間見れた時代感覚ではありますが、オーディエンス録音の本作は、更に特濃なのです。

本来であれば、『TOKYO 1992』よりも2曲「Something In The Way」「Lounge Act」多いセットリストをこそ語るべきだったかも知れません。実際、「In Bloom」「Stay Away」「Endless, Nameless」以外の『NEVERMIND』全曲が披露されており、「ライヴバージョンのNEVERMIND」として聴くことも可能です。しかし、やはり。それ以上にむせ返るような時代感覚こそが、現場にしかなかった初対面の呼吸こそが素晴らしい。

1. Introduction 2. Negative Creep 3. Been A Son 4. On A Plain 5. Something In The Way
6. Blew 7. Come As You Are 8. Lithium 9. Breed 10. Territorial Pissings 11. Sliver
12. About A Girl 13. School 14. Aneurysm 15. Love Buzz 16. Polly 17. Lounge Act
18. Drain You 19. Smells Like Teen Spirit

Kurt Cobain – Vocal. Guitar Krist Novoselic – Bass Dave Grohl – Drums
Zodiac 181

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