Nirvana / Madrid 1992 / 1CD

Nirvana / Madrid 1992 / 1CD / Zodiac

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Palacio de Deportes de la Comunidad de Madrid, Madrid, Spain 3rd July 1992 STEREO SBD


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NIRVANA phenomena album “NEVERMIND” in 1992, was in the midst repainted the world. Superb sound board album of such historical golden age is appeared. What is recorded in this work, “July 3, 1992 in Madrid performances (Spain)”. This year, I mean there was also only ever Japan tour, is a live hit immediately after that. How much that immediately after, let’s check the schedule.

– 1992 February 9 – 19, 2011: Japan tour (4 performances)
· 1992, February 21 – 22, 2011: Honolulu performances (two shows)
“After four months”
– June 21, 1992 – August 30, 2011: European tour (10 performances) ← ★ here ★
– September 10, 1992 – October 30, 2011: North and South American tour (5 performances)

This is the pace after Japan tour. Because this work is to hit the 9 performances eyes of the European tour, as the time is four months later, but live it is It was after 11 performances. Such this work, stereo sound board of the full recording that appeared in recent years. Are up only a short period of time to the official forum is to last year, which had been quickly extinguished. Such as this day is also used to “Aneurysm” promo clip from that time, it had known that there was a professional recording, was surprised and “No way is the full show has been recorded in the sound board!” It sounds source is. Moreover, just not a full recording. Its quality is terrific with which such rare sore does not look good at all. And say outflow sound board, or was out hit, mix but I not uncommon also sloppy, this work is almost the official class. Except that the VOLUME slightly lower in the middle of “Pennyroyal Tea”, is the perfect sound board sound source. As I had thought what to release, further latest and meticulous remastering also carried out in this work. Under the expert guidance of world authority with us to provide this sound source, adjust the overall established a treble to more bright. We have decided to deliver to enhance the Great of the original sound to the limit of the official dimension.
Golden age NIRVANA to be drawn in such a sound is exactly resound the lock of the phenomenon dimension that has been loved by the goddess of the era. In the other day introduce the Japan tour of the sound board album “TOKYO 1992 (ZODIAC 179)”, the first (and only) this work visit to Japan of the mood was a lot also, their first of the Spanish performance. The is enthusiastic performance of NIRVANA continue to dominate the world is screwed in the ear sound while touching for the first time of the land-race wherever you go.
That said, if this work say whether the same kind of thing with the Japan tour difference also it, the content of the show is quite different. FANG of cover “The Money Will Roll Right In”, THE VASELINES of cover “Son Of A Gun,” “Molly’s Lips”, showing off to the “In Bloom,” “Stay Away” of the “NEVERMIND”. During this period, it but also in the official is “LIVE AT READING” has been excavated, is being played there in the also “Pennyroyal Tea,” “Stain” you do not hear is. In particular, attention Nanoha “The Money Will Roll Right In” and “Son Of A Gun”. Yet also overlooking the NIRVANA whole history of a rhea song only been played several times of Hong, you hear the sound of official barefoot.

Just repainted the world, due to rewrite have the “phenomenon” NIRVANA history, the first time the Spanish Tour. Japan tour with the “LIVE AT READING” plenty to show off a different masterpieces also enthusiastic performance in grade sound of official quality, and it’s great masterpiece to listen in full show. Thoroughly containment to press CD, which remain the best of live permanently, this weekend will be delivered to your handy.




これが日本公演後の足取り。本作は欧州ツアーの9公演目にあたるため、時期としては4ヶ月後ですが、ライヴは11公演後だったのです。そんな本作は、近年になって登場したフル収録のステレオ・サウンドボード。昨年になって公式フォーラムに短期間だけアップされ、すぐに消されてしまったもの。この日は当時から「Aneurysm」プロモクリップにも使われるなど、プロフェッショナルな収録があったことは知られていたのですが、「まさかフルショウがサウンドボードで録音されていたとは!」と驚かせた音源なのです。しかも、単にフル収録なわけではない。そのクオリティは、そんなレアっぷりがまったく似合わない凄まじさ。流出サウンドボードというと、ぶつ切れだったり、ミックスがいい加減なことも珍しくないのですが、本作はほぼオフィシャル級。「Pennyroyal Tea」の中盤でヴォリュームがやや下がることを除けば、完璧なサウンドボード音源なのです。そのままリリースしようかとも考えていたのですが、本作ではさらに最新・細心のリマスタリングも実施。この音源を提供してくださった世界的権威の研究家の指導の下、高音をよりブライトに整えて全体を調整。グレイトな原音を極限のオフィシャル次元にまで高めてお届けすることにいたしました。
そんなサウンドで描かれる黄金期NIRVANAは、まさに時代の女神に愛された現象次元のロックを轟かせている。先日ご紹介した日本公演のサウンドボード・アルバム『TOKYO 1992(ZODIAC 179)』では、初(そして唯一の)来日のムードがたっぷりでした本作もまた、彼ら初のスペイン公演。行く先々で初めての土地・人種に触れながら世界を席巻していくNIRVANAの熱演が耳元サウンドでねじ込まれるのです。
とは言え、本作が日本公演と同じようなものかというとそれも違い、ショウの内容はかなり異なります。FANGのカバー「The Money Will Roll Right In」、THE VASELINESのカバー「Son Of A Gun」「Molly’s Lips」、『NEVERMIND』の「In Bloom」「Stay Away」まで披露。この時期には、オフィシャルでも『LIVE AT READING』が発掘されていますが、そこでは聴けない「Pennyroyal Tea」「Stain」も演奏されているのです。特に注目なのは「The Money Will Roll Right In」と「Son Of A Gun」。NIRVANA全史を見渡してもホンの数回しか演奏されていない激レア曲でありながら、公式裸足のサウンドで聴けるのです。

まさに世界を塗り替え、歴史を書き換えていた“現象”NIRVANAによる、初めてのスペイン・ツアー。日本公演とも『LIVE AT READING』とも違う名曲をたっぷり披露する熱演をオフィシャル・クオリティの特級サウンドで、しかもフルショウで聴ける大傑作です。徹底的に最高なライヴを永久に残るプレスCDに封じ込め、今週末あなたのお手元にお届けいたします。

1. Intro 2. The Money Will Roll Right In 3. Breed 4. Sliver 5. Drain You 6. In Bloom
7. About A Girl 8. School 9. Lithium 10. Aneurysm 11. Stay Away 12. Pennyroyal Tea
13. Son Of A Gun 14. Molly’s Lips 15. Something In The Way 16. On A Plain 17. Been A Son
18. Blew 19. Stain 20. Come As You Are 21. Smells Like Teen Spirit 22. Territorial Pissings
23. Outro


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