Nirvana / Vienna 1989 / 1CD+1Bonus DVDR

Nirvana / Vienna 1989 / 1CD+1Bonus DVDR / Zodiac

Live at U4, Vienna, Austria 22nd November 1989, Pre-FM Master Bonus DVDR “Linz 1989”

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NIRVANA in 1989 released “BLEACH” and flew to the world. The finest soundboard album that tells the scene of the first European tour for them is the appearance.
The film included in this film is “November 22, 1989 in Vienna.” This is a stereo soundboard recording. It is also known that this day was broadcast on a local FM station in Austria in 2001, but this work is not an air check. Based on the leaked sound board before the broadcast that became the base, it is one piece that updates the highest peak in length and quality.
Even if you say, you are not the only person who knows the conventional FM sound board, so I will explain from the beginning. First of all, the show position. Let’s check the position of the show from the schedule at the time when the impact sound was hit the world.

<< Completion of “BLEACH” on January 24 >>
・ January 6-February 25: North America # 1 (6 performances)
・ April 1-26: North America # 2 (4 performances)
・ May 26-June 10: North America # 3a (3 performances)
<< June 15 “BLEACH” release >>
・ June 16-October 13: North America # 3b (33 performances)
・ October 23-December 3: Europe (37 performances) ← ★ coco ★

This is NIRVANA of 1989. Until then, they had never experienced a “tour” that repeated stages and movements, and in 1989 only sporadic live shows until “North America # 2”. With the launch of “BLEACH”, he embarked on his first tour “North America # 3” and entered Europe with that momentum. The Vienna performance of this work was the 26th performance of such “Europe” leg.
本 This work recorded at such a site is just a super real sound board. As mentioned above, FM broadcasting was also performed, but it was much later. At the time of recording, although it was a rough mix that was not supposed to be broadcast, it was gorgeous compared to ordinary direct connection. A scorching ensemble that leaves the youth with the best sound of the official class flows directly into the brain. Of course, the sound is much better than FM broadcasting. However, the FM broadcast was monaural and it was just a bit out of the way, so it is incomparable …. I mean, the dimensions of this work are so different that the image of this work is likely to get worse by inquiring.
In addition, it is about 9 minutes long. As a matter of fact, the first song “School” is missing in this leaked sound board, but this work supplemented with the audience recording of the same day. You can fully experience the full set of those days seamlessly. Moreover, this audience recording is also a superb sound that wants to line up “super”. I can clearly hear it only on the sound board. If you don’t know anything, even if you listen with your headphones, it’s a transcendental sound that you can only feel about “Is it even a little touching on the desk knob?”
吹 き Blowing out with such a transcendental sound board is a fierce full show with ambition and instinct bare. Speaking of their first European tour, the official name of the official sound board “MANCHESTER 1989 (Zodiac 200)” is very popular, but about a month later, this set has a different set. Let’s organize while comparing.

・ BLEACH: School (★) / Scoff / Love Buzz / Floyd The Barber / About A Girl / Negative Creep / Blew
・ NEVERMIND: Breed (★)
・ Others: Dive / Spank Thru / Big Cheese / Sappy (★) / Been A Son (★) / Vendetagainst (aka. Help Me, I’m Hungry) (★)
* Note: “★” indicates a song that cannot be heard in “MANCHESTER 1989”

… and it looks like this. With the “BLEACH” number as the main, the repertoire unique to the early days is a fierce rush. As early as “Breed” is playing, you will notice that “Vendetagainst” is even more rare. Although it was recorded as “Help Me, I’m Hungry” in the 2004 BOX set “WITH THE LIGHTS OUT”, it is a very rare song that has been played only a few times with Hong. You can enjoy it with the finest sound board.

Although such a full show alone is full, this work includes three more bonus tracks. In addition, all are super-expensive takes on the 1989 studio sound board. The first was “Do You Love Me?”, Which was provided on the KISS tribute “HARD TO BELIEVE” and was recorded in the spring of 1989. It is a rough take that has been played for a long time, but the sound is superb. Jason Everman, who credited him for not paying for the production costs of “BLEACH”, participated.
The second is a cover of redberry “Ain’t It A Shame”. Take of the same session was recorded in “WITH THE LIGHTS OUT” recorded in August 1989, but this work is a rough mix version. The drummer on this take is Mark Pickerell, also known as the original member of SCREAMING TREES. The last is “Even In His Youth” recorded in September 1989. This is also a rough mix version of the session with “WITH THE LIGHTS OUT”.

流出 This live album will further upgrade the leaked sound board that far exceeds FM broadcasts, allowing you to experience the low sound show of the “BLEACH” era with the finest sound. It is comparable to that daimyo edition “MANCHESTER 1989” … A transcendent one that may exceed it. Please fully enjoy with the permanent preservation press CD.



そんな超絶サウンドボードで吹き出すのは、野心と本能が丸出しになったような苛烈なフルショウ。彼ら初の欧州ツアーと言えば、当店でも公式級サウンドボードの超名盤『MANCHESTER 1989(Zodiac 200)』が大人気となっていますが、約1ヶ月後の本作はセットも異なる。比較しつつ、整理してみましょう。

・BLEACH:School(★)/Scoff/Love Buzz/Floyd The Barber/About A Girl/Negative Creep/Blew
・その他:Dive/Spank Thru/Big Cheese/Sappy(★)/Been A Son(★)/Vendetagainst (aka. Help Me, I’m Hungry)(★)
※注:「★」印は『MANCHESTER 1989』でも聴けない曲。

……と、このようになっています。『BLEACH』ナンバーをメインに、初期ならではのレパートリーが猛ラッシュ。早くも「Breed」が演奏されているのも目を弾きますが、それ以上にレアなのが「Vendetagainst」。2004年のBOXセット『WITH THE LIGHTS OUT』では「Help Me, I’m Hungry」として収録された曲ですが、ホンの数回しか演奏されていない激レア曲。それを極上サウンドボードで楽しめるのです。

そんなフルショウだけでもお腹いっぱいですが、本作はさらに美味しいボーナス・トラックを3曲収録しています。しかも、いずれも1989年のスタジオ・サウンドボードで超極上テイクばかり。1つめはKISSのトリビュート盤『HARD TO BELIEVE』に提供された「Do You Love Me?」で、1989年春に録音されたもの。かなり崩れた演奏ぶりのラフなテイクですが、サウンドは極上。『BLEACH』の制作費を負担したことで演奏していなくてもクレジットされたというジェイソン・エヴァーマンが参加しています。
2つめはレッドベリーのカバー「Ain’t It A Shame」。1989年8月録音で『WITH THE LIGHTS OUT』にも同じセッションのテイクが収録されていますが、本作はラフミックス・バージョンです。このテイクでドラマーを務めているのは、SCREAMING TREESのオリジナル・メンバーとしても知られるマーク・ピッケレルです。最後は1989年9月録音の「Even In His Youth」。これまた『WITH THE LIGHTS OUT』収録セッションのラフミックス版です。

FM放送を遙かに超える流出サウンドボードをさらにアップグレードさせ、『BLEACH』時代のロウなフルショウを極上サウンドで体験できてしまうライヴアルバムです。あの大名盤『MANCHESTER 1989』にも匹敵する……いえ、超えてしまうかも知れない超絶なる1枚。どうぞ、永久保存プレスCDで存分にご堪能ください。
01. Introduction
02. School
03. Scoff
04. Love Buzz
05. Floyd The Barber
06. Dive
07. About A Girl
08. Spank Thru
09. Big Cheese
10. Sappy
11. Breed
12. Been A Son
13. Negative Creep
14. Blew
15. Vendetagainst

Bonus Tracks

Chorus Rehearsal & Audio Studio, The Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA, USA Spring 1989
‘Hard To Believe: A KISS Covers Compilation’
Producer/Engineer: Greg Babior

16: Do You Love Me?

‘The Jury’ Reciprocal Recording Studios, Seattle, WA, USA 20-28 August 1989 Rough Mix
Producer/Engineer: Jack Endino

17: Ain’t It A Shame

The Music Source, Seattle, WA, USA September 1989 Rough Mix
Producer/Engineer: Steve Fisk

18: Even In His Youth

Kurt Cobain: Guitar / Vocals
Krist Novoselic: Bass / Backing Vocals
Chad Channing: Drums
Jason Everman: Guitar [Track 16] Mark Pickerel: Drums [Track 17]

Notes for SBD : Pre-FM soundboard source. Missing Cobain’s opening dialogue about his guitar, the screaming intro, the very first song (‘School’) and some announcer banter after ‘Blew’ about T-shirts being on sale. All other songs and between-song banter are present.

From Nirvana Guide:
Krist got involved with a bunch of drunks in the audience who were disrespecting women, prompting him to give a long speech about how he is a girl and a brief attempt at singing The Who’s “I’m A Boy.”
Tad Doyle most likely played guitar on “Vendetagainst,” since Kurt invited him onstage to play and a guitar can be heard on circulating recordings (the song was normally played without guitar).

Stereo Soundboard Recroding

Zodiac 377


Nirvana / Linz 1989 /1DVDR
Live at Kapu, Linz, Austria 20th November 1989 AMAZING SHOT!!!(2 CAM MIX)


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The main press CD is the definitive sound board where you can enjoy the moment when NIRVANA jumps out into the world with the finest sound. Originally, it is a great masterpiece that does not require bonuses, but there is a masterpiece image representing 1989 in the immediate vicinity of the Vienna performance that became the scene. Therefore, a special bonus is also included to image the “other side” of the main press CD.
The film was shot on November 20, 1989 in Linz (Austria). This is a video work that allows you to witness a show two days before the main press CD in Vienna. And the key is quality. This is already incredibly wonderful! It may be “Audience Shot” in terms of classification, but it is beyond the dimension of “Pro or Audience”. The biggest factor is the narrowness of the venue. According to the data, the “Kappu” that became the scene is a small underground club that can accommodate about 500 people. The ceiling is low and it is a super-closed live space where banzai cannot be used. There, the camera is used to shoot the venue, but because it is so small, all angles are close-ups, no matter what the angle.
に も Despite that, this work is (for some reason) a multi-angle where the field of view switches. No, the angles are the same, but the three members switch between close-ups that barely fit on the screen and Kurt Cobain’s face-up. Did the venue setup cameras line up side by side, or did the video taken by one switch between “full view” and “crop up”? In any case, you can fully enjoy the real pleasure of switching the field of view and the super-closeness. Even if it is so close, the venue is set up. He looked directly at NIRVANA over the head without being confused by the rampaging audience. There is no doubt that the camera is fixed or a tripod.
Such “feeling in front of you” and “sense of stability” are true for sound. Their locks are filled in narrow, closed rooms. I think it’s probably a video camera microphone recording, but it’s so close that it’s hard to call it “audience recording.” A direct sound that is super close to the fact that recording on the line would not make much of a difference. Of course, it is a roaring sound because it is NIRVANA, but it is not the roughness of the recording, but the sound itself that the three people just hit. Even if the chaotic sound overflows, a beautiful explosive sound that has nothing to do with the difficulty of hearing (at all!) Explodes.
初期 The performance of the early NIRVANA drawn with such a sight and sound is the movement of magma that is also linked to the main press CD. The basics of the set are familiar only recently, but not exactly the same. Here, let’s organize while comparing with the main part press CD.

・ BLEACH: School / Scoff / Love Buzz / Floyd The Barber / About A Girl / Negative Creep / Blew
・ NEVERMIND: Polly (★) / Breed
・ HORMOANING: Molly’s Lips (★) / Even In His Youth (★)
・ Others: Dive / Spank Thru / Big Cheese / Sappy / Been A Son / Stain (★)
* Note: “★” indicates songs that cannot be heard on the main press CD.

… and it looks like this. The four songs you can’t listen to in the main part are delicious, but the performance itself is more than that. Three people who repeat a bowing like a bow on a narrow narrow stage where they can not move, and blow off the roaring and explosive sounds as much as possible. The sound of the violence is strangely catchy, and the screaming screaming sound of the screams grabs your heart. Although the style is the same as after “NEVERMIND”, the energy is not released to the outside, it stirs around in a closed room and accumulates on the spot as the songs are repeated. Strangely stoic while raging with desires and impulses. While the revolutionary NIRVANA was still struggling underground while spreading his fangs, the chaos spread all over the screen.

N NIRVANA will turn the whole world upside down. It is an image in which the enormous amount of heat is forcibly enclosed in an extremely small space. No matter how long the history of rock or how wide the world is, there is no other place where the dense space and images can be thought out. Although it is a separate performance from the main press CD, the swirling energy and the scenery unique to that time are too enough to remind the “other side” of the famous live album. Please enjoy with plenty!

そんな本作が撮影されたのは「1989年11月20日リンツ公演(オーストリア)」。本編プレスCDのウィーン公演の2日前となるショウを目撃できる映像作品です。そして、その要はクオリティ。こうれがもう、猛烈に素晴らしい! 分類上は「オーディエンス・ショット」になるのかも知れませんが、もはや「プロか、オーディエンスか」の次元を超えている。その最大の要因は会場の狭さ。現場となった“カプ”は約500人収容の小さな地下クラブ……とデータにはあるのですが、画面から見えるスペースは「50人の間違いじゃないのか!?」というくらい狭い。天井も低く、バンザイもできない超・密室なライヴスペースなのです。そこで会場設営と思われるカメラで撮影されているのですが、そこまで狭いためにどんなアングルだろうとすべて接写になってしまうのです。

・BLEACH:School/Scoff/Love Buzz/Floyd The Barber/About A Girl/Negative Creep/Blew
・HORMOANING:Molly’s Lips(★)/Even In His Youth(★)
・その他:Dive/Spank Thru/Big Cheese/Sappy/Been A Son/Stain(★)



1. Intro.
2. School
3. Scoff
4. Love Buzz
5. Floyd The Barber
6. Dive
7. Polly
8. Big Cheese
9. About A Girl
10. Spank Thru
11. Molly’s Lips
12. Breed
13. Been A Son
14. Negative Creep
15. Blew
16. Sappy
17. Even In His Youth
18. Stain

Kurt Cobain – Guitar, Vocals Krist Novoselic – Bass Chad Channing – Drums

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