Nirvana / 1987 / 2CD

Nirvana / 1987 / 2CD / Zodiac

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17 Nussbaum Road, Raymond, WA. USA 7th March 1987 & The Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA. USA 6th May 1987


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…… No, one of the fetal movement of the music genre “GRUNGE” of NIRVANA. In turn, is a live album appeared that containment the moment the music scene itself was repainted a “phenomenon” was born in the press 2CD.
Live, which is on this work are two. The “first live at the 1987 March 7, Raymond,” “May 6, KAOS Olympia Radio 1987”, all recordings 1987 NIRVANA was formed. Both are classic sound of the very initial NIRVANA that Aaron Burke hard will serve as a drummer, but the past highest version overseas mania has produced and supervised. So, let’s continue to individually introduce.

[Disk 1: the first live in the March 7, 1987 Raymond] It matches the first stage of the NIRVANA is a big classic audience recording. It was an “audience” in accordance with convention, but the sound is not such as to purposely distinguish the audience / line. In fact, this live is not a so-called concert, performance in the home basement of a music fellow high school Tony Poukkula (Tony Pokura?). Home party’s the pattern in the fellow. Playing only in narrow narrow basement to super is near, whether they picked up the applause of the audience (music friends rather than a) of the vocal microphone, only a difference of whether the built-in microphone is. So-called demo / rehearsal sound the same way as a “nearly line recording” that’s the ultra-close contact with sound.
As mentioned above, what this recording is is what has been known for a long time, this work is to update the record version. In fact, so far existing airport I compressed sound source of mp3 has become to the original, this work is the difference from that, it lossless sound source that appeared in just a few months ago. In other words, the site without going through the raw sound of any compression, we hear exactly the missing also distortion without any. This sound source is had provided us with a certain famous researcher, mastering to fix thoroughly pitch on which enhanced the bass was poor by the supervision of the researchers. It does not faithfully reproduce the “sound of the site”, but has been making full use of all kinds of techniques for.
Then vivid sound is unprecedented that was revived. It was originally recorded in the adhesion feeling beyond the super close, as if it is screwed into the ear without even any distortion. Concert completely different and, in a peaceful atmosphere in the fellow, or the cover of the LED ZEPPLIN, or your play of AEROSMITH, even voice be deep in talk as “Tony Iommi is Now!” Is ultra-realistic. Home party seems harmonious and the mood I feel plenty, sound resounds in its Eraku violence. Should we do express the mood of this chaotic …… “handmade roar”? “Geniuses of the playground?” Anyway, a tremendous basement party to foresee the future of the revolution.

[Disc 2: May 6, 1987 KAOS Olympia Radio] Disc 2 continues, radio appearance sound board after two months. Here the famous classic, which is also known for a long time, also due to the provision and supervised by the famous scholar and disk 1. This special is, official box set “WITH THE LIGHTS OUT” sound source and, radio air check of collaboration. Official box, three songs from the broadcast before the master, “Anorexorcist,” “White Lace and Strange,” “Help Me, I’m Hungry,” but had been adopted, while using it, the best air check the existing the rest supplemented by sound source, and has done the full version. Of course, and it finished with a highest peak sound mastering by supervision of similarly expert with the disk 1.
Lock to be drawn in the sound, just “NIRVANA of prototype” and referred to things. Completely different from the home-made sense of the disk 1, and sprout professional point of view to face squarely and also “my music” while roughing. Although it was also used to demonstrate pleased with Kurt Cobain himself, young sensibility of some 20-year-old perceive the darkness of the world, cut-out, such as “dazzling roar” is strewn. At the time, I always had identified himself “SKID ROW” but, “Floyd The Barber”, “Downer” of “BLEACH” are also beginning to be played, is exactly what a “revolution of fetal movement” and referred to the appropriate magma swirling live music.

Only two in the birth of the year “1987” left the live sound source. Since the global authority has been supervised by the past the best version of what. From here, the revolution began. From overnight everyone of the basement that did not know of the world, but nobody is revolutionary to know I went into the world jump out. Superb live album …… Ie that captures the moment of its fledging, this is another lock entire historical album. One of such century, will be delivered this weekend to your handy.


NIRVANAの初ステージを収めた大定番のオーディエンス録音です。慣例に従って「オーディエンス」としましたが、そのサウンドはオーディエンス/ラインをわざわざ区別するようなものではありません。実は、このライヴはいわゆるコンサートではなく、高校の音楽仲間であるTony Poukkula(トニー・ポークラ?)の自宅地下室でのパフォーマンス。仲間内でのホームパーティの模様なのです。狭い狭い地下室だけに演奏は激近ですし、観客(というより音楽仲間たち)の喝采を拾っているのがヴォーカルマイクなのか、録音マイクなのかの違いでしかない。いわゆるデモ/リハーサル音源と同じような「ほぼライン録音」な超密着サウンドなのです。
そうして蘇った鮮やかなサウンドは空前絶後。もともと激近を超えた密着感覚の録音でしたが、それが一切の歪みさえなく耳にねじ込まれるかのよう。コンサートとはまったく違う、仲間内の和やかな雰囲気の中、LED ZEPPLINのカバーをしたり、AEROSMITHのお遊びをしたり、「トニー・アイオミがさぁ!」と話し込む声までもが超リアル。ホームパーティらしい和気藹々としたムードがたっぷりと感じられるのですが、その中で鳴り響くサウンドがえらく暴虐。この混沌としたムードをどう表現すればいいのか……「手作りの轟音」? 「天才たちの遊び場」? ともあれ、将来の革命を予感させる凄まじい地下室パーティなのです。

続くディスク2は、2ヶ月後のラジオ出演サウンドボード。こちらも古くから知られる有名な定番で、ディスク1と同じく有名研究家による提供・監修によるもの。こちらのスペシャルは、オフィシャル・ボックスセット『WITH THE LIGHTS OUT』音源と、ラジオ・エアチェックのコラボレーション。公式ボックスは、放送前マスターから3曲「Anorexorcist」「White Lace and Strange」「Help Me, I’m Hungry」が採用されていましたが、それを使用しつつ、残りを現存するエアチェックの最良音源で補完し、完全版に仕上げている。もちろん、ディスク1と同様に研究家の監修によるマスタリングで最高峰サウンドに仕上げました。
そのサウンドで描かれるロックは、まさに“NIRVANAの原型”と呼ぶべきもの。ディスク1のホームメイド感覚とはまったく違い、荒削りながらも“自分の音楽”と真正面から向き合うプロフェッショナルな視点が芽生えている。カート・コバーン自身が気に入ってデモにも使用していましたが、若干20歳の若き感性が世界の暗黒を感じ取り、切り取ったような“眩しい轟音”がまき散らされる。当時は“SKID ROW”を名乗っていたわけですが、『BLEACH』の「Floyd The Barber」「Downer」も演奏され始めており、まさに「革命の胎動」と呼ぶに相応しいマグマ渦巻く生演奏なのです。


Disc 1(46:53)
The First Show
17 Nussbaum Road, Raymond, WA. USA 7th March 1987

1. Downer 2. Aero Zeppelin 3. If You Must 4. Heartbreaker Jam 5. How Many More Times Jam
6. Mexican Seafood 7. Pen Cap Chew 8. Spank Thru 9. Hairspray Queen

Disc 2(33:36)

KAOS Olympia Community Radio
The Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA. USA 6th May 1987

1. Love Buzz 2. Floyd The Barber 3. Downer 4. Mexican Seafood 5. White Lace And Strange
6. Spank Thru 7. Anorexorcist 8. Hairspray Queen 9. Pen Cap Chew 10. Help Me, I’m Hungry

Kurt Cobain – Guitar, Vocal Krist Novoselic – Bass Aaron Burckhard – Drums
Zodiac 193

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