Nirvana / 1988 / 2CD

Nirvana / 1988 / 2CD / Zodiac
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Reciprocal Recording: Seattle, WA. USA 23rd January 1988 & Community World Theater, Tacoma, WA. USA 23rd January 1988 STEREO SBD


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The second stage of the collection of polar sound sources that narcissizes the “NIRVANA of the 80’s” appears. The other day, “1987 (ZODIAC 193)” that spotlighted the spotlight right after the birth of the band gave great popularity, but this work compiled four kinds of 1988 studio & live track following it. It was a time when the band name was trying to settle to “NIRVANA”, and the grunge sound which the appearance of the masterpiece board “BLEACH” finally arrives finally gets blown up. Let’s take a closer look at the four types of sounds immediately.

[January 23, 1988: RECIPROCAL RECORDING Studio] First of all, a studio recording with “RECIPROCAL RECORDING” known for its debut work “BLEACH” was produced. For producers, Jack Endino, who also owned the studio owner “BLEACH”, was recruited for recording, and was also adopted for official works such as boxes “WITH THE LIGHTS OUT” and “INCESTICIDE”, and even the first press “BLEACH” It is a session that has come. Official trucks were scattered apart, but in this work, including the “Officialized Spank Thru”, all sessions tracks are covered with the best sound. Two sorts of “AFTER HOURS MIX” and “ONE HOUR MIX” are known for this session, but “If You Must” and “Pen Cap Chew” are “AFTER HOURS MIX” and 8 other songs are “ONE HOUR It is MIX.
The drummer is also Dale Clover, and you can taste plenty of glows that are suitable for calling “Pre Bleach”, but the quality that makes that shine more dazzling is also wonderful. “1987” was a compilation supervised by a global NIRVANA researcher master, but this work also carefully knitted by the same mania. It is a collection that sticks to the origin and quality of 1 truck 1 truck originally different from just gathering up.

[January 23, 1988: Tacoma Performance] Live on the exact same day as the studio recording mentioned earlier. It is also a stereo sound board sound source that included 3 songs “Downer”, “Floyd The Barber” and “Erectum / Moby Dick” in the official box “WITH THE LIGHTS OUT”, but it was about 40 minutes · 10 The long master of the song excavated. It was also included in this work.
This long master is quality first grade as well as length. Elegant stereo sound board which can not beat the official track of the box. If the studio track mentioned above is “Pre Bleach”, this is the live edition. Of course, this drum is also Dale Clover.

【June – September 1988: RECIPROCAL RECORDING Studio】
The third sound source again is a studio recording with “RECIPROCAL RECORDING”. There are two tracks of “Love Buzz (Early Vocal Take)” and “Big Cheese (Rough Mix)” on Disk 1, and four tracks remaining on Disk 2.
From here the drummer has replaced Chad Channing, and of course the producer is Jack Endino. The main recording of “BLEACH” is “December 1988 – January 1989”, so recording before that. However, most of the songs are recorded as “BLEACH”, this is a studio track of impressions such as “BLEACH ‘s separate take” or “BLEACH rehearser” rather than “pre – BLEACH”.

【October 30, 1988: Student dormitory live】
The last recorded is a party live held at the Evergreen State University student dormitory “DORM K 208” for about an hour. Because this is only recording by a microphone, it becomes classification “audience recording”, but its quality is a different dimension from a normal customer record. After all, since it is a narrow student dormitory, the microphone is as close as in the studio so that the distinction between “whether line recording or not” is nearly meaningless straight spherical sound. Both the roar guitar and the sticky beat, as well as the singing voice of Kurt Cobain, of course, resonate to the detail with a super clear ear sound.
The heat of the live painted with that sound is amazing. The set list also increases the familiar songs greatly, and interwoven with the cover of LED ZEPPELIN and SMACK, you can taste plenty of live entertainment that got stronger and entertainment colorfully. Even for “1987” and those who felt the initial demo was somewhat maniac, can not you enjoy more than enough? Coming above that, the handmade feeling unique to “school dormitory” is interesting. As I said, the sound itself is not much different from the sound board, but the excitement of the spectators who boils from that shadow rolls out student nori. The NIRVANA people who made it even worse are “live albums unexpectedly funny”, “I guess they are pretty cool”.

Just before the Revolution. “Bleach” the eve of the night. Despite being more rough and wild after debut, it is a masterpiece of studio recording & live where “That NIRVANA” sound is already fully open. What kind of space was the revolutionary sound of NIRVANA born and nurtured? The second stage of the initial sound collection which will report it on site. Hot excitement of the eve of the revolution, we will deliver it to you at this weekend.

“80年代のNIRVANA”を赤裸々に綴る極音源集の第2段が登場です。先日は、バンド誕生の直後にスポットライトを当てた『1987(ZODIAC 193)』が大好評を賜りましたが、本作はそれに続き1988年のスタジオ&ライヴ・トラックを4種コンパイルしたもの。ちょうどバンド名が“NIRVANA”に固まろうとしていた時期で、いよいよ名盤『BLEACH』の姿が透けてくるグランジ・サウンドが吹き荒れる2枚組です。それでは、早速4種の音源を詳しく見ていきましょう。

まず登場するのは、デビュー作『BLEACH』が制作されたことで知られる“RECIPROCAL RECORDING”でのスタジオ録音。プロデューサーにはスタジオのオーナーで『BLEACH』も手がけたジャック・エンディノが就いたレコーディングで、ボックス『WITH THE LIGHTS OUT』や『INCESTICIDE』、さらには初回プレス盤『BLEACH』等々の公式作品にも採用されてきたセッションです。公式トラックはバラバラに散らばっていましたが、本作ではオフィシャル化されていない「Spank Thru」も含め、セッションの全トラックをベスト・サウンドで網羅しています。このセッションには“AFTER HOURS MIX”と“ONE HOUR MIX”の2種が知られていますが、「If You Must」「Pen Cap Chew」が“AFTER HOURS MIX”で、他8曲が“ONE HOUR MIX”です。

先述のスタジオ録音とまったく同じ日のライヴ。これまた公式ボックス『WITH THE LIGHTS OUT』に3曲「Downer」「Floyd The Barber」「Erectum / Moby Dick」が収録されていたステレオ・サウンドボード音源なのですが、去年になって約40分・10曲の長尺マスターが発掘。本作にも収録されました。

3つめの音源は再び“RECIPROCAL RECORDING”でのスタジオ・レコーディング。ディスク1には「Love Buzz (Early Vocal Take)」「Big Cheese (Rough Mix)」の2トラック、ディスク2には残り4トラックが配されています。

最後に収録されているのは、エバーグリーン州立大学の学生寮“DORM K208”でのパーティ・ライヴを約1時間収めたもの。これのみマイクによる録音なので分類上は「オーディエンス録音」になるのですが、そのクオリティは普通の客録とは別次元。なにしろ、狭い学生寮ですからスタジオ内と同じくらいにマイクが近く「ライン録音か否か」の区別が無意味なくらいのド直球サウンド。轟音ギターも粘っこいビートも、もちろんカート・コバーンの歌声も、ディテールまで超鮮明な耳元サウンドで鳴り響くのです。
そのサウンドで描かれるライヴの熱さが凄い。セットリストもお馴染みの曲が大幅に増え、そこにLED ZEPPELINやSMACKのカバーを織り交ぜ、グッとエンターテインメント色の強くなったライヴがたっぷりと味わえる。『1987』や初期デモがややマニアックに感じられた方にとっても、十分以上に楽しめるのではないでしょうか。その上に来て、“学寮”ならではの手作り感が面白い。先ほどの述べた通り、サウンド自体はサウンドボードと大差ないド迫力ぶりですが、その影から沸き上がる観客の盛り上がりは学生ノリ丸出し。それを前にしたNIRVANAの面々も一層ワイルドで、「思いっきりキメてんだろうなぁ」と、思わず微笑ましくなるライヴアルバムなのです。


Disc 1 (78:09)
Reciprocal Recording: Seattle, WA. USA 23rd January 1988 / Producer: Jack Endino
01/10: ‘After Hours’ Mix / 02-09: ‘One Hour’ Mix

1. If You Must 2. Downer 3. Floyd the Barber 4. Paper Cuts 5. Spank Thru 6. Hairspray Queen
7. Aero Zeppelin 8. Beeswax 9. Mexican Seafood 10. Pen Cap Chew

Community World Theater, Tacoma, WA. USA 23rd January 1988
11. If You Must 12. Downer 13. Floyd The Barber 14. Paper Cuts 15. Spank Thru 16. Aero Zeppelin
17. Mexican Seafood 18. Pen Cap Chew 19. Annorexorcist 20. Erectum / Moby Dick (Jam)

Reciprocal Recording: Seattle, WA. USA June-September 1988 / Producer: Jack Endino

21: Love Buzz (Early Vocal Take) 22: Big Cheese (Rough Mix)

Disc 2 (75:03)

Reciprocal Recording: Seattle, WA. USA June-September 1988 / Producer: Jack Endino

1. Blew (Early Take) 2. Blandest (Rough Mix) 3. Mr. Moustache (Rough Mix)
4. Sifting (Instrumental)

Dorm K208: The Evergreen State College. Olympia, WA. USA 30th October 1988

5. Audience Ambiance 6. School 7. Love Buzz 8. Floyd The Barber 9. Spank Thru 10. Big Cheese
11. Hairspray Queen 12. Mr Moustache 13. Sifting 14. Mexican Seafood 15. Aero Zeppelin
16. Run, Rabbit, Run 17. Immigrant Song 18. Blew


Kurt Cobain: Guitar / Vocals Krist Novoselic: Bass
Dale Crover: Drums / Backing Vocals (Disc One: 01-20)
Chad Channing: Drums (Disc One: 21/22 / Disc Two)


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