Night Ranger / High Road In Tokyo 1st Night / 2CD

Night Ranger / High Road In Tokyo 1st Night / 2CD / Zodiac

Translated Text:
Live At Shibuya Kokaido, Tokyo, Japan 5th October 2014.


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From the new album is 3 years 12 th Japan tour of coming out with “High Road” Night Ranger of the Japan tour, this tour highest peak dismissed all of its outstanding tour the first day of October 5 Shibuya Public Hall of live fully recorded in this more than the highest quality audience recording that is not considered to be said! Questions and Answers is useless release in the press CD.

Use the original master. Recordings from Brad Gillis side of the first floor the eighth column. Outstanding technology and equipment goodness of the sound output of goodness just recording who seem not recorded a good sound to individual day of the PA is the directly appeared was the true perfection of recording. From “Touch Of Madness” of the first song to come sound that pop out from the speaker in the tremendous sound pressure and direct feeling, this should be able to I think the great recording. Separating sense of each instrument in the clear with all of the range is out without excess or deficiency also without saying! Especially guitar and vivid keyboard is amazing. This live the best sound quality to listen at the Tokyo show is all hard rock fans must listen not only fan (including Iyamoni sound source, but were compared to all of the recording take that has been around, closeness and outstanding ultra-high of distinguished sound it is recorded in sound quality).

Before coming to Japan, withdrawal drama of Joel Hawks tiger even was a bolt from the blue in the members, despite the Dodabata that change to Keri Kelli, always a no to change it up to fun rock show no and be delivered to us gave me. Only to Keri Kelly Joel Hawks tiger is sometimes served as a pinch hitter in the absence for a period of time, breath with Brad Gillis also a perfect, now familiar with the appearance is completely band to play happily and the looks you have a lock natural was.
Advance sometimes had recruited a song you want to hear the fans, it was showing signs of all performances daily set list. This day is played many hit songs, representative songs, it can be said with the set list to enjoy the royal road of Night Ranger. It is far from hear also rare song that said, “Penny” from the 1st album was played in a long time. School’s Out also playing Alice Cooper Keri Kelly had been enrolled. You me thoroughly entertained the fans. Barrage of hits of late has created a great peak.

1983 Although it is they played a first visit to Japan, making of this stage that there is terraced to stage center rear, that Jack Brace is at the time of first visit to Japan since it was similar to the ’31 before the first visit to Japan at the time the I am constantly touched. Jack Brace, Brad Gillis, in the center of the original members of the Kelly Keigi, that will not change and that time, decline was giving the impression to us in the best performance fun with high quality that will not feel any live this day, this item is a must-have fan board that was completely recorded in the highest sound quality any more do not. Limited, as is the emergency release determined from the popular ZODIAC a press CD!

ニューアルバム「High Road」を引っ提げての3年ぶり12回目の来日公演となるナイトレンジャーのジャパンツアーから、ツアー初日10月5日渋谷公会堂のライヴを全ての既発を一蹴しこのツアー最高峰と言えるこれ以上は考えられない最高音質オーディエンス録音で完全収録!問答無用のプレスCDでリリースです。

オリジナルマスターを使用。録音は1階8列目のブラッド・ギルス側から。当日のPAの出音の良さだけではここまで良い音で録れないと思える録音者の卓越した技術と機材の良さがそのまま表れたといえる完全無欠の録音です。凄まじい音圧とダイレクト感でスピーから飛び出してくる音に1曲目の「Touch Of Madness」から、これは凄い録音だと思っていただけるはずです。全ての音域が過不足なく出ているとともにクリアで各楽器の分離感も言うことなし!特にギターとキーボードの生々しさは凄いです。この最高音質で聴ける東京公演のライブはファンだけなく全てのハードロックファン必聴です(イヤモニ音源も含め、出回っている全ての録音テイクと比較しましたが、群を抜く音の近さと抜群の超高音質で収録されています)。

事前にファンが聞きたい曲を募っていたこともあり、全公演日替わりセットリストの様相を呈しました。この日はヒット曲・代表曲が多く演奏され、ナイト・レンジャーの王道を楽しめるセットリストと言えます。久々に演奏された1stアルバムからの「Penny」と言ったレア曲も聞きどころです。ケリ・ケリーが在籍していたアリス・クーパーのSchool’s Outも演奏。とことんファンを楽しませてくれます。終盤のヒット曲の連打は素晴らしいピークを作り出しています。


Disc 1 (56:48)
1. Pre Show Music 2. Intro 3. Touch Of Madness 4. St. Bartholomew 5. Four In The Morning 
6. School’s Out 7. Coming Of Age 8. Lay It On Me 9. Keyboard Solo 10. Sentimental Street 
11. Eddie’s Comin’ Out Tonight 12. The Secret Of My Success 13. Sing Me Away 

Disc 2 (52:04)
1. Don’t Live Here Anymore 2. High Road 3. Goodbye 4. When You Close Your Eyes 
5. Don’t Tell Me You Love Me 6. Band Introduction 7. Penny 8. Sister Christian 
9. (You Can Still) Rock In America 

Kelly Keagy – Drums, Percussion, Backing & Lead Vocals Brad Gillis – Guitars, Backing Vocals 
Jack Blades – Bass, Lead & Backing Vocals Eric Levy – Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Keri Kelli – Guitars


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