Nick Masons Saucerful Of Secrets / Houston 2019 / 2CDR

Nick Masons Saucerful Of Secrets / Houston 2019 / 2CDR / Amity

Live At Jones Hall, Houston, TX, USA 25th March 2019

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Here is their summary of all stages. This year’s tour is scheduled to be the same size as last year’s European tour, but before that they are conducting the largest North American tour for them. The Houston performance of this work was the concert that hits the 9 performances.
By the way, this work which recorded such a show is wonderful name recording again. This show has already appeared several kinds of recording, but this work is the No. 1 master that has slipped out of it. The best thing is that it sounds beautiful and warm. We use the famous machine “Schoeps MK4” that the world’s masters love, and the core with plenty of response arrives straight without feeling the distance. What’s more, it’s not just a vivid recording, but also because it has a sense of air. I have introduced a number of masterpiece recordings of SAUCERFUL OF SECRETS so far, but a wide variety of personalities can be broadly divided into two. One is super direct system sound which becomes sound board substitute / official work substitute. The other is a beautiful scenic sound that firmly conveys to the scene the illusionary mood. Of course, since every show is a carefully selected master, it has both sides, but we are close to either. And this work is a sample of the latter. While everything from drum hitting sounds to synths and singing voices is crispy, it is a type of name recording that also captures the initial FLOYD “mood” well.
In fact, the air and the feeling of experience are wonderful. I do not feel the distance at all, but the sound is the beauty that is calculated to the venue acoustics, and the bonds and cheers that boil between songs are also real. Although the age group is indeed high, it does not become stupid even if it says the United States, but the place that sends cheers for thought still seems to be American. It’s a live album where you stand in the midst of it and immerse your whole body in FLOYD music that draws the early 60’s and 70’s like a stream of rivers.
It is the world of SAUCERFUL OF SECRETS that has been completed with its beautiful scenic sound. There was a change in detail in the first two shows in the “North America” ​​tour, but it was fixed from the third show. I’ve been repeating the set firmly stuck until now. Since this film hits the 7th performance from there, the new set has penetrated into the whole body already, and the ensemble has also entered into full power operation. Nick Mason, who reached the age of 75 this year, felt that the tour was harsh, but it seems that the conditions will not be shaken as it is a three-day schedule.

A well-known recording with a sense of experience, even in the live archives that I report weekly. Although they think that their performances in Japan will be difficult, if it is realized … it is a masterpiece of a realistic live album that stirs up to such imagination. Please enjoy the wonderful early FLOYD world this weekend as well.

さて、そんなショウを記録した本作は、またしても素晴らしい名録音。このショウはすでに数種類の録音が登場しておりますが、本作はその中でもズバ抜けたNo.1マスター。何よりも素晴らしいのは、美しくも暖かい鳴り。世界の名手が愛用する名機「Schoeps MK4」を使用しており、手応えたっぷりの芯が距離も感じさせずに真っ直ぐに届く。しかも、単にビビッドな録音なのではなく、空気感も両立しているから素晴らしい。これまでSAUCERFUL OF SECRETSの傑作録音を多数ご紹介してきましたが、多種多様な個性は大きく2つに分けられる。1つはサウンドボード代わり/オフィシャル作品代わりとなる超ダイレクト系サウンド。もう1つは現場にたゆたう幻想ムードまでしっかりと伝える美景サウンド。もちろん、どの公演も厳選マスターなので両者の面を持っているわけですが、どちらかに寄ってはいる。そして、本作は後者の見本。ドラムの打音からシンセ、歌声に至るまですべてがクッキリとしていながら、同時に初期FLOYD的な“ムード”もしっかりと捉えているタイプの名録音なのです。
その美景サウンドで描かれるのは、すでに完成されたSAUCERFUL OF SECRETSの世界。「北米」ツアーでは冒頭2公演で細部の変更がありましたが、3公演目からは固定。現在に至るまでガッチリと固まったセットを繰り返しています。本作はそこから7公演目にあたるため、もう新セットも全身に染み込み、アンサンブルも全力運転に突入している。今年75歳を迎えたニック・メイスンにツアーは過酷かとも思われましたが、続いても3日止まりの日程を組んでいるせいかコンディションも揺るがないようです。


Disc 1(55:08)
1. Intro 2. Interstellar Overdrive 3. Astronomy Domine 4. Nick Mason Introduction
5. Lucifer Sam 6. Fearless 7. Obscured By Clouds 8. When You’re In 9. Remember A Day
10. Arnold Layne 11. Vegetable Man 12. Nick Mason Introduction
13. If 14. Atom Heart Mother 15. If (reprise)

Disc 2(55:42)
1. The Nile Song 2. Guy Pratt Speaking 3. Green Is The Colour 4. Gary Kemp Speaking
5. Let There Be More Light 6. Childhood’s End 7. Nick Mason Speaking
8. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun 9. See Emily Play 10. Bike
11. One Of These Days 12. A Saucerful Of Secrets 13. Point Me At The Sky

Nick Mason – drums Guy Pratt – bass & vocals Gary Kemp – guitar & vocals
Dom Beken – keyboards Lee Harris – guitar & vocals

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