Nick Masons Saucerful Of Secrets / Boston 2019 / 2CDR

Nick Masons Saucerful Of Secrets / Boston 2019 / 2CDR / Amity

Live At The Orpheum Theater, Boston, MA USA 13th April 2019.

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NICK MASON’S SAUCERFUL OF SECRETS which finally conquered the whole country. The best live album to further enhance the collection is now available.
It is “April 13, 2019 Boston performance” that is included in such this work. It is the best audience recording. In our shop, we continue the report of the sound like every week, and it has already become a huge collection. This week’s “PHILADELPHIA 2019 (Amity 548)” will be released at the same time, so let’s summarize the North American tour just finished here.

・ March 12 “VANCOUVER 2019”
・ March 13 “SEATTLE 2019” ※ Equipment trouble
・ March 15 “SAN FRANCISCO 2019” ※ set is completed
・ March 16 “LOS ANGELES 2019 1ST NIGHT”
・ March 17 “LOS ANGELES 2019 2ND NIGHT”
・ March 19 + 21 (2 performances)
・ March 24 “IRVING 2019”
・ March 25 “HOUSTON 2019”
March 27: Miami Beach performances
・ March 29 “ATLANTA 2019”
March 31st: St. Louis Performance
・ April 1 “MILWAUKEE 2019”
・ April 3 + 4 (two performances)
・ April 5 “INDIANAPOLIS 2019”
・ April 7 “COLUMBUS 2019”
・ April 8 + 9 (2 shows)
・ April 11 “BUFFALO 2019”
・ April 12: Wallingford performance
・ April 13: Boston performance [this work] ・ April 15 + 16 (two performances)
・ April 18 “BEACON THEATER 2019 1ST NIGHT”
・ April 19: New York City performance
・ April 20 “PHILADELPHIA 2019”
・ April 22: Washington DC performances

All 28 performances of the North American Tour where this became the SAUCERFUL OF SECRETS largest scale. We have introduced 13 live items so far, but this film is not its latest recording ……. In fact, it is a live album of the Boston performance that hits 22 performances about half a month ago. Of course, it was introduced late, of course. As a matter of fact, recordings appeared in this Boston show right after, but unfortunately none of them had reached the level that our shop introduced. Perhaps because of its teeth, audience recordings continue to appear on the net.
It is this work that ended such a situation. It is a master of the best that appeared half a month after the show production. In fact, the sound of this work is wonderful. This week’s simultaneous release “PHILADELPHIA 2019” has put a stump in the top race of the North American recording, but this work is a nominated class enough even if it is not a king. With SAUCERFUL OF SECRETS, it is no longer the sound of the ons and fine details. This work is also excellent to the lustrous and rich sound while holding such a beauty with it. A slight lingering hole sound colors the core, and it draws exquisitely until the initial FLOYD dazzling feeling. Actually, although it is a balance where the vocals have fallen slightly, it is a story that is because it is the top SAUCERFUL OF SECRETS in the rock world. If it is other bands, it is clear enough to call it “like a sound board”, but rather it is a beauty recording that can be intoxicated with the beauty of the group of instruments produced by a small hole.
And even the mood on the spot is neat. Of course, I am inhaling the enthusiasm that is full of excitement, but it is mysteriously far from it, and there is almost no uproar. When the intro of one song starts, the quietness spreads like the ebb tide before the tsunami, and when the performance is over, the swell it returns (sent far but hugely) rises. The sound of this work is so neat that it feels like the splash of the tsunami, yet it makes the spectacle of the whole view a solid sense. The audience’s presence and the beauty of the performance are all well-balanced and well-known recordings.

This is the strength of the future. It’s a topic even if it appears late because it’s upset the pre-recording. It is a beauty recording like that sample. Even now, one of the best masterpieces to further enrich the North American collection of SAUCERFUL OF SECRETS that continues to evolve. Please enjoy yourself carefully.

遂に全米も制覇したNICK MASON’S SAUCERFUL OF SECRETS。そのコレクションを一層充実させる極上ライヴアルバムが登場です。
そんな本作に収められているのは「2019年4月13日ボストン公演」。その極上オーディエンス録音です。当店では毎週のように音のレポートを続けており、すでに膨大なコレクションとなっています。今週は『PHILADELPHIA 2019(Amity 548)』も同時リリースとなりますので、ここで終わったばかりの北米ツアーを日程で総括しておきましょう。

・3月12日『VANCOUVER 2019』
・3月13日『SEATTLE 2019』※機材トラブル
・3月15日『SAN FRANCISCO 2019』※セットが完成
・3月16日『LOS ANGELES 2019 1ST NIGHT』
・3月17日『LOS ANGELES 2019 2ND NIGHT』
・3月24日『IRVING 2019』
・3月25日『HOUSTON 2019』
・3月29日『ATLANTA 2019』
・4月1日『MILWAUKEE 2019』
・4月5日『INDIANAPOLIS 2019』
・4月7日『COLUMBUS 2019』
・4月11日『BUFFALO 2019』
・4月13日:ボストン公演 【本作】
・4月20日『PHILADELPHIA 2019』

これがSAUCERFUL OF SECRETS最大規模となった北米ツアーの全28公演。これまで13本ものライヴアイテムをご紹介してきましたが、本作はその最新録音……ではありません。実は、半月ほど前に行われた22公演目にあたるボストン公演のライヴアルバムなのです。今になってのご紹介となったのは、もちろん遅れて登場したから。実のところ、このボストン公演は直後から録音が登場していたのですが、残念ながらどれも当店がご紹介するレベルに達していなかった。その歯がゆさゆえか、その後もネットにはオーディエンス録音が登場し続けています。
そんな状況を終わらせたのが本作。ショウの本番から半月経って登場した極上マスターなのです。実際、本作のサウンドは素晴らしい。今週同時リリースの『PHILADELPHIA 2019』が北米録音のトップ・レースにトドメを刺してしまいましたが、本作は王者ではなくても十分にノミネート・クラス。SAUCERFUL OF SECRETSでは、もはやオンな演奏音や細やかなディテールは当たり前。本作もそうした美点をキチンと押さえつつ、さらに艶やかでリッチな鳴りまで素晴らしい。ほんのりうっすらとしたホール鳴りが芯を艶やかに彩り、初期FLOYDの幻惑感まで絶妙に描き出す。実のところヴォーカルがわずかに下がったバランスではあるものの、それはロック界でも頂点的なSAUCERFUL OF SECRETSだからこその話。他のバンドであれば十二分に「まるでサウンドボード」と呼ぶべきクリアさであり、むしろささやかなホール鳴りが生み出す楽器隊の美しさに酔いしれる美録音なのです。

これこそ、後進の強み。先行録音を凌駕しているからこそ、遅れて登場しても話題になる。その見本のような美録音です。今なお、進化し続けているSAUCERFUL OF SECRETSの北米コレクションを一層充実させる屈指の名作。どうぞ、じっくりとご堪能ください。

Disc 1(57:11)
1. Intro 2. Interstellar Overdrive 3. Astronomy Domine 4. Nick Mason Introduction
5. Lucifer Sam 6. Fearless 7. Obscured By Clouds 8. When You’re In
9. Remember A Day 10. Arnold Layne 11. Vegetable Man 12. Nick Mason Introduction
13. If 14. Atom Heart Mother 15. If (reprise)

Disc 2(58:21)
1. The Nile Song 2. Guy Pratt Speaking 3. Green Is The Colour 4. Gary Kemp Speaking
5. Let There Be More Light 6. Childhood’s End 7. Nick Mason Speaking
8. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun 9. See Emily Play
10. Bike 11. One Of These Days 12. A Saucerful Of Secrets 13. Point Me At The Sky

Amity 549

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