Nick Masons Saucerful Of Secrets / Paris Olympia 2018 / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR

Nick Masons Saucerful Of Secrets / Paris Olympia 2018 / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR / Sigma

Translated Text:
Live at Olympia, Paris, France 10th September 2018 Plus Bonus DVDR “Copenhagen 2018 Multicam”

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Those who think “Do you want to go out again” too, please do not be interested in this time as well even those who are “not interested too early”. This work is the ultimate live album that finally appeared. Not only as a single musical work, but also the very existence supernumeric board that symbolizes the existence of the project itself. The vertex work without side by side is appearing with their first permanent preservation press 2CD.
NECK MASON’S SAUCERFUL OF SECRETS, as well as the main character of this work. In our shop, we focused on the initial PINK FLOYD reprint project from the start of the moment and continued to report the trend with the live album. This work is its “top”. Supernatural recording which surpassed many past masterpieces group and reached only one extreme. The current situation that the release story of an official work does not come out, this work is also the cornerstone of NICK MASON’S SAUCERFUL OF SECRETS itself. Those who have been looking forward to the report so far, as well as those who are “NICK MASON’S SAUCERFUL OF SECRETS in the end,” it is a live album that you can recommend with the whole spirit.
It is contained in such a work “Paris performance on September 10, 2018”. This time it is the perfect addition to those who are new to you so let’s look back on their activities.

· May 20 – 24: UK # 1 (4 shows)
– After about 3 months –
· September 2 – 21: Europe (15 shows) ← ★ Coco ★
· September 23 – 29: UK # 2 (6 performances)
· April 29 – May 4: UK # 3 (4 shows)

This is the schedule which has been published to date. After doing 4 shows like Showcase in May 2018, it started full-scale from September. We visited throughout Europe with 21 performances. This piece’s performance in Paris is a concert that corresponds to “Europe” 7 performances. It will be a show a while ago, but there are reasons for it. All of the schedule is now finished, and the sound source summary by maniacs is almost almost to be completed. This work was saved to that timing. At our shop we thought that we should preserve permanent works of vertex, waiting until ‘no more than Paris’ is confirmed. It is “the best masterpiece” after careful review of the examination.
That sound is exactly the supreme. There is no slight distortion on the stubborn on, fine and details are as if you are looking at the oil painting with a magnifying glass. Even the presence of the atmosphere rather than the distance feeling is clear enough to forget, the ringing is extremely glossy and beautiful like a velvet. Synth’s treble extends straight to the empty space, heavy bass vibe is delicate as if trying the performance limits of speakers and headphones. And the midrange, which is dancing in between, is not even one cloudy. It is a place to write “as if it is a soundboard” or “official class” if it is usual, but even that is nothing. Dimensions that have no meaning, such as the type of recording method anymore. It is such a sound that challenges the supreme music record, and it is the world of beautiful sounds that admire the CD can play the sound so far.
This work further remastered such transcendental recording. Of course, it is not unusual sound pressure creation etc. Rather, I suppressed the high tones that were extremely slightly strong, and just adjusted the total balance. It is difficult to understand without listening with headphones, but miraculous sound should remain in the ultimate form. I polished the finish aiming for height that never exceeded.
The paradise of the initial FLOYD number painted with such ultimate sound is overwhelming. For those experiencing with many live albums already, I think that there is no new taste other than transcendental sounds, but if they explain for the first time, their show is thoroughly done, initial FLOYD limited. From the debut single “Arnold Layne” of the 60’s to the “cloud shadow” of 1972 set. Only the famous songs before the stage changes in “madness” are plenty demonstrated.
The vintage mood is overwhelming, and “Lucifer Sam”, “Let There Be More Light”, “See Emily Play”, “Bike” and “Point Me at the Sky”, which were only played in the 1960s, Even in the 70’s even the original home FLOYD could not hope for “Fearless”, “The Nile Song”, “Vegetable Man” which was an outtake of “Mystery” also revives with live performance. It’s wonderful because it’s not just a maniac to say. “One Of These Days” and “Astronomy Domine” familiar with Dave Gilmore and Roger Waters solo, “Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun” will also be played, and the atomic heart mother “Atom Heart Mother” and “If” will be showcased in their own arranged medley.
A member who plays such a set is also a masterpiece of the UK. Serving as Nick’s rhythm partner singing was a tour member of FLOYD Gai Pratt, singer and guitarist to Gary Kemp of SPANDAU BALLET, to another guitar Lee Harris of THE BLOCKHEADS, and to the keyboard Dom Beken, known as a producer / composer. Both of them are backed by a long career and the playing power is an iron wall, and understanding of FLOYD music is deep. Moreover, this work is eleventh performances including the warm-up in May, and the ensemble is still fresh and still fresh.

Compared to Gilmore and Waters, although it is somewhat maniac image NICK MASON ‘SA SAUCERFUL OF SECRETS, it is full of masterpieces familiar to the ear when listening to it, fresh arrangement and contemporary sound are fresh. It is because the direction that we want “to listen more” that the world is too wonderful is also the fact that it is a release rush at our shop.
This work is their “top” record. For those who already touched many live albums, the sound is too shocking and it is a great one to experience for the first time. It is a cultural heritage of a live album that everyone wants to experience.


本作の主人公はもちろん、NICK MASON’S SAUCERFUL OF SECRETS。当店では初期PINK FLOYD復刻プロジェクトを始動の刹那から注目し、その趨勢をライヴアルバムでレポートし続けて参りました。本作は、その“てっぺん”。これまでの幾多の傑作群を凌駕し、ただ1つの極みに達した超名録音。オフィシャル作品のリリース話が出て来ない現状、本作はNICK MASON’S SAUCERFUL OF SECRETSそのものの頂点でもある。これまでレポートを楽しみにされてきた方はもちろんのこと、「結局、NICK MASON’S SAUCERFUL OF SECRETSってどんなものなのさ?」という方にも全霊でお薦めできるライヴアルバムなのです。


そんな究極のサウンドで描かれる初期FLOYDナンバーのパラダイスは圧倒的。すでに幾多のライヴアルバムでご体験の方には超絶サウンド以外に新味はないと思いますが、初めての方のためにご説明しますと彼らのショウは徹頭徹尾、初期FLOYD限定。セットは60年代のデビューシングル「Arnold Layne」から1972年の『雲の影』まで。『狂気』でステージが変わる以前の名曲だけがたっぷりと披露されるのです。
そのヴィンテージなムードは圧倒的で、60年代にしか演奏されてなかった「Lucifer Sam」「Let There Be More Light」「See Emily Play」「Bike」「Point Me at the Sky」が次々と繰り出され、70年代にしても本家FLOYDでは望めなかった「Fearless」や「The Nile Song」、『神秘』のアウトテイクだった「Vegetable Man」までもが生演奏で甦る。だからと言って単にマニアックなだけでもないから素晴らしい。デイヴ・ギルモアやロジャー・ウォーターズのソロでもお馴染みの「One Of These Days」や「Astronomy Domine」「Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun」も演奏されますし、本家では望めなかった『原子心母』からも「Atom Heart Mother」と「If」が独自アレンジのメドレーで披露される。
そんなセットを演じるメンバーも英国の名手揃い。ニックのリズム・パートナーを務めつつ歌うのはFLOYDのツアーメンバーでもあったガイ・プラット、シンガー兼ギタリストにSPANDAU BALLETのゲイリー・ケンプ、もう1人のギターにTHE BLOCKHEADSのリー・ハリス、そしてキーボードにはプロデューサー/作曲家として知られるドム・ベケン。いずれも長いキャリアに裏打ちされた演奏力は鉄壁で、FLOYDミュージックへの理解度も深い。しかも、本作は5月のウォームアップを含めて11公演目であり、そのアンサンブルはだいぶこなれ始めつつ、まだまだフレッシュでもあるのです。

ギルモアやウォーターズに比べると、ややマニアックなイメージのNICK MASON’S SAUCERFUL OF SECRETSですが、実際に聴いてみれば耳馴染んだ名曲だらけであり、斬新なアレンジや現代的なサウンドが新鮮でもある。当店でリリース・ラッシュとなっているのも、その世界があまりにも素晴らしく「もっと聴きたい」という方が絶えないからです。


Disc 1 (51:54)
1. Soundscape 2. Interstellar Overdrive 3. Astronomy Domine 4. Nick Mason Speaking
5. Lucifer Sam 6. Fearless 7. Obscured By Clouds 8. When You’re In 9. Arnold Layne
10. Vegetable Man 11. Nick Mason Speaking 12. If 13. Atom Heart Mother 14. If (Reprise)

Disc 2 (53:08)
1. The Nile Song 2. Guy Pratt Speaking 3. Green Is The Colour 4. Gary Kemp Speaking
5. Let There Be More Light 6. Nick Mason Speaking 7. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
8. See Emily Play 9. Bike 10. One Of These Days 11. A Saucerful Of Secrets 12. Point Me At The Sky

Nick Mason – Drums Guy Pratt – Bass, vocals Gary Kemp – Guitar, vocals
Lee Harris – Guitar Dom Beken – Keyboards

Sigma 222


Nick Masons Saucerful Of Secrets / Copenhagen 2018 Multicam / 1Single DVDR / Non Label

Translated Text:
Live at Forum Black Box, Copenhagen, Denmark 3rd September 2018

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The main press 2CD is the best masterpiece of the live album that shines at the top with sound quality that is superior. Of course, its wonderfulness is overwhelming, so you do not need a bonus etc. However, NICK MASON’S SAUCERFUL OF SECRETS is ahead of the maniac image ahead and it is somewhat harder to have a wide range of people enjoy it. (Actually listening does not mean that). Therefore, the best masterpiece of the live album comes with a video edition bonus included. I would like you to enjoy the real value of the project with a super decided set that can not be done any more.
Such a work is the only work that can understand the true value of the new project in an easy-to-understand manner and can be experienced with super-superior quality. It is a multi camera / audience shot of “September 3, 2018 Copenhagen Performance”. Yes, the other day that was released from Amity label, that masterpiece image. I would like you to purchase it individually, but it is literally “special bonus”.
That quality is exactly “the best masterpiece of the picture”. It is a multi-camera work created by overseas maniacs who devoted their spirit and assembled precisely after gathering all the audience shots. Even within one song, I pick out the best sight by measures / phrase units, and I build it up luxuriously. Besides, it is wonderful that there is no sense of unscrupulous appearance. Although it uses a variety of cuts, it is not “packed anyway!” But it is being carefully scrutinized, if there are cuts that show up over a long period of time, the pro shot striking do-up also scales There. Perhaps it is probably one song, one song, making it through, reviewing, changing the cut and reviewing … …. That is the perfection degree of the Pro shot buried.
Sounds are passed through a single line in such a variety of videos. The audience recording at a stroke pictured a full show seamlessly, and although it does not fall short of the main press 2 CD indeed, it usually goes through at the super best if it is normal. Very thick core · Brilliant details are soundboard grade, glossy sounds are only beauty of audience recording. Although cheering by the audience with plenty of scales is neat, it will not suffer from nearby hits and voices. It is suited to the sight created, and this is a plenty of sound that has also been refined.
The show drawn with that quality is exquisite. The basic composition is the same as the main press press 2CD, but the luxurious light show is only the one to watch with the eyes. The London performance in May was a trial operation to the last, but the Europe tour from September is a full-fledged start and the production is also big. This work can enjoy such an authentic set and a light show shining in a rainbow color with the highest peak quarty.

A visual work full of enthusiasm of enthusiasts in a live album that can affirm “No.1 of the new project”. It is one of “first” and is unmistakably the best masterpiece set. You can enjoy a wide range of people, “Nick is doing something?” If there is nothing to come with a pin in this set, there is no need to explore another. NICK MASON ‘SA SAUCERFUL OF SECRETS Luxury set that will convey the real merit on top quality and be captivated. Everyone, please do not miss it.

本編プレス2CDは、超絶なるサウンド・クオリティで頂点に輝くライヴアルバムの最高傑作です。もちろん、その素晴らしさは圧倒的で本来ならボーナスなど必要ない。しかし、NICK MASON’S SAUCERFUL OF SECRETSはマニアックなイメージが先行しすぎており、幅広い方に楽しんでいただくにはやや敷居が高いもの事実(実際に聴くとそんなことはないのですが)。そこでライヴアルバムの最高傑作には、映像編もボーナス付属。これ以上はあり得ない超決定セットでプロジェクトの真価を味わっていただきたいと思います。

「新プロジェクトのNo.1」と断言できるライヴアルバムに、マニアの情熱が詰まりに詰まった映像作品。「まずは」の1本であり、紛れもない最高傑作セットです。「ニックが何かやってるんだって?」というくらいの方にも広く楽しんでいただけますし、本作セットでピンと来るものがなければ、もう他を探る必要などありません。NICK MASON’S SAUCERFUL OF SECRETSの真価を頂点クオリティで伝え、虜にしてしまうであろう豪華セット。どなた様も、どうぞお見逃しなく。

1. Intro 2. Interstellar Overdrive 3. Astronomy Domine 4. Lucifer Sam 5. Fearless
6. Obscured by Clouds 7. When You’re In 8. Arnold Layne 9. Vegetable Man 10. If
11. Atom Heart Mother 12. The Nile Song 13. Green Is the Colour 14. Let There Be More Light
15. Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun 16. See Emily Play 17. Bike
19. One of These Days 20. A Saucerful of Secrets 21. Point Me at the Sky

COLOUR NTSC Approx.95min.

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