New Order / Live At Club D / 1CD

New Order / Live At Club D / 1CD / Wardour
Live at Club-D, Tokyo, Japan 3rd May 1985

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Original recording of the prestigious Kinney who is the world’s first public master and shakes the NEW ORDER mania all over the world. Among them, a tremendous tremendous earthquake has appeared on the permanent preservation press CD!
Speaking of “Kinney’s NEW ORDER”, enthusiasts such as “TOKYO 1985 (Wardour-369)” and “TOKYO 1987 2ND NIGHT (Wardour-370)” have also delivered amazing shocking works. Have different dimensions. It is a live album of “Phantom Japan Performance” that is not included in the tour date or the researcher’s archive data. Moreover, the phantom show was held during the legendary first visit to Japan on “May 3, 1985”, and was recorded by the finest audience recorded at the disco “CLUB-D” that once existed in Tokyo. is. Speaking of their first visit to Japan, in addition to the official video “PUMPED FULL OF DRUGS”, there is also Kinney ’s masterpiece “TOKYO 1985” introduced the other day.

・ May 1: Shinjuku Welfare Pension Hall “TOKYO 1985”
・ May 2: Shinjuku Welfare Pension Hall Official “PUMPED FULL OF DRUGS”
・ May 3: CLUB-D ← ★ This work ★
・ May 4: Osaka Welfare Pension Hall

Above, all 4 performances. Up until now, it seemed that the day was 2 days after the 2nd performance in Tokyo, but it was actually 4 consecutive days. Of course, “phantom” does not mean that we have made it at our store. There is a flyer photo of the day on the net, and T-shirts and goods using the design are also sold. “CLUB-D” is also a well-established store, and above all, Kinney’s staff actually went to record. Of course, the content is different from any other show, but it is surely filled with the unique breath of Japan.
Of course, this work that recorded such “phantom Japan performances” is, of course, Kinney’s original master, which will be unveiled worldwide. The sound is the best this time. “Kinney Magic” that is vividly clear to detail, while still feeling the freshness and space feeling that seems to be an audience recording, is still alive in this work. Of course, the freshness unique to the master cassette is also enormous.
If you’ve noticed this work, you may already know its taste in “TOKYO 1985” and “TOKYO 1987 2ND NIGHT”. It is clearly different from the hall size like the Employees’ Pension Hall, and there is a feeling of closed room where NEW ORDER is playing right in front of it, and there is a keen Western music fan who has been paying attention to NEW ORDER early on. . The enthusiasm is a few hotter than other venues, and at the beginning of “The Perfect Kiss” it is super real that a female customer says “I can see a little. Jump jump!” It seems that the equipment was not in full swing on this day, but in a short while the voice of “What’s wrong!” Flew out, and when the performance actually started, a roar like a cry flew (I added it just in case This isn’t the type that is plagued by screaming (it’s not at all!) Basically, Kinney’s miracle sound.
The show that will be performed in such a secret show is a special show even when you first visit Japan. First, let’s organize the set …

・ Your Silent Face, 5 8 6, The Village, Leave Me Alone
● LOW-LIFE (3 songs)
・ The Perfect Kiss, Sooner Than You Think, This Time Of Night
● Other singles (3 songs + α)
・ Ceremony, Temptation, Blue Monday, Confusion

… and it looks like this. “POWER, CORRUPTION & LIES” “LOW-LIFE” + single song, the content is really interesting. “Sooner Than You Think” and “Confusion”, which were not heard in “TOKYO 1985,” also attract ears, but rather contrast with the official video “PUMPED FULL OF DRUGS”. As mentioned above, this work is the next day of “PUMPED FULL OF DRUGS”, but the set has changed whether or not you were aware of it. Only 3 songs “This Time Of Night” “Blue Monday” “Confusion” are covered, and the other 8 songs are all different.
This set alone can be enjoyed as “Back: PUMPED FULL OF DRUGS”, but this show was also an incident just like the first day. As I mentioned earlier, the equipment was still in a bad condition on this day, and the show was frequently interrupted. “The Perfect Kiss”, “Sooner Than You Think”, “5 8 6”, and all the songs in the early stages are introductory, so it is difficult to move on to the performance. After that, although it seems to have been rebuilt, the limit came at the end of the “Blue Monday”. Before the performance, the voices of “Go drink a beer !! (foreign customer)” and “I want to drink beer (female customer)” also flew, but when the performance started, it was very suspicious and did you detect any change? I can hear the audience’s tweet that “the performance may stop”. After that, it suddenly stops as if the electricity had really fallen.
Of course, the scene is noisy in this situation. “What are you doing!” And “Cancel !? Stop !?” voices and equipment adjustment sounds. Now, without thinking of it, I thought that “Confusion” had started and nothing happened, but the “Temptation” intro continued and the performance was completely stopped. I managed to get back to the performance, and the show ended there.

Even if it is just a record of the world’s first public visit to Japan, this work isn’t much. “CLUB-D night”, the existence itself was an illusion and its contents were also an incident. This is a live album of miracles that has been fully recorded with the finest kinney sound. Of course it is special for us Japanese people, but it is a mistake that mania / researchers all over the world will be overwhelmed. A great earthquake with a seismic intensity of 7 that shakes the whole world in every sense. Please enjoy the permanent preservation press CD.

★ This is a shocking release of a new order fan tremor all over the world!

★ “Door Open PM7: 00 Show Time PM9: 00” is printed on the ticket. As is expected, the start of the club is slow as in overseas. There is a mood.

全世界初公開マスターで世界中のNEW ORDERマニアを震撼させている名門キニーのオリジナル録音。その中でも飛びっきりの大激震作が永久保存プレスCDで登場です!
“キニーのNEW ORDER”と言えば、これまでも『TOKYO 1985(Wardour-369)』『TOKYO 1987 2ND NIGHT(Wardour-370)』といったマニアも驚く衝撃作をお届けしてきましたが、今回の衝撃は次元が違う。なんとツアー・デートにも研究家のアーカイヴデータにも載っていない“幻の日本公演”のライヴアルバムなのです。しかも、その幻ショウが行われたのは伝説の初来日の最中「1985年5月3日」、かつて都内某所に存在していたディスコ“CLUB-D”で記録された極上オーディエンス録音なのです。彼らの初来日と言えば、公式映像『PUMPED FULL OF DRUGS』の他、先日ご紹介したキニーの名作『TOKYO 1985』もありますので、日程で整理しておきましょう。

・5月1日:新宿厚生年金会館 『TOKYO 1985』
・5月2日:新宿厚生年金会館 公式『PUMPED FULL OF DRUGS』
・5月3日:CLUB-D ←★本作★

本作に目を留められた方なら、その旨みは『TOKYO 1985』『TOKYO 1987 2ND NIGHT』ですでにご存じかと思いますが、本作はさらに狭いクラブのプライベート感も凄い。厚生年金会館のようなホール規模とは明らかに異なり、すぐ目の前でNEW ORDERが演奏している密室感があり、そこには早くからNEW ORDERに注目していた目敏い洋楽ファンがギュウ詰め。その熱狂は他会場よりも数段熱く、「The Perfect Kiss」の冒頭では女性客が「ちょっと見えます。ジャンプジャンプ!」と言っているのも超リアル。この日も機材が本調子ではなかったようですが、ちょっとした間にも「どうした!」との声が飛び、実際に演奏が始まると雄叫びのような喝采が飛ぶ(念のために付け加えますが、本作は絶叫に悩まされるタイプでは(まったく!)ありません。基本はキニーのミラクル・サウンド。その中でささやかに吸い込まれた観客の声が異様にリアル……という意味です)。

・Your Silent Face、5 8 6、The Village、Leave Me Alone
・The Perfect Kiss、Sooner Than You Think、This Time Of Night
・Ceremony、Temptation、Blue Monday、Confusion

……と、このようになっています。『POWER, CORRUPTION & LIES』『LOW-LIFE』+シングル曲で3等分されつつ、その内容は実に興味深い。『TOKYO 1985』で聴けなかった「Sooner Than You Think」「Confusion」も耳を惹きますが、むしろ公式映像『PUMPED FULL OF DRUGS』との対比が鮮やか。上記のように本作は『PUMPED FULL OF DRUGS』の翌日にあたるわけですが、それを意識したのかセットが様変わり。被っているのは3曲「This Time Of Night」「Blue Monday」「Confusion」だけであり、その他の8曲が全部異なるのです。
このセットだけでも「裏:PUMPED FULL OF DRUGS」として楽しめるのですが、さらにこのショウも初日と同じように事件でもあった。先述したように、この日も機材の調子が悪く、ショウが度々中断するのです。「The Perfect Kiss」「Sooner Than You Think」「5 8 6」と、序盤の曲ではことごとくイントロでもたつき、なかなか演奏に移れない。その後は立て直されたように見えるものの、終盤「Blue Monday」で限界が来た。演奏前には「Go drink a beer!!(外人客)」「私もビールが飲みたい(女性客)」の声も飛ぶのですが、演奏が始まるとえらく怪しく、異変を察知したのか「(演奏が)止まるかも」という観客のつぶやきも聞こえる。そして、その後本当に電気が落ちたかのように突然止まってしまうのです。
もちろん、この状況に現場は騒然。「何やってんだよ!」「中止!? 中止!?」の声が飛び、機材調整の音が鳴り響く。さして間を置かずに「Confusion」が始まって事なきを得たかと思いきや、続く「Temptation」のイントロで完全に演奏がストップ。何とか演奏に戻ってやり遂げるも、そこでショウも終了となるのです。



★チケットに「Door Open PM7:00 Show Time PM9:00」と印刷されてます。さすがクラブライヴで海外並みにスタートが遅め。ムードがあります。

1. Your Silent Face
2. The Perfect Kiss *演奏イントロでもたつく

3. Sooner Than You Think *イントロでもたつく
4. 5 8 6 *これもイントロで機材が上手く機能してない様子に思えます。
5. The Village
6. Leave Me Alone
7. This Time Of Night
8. Ceremony
9. Blue Monday 冒頭で女性が一言「私もビールが飲みたい」 タイミングといい結構インパクトあり

*演奏が何らかの事情により(電気が落ちた?)途中で突然終了。そのTrouble前に観客が「止まるかも」つぶやきあり。 現場は騒然。「何やってんだよ!」「中止!? 中止!?」の声

10. Confusion
11. Temptation *イントロで演奏ストップ

Bernard Sumner – lead vocals, guitar, synthesizers
Stephen Morris – drums, percussion, keyboards
Gillian Gilbert – keyboards, guitars
Peter Hook – bass, electronic percussion, vocals, synthesizers



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