New Order / Tokyo 1985 / 3CD+1Bonus CDR

New Order / Tokyo 1985 / 3CD+1Bonus CDR / Wardour
Live at Koseinenkin Kaikan, Tokyo, Japan 1st May 1985 plus Bonus CDR “Slough 1985”. Stereo SBD

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The performance of “May 1, 1985: Shinjuku Welfare Pension Hall”, which is known as an incident even in the legendary first visit to Japan. The world’s first super live album that reveals the whole picture is here.
Speaking of Tokyo performances for the first time in NEW ORDER, the official video work “PUMPED FULL OF DRUGS” with performances on May 2nd is left, but the incident occurred on the first day. First, let’s confirm the position of this work from the schedule at that time.

・ May 1: Shinjuku Welfare Pension Hall ← ★ This work ★
・ May 2: Shinjuku Welfare Pension Hall Official “PUMPED FULL OF DRUGS”
・ May 4: Osaka Welfare Pension Hall

Above, all 3 performances. Tokyo is the second consecutive performance, and the official video is the second day. On the other hand, this work is the first day that they met Japan for the first time. In fact, the show is also known for being broadcast live on FM radio. This work is a three-disc set with the FM soundboard master and the world’s first public audience recording. Let’s introduce each record individually.

[DISC 1-2: Superb full-scale recording that will appear for the first time in the world] The main feature of this work is a full live album by audience recording. The FM sound board, which will be described later, is also the best master of the official class, but there is a reason why this became the leading role by pushing it. Of course, it is of exceptional quality!
After all, it was that prestigious Kinney who worked on this work. An unpublished original cassette was newly discovered, but the sound that flowed out of it was a shock! Speaking of Kinney, crystal clear air has a clear air feeling, but this work is the highest peak. The beauty of the treble that shines brightly and stretches straight is exquisite. Of course, there is no meaning if only the treble penetrates, but this work has plenty of response in the midrange and the vibe of heavy bass is super delicate. In addition, the wick is always on. You can understand that you can turn the official FM sound board to the other side and play the leading role … That’s right, it’s a super clear sound of course.
It ’s great that it ’s a top view of the show. Since the FM sound board was broadcast live, the program ended in the middle of the show, and the actual performance of “PUMPED FULL OF DRUGS” on the next day was cut off by three actual performances, far from the full show. On the other hand, “Ceremony”, which was part way through FM broadcasting, is a complete version, and encores “Blue Monday” and “Sister Ray” are also included.
In addition, this work also includes a delicious bonus track. The next day, “May 2: Shinjuku Employees’ Pension Hall” will be added to the top three audience recordings. Actually, this is also the world’s first publicly released Kinney Master. In this work, “PUMPED FULL OF DRUGS” has carefully selected and permanently saved the three songs “The Perfect Kiss”, “Age Of Consent”, and “Temptation”. Not only did performances that nobody had ever heard before, “Temptation” was a number that was not played on the first day. You can experience the entire repertoire that was presented in Tokyo for two days with a kinky sound full of unity.

[Real incident scene revealed with superb sound] This work is such a great live album, but the biggest point of listening is the “incident scene”. In fact, the first day is also known as “the night of the incident”. The equipment was faulty and I ended the show once while struggling, but those who weren’t convinced of that appeared again on stage. Play the cover “Sister Ray” of THE VELVET UNDERGROUND. At that time, however, the audience had already begun to return, and the scene was noisy due to a sudden reappearance. Bernard Sumner is forced to quit by the organizer who fears panic, calling back to the audience, saying, “Please come back to the stage!” This work can also experience this scene with superb sound.
This is already amazing. The venue was a great excitement for Sumner’s call, but the Japanese female staff grabbed the microphone so that it could be divided into performances. “I ’m sorry, I ’ll finish the performance!” Yell, everyone! ” As if to make fun of the scream, sing “She said ♪” (she said so), and the staff screams, “I will stop playing !!”. Of course, the audience who witnessed such an abnormal situation will burn up to the best! And, in a tremendous chaos, the sound of cutting equipment sounds like “Buttsu!”. Still, the guitars and drums that are still powered are playing to make sure that their sound comes out, but it stops and really ends.
Although this case is widely known, it has not been accurate so far. Various information such as “there was no encore on the first day”, “the incident occurred on the second day”, “the song played by JOY DIVISION”, and so on. However, the truth is that “the incident happened on the first day”, and it was “Sister Ray” who played. This work is the witness of the sound that witnesses the incident scene 34 years ago.

[DISC 3: The highest peak of live broadcast FM sound board] Following the miracle Kinney Master is the finest FM stereo sound board that was broadcast live on the radio. This is also an extraordinary superb elegance. Although it has already been released, this work is the highest version, and it is a sound board album with full official quality.
As for the sound quality, I can only say “Please listen!” The immersive feeling that the head becomes the microphone itself and the venue is in the brain is also great, but it is not only the show that is amazing. Actually, the band introduction and the actual situation enter before live performance and the waiting for encore only for the live broadcast, and have time. This serious conversation and a few misaligned words are impressive. And this is also evidence of the incident. “Sister Ray”, where the incident occurred only in the broadcasting frame of about 80 minutes, is not recorded, but the trouble of the equipment and the subtleties of the struggling members that became the cause of it are clearly engraved.
ト ラ ブ ル You can see signs of trouble at various places on the show, but is “Sub-culture” the easiest to understand? The performance starts, but there are two types of performances that are out of rhythm. This misalignment is intense, and it’s as exciting as a mixed radio broadcast. Actually, this part is normal for the audience recording of Disc 1. This is probably the difference between the sound board table and PA. Although it is completely speculated, FM broadcasting is streamed directly from the sound board table, and the mix is ​​confused there. However, only normal sound was sent to the PA from the desk and output … It is a terrible trouble that cannot be explained without thinking otherwise.
I don’t know how it was heard on the members’ monitors, but if it sounds the same as this FM broadcast, it’s scary. It’s strange that I didn’t stop on the way. In addition to NEW ORDER, I often find excuse comments that “PA was bad and I couldn’t live it”, but this is certainly not possible. In fact, it’s hard to even match the sound (on the contrary, songs that don’t have trouble are great).

First visit to NEW ORDER that left a legend for good or bad. It is a live album that testifies the truth with nakedness and super-best sound. A miracle Kinney recording that will be unveiled worldwide, and a 3-disc set with live FM sound board. A case record that is both a great music album and at the same time a proof. Please experience plenty of permanent preservation press 3CD.

★ The world’s first ultra-rare sound source. Direct use of original kinney tape. Super high quality sound. Recording seats are on the 1st floor C row 14 on May 1 and on the 1st floor C row 25 on the 2nd.

NEW ORDER初来日の東京公演と言えば、翌5月2日の演奏を収めたオフィシャルの映像作品『PUMPED FULL OF DRUGS』も残されていますが、事件が起きたのは初日。まずは、当時のスケジュールから本作のポジションを確かめておきましょう。

・5月1日:新宿厚生年金会館 ←★本作★
・5月2日:新宿厚生年金会館 公式『PUMPED FULL OF DRUGS』


【DISC 1-2:全世界初登場となる超極上の全貌録音】
何しろ、本作を手掛けたのはあの名門キニー。未発表のオリジナル・カセットが新発掘されたのですが、そこから流れ出たサウンドは、まさに衝撃! キニーと言えばクリスタル・クリアに透き通る空気感が特徴ですが、本作はまさにその最高峰。キラキラと輝き、まっすぐに伸びる高音の美しさは絶品。もちろん、高音だけ突き抜けてきたら意味がありませんが、本作は中音域の手応えもたっぷりで重低音のヴァイヴも超繊細。さらに、いつにも増して芯もオン。オフィシャル級のFMサウンドボードを向こうに回して主役を張るにも分かる……と言いますか、それが当然という恐ろしいまでの超クリア・サウンドなのです。
その上に来て、ショウの全景収録なのが素晴らしい。FMサウンドボードは生放送だっただけにショウの途中で番組が終わってしまいますし、公式化された翌日の『PUMPED FULL OF DRUGS』も実際の演奏が3曲カットされておりフルショウにはほど遠い。それに対し、本作はFM放送では途中までだった「Ceremony」も完全形ですし、さらにアンコールの「Blue Monday」「Sister Ray」も全曲収録しているのです。
さらに本作には美味しいボーナス・トラックも収録。翌日「5月2日:新宿厚生年金会館」公演から3曲の極上オーディエンス録音を追加しています。実は、これも全世界初公開のキニー・マスター。本作では『PUMPED FULL OF DRUGS』ではカットされた3曲「The Perfect Kiss」「Age Of Consent」「Temptation」を厳選して永久保存しました。これまで誰も聴けなかった演奏が甦っただけでなく、「Temptation」は初日では演奏しなかったナンバー。東京2日間で披露された全レパートリーを統一感いっぱいのキニー・サウンドで体験できるのです。

そんな極上ライヴアルバムである本作ですが、最大の聴きどころは“事件現場”だったりします。実のところ、初日は“事件の夜”としても知られている。機材に不具合があり、悪戦苦闘しながらも一度はショウを終えたのですが、その出来に納得できなかった彼らは再びステージに登場。THE VELVET UNDERGROUNDのカバー「Sister Ray」を演奏するのです。ところが、そのとき観客はすでに帰路につき始めており、突然の再登場に現場は騒然。バーナード・サムナーは「ステージに戻って来いよ!」としきりに観客を呼び戻しつつ、パニックを恐れた主催者側に強制的に終了させられてしまう。本作は、このシーンも超極上サウンドで体験できてしまうのです。
これがもう、凄いのなんの。サムナーの呼びかけに会場は大いに盛り上がるも、演奏に分け入るように日本の女性スタッフがマイクを掴み、「すいません、演奏を終了しますから向こう行ってください!」「押さないでください、前に来ないでください、みなさん!」と叫ぶ。その叫びをからかうかのように「She said♪(彼女はそう言ってるけどね)」と歌い、スタッフはさらに「演奏を中止しますんで!!」と絶叫。もちろん、そんな異常事態を目撃した観客は最高に燃え上がる! そして、凄まじい混沌の中、「ブツッ!」と機材の切れる音が響く。それでもまだ電源の通っていたギターやドラムは自分の音が出るのを確かめるように弾いていますが、それも止んで本当に終了となるのです。
この事件は広く知られているものの、これまで正確ではありませんでした。「初日はアンコールがなかった」「事件が起きたのは2日目」「事件で演奏したのはJOY DIVISIONの曲」等々など、さまざまな情報が錯綜してきました。しかし、真実は「事件が起きたのは初日」であり、演奏したのは「Sister Ray」。本作こそ、34年前の事件現場を証言する音の証人なのです。

【DISC 3:生放送FMサウンドボードの最高峰板】
音質に関しては「もう聴いちゃってください!」としか言いようがないのですが、内容も凄い……凄すぎる。頭がマイクそのものになり、脳内に会場があるような没入感も絶大ですが、凄いのはショウだけじゃない。実は、生放送だけに開演前やアンコール待ちにはバンド紹介や実況が入り、間を持たせる。この生真面目な話しぶりやちょっとズレた言葉の数々が時代感満点なのです。そして、こちらも事件の証拠品でもある。約80分の放送枠だけに事件が起きた「Sister Ray」は収録されていないのですが、その遠因となった機材トラブルや苦闘するメンバーの機微が鮮明に刻まれている。
メンバーのモニターにどう聞こえていたのかは分かりませんが、もしこのFM放送と同じ音だとしたら恐ろしい。よく途中で止めなかったと不思議なほどです。NEW ORDERに限らず、よく「PAが不調で本来のライヴが出来なかった」という言い訳コメントにも出逢いますが、確かにこれじゃあ無理。本領どころか、音を合わせるのさえ至難の業でしょう(逆にトラブルの起きていない曲は素晴らしいです)。

良くも悪くも伝説を残したNEW ORDERの初来日。その真実を赤裸々に、そして超・極上サウンドで証言するライヴアルバムです。全世界初公開となる奇跡のキニー録音に、生放送FMサウンドボードによる3枚組。素晴らしい音楽アルバムでありつつ、同時に証拠品でもある事件盤。どうぞ、永久保存プレス3CDでたっぷりとご体験ください。



Disc 1 (68:40)
01. Introduction
02. In A Lonely Place
03. Sub-culture
04. This Time Of Night
05. Denial ★Little DeadとFM放送及びカセットでは表記
06. Your Silent Face ★FM放送ではKW 1と紹介されている
07. Leave Me Alone
08. The Village
09. 5 8 6
10. Thieves Like Us ★夢盗人★曲間6:13~6:19(カセット面代わりカット)をFM音源で補填
11. Face Up
12. Age Of Consent
13. The Perfect Kiss ★9:29-9:36CD(終了迄)をFM音源で補填


Disc 2 (41:40)
01. Audience ★カットイン (※FM放送は長いが実況入り)
02. Ceremony ★完奏 (※FM生放送音源はフェードアウトで終了)
03. Blue Monday ★完奏 (※FM生放送音源には未収)
04. Sister Ray ★カットイン (※FM生放送音源には未収)

1分30秒目 バーナード1分間に渡って何度も何度も(英語で)絶叫「皆、席に戻って!」「もう一曲やるよ!」「DOZO!!」
4分目 日本人女性スタッフ激怒「すいません、演奏を終了しますから向こう行ってください!」「押さないでください、前に来ないでください、みなさん!」「中止しますんで!」→観客大熱狂

Bonus Tracks

Live at Kosei Nenkinkaikan, Tokyo, Japan 2nd May 1985

05. The Perfect Kiss
06. Age Of Consent
07. Temptation

Disc 3 (78:10)

★FM 生放送音源

01. Introduction
02. In A Lonely Place
03. Sub-culture ★最初の一分、出音のタイミングが乱れる(*ただしAUDを聴く限りPAアウトは問題無し(卓だから判るトラブル))
04. This Time Of Night
05. Denial ★Little Dead(FM放送で紹介)
06. Your Silent Face ★KW 1と紹介されているが「Your~」で良い
07. Leave Me Alone
08. The Village
09. 5 8 6
10. Thieves Like Us ★夢盗人とFMでは実況
11. Face Up
12. Age Of Consent
13. The Perfect Kiss
14. Ceremony


Bernard Sumner – lead vocals, guitar, synthesisers
Stephen Morris – drums, percussion, keyboards
Gillian Gilbert – keyboards, guitars
Peter Hook – bass, electronic percussion, vocals, synthesisers



New Order / Slough 1985 / 1CDR / Non Label
Live at The Fulcrum, Slough, UK 7th December 1985 STEREO SBD

Play sample :

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The main press 3CD is a superb live album that allows you to experience the “Case Night” with a fully official sound board and a miracle kinney recording. Even in the whole history of NEW ORDER … No, it’s a unique historical super-decision board that is unique in the history of Western music in Japan. Of course, there is no need for bonuses, of course, but the show is “event night” for better or worse. Therefore, we prepared the same classic 1985 sound board album so that they could experience their original stage.
Included in this work is “December 7th, 1985 Slough Performance”. This is a stereo sound board recording. 1985, when the first visit to Japan was realized, was the year of “LOW-LIFE TOUR”. First of all, let’s check the show position from the whole picture.

・ January 26-February 6: UK # 1 (5 performances)
・ March 14-April 19: UK # 2 (6 performances)
・ April 26-May 4: Asia (4 performances) ← ★ Main story ★
《May 13 「LOW-LIFE」 released》
・ May 15-23: Oceania (5 performances)
・ June 14-July 20: UK # 3 (3 performances)
・ August 1-23: North America (14 performances)
・ October 22-December 7: UK # 4 (9 performances) ← ★ here ★
・ December 10-17: Europe (6 performances)

This is 1985 NEW ORDER. There are many vague points in the records at that time, so the number of performances is not exact, but I think you can understand the general flow. The album “LOW-LIFE” was completed in 1984, but was released in May. The legendary first visit to Japan was just before that, but then they traveled around the world, including Oceania and North America. The Slough performance of this work was a concert on the last day of “UK # 4” which was arranged from such a world tour.
This work that recorded such a show is the best sound board representing 1985. The basic quality is official, although howling occurs in “State Of The Nation” and “Blue Monday”. In addition to simply touching the door, everything is beautiful, such as a vividly separated stereo feeling, even a small percussion of the phone, a three-dimensional core, vocals at the sigh level, and glossiness without chatter and distortion. If you don’t have a few howlings, it is a super-exquisite product that can be officially released.
The show drawn with that sound is exactly the main part of NEW ORDER. Because of equipment troubles, their first visit to Japan was not highly evaluated in music magazines at the time, but this work is different. The ensembles around Oceania and North America are so natural that both the sharpness and the sharpness are preeminent. Of course, there is no sense of instability that would be confused by troubles, and the dignity that was supported by the enthusiasm of the home country was dazzling. Unfortunately, it is not a full show with about 70 minutes of recording, but there are still plenty of famous songs that can not be heard on the main press 3CD. The initial version of “State Of The Nation” and “Weirdo” that will be included in the single song “Confusion” and the next album “BROTHERHOOD” (the lyrics are not yet complete). Furthermore, you can enjoy “She’s Lost Control” from the JOY DIVISION era with the best sound board of the official class.

NEW ORDER which performed a passionate performance in the home country of England. The official stereo sound board album. The most important case board is the shocking main press 3CD in every sense, but this work is “original NEW ORDER”. Please enjoy it together.

本編プレス3CDは、完全公式級サウンドボードと奇跡のキニー録音で「事件の夜」を体験できる超極上ライヴアルバム。NEW ORDER全史でも……いえ、日本の洋楽史全体でも類い希なる歴史的な超・決定盤です。もちろん無論、本来であればボーナスなど不要なのですが、そのショウは良くも悪くも「事件の夜」。そこで、彼ら本来のステージもご体験いただけるよう、同じ1985年の大定番サウンドボード・アルバムもご用意しました。
そんな本作に収められているのは「1985年12月7日スラウ公演」。そのステレオ・サウンドボード録音です。初来日が実現した1985年は、“LOW-LIFE TOUR”の年。まずは、その全体像からショウのポジションを確かめてみましょう。


これが1985年のNEW ORDER。当時の記録には曖昧な点も多いので公演数などは厳密ではありませんが、おおよその流れはご理解いただけると思います。アルバム『LOW-LIFE』は1984年内に完成しつつも、リリースされたのは5月になってから。伝説の初来日はその直前でしたが、その後彼らはオセアニアや北米など、世界中をサーキット。本作のスラウ公演は、そんなワールド・ツアーから凱旋した「英国#4」の最終日にあたるコンサートでした。
そんなショウを記録した本作は、1985年を代表する極上サウンドボード。「State Of The Nation」や「Blue Monday」等でハウリングが起きる荒っぽさもあるものの、基本のクオリティはオフィシャル級。単にド密着なだけでなく、鮮やかにセパレートしたステレオ感、ホンのささやかなパーカッションさえも立体的な芯、吐息レベルのヴォーカル、ビビリも歪みもない艶やかさ等、すべてが美しい。数カ所のハウリングさえなければ、このまま公式リリースできる超・極上品です。
そのサウンドで描かれるショウは、まさにNEW ORDERの本領。機材トラブルのせいか、彼らの初来日は当時の音楽誌でも高評価とは言えませんでしたが、本作は違う。オセアニアや北米を巡ったアンサンブルはこなれにこなれ、キレもノリもバツグン。もちろん、トラブルに惑わされるような不安定感もありませんし、本国の熱狂に支えられた思い切りの良さが眩しいほど。残念ながら約70分の収録でフルショウではないのですが、それでも本編プレス3CDでは聴けない名曲もたっぷり。シングルの曲の「Confusion」や次作『BROTHERHOOD』に収録されることになる「State Of The Nation」「Weirdo」の初期バージョン(まだ歌詞が完成していません)。さらにはJOY DIVISION時代の「She’s Lost Control」もオフィシャル級の極上サウンドボードで楽しめるのです。

母国イギリスで本領発揮の熱演を繰り広げたNEW ORDER。その公式級ステレオサウンドボード・アルバムです。あらゆる意味で衝撃な本編プレス3CDこそが最重要の事件盤ですが、本作こそが「本来のNEW ORDER」。どうぞ、併せてたっぷりとお楽しみください。

1. State Of The Nation
2. Blue Monday
3. The Village
4. This Time Of Night
5. Sub-culture
6. Thieves Like Us
7. Confusion
8. Weirdo
9. Ceremony
10. Temptation
11. She’s Lost Control
12. The Perfect Kiss


Bernard Sumner – lead vocals, guitar, synthesisers
Stephen Morris – drums, percussion, keyboards
Gillian Gilbert – keyboards, guitars
Peter Hook – bass, electronic percussion, vocals, synthesisers

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