Nektar / USA Live 1975 / 1977 / 2CDR

Nektar / USA Live 1975 / 1977 / 2CDR / Highland Project
Translated Text:
Live At Hofstra University, New York, NY October 18th 1977. Audience


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A member of the British but members of the British but the British Progress hard – rock band “Nectar” precious 70 ‘s sound board · live tone generator of the different color which has been active based in Germany appeared!

It also has a progressive posture through the 60’s psychedelic and British lyrics like Jesus, afterwards it has been covered by Iron · Maiden etc, strengthening the hard rock color through member change · Disk 1 Recorded the St. Louis performance on April 2, 1975 from the US tour of the time when the album “recycled” was said to be their best masterpiece.

On disc 2, guitarist Roy Al Brighton withdrew and recorded New York performances on October 18, 1977 after joining Dave Nelson.

It is a highly recommendable title of the 70’s British · Rock fan. It is!




01. Astral Man
02. Recycled
03. A Day In The Life Of A Preacher
04. Show Me The Way
05. Marvelous Moses
Live At Kiel Auditorium, St.Louis, MO April 2nd 1975

01. Midnight Lite
02. Train From Nowhere
03. Remember The Future Part 2
04. Remember The Future Part 2 (continued)
05. Away From Asgard/06. King Of Twilight
07. Magic Is A Child
08. Recycled
09. Eerie Lackawanna
10. Oh Willy / Mr. H.
11. On The Run
12. Spread Your Wings
Live At Hofstra University, New York, NY October 18th 1977
Highland Project. HLP157A/B

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