Neil Young / Time Fades Away / 1CD

Neil Young / Time Fades Away / 1CD / Non Label

Produced By Elliot Mazer & Neil Young

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The live album “Time Fades Away” from the tour, which was performed in early 1973 after the release of the blockbuster “Harvest”, was one of the mysteriously untitled titles. Of course, this work is not an analog reproduction, but it was recorded from the master who entered the warehouse while being remastered with the plan to make it into a CD. Therefore, of course, there is no needle sound, but if it was made into a CD in the 90’s, it would be such a sound, which is a remaster version.

It’s nice to say that it’s a tour with a hit album, but in fact, it was a tour that had troubles such as the change of band members and the confusion at the big venue in the hard schedule tour for 3 months. , The content that summarizes only the new songs that were unveiled during the tour overturns the image of a normal live album. Since it was far from the content that reproduces the stage of the tour, it is also an album that was unpopular at the time of release.

However, in reality, the reputation is firmly established as a masterpiece that contains a number of hard performances in the tour that continued in difficult times. The guitar sound of Flying V that Neil used only on this tour raises a growl, and the unique hardware only at this time is attractive, I can not think that it is played by almost the same member as that idyllic “Harvest” It has changed a bit.

It is strange that Neil’s withered and unique singing voice, which continued to sing while hurt his throat, matched the hard sound, due to the too hard schedule. Hard performances such as the album title song and Last Dance are very intense and different from Crazy Horse!

It was a turbulent tour, but after the change of band members, Neal asked David Crosby and Graham Nash to join in the confusion in the latter half of the tour, and the show was good every night. This live album is organized by the takes from the latter half of the tour, and Crosby and Nash are also very active in the chorus in “Yonder Stands The Sinner” and “Last Dance”.

I thought “Love In Mind” recorded in the album was from the same tour, but it was from the 1971 solo tour (laughs). On the contrary, the performance of the same day as “The Needle And The Damage Done” of “Harvest”. In other words, Neil’s unreasonableness that mixes the live album of the 1973 tour with the live sound source of a different age explodes. However, although the date and time were not credited to the jacket, the recording place was recorded as the venue name “Royce Hall, UCLA” which was not included at the time of the tour in 1973, so it was known to maniacs, but ..

Although it is not a sound source that can be made into a CD yet, when Neil remastered the albums that were not made into a CD in the mid 90’s, this album was not released even though the CD of the test press was made. Recorded here with the highest sound quality based on the test press CD. You can listen to it at a level comparable to other albums currently on CD. Permanently preserved press board with beautiful picture disc specifications.

大ヒット作「ハーヴェスト」リリース後に大々的に1973年初頭に行われたツアーからのライブ・アルバム『Time Fades Away』は、不思議なことに現在もCD化されていないタイトルのひとつ。本作は、もちろんアナログ復刻ではなく、当初CD化を予定してリマスターされながらお蔵入りとなったマスターから収録したものです。よって針音がないのはもちろんのことですが、90年代にCD化されていたなら、このような音になったであろう、リマスター・バージョンとなっています。



そのあまりにハードなスケジュールから、喉を痛めながらも歌い続けたニールの枯れた独特の歌声も、かえってそのハードなサウンドにマッチしているのが不思議。アルバム・タイトル曲、Last Danceなどのハードな演奏はクレイジー・ホースとも異なる激しい演奏が素晴らしい!

波乱含みで進んだツアーではありましたが、バンド・メンバーの交代後、ニールに頼まれてデヴィッド・クロスビーとグレアム・ナッシュが加わったことでツアー後半には混乱が収束、ショウも毎晩好調でした。このライブ・アルバムにはそのツアー後半からのテイクでまとめられており、「Yonder Stands The Sinner」や「Last Dance」ではクロスビーやナッシュもコーラスで大活躍。

アルバムに収録された「Love In Mind」はてっきり同じツアーからの演奏かと思いきや、何と1971年のソロ・ツアーからの演奏だったという(笑)。それどころか「ハーヴェスト」の「The Needle And The Damage Done」と同じ日の演奏。つまり、73年ツアーのライブ・アルバムに違う年代のライブ音源を混ぜてしまうニールの理不尽さが炸裂。もっとも、ジャケットには日時こそクレジットされなかったものの、収録場所は73年ツアーの時に含まれなかった「Royce Hall, UCLA」という会場名が記されていたので、マニアには知られていましたが。


01. Time Fades Away (The Myriad, Oklahoma City March 1, 1973)
02. Journey Through the Past (Public Hall, Cleveland February 11, 1973)
03. Yonder Stands the Sinner (Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle March 17, 1973)
04. L.A. (The Myriad, Oklahoma City March 1, 1973)
05. Love in Mind (Royce Hall, UCLA January 30, 1971)
06. Don’t Be Denied (The Coliseum, Phoenix March 28, 1973)
07. The Bridge (Memorial Auditorium, Sacramento April 1, 1973)
08. Last Dance (Sports Arena, San Diego March 29, 1973)

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