Neil Young & Crazy Horse / The Lost Rotterdam Tapes / 2 CDR

Neil Young & Crazy Horse / The Lost Rotterdam Tapes / 2 CDR / Non Label

Translated text:

Live At The Ahoy, Rotterdam , Netherlands 24th March 1976.


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2-Pack bonus disc was recorded in great sound quality performances in Rotterdam audience recording that has been excavated in the same time as the Atlanta performances. Sometimes the sound quality of the sound source that has been around since before was bad, it was a performance that does not exist in the release in the past on this day, but the sound quality of the new sound source that has been excavated new, favorable to entering the top among this tour at, and boasts the quality of the more it seems that it might be be able to release even a single unit rather than a bonus like this. It is incomplete recording of Southern Man is a disadvantage of this sound source up to, but as a bonus, because it recorded the full version in the sound source from the legacy of the same day to the last, making it the content that can be enjoyed without any problems. And that pitch was crazy good sound source while also adjust completely, I am finished in the title easy to listen Gazen. Thou shalt not despise just because bonus title, yet a sound source first appearance at this stage, you have a good title that can not be ignored by the fans that good sound quality.

アトランタ公演と同じ時期に発掘されたオーディエンス録音でロッテルダム公演を素晴らしい音質で収録したボーナスディスク2枚組。この日は以前から出回っていた音源の音質が悪かったこともあり、過去にリリースの存在しない公演でしたが、新たに発掘された新音源の音質は、このツアーの中でも上位に入る良好なもので、今回のようなボーナスでなく単体でもリリース出来るのではないかと思えるほどのクオリティを誇っています。この音源最大の欠点であるSouthern Manの不完全収録ですが、最後にボーナスとして、同日の旧来からの音源で完全版を収録しているので、問題なく楽しめる内容となっています。そして良好音源ながらピッチが狂っていた点も完全にアジャストし、俄然聴きやすいタイトルに仕上がっています。ボーナス・タイトルだからといって侮るなかれ、この段階で初登場音源でしかも、音質良好というファンには無視できない優良タイトルであります。

Disc 1
1. Tell Me Why 2. Old Man 3. After The Goldrush 4. Mellow My Mind 5. Too Far Gone
6. The Needle And The Damage Done 7. A Man Needs A Maid 8. Heart Of Gold

Disc 2
1. Country Home 2. Don’t Cry No Tears 3. Down By The River 4. Lotta Love 5. Like A Hurricane
6. The Losing End 7. Drive Back 8. Southern Man 9. Cortez The Killer
10. Cinnamon Girl 11. Southern Man (complete from alternate source)

Neil Young – Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Banjo, Harmonica 
Frank Sampedro – Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals Billy Talbot – Bass, Vocals
Ralph Molina – Drums, Vocals




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