Neil Young & Crazy Horse / Osaka 1976 3rd Night / 2CD

Neil Young & Crazy Horse / Osaka 1976 3rd Night / 2CD / Non Label

Translated Text:
Live At Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan 6th March 1976.


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Performances of the next day the 6th this time is Osaka last day at the same time will also be released. On this day, but some of the items had been produced in recent years, recorded in a while had entered slightly distant sound image and error noise, further with or been released in a state in which someone with a equalize feeling while on a sound image, until now “Korezo!” I will say that it’s the day the item was not present that. Here recently sometimes items that have been updated has not been released, compared with other Osaka Festival Hall two days, it does not deny that the impression it was a thin day between mania. But this time recording at their own and different get a new audience recording master. Finally I began to listen in sound quality that Flip and dignified negative Osaka last day in that “OSAKA”!

Quality of audience recordings became in this release of the original is anyway great. Sound condition of the Osaka Festival Hall distinctive U~omi sound, particularly sound condition of the snare Korezo, the more of the best have been captured by the tone of the sound quality. Although there is a first visit to Japan performance of Neil Young & Crazy Horse that high-level audience recordings across the board exist, even without complaint named, so also with respect to on-sound image and clearness, also an exceptional far in finally Osaka last day this time that the sound source, which boasts the quality appeared might big news for enthusiasts who love the first visit to Japan performance.

In this way, and hear with the advent sound source, also it should not be relied prohibit surprise to splendor of playing Neil us live this day gave me showing off. Although description such as “Best Fukuoka performance” is seen in relation to the first concert in Japan in such journals, its also on this day that was ahead before the Fukuoka, such as to foresee it, on the contrary it is great, such as comparable to Fukuoka Play has been waged. In particular, the performance of “Down By The River” and “Like A Hurricane” is sublime! Even try compared to the performance of you hear familiar “OSAKA” that five days would be above clearly better here. It will be heard playing it flared up considerably even late “Southern Man” not only (and also excellent stability … lol because here have also been recorded not mobbed).
In the first visit to Japan performances, it seems whether contribute also you’ve thinned the impression in Osaka performances that Angkor only this day “Cinnamon Girl” was only played only one song. But what about, it’s a tremendous can this performance was also Nietagi~tsu. Such as violent end way of ending, not quite think it’s is cutting corners. Still none out to Neil Young & Crazy Horse of the first visit to Japan performance.
And the acoustic set that new song “Let It Shine” is the first time playing live, you will not miss to hear because there is super valuable scene. And it was Mise showing off a song that is recorded at the time the album was in the works with Stephen Stills “LONG MAY YOU RUN” at the first time playing talking in front of an audience. Live performances of opportunity also rare after this, what Live version presence itself is unusual song is not than be said with surprise because for the first time has been showcased in Osaka. Japan is in the performances I was a rare number that is only showing off even once in Budokan after this.
Thus finally appeared was superb sound source of Osaka Festival Hall last day. Same as respecting the splendor of the original master When its release five days equalize work is not nearly added. Especially the first half on the nature of the Neil Young one of the playing talking, hiss you hear not a little. But it is what is “equalize” to suppress it, we rather texture of vintage sound unique also become an attractive in this release. We of course natural in U~omi sound quality of charm. And it will be released rare Osaka last day at the limit of the press CD!



こうして登場した音源で聞くと、この日のライブでニールたちが披露してくれた演奏の素晴らしさにも驚きを禁じえません。専門誌などでは初来日公演に関して「福岡公演がベスト」といった記述が見受けられますが、その福岡を前に控えたこの日に関しても、それを予感させるような、それどころか福岡に匹敵するような素晴らしい演奏が繰り広げられているのです。特に「Down By The River」や「Like A Hurricane」の演奏は壮絶!聴きなれた「OSAKA」こと5日の演奏と比べてみても、明らかにこちらの方が上でしょう。それだけでなく終盤「Southern Man」でも相当に燃え上がった演奏が聴かれます(それにこちらももみくちゃにならず録音されているので安定感も抜群…笑)。
初来日公演において、この日だけアンコールが「Cinnamon Girl」一曲だけしか演奏されなかったということも大阪公演の中で印象を薄くしてしまった一因かと思われます。ところがどうでしょう、この演奏がまた煮えたぎった凄まじい出来なのです。エンディングの激しい終わり方など、それが手抜きだとはとても思えません。やはり初来日公演のニール・ヤング&クレイジー・ホースに外れなし。
それにアコースティック・セットでは新曲「Let It Shine」が初めてライブ演奏されたという、超貴重な場面があるのだから聞き逃せません。当時スティーブン・スティルスと制作中だったアルバム「LONG MAY YOU RUN」に収録される曲を初めて観客の前で弾き語りにて披露してみせたのです。この後のライブ演奏の機会も希少で、ライブ・バージョン存在自体が珍しい曲が大阪で初めて披露されたというのはサプライズと言ってもよいのではないでしょうか。日本公演ではこの後も武道館で一回だけ披露されたレア・ナンバーだったのです。

Disc 1 (32:44)
1. Intro 2. Tell Me Why 3. Mellow My Mind 4. After The Gold Rush 5. Too Far Gone
6. Let It Shine 7. A Man Needs A Maid 8. No One Seems To Know 9. Heart Of Gold

Disc 2 (59:31)
1. Country Home 2. Don’t Cry No Tears 3. Down By The River 4. Band Introduction
5. Lotta Love 6. Like A Hurricane 7. The Losing End 8. Drive Back 9. Southern Man
10. Cinnamon Girl

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