Neil Young & Crazy Horse / Osaka 1976 2nd Night / 2CD

Neil Young & Crazy Horse / Osaka 1976 2nd Night / 2CD / Non Label

Translated Text:
Live at Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan 5th March 1976


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Is a Neil Young & Crazy Horse heyday is a superb sound source from the 1976 tour “PAVILLON DE PARIS 1976” will have gotten very popular, but the first visit to Japan performance of a sound source said finally also the star performer from our shop it is finally released! Zeppelin, Floyd and when the purple, such as groups and artists played a first visit to Japan in the 1970s, beyond the framework of Japan Tour, legendary among that was Mise showing off Meien of presumption among the carriers of the fan It is handed down as if you have come to today, Neil Young & Crazy Horse ’76 Japan Tour is also such a “first visit to Japan Meien legendary ’70s” of the doubt that it was a live to be handed down in the room no. From 76 year-to-date date of this legend, release both the Osaka Festival Hall performance of March 5th and the 6th at the limit of the press CD.

The performance of the second day in a 5 days show at Festival Hall, which was done in three consecutive days, the title of “OSAKA” before about two decades from now is released, cut between the songs was intense Despite, it up as an item that has me convey the splendor of Neil Young’s first visit to Japan that were not heard in LP item surprise mania around the world, yet as the copy machine is made also in in his title It is oak and best-selling items.
“OSAKA” is not just the was great playing, is also be had been recorded in the sound quality is great audience recording than what he called a reputation. Then the item you turn use this sound source, but further is what the item was recorded a full-length version has been released until today, they had had some kind of problem. The biggest problem is the vertical deviation of the pitch, it was the state that even pitch has dropped a that “OSAKA”. In addition, such as greater-than of because it has been based on the sound source that has been superimposed less-than dubbing hiss, actually the release there were many that was having this much of the fact such a problem while famous sound source would be surprising fact.
This time I had to get the first-generation master of this “OSAKA” sound source. Whereby I is recording of the first time the exact pitch was realized. What the sound quality is uneven to say besides. This should that can be stunned in a state of natural sound of whether … there was roughness in the past of the release has been wiped out of the low-generation sound source unique. However, it is seen weak cut that unlike such a past releases around the live first half. But they do not extend all the performance. That in this guess, the person who watched the live together with the recording’s, when to make a copy of itself (this is the time of the First Generation Master), hated the part that contains your own voice between songs It is speculated that he was to cut the part.
While it is possible that such a cut point is generation to be supplemented with different sound source, they are from that there is no crying extends to the performance part at all, unnaturalness of the vertical movement of the hiss that would be born by the compensation rather, it from the fact that equalize for a uniform is required, to respect the state of dare this time Get the First Generation master, was recorded in the form. Nostalgic realism is now become mobbed condition also in the final stage, “Southern Man”. And you can enjoy that immortal name record “OSAKA” sound source in the noble quality of natural texture and accurate pitch produces in U~omi more than anything!

ニール・ヤング&クレイジー・ホース絶頂期である1976年のツアーからの極上音源である「PAVILLON DE PARIS 1976」が大好評をいただいておりますが、遂に真打ちとも言える初来日公演の音源が当店から遂にリリースされます!ツェッペリン、フロイド、そしてパープルといったグループやアーティストが70年代に初来日を果たした際、日本公演という枠を超えた、キャリアの中でも極めつけの名演を披露してみせたという点がファンの間で伝説として語り継がれて今日に至っていますが、ニール・ヤング&クレイジー・ホースの76年ジャパン・ツアーもまたそういった「70年代初来日名演伝説」の中で語り継がれるべきライブであったことに疑いの余地はありません。今回は伝説の76年初来日から、3月5日と6日の大阪フェスティバル・ホール公演をどちらも限定のプレスCDにてリリース。

そうしたカット箇所をジェネレーションが異なる音源で補てんすることは可能ですが、それらが一切演奏部分に及んでないないことから、むしろ補てんすることによって生まれるであろうヒスノイズの上下動という不自然さ、それを均一とするためのイコライズが必要となることから、敢えて今回入手したファースト・ジェネレーション・マスターの状態を尊重する、形で収録しました。終盤「Southern Man」でのもみくちゃ具合も今となっては懐かしい臨場感。そして何よりもウォーミーでナチュラルな質感と正確なピッチが生み出す気品ある音質であの不滅の名盤「OSAKA」音源をお楽しみいただけます!

Disc 1 (29:02)
1. Intro 2. Tell Me Why 3. Mellow My Mind 4. After The Gold Rush 5. Too Far Gone
6. Only Love Can Break Your Heart 7. A Man Needs A Maid 8. No One Seems To Know
9. Heart Of Gold

Disc 2 (60:52)
1. Country Home 2. Don’t Cry No Tears 3. Down By The River 4. Lotta Love
5. Like A Hurricane 6. The Losing End 7. Drive Back 8. Southern Man
9. Cinnamon Girl 10. Cortez The Killer

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