Neil Young & Crazy Horse / NEC Birmingham 1987 / 2CD

Neil Young & Crazy Horse / NEC Birmingham 1987 / 2CD / Zion

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The NEC, Birmingham, UK 2nd June 1987 STEREO SBD



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Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Birmingham performances of June 2, 1987. This live was excavated from done a European tour in the same year, as the only stereo sound board recording has been familiar to enthusiasts around the world. The tour first half reflecting the situation in which the number of performances had decreased from the sales slump of the ticket, to the era of analog LP not produced item at all, in the first place, but the item itself is’s the rare tour, the previous year during the mania was the tour’s popular by the change of the US tour from playing evolved intensity and set list. Soredakeni Ya serving as the advent of stereo sound board recording from this tour, it’s was something shocking.
This is valuable and shocking stereo sound board recording, but first appeared press CD item called “BIRMINGHAM VACATION”, had received high praise in such specialized magazines in the initial release. Excavation of the sound board sound source from the 87-year European tour so much the impact was greater. In general, people who listen to Birmingham on this item it seems whether a majority, but then a few years later, this time item called “LONG WALK HOME” has emerged from overseas. It is amazing in its quality, is what has improved the first time in the sound quality more than lightly a lot of people would accustomed to “BIRMINGHAM VACATION” surprised the mania around the world. However the release format that made overseas CD-R has backfired, Contrary to the stunning upper first time, I had the impression that was not Hiromara unexpectedly between mania.
Sound quality of “LONG WALK HOME” is the upper version, such as toward about two skin as compared to the ancestors “BIRMINGHAM VACATION” When you have that this had been if released in the press CD, it what has been called the immortal name board the in or not … I think is crossing. Even so this title even release over ten years ago. This superb sound board sound source does not deny the feeling that had been overlooked among the mania.

Demoto of the sound source is said members of Crazy Horse, it’s Frank San Pedro, but if also this only stereo sound board recording, I do not think is a lie altogether. Problems that this item has been released until had used a copy of the greater-than-generation drop state via the less than analog dubbing. Still “BIRMINGHAM VACATION” at the time of release because I was lauded that it is high-quality sound, let’s say that how the testimony this sound source is a high-quality sound.
So it is a translation of the this release. Our shop is finally available Birmingham, a direct digital copy from a master of stereo sound board recording. More than even the sound quality of the acclaimed that it is best between mania CD-R “LONG WALK HOME”, best of clearness as if further Hitokawamuke. Of course, we Noboritsume up to pass that even than would be in this state release at the Official! But also had widespread this sound source such as in recent years music site, will not be incomparable to say clearly.
Since it is not in the most recorded for the live album, cracking sound of live early, further intro and cut to enter the final stage of the “Drive Back” which is estimated to have occurred at the time of recording is no different with the previous. But from the fact that in the past to the item that is the state in which the weak cut has been wiped out entering the performance that has been seen here and there in addition to it, the master quality of up to smithereens version of our shop this show released in limited press CD should you can feel. It is still the rise of the pitch after the cut of “LONG WALK ~” In the “Drive Back” was observed, but there is no such trouble this time. This is referred to swear, but instead of the adjustment at the time of release, but the thing that was a stable state from the original.

87 years of the European tour as well is that the problem exists change of schedule from the attendance listed above, riots, and even more, such as friction that occurred between Neil and Crazy Horse by the introduction of the new song, it was eventful It is also well known that was a tour. However, in this Birmingham became the tour late, such eventful is convergence, would be a big feature also that makes us hear the level playing close to the rock-solid through the whole volume.
And Neil is very carefully playing to play so as to flow when it was usually to from natural large-hit song “Heart Of Gold”, there is intended to be struck by not listen. Followed by “See The Sky About To The Rain” is a rare number, which became one of the highlights of this tour, by the piano playing talking, and would listen to the delicate play in superb sound quality. And it is this tour is one of the new song that caused the Crazy Horse and the conflict is born as an attempt to introduce the “American Dream”, Neil would not have been convincing to arrange with them is, one person is finally here in the point I’ve been playing does not help but think, as something symbolic.
Only a number of normal live repertoire is playing to massive sense of stability preeminent none of the Crazy Horse, even stereo sound board recording boasts the ultra-realistic sound of of even more such get used the new song has become the relief unique. Decision version of the ultra-clear sound that captures an excessive period of Neil and Crazy Horse that 1987 finally appeared! This is certainly realistic stereo sound board recordings that I would like you in slowly and carefully Kikikon.

この貴重かつ衝撃的なステレオ・サウンドボード録音ですが、まずは「BIRMINGHAM VACATION」というプレスCDアイテムが登場し、リリース当初に専門誌などでも高い評価を受けていました。それほどまでに87年ヨーロッパ・ツアーからのサウンドボード音源の発掘はインパクトが大きかった。一般的にはこのアイテムでバーミンガムを聴いた人が大多数かと思われますが、それから数年後、今度は「LONG WALK HOME」というアイテムが海外から登場しました。驚くべきはその音質で、多くの人が親しんだであろう「BIRMINGHAM VACATION」を軽く上回る音質の向上ぶりが世界中のマニアを驚かせたものです。もっとも海外製CD-Rというリリース・フォーマットが裏目に出て、見事なアッパーぶりとは裏腹に、マニア間で思いのほか広まらなかった印象があったのですが。
「LONG WALK HOME」の音質は先祖「BIRMINGHAM VACATION」と比べると二皮くらいむけたようなアッパー版であり、これがもしプレスCDでリリースされていたとしたら、それこそ不朽の名盤と呼ばれていたのではないか…そんな思いがよぎります。そうはいってもこのタイトルすらリリースは十年以上前。こんな極上サウンドボード音源がマニアの間で見過ごされてしまった感は否めません。

音源の出元はクレイジー・ホースのメンバー、フランク・サンペドロだと言われていますが、これだけのステレオ・サウンドボード録音ともなれば、あながち嘘とは思えません。問題はこれまでリリースされてきたアイテムが、大なり小なりアナログ・ダビングを経由したジェネ落ち状態のコピーを使用していたということ。それでも「BIRMINGHAM VACATION」リリース時には高音質だと褒めたたえられたのですから、いかにこの音源が高音質であるかの証といえましょう。
そこで今回のリリースとなる訳です。当店は遂にバーミンガム、ステレオ・サウンドボード録音のマスターからのダイレクト・デジタル・コピーを入手。マニアの間でベストだと絶賛されたCD-R「LONG WALK HOME」の音質をも上回る、さらに一皮むけたかのような極上のクリアネス。当然ながら、オフィシャルでもこのままリリース出来てしまうのではという域にまで登りつめました!近年音楽サイトなどにおいてもこの音源が広まっていましたが、はっきり言って比べ物になりません。
もっともライブ・アルバム用の録音ではありませんので、ライブ序盤での音割れ、さらに録音時に生じたと推測される「Drive Back」のイントロと終盤に入るカットは以前と変わりありません。ところが過去のアイテムではそれ以外にも散見された演奏に入る微弱なカットが一掃された状態であることからも、今回当店が限定のプレスCDにてリリース見せるバージョンの完膚なきまでのマスター・クオリティを実感できるはず。さらに「LONG WALK~」では「Drive Back」のカット後からピッチの上昇がみられたのですが、今回はそのようなトラブルもありません。これは誓って言いますが、リリース時にアジャストしたのではなく、元から安定した状態だったということなのです。

普段でしたら流すように演奏するのが当たり前な大ヒット曲「Heart Of Gold」からしてニールが非常に丁寧に演奏しており、聞いていて心打たれるものがあります。続く「See The Sky About To The Rain」はこのツアーの目玉の一つとなったレアなナンバーですが、ピアノ弾き語りによる、その繊細な演奏を極上の音質で聴けてしまうとは。そしてこのツアーで導入しようとしてクレイジー・ホースと軋轢が生まれる原因となった新曲の一つである「American Dream」ですが、彼らとのアレンジに納得いかなかったであろうニールが、遂にここでは一人で演奏してしまった点も何か象徴的なように思えてなりません。

Disc 1 (71:16)
1. Intro. 2. Mr. Soul 3. Cinnamon Girl 4. When You Dance I Can Really Love 5. Down By The River
6. Heart Of Gold 7. See The Sky About To Rain 8. Too Lonely 9. When Your Lonely Heart Breaks
10. Drive Back 11. Opera Star 12. Cortez The Killer 13. Sugar Mountain

Disc 2 (56:20)
1. American Dream 2. Mideast Vacation 3. Long Walk Home 4. Powderfinger 5. Like A Hurricane
6. Tonight’s The Night 7. Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)

Neil Young – vocals, guitar, piano, harmonica Frank Sampedro – guitar, vocals
Billy Talbot – bass, vocals Ralph Molina – drums, vocals


Zion 094-2CD

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