Neil Young & Crazy Horse / Providence 1978 / 2CDR

Neil Young & Crazy Horse / Providence 1978 / 2CDR / Uxbridge
Live at Providence Civic Center, Providence, RI, USA 25th September 1978

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Neil Young and Crazy Horse This is an appearance of an audience album that has been recorded for a long time in the 1970s live sound source. What’s more, this time, surprisingly, the “First appearance audience master” from the 1978 “RUST NEVER SLEEPS” tour. Speaking of this tour is a time when it is likely to be overlooked even among manias because the official release is realized in both the album and the movie.
This time it appeared Providence show of September 25, 1978. On this day there was a long-lived monaural audience of sound images, but it is a B-class sound source that is not even compatible with other enthusiasts. However, the new audience recording excavated this time is the “first appearance sound source” of the mania shock that has captured both the force of the performance and the sense of presence in the crystal clear stereo sound quality with superb clearness.
It is the familiar Krw_co that has released such a new audience master of mania attention all over the world. It seems that the quality of the sound source this time was guaranteed. Anyway, a very clear stereo audience Yes, a high quality recording reminiscent of the work of Dan Lampinski and Steve Hopkins. The information from Krw_co has neither name, and it also helped in the era of 1978, and it is the result that the wonderful sound source by another taper was excavated with two people.
The movie by the same name, which is the official by-product from the “RUST NEVER SLEEPS” tour, was taken at Cow Palace a month later, and the live album “LIVE RUST” was also assembled from the October take thing. Therefore, the appearance of the audience recording which captured the stage of September with so much sound quality is definitely a success.
In addition, the performance itself has an atmosphere different from that of the official, but for the best of all, although it was credited as “Hey Hey, My My” for convenience, it is actually “My My, Hey Hey” Encore number sung by the lyrics of. Besides, the performance itself is still loose (this makes you feel like a crazy horse), and the atmosphere is different and interesting as compared to the performance of a movie or an album.
“Like A Hurricane” is the last stop to play much more intensely than movie or album take! What is this? It is human beings who are more or less conscious if recordings such as shooting are included. That’s where Neil plays in a relaxed manner, and the usual guitar-playing is overwhelmed.
And Dani Whitton’s “Come On Baby Let’s Go Downtown”, which was the original member of Crazy Horse cut from the movie and the album, is also a high point for mania to enjoy with such sound quality.
Why is the best sound quality in the 70’s live excavated sound source after a long time with accurate pitch and why is it released on CD-R? Speaking of which, it is nothing less than a tour that official release is substantial. It is a translation that became a treatable CD-R of the sedentary in front of the fact, but there are also that the sense of presence and live excitement are not transmitted so much from the movie and the album, and it is still more unique to this high sound quality audience recording You will enjoy how to listen. It is for mania as long as there is an official, but this may not be the sound source that mania wanted to hear. And valuable new excavation sound source from both content and sound quality is the best audience album suitable for catalog number “1000” of UXBRIDGE label!

ニール・ヤング・アンド・クレイジー・ホース1970年代のライブ音源で久々に驚きの発掘を収録したオーディエンス・アルバムの登場です。しかも今回リリースされるのは意外にも1978年の「RUST NEVER SLEEPS」ツアーからの★「初登場オーディエンス・マスター」。このツアーと言えばアルバムと映画の両方でオフィシャルリリースが実現していることから、マニアの間でも見過ごされがちな時期。
「RUST NEVER SLEEPS」ツアーからのオフィシャル副産物である同名の映画は一か月後のカウ・パレスにて撮影されたものですし、ライブアルバム「LIVE RUST」に関しても10月のテイクからまとめ上げられたもの。よって9月のステージをこれほどまでの音質で捉えたオーディエンス録音の登場は間違いなく快挙。
それに演奏自体もそれらオフィシャルとは随所で違う雰囲気を漂わせているのですが、何と言っても極めつけは便宜上「Hey Hey, My My」とクレジットしたものの、実際には「My My, Hey Hey」の歌詞で歌われるアンコール・ナンバー。それに演奏自体がまだゆるめ(こっちの方がクレイジー・ホースらしさを感じさせる)で、映画やアルバムの演奏と比べるとまるで雰囲気が違って面白い。
とどめは映画やアルバムのテイクよりもはるかに白熱した演奏を聞かせる「Like A Hurricane」!こういっては何ですが、撮影などの収録が入れば大なり小なり意識するのが人間というもの。その点ここではニールが伸びやかに弾きまくっており、いつもの彼らしいギタープレイが冴え渡っています。
そして映画やアルバムからはカットされたクレイジー・ホースのオリジナル・メンバーだったダニー・ウィットン作「Come On Baby Let’s Go Downtown」がこれほどの音質で楽しめるのもマニアにはポイントの高いところかと。

Disc 1(58:45)
1. Intro 2. Sugar Mountain 3. I Am A Child 4. Comes A Time 5. Already One 6. After The Gold Rush
7. Thrasher 8. My My, Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue) 9. When You Dance I Can Really Love
10. The Loner 11. Welfare Mothers 12. Come On Baby Let’s Go Downtown

Disc 2(54:16)
1. The Needle And The Damage Done 2. Lotta Love 3. Sedan Delivery 4. Powderfinger
5. Cortez The Killer 6. Cinnamon Girl 7. Like A Hurricane 8. Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)
9. Tonight’s The Night

Neil Young – vocals, guitar, harmonica, organ, percussion
Frank Sampedro – guitar, backing vocals
Billy Talbot – bass, backing vocals
Ralph Molina – drums, backing vocals

Uxbridge 1000

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