Neil Young & Crazy Horse / Pavillon De Paris 1976 / 2CD

Neil Young & Crazy Horse / Pavillon De Paris 1976 / 2CD / NYCH

Translated Text:
Pavillon de Paris, Paris, France 23rd March 1976

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But it was recorded the latest tour “RED ROCKS 2015 2ND NIGHT” was extremely well received as long time of Neil Young titles from our shop, this time it also vintage Neil to live after a long time is to meet the needs of mania We will release the sound source. It is moreover no doubt if familiar with the 1976 tour with Crazy Horse!
Speaking of ’76 tour, first What we remember it would be the first visit to Japan performance. It is of course the state, such as the miracle that all live to enjoy a high-quality audience recording as that time, but a number of extensive playing even admitted Japan tour members of Crazy Horse is a solid evaluation between fan I have noticed.
Or because there is great success in ended Japan tour I as it is leading to the European tour, where the performance of even quality is not high, but Tsubuzoroi about Japan tour … it’s a long world tour of schedule than in Japan? Or what had been laid back in the day-to-day, such as seen in the movie “YEAR OF THE HORSE”? In addition to such impression, the sound source is also not Japan about performances Tsubuzoroi, also might be a minus point average sound quality things just a situation rather.

However, it is there in a certain place. Both performance and sound quality among the European tour is special audience recording. It is the Paris performances of March 23 that becomes this release. The sound quality is, we hope to provide all means listen. It can easily definitely LP era “sound board or?” And will likely be illusion, realistic sound image in on the more strange. Yet clearness also excellent. Were created from the Japan Tour, it was different or the number of high-quality sound source, let’s we affirm that it is best recording. Anyway is close sound!
As the trend of recording, our shop is very similar to the best audience recording of Pink Floyd released “ANIMALS AUX PARIS”. And to possibly it seems to be a record by the same taper, on the contrary I together a to live venues. Now you’ll be get to imagine the exceptional of quality. Swelling around the audience’s what significant thing, but where this recording is amazing is not drowned out playing at all in such a cheer, it is that it continues to maintain a fresh sound image only in on. In Neil Young & Crazy Horse European Tour, so much of the best sound I think we can not exist in the other.

Its sound quality is of course, more than anything else, is also a great performance! Is before the audience that show hot climax so far, Neil from the fact that it was played in playing talking to only the “Cowgirl In The Sand” on this day also, there is no doubt that he was good attention to the reaction of the audience. In Budokan is a song that has been playing together with Crazy Horse, but the familiar acoustic arrangements from the old days will reflected in even a big attraction to enjoy at the best sound quality.
But not only that, also in the electric part-that Crazy Horse is applied, they meet the climax of the audience in the spirit enough performance. Its best Meien is “Down By The River.” Here, the stunning expansion to be heard, the Japan tour enough to comparable wonderful thing. If you listen to this is the performance of the shock can feel that the continued great performance has been unveiled in Europe. Neil of intense guitar playing, This is what was exactly that of the ’76 tour unique.
If that happens it is also great, “Like A Hurricane” deadly. ’76 Tour is common knowledge between the world of mania because had Meien is waged every night in this famous piece of music, to say that it is not an exaggeration, really Again in this period, “Like A ~” What day performance is not substantial, and this day is also Neil burned. Best source of surprise release from such a ’76 European tour. If anyway sound quality performance also highest with me, it does not snow to the translation that this is not released to limit the press CD. A new name board was born here from Neil Young and the 1976 tour of Crazy Horse hugely popular among fans!

最新ツアーを収録した「RED ROCKS 2015 2ND NIGHT」が当店から久々のニール・ヤング・タイトルとして大好評を博しましたが、今回はマニアの要望にお応えしてこれまた久しぶりにビンテージなニールのライブ音源をリリースいたします。それがしかもクレイジー・ホースとの1976年ツアーとなれば間違いありません!
大成功に終わった日本公演はそのままヨーロッパ・ツアーへと続くのですが、そこでの演奏も質は高いが日本公演ほど粒ぞろいではない…それは日本よりも日程の長いワールド・ツアーだからか?あるいは映画「YEAR OF THE HORSE」で見られたような日々でレイドバックしてしまったのか?そんな印象に加え、音源もまた日本公演ほど粒ぞろいでなく、むしろ平均的な音質なものばかりな状況もマイナス・ポイントかもしれません。

録音の傾向としては、当店がリリースしたピンク・フロイド「ANIMALS AUX PARIS」の極上オーディエンス録音とよく似ています。恐らくは同じテーパーによる録音だと思われますし、それどころかライブの会場まで一緒なのです。これでクオリティの別格さを想像してもらえることでしょう。周囲の観客の盛り上がりも相当なものなのですが、この録音が凄いところは、そうした歓声に演奏が一切かき消されず、あくまでオンで生々しい音像を保ち続けていることです。ニール・ヤング&クレイジー・ホースのヨーロッパ・ツアーにおいて、これほどの極上音源は他に存在しないのではないでしょうか。

その音質はもちろんですが、何よりも、演奏がまた素晴らしい!ここまでアツい盛り上がりをみせる観客を前にし、ニールは「Cowgirl In The Sand」をこの日に限って弾き語りで演奏したことからも、彼が観客の反応に気をよくしたことは間違いありません。武道館ではクレイジー・ホースと共に演奏していた曲ですが、昔からおなじみのアコースティック・アレンジが極上音質にて楽しめるのも大きな魅力に映ります。
しかしそれだけではありません、クレイジー・ホースが加わったエレクトリックなパートにおいても、彼らは気迫十分な演奏で観客の盛り上がりに応えています。その最高の名演が「Down By The River」。ここで聴かれる見事な展開は、日本公演に匹敵するほど素晴らしいもの。これを聴けばヨーロッパでも引き続き素晴らしい演奏が披露されていたことを実感できる衝撃の演奏です。ニールの激しいギター・プレイ、これこそ正に76年ツアーならではのものでした。
そうなれば必殺の「Like A Hurricane」がまた素晴らしい。76年ツアーはこの名曲で毎晩名演が繰り広げられていたというのは世界中のマニアの間での常識、と言っても過言ではありませんが、やはりこの時期の「Like A~」はどの日も本当に演奏が充実していて、この日もニールが燃え上がっています。そんな76年ヨーロッパ・ツアーから驚きの極上音源がリリース。とにかく音質も演奏も最高とくれば、これを限定のプレスCDでリリースしない訳にはゆきません。ファンの間でも絶大な人気を誇るニール・ヤングとクレイジー・ホースの1976年ツアーから新たな名盤がここに誕生しました!

Disc 1(31:12)
1. Intro 2. Tell Me Why 3. Cowgirl In The Sand 4. After The Goldrush 5. Mellow My Mind
6. Too Far Gone 7. A Man Needs A Maid 8. No One Seems To Know 9. Heart Of Gold

Disc 2(74:11)
1. Country Home 2. Don’t Cry No Tears 3. Down By The River 4. Lotta Love 5. Like A Hurricane
6. The Losing End (When You’re On) 7. Drive Back 8. Southern Man 9. Cortez The Killer
10. Cinnamon Girl

Bonus Tracks
Jaap Eden Hal, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 26th March 1976

11. Sad Movies 12. Let It Shine

Neil Young – vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, keyboards, guitjo, harmonica
Frank Sampedro – guitar, keyboards, vocals Billy Talbot – bass, vocals
Ralph Molina – drums, vocals


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