Neil Young & Crazy Horse / Hyde Park 2014 The Video / 1DVDR

Neil Young & Crazy Horse / Hyde Park 2014 The Video / 1DVDR / Non Label

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Live at Hyde Park, London, UK 12th July 2014


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The songs recorded with a high-quality audience-shot video the Hyde Park concert that took place on July 12, 2014. From a variety of video on the same day, which is up to You Tube, recorded by Erisugu~tsu a good take. Most are a lot of the video of incomplete recorded the song basis, except for few songs, but none of them are caught firmly in precise close-up image the appearance of Neil, the quality of audience video of recent years it is finished in the stunning title to prove the height. Voice not only video also fortunately none are recorded very well, it does not feel stress at all you are listening you are watching. Only Love And Only Love at the beginning is the close-up image from the left side from the stage, but (this is also not so bad), we have taken with a margin from a position fairly close everything else, it is said to be pro shot you are amazed honest with barrage of video and which is likely to believe Once. Do not know the only sound, the video that will tell the real state of the day, fans definitely a must-see. Of course, the same thing can be seen in You Tube but, DVD the best shot can enjoy the song order as with menu is still useful. It is a high-quality video of the title must for fans who will complement the picture from the CD.

2014年7月12日に行われたハイド・パーク公演を高画質オーディエンス・ショット映像で全曲収録。You Tubeにアップされた同日の各種映像から、良質なテイクを選りすぐって収録。数曲を除いて殆どが楽曲的には不完全な収録の映像が多いのですが、そのどれもがニールの姿を的確なクローズアップ映像でしっかりと捉えており、近年のオーディエンス映像の質の高さを証明する見事なタイトルに仕上がっています。幸いにもどれも映像ばかりでなく音声も非常に良好に録れており、観ていて聴いていて全くストレスを感じさせません。冒頭の Love And Only Love だけがステージから向かって左サイドからのクローズアップ映像ですが(これもそんなに悪くない)、それ以外は全てかなり近い位置から余裕を持って撮っており、プロショットと言われたら信じてしまいそうな映像の連発に正直驚かされます。音だけでは分からない、当日の様子をリアルに伝えてくれる映像は、間違いなくファン必見。勿論、同じものがYou Tubeで見れますが、メニュー付きでベストショットが曲順通りに楽しめるDVDはやはり便利。CDを絵から補完してくれるファン必見の高品質映像タイトルです。

1. Love And Only Love 2. Going Home 3. Days That Used To Be 4. After The Goldrush
5. Love To Burn 6. Separate Ways 7. Only Love Can Break Your Heart 8. Blowin’ In The Wind
9. Heart Of Gold 10. Barstool Blues 11. Psychedelic Pill 12. Cinnamon Girl
13. Rockin’ In The Free World 14. Who’s Gonna Stand Up And Save The Earth
15. Down By The River

Neil Young – Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica Frank Sampedro – Guitar, Vocals
Ralph Molina – Drums, Vocals Rick Rosas – Bass Dorene Carter – Vocals
YaDonna West – Vocals

COLOUR NTSC Approx. 98min.

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