Neil Young & Bluenotes / The World Of The Bluenotes / 3CD

Neil Young & Bluenotes / The World Of The Bluenotes / 3CD  / Non Label

Translated text:

Live at The World, New York City, NY. USA 17th & 18th April 1988 .


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A few years ago, sound mind-boggling and’re a fan of Neil Young had been excavated. 1988, Neil formed the Blue Notes, I will begin to live activities to play only new song, which is based on blues and jazz. Not just a new song, Sometimes it is music that has turned around from rock wild that you had been playing with Crazy Horse to the previous year, he organized a Bruce live show at the small club dare anyway. Neil at the time is the place where you were Shokusho to music with Crazy Horse, which has been active for many years, the bold route change, inspired by a great deal to the backing tight Blue Notes ’88 Furthermore, great live show We were been carried out.
The tour began from the club around the west coast, but it also becomes the time you get to New York in the east, performance and live sound of the Blue Notes will be a wonderful thing finally. In New York, a club called World is selected, final performance where it was placed in the 3rd consecutive + day was held. Moreover, it was constructed of a set of two times a day other than the final performance. Moreover, recording of live recordings have been made in accordance with an instruction of Neil all these awards, but rather that the release Wassup it unfortunately is achieved, release piecemeal some also another from the same club tour recorded at the venue is I had been used. Fact of the recording is to only have been known since then, fan for a long time, it was not able to know ask only audience recording a club gig in the world.
But last year, as starting with the early show of the 17th, stereo sound board recording of three stage worth I was published at once familiar “Wolfgang’s Vault” site! The rest was a stage of twice late and early in the 18th. It is a surprise even just sound source of vision has suddenly appeared, but it does not stop it. The sound quality is great anyway. This is because something perfect that was subjected to a mix down firmly on the sound source was recorded in multi-track! The other, the sound quality of the best without any discomfort even been released in the “Neil Young Archives” series remains this. That same site that published it, might be based on the premise of the broadcast in some form.
Because it is a great sound quality anyway, you will be able differences in the atmosphere of the performance of the show each of the three times also know ask easily. There is also that this is the beginning of the stage spanning a total of six times in three consecutive days, early show of the 17th will be heard playing a drastic clearly first. But just because the do not appear on the shoddy or would not be a place that is good music that is different from rock ‘n’ roll wild with Crazy Horse. You get the impression that try to play bluesy to chew on any song. The atmosphere Na press press already while stage of the first point, playing power of the shoulder as if loose will listen Early Shaw of the 18th. Etc. But guitar of Neil of late is intended to be fairly high, it was something ghastly that I do not think the following times and declined very. And I can say the 18th Late Show and stage the best rock-solid performances are heard literally. Moreover, late show of the previous day are not included, except that you can enjoy carefully the stage of late Shaw deployment starting from only Welcome To The Big Room in these three stages is also attractive.
However, it is a sound board recording of three times these, but it might be the reason (which did not see the light of day there is a missing part of the recording on the Twilight with Ten Men Workin ‘of Early, the 18th Is not It The Truth of the 17th N). To supplement carefully the audience recording of the same stage to cut part of them, it was realized the complete recording of all times. Early part of the performance, so we lack the Ten Men Workin ‘on the 18th in particular, I have also realized the ease of listening that not comparable to the sound source of the original by the recording of state listen completely from the band call before the play begins . Whole picture of the club gig was said until the phantom in the Blue Notes Shaw sound of summer tour has been a classic finally until now and clearness, all stages is not to say the presence or absence of a sound board on it will become apparent. It will be enjoyed even without a fan of Neil, please enjoy to your heart’s content at a press CD limited playing with great sound quality!

 ところが昨年、おなじみ「Wolfgang’s Vault」サイトで17日のアーリー・ショウを皮切りとして、一気に三ステージ分のステレオ・サウンドボード録音が公開されたのです!残りは18日のアーリーとレイト二回のステージでした。幻の音源が突如現れたというだけでも驚きですが、それだけにとどまりません。何しろ音質が素晴らしい。マルチトラックで録音された音源にしっかりとミックスダウンを施したパーフェクトなものだからです!もう、このまま「Neil Young Archives」シリーズでリリースされたとしても何ら違和感のない極上の音質。それを同サイトが公開したということは、何らかの形での放送を前提としていたのかもしれません。
 とにかく素晴らしい音質ですので、三回のショウそれぞれの演奏の雰囲気の違いも簡単に伺い知ることができるでしょう。まず17日のアーリー・ショウはこれが三日連続で合計六回に渡るステージの最初ということもあり、はっきり抑え気味な演奏が聴かれます。しかしだからといって手抜きに映らないのがクレイジー・ホースとのワイルドなロックンロールと違う音楽性のいいところではないでしょうか。どの曲も噛みしめるようにブルージーな演奏を心がけた印象を受けます。18日のアーリー・ショウはその点最初のステージながらも既に押せ押せな雰囲気で、肩の力がほぐれたかのような演奏が聴かれます。しかし終盤のニールのギターなどはかなりハイなもので、とても次の回が控えているとは思えない鬼気迫るものでした。そして18日レイト・ショウは文字通り盤石な演奏が聴かれる最高のステージといえます。しかも前日のレイト・ショウが含まれておりませんので、これら三ステージの中で唯一Welcome To The Big Roomから始まるレイト・ショウ展開のステージをじっくりと楽しめる点も魅力です。
 ただしこれら三回のサウンドボード録音ですが、17日のAin’t It The Truth、18日アーリーのTen Men Workin’とTwilightに録音上の欠損部分があります(これが日の目を見なかった理由かもしれません)。それらのカット部分には同ステージのオーディエンス録音を丁寧に補い、すべての回の完全収録を実現しました。特に18日のTen Men Workin’は演奏の序盤部分が欠けておりますので、演奏が始まる前のバンドコールから完全に聴ける状態の収録によってオリジナルの音源とは比べ物にならない聴きやすさも実現しています。その上ですべてのステージがサウンドボードの有無を言わせないクリアネス、そして今までは夏のツアーの音源が定番となっていたブルーノーツ・ショウにおいて幻とまで言われたクラブ・ギグの全貌が遂に明らかとなります。ニールのファンでなくとも楽しめるであろう、素晴らしい音質と演奏を限定のプレスCDにて心ゆくまでお楽しみください!

Disc 1
17th April Early Show
1. Intro/Ten Men Workin’2. Married Man 3. Sunny Inside 4. Hey Hey 5. Band Introductions 
6. Bad News 7. Ain’t It The Truth 8. Your Love Is Good To Me 9. Coupe De Ville 
10. Life In The City 11. Soul Of A Woman 12. This Note’s For You 

Disc 2
18th April Early Show
1. Intro/Ten Men Workin’2. Find Another Shoulder 3. Married Man 4. Your Love Is Good To Me 
5. One Thing 6. Ain’t It The Truth 7. Band Introductions 8. Sunny Inside 9. Twilight 
10. Life In The City 11. This Note’s For You 

Disc 3
18th April Late Show
1. Welcome To The Big Room 2. High Heels 3. Hello Lonely Woman 4. Bad News 5. Hey Hey 
6. Your Love Is Good To Me 7. Coupe De Ville 8. Life In The City 9. Soul Of A Woman 
10. This Note’s For You 11. Encore/Audience 12. Ten Men Workin’ 

Neil Young – Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica Ben Keith – Alto Saxophone
Larry Cragg – Baritone Saxophone Steve Lawrence – Tenor Saxophone
Claude Cailliet – Trombone Tom Bray – Trumpet
John Fumo – Trumpet Frank Sampedro – Organ, Vocals
Rick Rosas – Bass Chad Cromwell – Drums

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