Neil Young / Barstool Blues / 2CD

Neil Young / Barstool Blues / 2CD / Non Label

Translated text:

Live at Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, NY. USA 4th September 1989


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This sound board unpublished? Or take out the radio broadcast? It is a sound image on to become likely to misunderstand is not thought to, but, in fact, this is the audience a recording. Proximity of the sound are likely to misunderstand “Do Sound Board” alone intro “My My, Hey Hey” on the first track. And I think we can not afford forbidden surprise sound is close to here live playing talking. Sound source together has not been released on a pro shot footage other than the Jones Beach, solo summer tour Neil Young 1989 Jones Beach New York and the next day of this Saratoga Springs performances Official video also “Freedom” it was that excerpt from. Moreover, this tour is constructed by has become a music selection easy to understand, such as the best album though, that is played twice at the end of the pre-release “Rockin ‘In The Free World” is started there. It is the image of this tour that there is a change of impression set list is poor in that percentage, but the difference with respect to this day. Two songs very rare and “Winterlong” and “Barstool Blues” is because was played. Both song opportunity itself of live performance is less, but this is rare perfect score again becomes an acoustic version that Neil has played with me singing. It is much too good a great play, was playing with Frank San Pedro and Ben Keith in particular “Barstool Blues” is that was over in the performance of only the next day and this day. And this I think the release of fan joy again if accustomed to hear the sound quality ultra-clear, such as the sound board like valuable playing these. Among the ideal balance of performance that is recorded in real without buried in the realism of the audience recording unique, three months have passed just from Tiananmen Square incident you have been abuzz the world at that time, Neil in the memory is fresh I think playing a certain weight sing and dedicated “to the students of China” by the “Ohio” or also comes through in the real. The wonderful thing indeed also realism in this scene. And tape speed that day become faster gradually was the drawback of this high-quality sound source only also adjust precisely, recorded in the state that is supremely easy to listen was realized. Playing a rare sound quality and outstanding in recording a very attractive, new sound source of surprise is such a release at a press CD limited from 1989 solo tour had no release long anyway.

これは未発表のサウンドボード?それともラジオ放送のアウトテイク?と思わず勘違いしそうになるオンな音像ですが実はこれ、オーディエンス録音なのです。一曲目の「My My, Hey Hey」のイントロだけでも「サウンドボードか?」と勘違いしそうな音の近さ。弾き語りのライブでここまで音が近いと驚きを禁じ得ないのではないでしょうか。ニール・ヤング1989年夏のソロ・ツアーはジョーンズ・ビーチのプロショット映像以外ではまとまった音源がリリースされておらず、オフィシャル・ビデオ「Freedom」もこのサラトガ・スプリングス公演の翌日のニューヨークとジョーンズ・ビーチからの抜粋というものでした。しかもこのツアーはまるでベスト・アルバムのような解りやすい選曲となっていて、そこにリリース前の「Rockin’ In The Free World」が始めと終わりで二回演奏されるという構成です。その割にセットリストの変化が乏しい印象があるのがこのツアーのイメージですが、この日に関しては違います。「Winterlong」と「Barstool Blues」という非常にレアな二曲が演奏されたからです。どちらもライブ演奏の機会自体が少ない曲ですが、ニールが弾き語りで演奏したアコースティック・バージョンとなればこれはもうレア度満点。特にベン・キースやフランク・サンペドロと一緒に演奏した「Barstool Blues」は素晴らしい演奏で、この日と翌日だけの演奏で終わったのがもったいないくらいです。しかもこれらの貴重な演奏がまるでサウンドボードのようなウルトラ・クリアーな音質で聴けるとなればこれはもうファン歓喜のリリースではないでしょうか。オーディエンス録音ならではの臨場感に埋もれることなく演奏がリアルに録音されるという理想的なバランスの中、当時世界を騒然とさせていた天安門事件からちょうど三ヶ月が経過し、その記憶が生々しい中でニールによる「中国の学生たちに」と捧げて歌う「Ohio」の重みある演奏もリアルに伝わってくるかと思います。この場面での臨場感もまた実に素晴らしいもの。そしてこの優良音源唯一の欠点だった徐々に速くなってゆくテープ・スピードも正確にアジャストし、この上なく聴きやすい状態での収録が実現しました。こうした何しろ抜群の音質とレアな演奏が大変に魅力的な録音で、久しくリリースのなかった1989年ソロ・ツアーから驚きの新音源が限定のプレスCDにてリリースです。

Disc 1
1. My My, Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue) 2. Rockin’In The Free World 3. Sugar Mountain 4. Winterlong
5. Someday 6. Helpless 7. Pocahontas 8. Crime In The City 9. This Old House (with Ben Keith)
10. Barstool Blues (with Ben Keith & Frank Sampedro)
11. Too Far Gone (with Ben Keith & Frank Sampedro)

Disc 2
1. Roll Another Number (with Ben Keith & Frank Sampedro) 2. This Note’s For You
3. The Needle And The Domage Done 4. No More 5. After The Gold Rush 6. Heart Of Gold
7. Ohio 8. Rockin’In The Free World 9. Powderfinger

Neil Young – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Harmonica
Frank Sampedro – Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals
Ben Keith – Dobro, Keyboards, Vocals

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